Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 2017 Race Recap

On Sunday, I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, one of my favorite local races, with Matt and a big group of friends!

will run for cheddar

I was really excited when my friends at Cabot, makers of my fave sharp cheddar cheese, reached out to me a few months ago about doing another partnership for the race this year, because I had a blast working with them for it last year!

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017 race

A huge thank you to Cabot for hooking my team up with bibs and these really fun shirts (the back said #WillRunforCheddar) for the race. We were all so excited for the opportunity to be out there! They are also providing a great race-themed giveaway for you guys at home at the end of this post, so be sure to enter! :)


But first, my race recap! Unlike last year (recap: Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 2016) when we had frigid temps and 50mph wind gusts on race day, this year we were all really excited to see the forecast was calling for perfect racing weather – 40’s/50’s and sunny. Glorious!

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

Matt and I took a cab down to the race and by the time we got there, the sun was rising and the city was looking gorgeous. I was so excited to see that not only were the cherry blossoms still out, but they were actually looking even more full than they did when I ran around the tidal basin last Saturday and Monday!

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

We were running a bit late due to some cab issues, and the bag check took a little longer than usual due to a new system that wasn’t exactly speedy, so I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find Kathleen, who I was planning to run the race with, in the corrals. Matt and I raced over towards the corrals with about 5 minutes to spare until the race start, and in an amazing stroke of luck, Fabio, my friend Chelsea’s fiance, spotted us walking by! YAY! We were so excited to find them and Kathleen, and quickly smushed into the corral to get ready to go. Whew!!


The others were planning to race, but Kathleen and I just wanted to get out and enjoy the miles, so we planned to run the whole thing together at a comfortable pace. Always nice to have a buddy!

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

And we’re off!

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

It’s always crowded at the start, and we lost the others right away, but Kathleen and I didn’t have much trouble sticking together and falling into a pace that allowed for us to chat on and off, too. :)

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

As usual, I enjoyed taking in the miles and snagging some photos as we went. This was actually the first time I’ve used my phone (I have the iphone 7) to take pictures during a race rather than a point and shoot. It worked out pretty well, actually, especially now that I know you can push the down volume button to take a picture rather than push the button on the screen! Much easier when in action.

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

For a lot of the race we both kept commenting how nice it was out! This was seriously perfect racing weather – what a treat. I was really glad I just wore my tank top on top, though – I was debating a light shirt underneath and so glad I didn’t do that! I had to remind myself how hot I was last year – always better to err on the side of less clothes for a race, because you will heat up fast!

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

I had a gel with me for the race (a Huma gel in lemonade flavor) which I broke into around mile 3.5ish and slowly ate until about mile 7 or 8. Easier on the stomach if you eat it slowly, plus you get more sustained fuel!

Fun action shot entering Hains Point:


Check out all these blossoms! The trees around the tidal basin are gorgeous, but there are also tons of cherry blossom trees lining Hains Point. It’s like a wonderland out there when they are all blooming!

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017 race

By the time we exited Hains Point, we only had about 0.5 miles to go – hizzah! That went by fast! There’s a bit of uphill but then you get some slight downhill right before the finish. Made it!

cherry blossom 10 miler 2017 race

This was Kathleen’s first race post-baby – she rocked it! :)


We were really consistent the whole race – did about 9:20/9:30 the whole time and finished in 1:34.


After finishing, we met back up with the rest of Team Cabot for some fun photos and brunch! Here I am below with my track buddies – from left: Paul, Diane, Hamid, me, Josh. So fun to have them on the team this year! These guys make running in circles at 6:30 a.m. way more fun than it should be.

IMG_0907 (Edited)

We were all super jealous that Paul shelled out for the optional race medal. Totally buying one next time! :)


And below is the whole gang! So many of my favorites in one place. :) In addition to my track buddies, also on the team we had my college friends Kathleen and Sarah, my blog buddy Chelsea, and my running buddy Sokphal! Plus Matt, of course! Such a great group. I’m lucky to have so many great running buddies and friends in my life!

Will Run for Cheddar Team Cabot

Also, a huge congratulations to those on the team who set new PRs!

After the photo frenzy, we all walked over to Oyamel for brunch, which Cabot very kindly treated the team to. It was soooo delicious – I’d been there for dinner before, but not brunch, and it did not disappoint, especially the Huevos Rancheros! Loved that everything was small plates, too, so we could all try a few different things. Not pictured is the guac and chips that we started with and quickly demolished!

oyamel brunch

What a fun day! Thank you again from ALL of us to Cabot for making it possible. And now, as a thank you to you guys for following along with our adventures, Cabot is offering a giveaway!

One lucky fANNEtastic reader will receive the following:

  • One (1) race-entry fee reimbursement up to $100 (winner must provide proof of purchase by Sept 30, 2017 for a race in 2017)
  • Cabot Gift Bag featuring items from their partners Vermont Smoke & Cure, Darn Tough, and Vermont Peanut Butter as well as Cabot items including a $25 gift box of Cabot Cheeses, Cabot Cookbook, Whey Protein and more! (valued at $150)
  • Cabot Fit running shirt

Winner must be in the continental U.S. (no PO Boxes). Enter using the Rafflecopter below. Good luck, and happy running and cheese eating! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. 1

    Awesome giveaway! I’d use the $ towards a triathlon this summer! My favorite cheese is good ‘ol cheddar!!!

  2. 2

    congrats on a great race. i ran it too and loved it. so in the past you ran with a camera??? i always assumed any photos were from your phone!

    here is my CUCB recap if you’re interested:

    • 3

      Yes, I usually have my point and shoot – it’s easier than a phone to handle while actively running, especially when I’m trying to PR! Glad you had a great race too!

  3. 4
    Charlsie N says

    I would sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Columbus, OH!
    Can’t go wrong with a sharp cheddar!

    • 5

      hey another columbus reader! i’ve heard so much about the HC race, i need to try it :)

      • 6
        Charlsie N says

        The HC race is my favorite! For it being so big, it is one of the smoothest running races. I am always amazed at how they can move 15000 people around so seamlessly.

        When you visited Ohio I was like I didn’t know about those places!!! You opened me to a whole new world!

  4. 8

    I’d definitely sign up for a Halloween themed race this fall (to give myself time to train and because how fun!!?). My favorite cheese is definitely a nice sharp cheddar.

  5. 9

    I’d love to run a local 5K supporting breast cancer! Thanks Anne!

  6. 10

    What great pictures and fabulous blooms from the Cherry Blossom. Your pics make me want to take up running just so I can do this race!

  7. 11

    Nothing better than Oyamel after a nice run :) I’ve never been for brunch but your pictures make me want to try it !!!

  8. 12

    That race looks beautiful! I was supposed to race this weekend in Portland, OR and our cherry blossoms along the waterfront are blooming too, but car trouble kept me home instead :( So now I’m looking for another 10k to try setting a PR at this summer! And you can’t go wrong with a good smoked cheddar cheese!

  9. 13

    Hmm…tough one, there are so many!! The Navy Air-Force Half is such a good tuneup for Marine Corps! I love extra sharp cheddar! :)

  10. 14

    wow you really did have perfect weather! we havent had more than 1 or 2 nice days in a row yet D:

    i’d use it for the towpath 10k in cleveland, ohio. i ran it 2 years ago and just started “training” (loosely because it’s in october) for it again!

  11. 15

    I’d love to run a Ragnar Trail Race! I just did my second road one this weekend and am psyched to try a trail one this fall.

  12. 16

    I would use the money towards a Fall post-baby race! I love cabot sharp cheddar!

  13. 17

    Awesome giveaway… I’d love to sign up for a local 10k this fall! Cabot’s sharp cheddar is my fave!

  14. 18
    Mary Pearce says

    Hi Anne!

    Wow, so many races I want to do this year! Including the Hudepohl 14k and the Queen Bee Half Marathon here in Cincinnati!

    My favorite Cabot Cheese is the Hot Habanero. So spicy! Love it.

    I’m glad the weather was great this year for you too! Rose and I ran this weekend and reminisced on our D.C. adventures with you guys last year.


  15. 20

    I would sign up for a race in Virginia so I can meet my running buddy! I’m part of a group called I Run 4- it matches up runners (or anyone who exercises, all are welcome) with people who maybe can’t run for some reason- disability, illness, other challenges. Runners dedicate their runs to their buddies, send them race medals, etc. You can learn more at The bond my buddy and I have is incredible, her name is Jenna, she’s 8 years old and lives in Virginia! I would love to run a race in her state (I’m in Missouri) and have her meet me at the finish line! As for my favorite cheese, I’m a sharp cheddar gal all the way!

  16. 22

    Looks beautiful! I would sign up for the Gorge Half Marathon here in Oregon that I hear is tough, but gorgeous!

  17. 23

    I would sign up for the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in DC in September. Favorite Cabot cheese is probably the Seriously Sharp. Classic and so so good!

  18. 24

    Congrats on getting another race under your belt. It looked like the perfect day to run!
    I would love to run a half marathon this summer/fall. My last half got cancelled two weeks before the race :(
    Also. Huge cheese lover. Crackers and cheese has been my after school/work snacks for years. I’m pretty sure I’ve had Cabot’s bacon/cheddar cheese and it was amazing.

  19. 27
    Stephanie K says

    I’m not 100% sure what race I would sign up for but I think maybe the Annapolis Half in November!

    And I love the Seriously Sharp but can you really go wrong with Cheese? especially with Cheddar? :)

  20. 28

    We are obsessed with the Cabot New York Extra sharp cheddar!
    I would train for a half marathon with my husband in the fall.

  21. 29

    I’m considering my second half marathon (!!) in Boston at the end of May- and it has a hefty entry fee so if I won that would seal the deal for me!

  22. 30

    Always shell out for that medal…it’s my favorite after all these races still!

  23. 31
    Allison Vargo says

    I would sign up for the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. It is absolutely gorgeous running over that bridge. My favorite Cabot cheese is also the New York Extra Sharp Cheddar, especially when it’s presliced :)

  24. 32

    Ooh, I’d sign up for RNR Vegas Half or Nation’s Tri. And I’d fuel with some Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar!

  25. 33

    I’d use it for my fall marathon…gonna train for a pr! And cabot
    cheddar is my fave!

  26. 34

    The race looked awesome! I would love to run a fall half marathon :)

  27. 35

    I would love to run the Steamtown Marathon in the fall! I ran it as my first in 2011, and have been waiting the right time to return.

    I love cheddar cheese!

  28. 36

    it was a fantastic race indeed. i enjoyed so much!
    i was looking for you the whole race. wish I had the chance to say hi in person.

  29. 38

    I had some friends who ran this year. Looks like a fabulous day for a race!

  30. 39

    I am eyeing the Bird-in-Hand Half in PA (google it! it looks fantastic!) and I am loving Cabot’s alpine cheese…I just discovered it at my local co-op

  31. 40

    I gave up on the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler a few years ago because of the crowds, but if they could guarantee beautiful blossoms like you had every year, I’d totally do it again.

  32. 41

    The Everything Bagel Cheese is so good that I avoid buying it haha. I am currently signed up for the Kiawah Island Half in December, but I would love to enter the Spinx Half which is a local half here in October… It’s such good running weather here!

  33. 42

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway, Anne! This was my first Cherry Blossom race and it was beautiful! I’m all about Cabot too – seriously sharp and lactose free!

  34. 43

    I’d like to do a half marathon in the fall sometime. I love Cabot sharp cheddar.

  35. 44
    Jackie Kilroy says

    Sounds like an awesome race!

    I love the seriously sharp cheddar Cabot cheese! Yum! And I’d love to sign up for the Philly Half Marathon this year! Great giveaway! 😊

  36. 45
    Vicky N. says

    I’m looking at doing my first marathon this fall, so this would be great. Cabot’s Seriously Sharp is the best!

  37. 46

    I am already training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, so I’d use the $$ to get into a fall marathon.

  38. 47

    and i love all their cheese, but the horseradish is especially indulgent!

  39. 48
    Jessie N says

    Great race! I love love love the everything bagel cheese!! So yummy!

  40. 49
    Kelley Ferguson says

    What a beautiful race. I’m going to have to give that one a shot sometime. I love your shirts and Cabot cheese!

  41. 50
    Jessica Payer Razook says

    I loved the race on Sunday too! Couldn’t have had better weather. I would sign up for the Army 10 miler, such a great race!

  42. 51

    I actually signed up for a 5k in early May – a local brewery is hosting. It was the only way to get my husband to commit to run!

  43. 52

    I’m planning to sign up for a half this fall, so this would come in handy for that. And I love a good extra sharp cheddar!

  44. 53

    Looks like a beautiful race!

  45. 54
    Stacey Wiesenthal says

    Looks Like a gorgeous day and lots of fun

  46. 55

    Your pics are incredible! The red Cabot running tanks look awesome against the blue sky. I’d love to do a race in the MD/VA/DC area – I live in Boston and could use some new running terrain! Maybe the Army 10 Miler in October! How can I pick a favorite Cabot cheese?! Yesterday I bought the Reserve Cheddar, so I’ll go with that as the most recent purchase :)

  47. 56

    I’d sign up for the Flagstaff Marathon – close to home and oh so hard.

  48. 57

    I’d run the Hightale to Ale race in Detroit, MI next month! Races that end in beer are always good. Sharp cheddar is my fave Cabot cheese!

  49. 58

    Loved reading your Cherry Blossom recap; it was great to see you enjoy the race withing “racing.” I’d love to run my first half marathon this year! Cabot sharp cheddar is my personal fav.

  50. 59

    I want to run the Bronx 10 miler this September! 10 milers are my favorite racing distance.

  51. 60

    I’d love to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler sometime! It look so pretty :)

    I don’t know the exact race, but my dad and I are planning a race getaway this summer, so I’d put it toward that! And a sharp cheddar is always a winner for me!

  52. 61
    Mary Beth says

    Love the Cherry Blossom race! I was sad to miss it this year. I’m running the GW Parkway Classic to make up for it!

  53. 63

    congrats! i didn’t run this race this year (last year’s race scared me away from it) but I did do Rock ‘n’ Roll, which is what I’d use the race $ for. And I love the seriously sharp cheddar!

  54. 64

    I would sign up for the BAA half marathon – it’s one of my favorite races! My favorite is extra sharp cheddar – love the tanginess!

  55. 65

    Great race re-cap! I was hoping that this year would be my first Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, but I had an event the night before that kept me up too late to participate. I’m hoping to run the Navy 5 Miler or the Parkway classic.

  56. 66

    I ran in our Knoxville Covenant Marathon last year as part of a four-person relay. One of my good friends ran in it as a relay member this year, and we’ve already decided that we will be a part of a relay team next April! I really missed participating, but I’m glad I didn’t sign up simply because I came down with a cold this past weekend that would’ve put a damper on things. My favorite cheese is sharp cheddar! But I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like.

  57. 67

    I’m running the Berlin marathon at the end of September, but I’d love to also run the Marine Corps 10k in October. I’ve run the Marine Corps Marathon twice, so I’m hoping to run the smaller race as something to look forward to after my marathon.

  58. 68
    TrackBuddy says

    Awesome race – thanks again for including me on team Cabot! #willrunforcheddar – YES for sure!

  59. 70

    There’s a Milwaukee running festival 10k in October I would love to race! I can’t say I’ve ever had Cabot cheese (WI girl – I tend to eat WI cheese) but the tomato basil cheddar looks awesome!

  60. 71

    I would sign up for this race since it’s been on my bucket list for a few years, or maybe the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philly. The sharp cheddar is seriously SO good!

  61. 72
    Elizabeth says

    This gives me motivation to sign up for a race instead of just running miles on the treadmill ;)

  62. 73

    Port Wine spreadable and I’d run the Rock N Roll marathon in San Diego, CA because well, San Diego is my favorite!!!

  63. 74

    I want to run this race someday! I had a few friends that ran this year too. I would use the entry money towards my Indianapolis Mini (half) Marathon. I believe it’s the largest half in the country! I love ALL cheese but the extra sharp cheddar is probably my favorite. I love it with everything! :)

  64. 75

    I would use the race reimbursement for the San Jose Rock n Roll half! Didn’t get to hit a new PR in San Fran (hills, oy!) but San Jose might get me one! As for cheese faves… pepperjack all the way :0

  65. 76
    Stephanie says

    Great giveaway! I’d love to use this to do a race after baby comes in June.

  66. 77
    Jessica D says

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to do another half, my first didn’t go quite as planned…

  67. 78
    Jessica D says

    AND I love the pepperjack!

  68. 79

    The race looks beautiful! Glad you had fun. I would use it on our local half-marathon, which will be my first race ever! And I love cheddar!

  69. 80

    I’m planning to run the Bix 7 again this year, so this would be a fun prize package!

  70. 81
    Danielle says

    I would do a race in new city – San Francisco!

  71. 82

    Great recap, Ann! I was out there too and was also very grateful for the beautiful weather! I’m thinking about dialing the miles back a bit and focusing more on speed. Do you recommend any local (…and flat :) ) 5ks in the area?

    • 83

      I haven’t done almost any 5ks in the area besides the Fit Foodie 5k — it’s in June I believe, in Fairfax! It was flat but it had a lot of switchbacks.

  72. 84

    I’d love to sign up for a fun 10 miler in Chicago! I love the sharp cheddar!

  73. 85

    I’d love to do the Army 10 Miler. I just love that distance but I haven’t done that race yet. My favorite Cabot cheese is the Vermont Sharp.

  74. 86
    Christina says

    I’d probably do the Philly full or half. Love some super sharp cheddar!

  75. 87

    Sounds like a race we’ll need to do at some point; can’t ever get enough of DC! And I would run anywhere for cheese and breakfast! Right now though I need to focus on the Midwest so would love to enter the legendary Route 66 Half in Oklahoma.

  76. 88

    I’ve had my eye on the Indy Marathon for a few years now, so this might be the perfect chance to do it!

  77. 89
    Marisa Waits says

    Looking for a fall marathon for my first full!

  78. 90
    Valerie Bostwick says

    We weren’t able to get into the race this year (so tough!!) but we did make it to the city on Sunday and it was gorgeous!
    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on a great race!

  79. 91
    Katie Shottes says

    Just this morning I noticed the Disney marathon weekend still has some spots- I’ve always wanted to do my first marathon and Disney so would totally pick that for my race!

  80. 92

    Not sure which one yet, but definitely a fall half. I love fall races!

    For the cheese, pepperjack all the way.

  81. 93

    Indianapolis Mini Marathon in May! Extra sharp and the garlic and herb are my faves!

  82. 94

    Ahh Cabot is always my go-to cheddar :D

    I’m considering a fall marathon, so this would be fantastic! Also doing a trail 25k in June, which will be a new adventure!

  83. 95

    Looking at the Steamtown Marathon in October. Love me some Colby Jack!

  84. 96

    I would probably sign up for the Richmond half. I did the full and it was great, but a half seems more likely in the foreseeable future! I’m a fan of cheddar :)

  85. 97

    I’d sign up for the Tufts 10K for women in Boston in October – it’s going to be my first post-baby race. And my favorite Cabot cheese is VT cheddar or pepperjack.

  86. 98

    Jealous of the weather you had this year :). I’d register for a fun local women’s only half — The Queen Bee in Cincinnati, OH. Extra sharp cheddar is a winner in my book.

  87. 99

    Well, I’m not sure which race I would signup for just because I don’t know what races Cabot covers, but I definitely would like to win! AND, I’ve never tried Cabot cheese, so that would be new to me, too! :O

  88. 100

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’d love to sign up for a destination half marathon – maybe the Mud & Chocolate Half Marathon in Washington state!

  89. 102
    adrienna says

    The money would go toward a tune-up half for my fall marathon! And the hot habanero cheese is the best — all day, every day!

  90. 103

    I want to do another full marathon. Winning this would get me to sign up and not be able to make excuses about not being able to afford it. As far as cheese, I like cheddar that is super sharp, a little goes a long way.

  91. 104
    Elizabeth F. says

    What a great giveaway. I love the Cabot extra sharp white cheddar! I would sign up for the mommy dash 10k in Poughkeepsie, ny

  92. 105
    Katherine says

    I’d love to do a Disney race! I love Cabots Seriously Sharp cheddar and their Habanero cheese!

  93. 106
    Kristin S. says

    Annapolis Half in November! I also like Cabot’s pepper jack cheese! Looks like you had a great time!

  94. 107

    (1) The American Tobacco Trail marathon – I am up for a challenge! (2) Seriously sharp cheddar cheese from Cabot is my favorite. By the way – I also love their cheddar cheese powder, but it is not sold near me so I recently ordered some online. I love their vanilla yogurt too! Thanks.

  95. 108
    Allison D. says

    Country Girls Half in Portland, OR in the fall is the next race I plan to sign up for. Running a trail half in May and planning to take a short break before training for a fall half.

  96. 109
    Shannon A says

    I just registered yesterday for a 1/2 marathon near me in Danville PA on May 6th!

  97. 110
    Margaret says

    What a beautiful day for a race. I’d planning on signing up for the Richmond Marathon, it’s such a beautiful course

  98. 111
    Michelle Reiter says

    Awesome giveaway! I would use the money for a fall marathon I have on my radar after my first marathon in a few weeks :)

  99. 112

    Ha, I’d love to win the race reimbursement, because I just paid for the MCM – that is not a cheap race! I do love cheddar – seriously sharp for me!

  100. 113

    great giveaway! LOVE the seriously sharp cheddar :) i would use the entry for a triathlon this summer!

  101. 114

    I would use it for the Great Pumpkin Challenge this fall in Saratoga!

  102. 115

    I really really love the seriously sharp cheddar :)
    I would love to use the money for the Run Like a Girl Half Marathon in my hometown! It’s my goal race for fall, and supports our local Girls on the Run chapter!

  103. 116

    Congratulations on a great run!! I wish I could have entered the lottery for this race, but I was stuck in a grad school class on Sunday! Maybe next year – especially if I win the give away :D

  104. 117

    Congrats on the race! Looks like it was beautiful :) I would sign up for my local Dallas half marathon! And the sharp cheddar cheese is my fave.

  105. 118

    Looks like a beautiful race! Planning to do my first 10k this May!

  106. 119

    I’m planning on running the Newport HM in Rhode Island this fall, so I would use the free entry for that! I love ALL of the Cabot cheddar cheese’s, but the Vermont White Cheddar is my favorite. I went to a farm tour for Cabot up in Vermont and it was amazing – SO MUCH CHEESE!

  107. 120
    Christine Hahner says

    If I win I will run the Baltimore half marathon and favorite cheese is white cheddar!

  108. 121
    Michelle says

    I’m running the Virginia Wine Country half-marathon in June, and if that goes well I’d love to run the Navy-Air Force half in September!

    My favorite Cabot cheese is the horseradish cheddar!

  109. 122

    The cherry blossoms are so beautiful! What an awesome giveaway, I had just been thinking of finding some races to sign up for/train for this Fall.

  110. 123

    Looks so beautiful!

  111. 124

    Ok I seriously need to run this race. April is normally when I run the Parkway Classic :)

  112. 125

    I would sign up for the Portland Marathon and I love Cabot’s Everything cheese. Thanks!

  113. 126

    I’m eyeing the GW parkway classic!

  114. 127

    I’d use it to sign up for a 10k! I’m way out of racing shape, but having a race on the books would help a lot. I love all cheese, but sharp cheddar is my fave!

  115. 128

    I hope to do this race one day! I live only 2 hours away in Charlottesville and have always thought it would be fun.

  116. 129

    The Cherry Blossoms look so pretty!! Glad you had a beautiful day for the race! If I were to win the giveaway, I have several races on my list as I have a goal to run a race in every state. I am looking at a fall half marathon in northern Alabama or a couple of others on the radar. I love Cabot cheese and was able to visit them in the NE on vacation one time – I would say my fave is the Sharp light!

  117. 130

    I would sign up for the 10k Across the Bay!

  118. 131
    Michelle H. says

    Right now I’m considering what Fall half to do- maybe the Brooklyn Greenway or the Queens half. I think my favorite Cabot is the sharp cheddar!

  119. 132
    Patricia says

    I love Chabot Cheese! And running…

  120. 133

    I had no idea you can take a picture using the volume button.

  121. 135
    Nicole N says

    I had no idea Haines Point had so many cherry blossom trees!

  122. 136
    Karla Frisenda says

    Awesome giveaway! I have my eye on a half marathon in June, would be my first post baby race!

  123. 137

    I don’t have a specific race in mind but would like to do a 10K or half in the Boston area in early September. And my favorite Cabot cheese is their everything bagel cheese. Ridiculously delicious!

  124. 138

    I am hoping to run a race in the KC Marathon in October. Love Extra Sharp cheese!

  125. 139

    Congrats on a great race! I ran as well and it was a perfect race day! I’d love to run Rock n Roll 1/2 in Philadelphia! I will take New York Sharp Cheddar any day!

  126. 140

    Congrats on a strong race! I’d enter a trail run in South Dakota. I love smoked cheese!

  127. 141

    I’m looking for a good fall goal race and have heard great things about the Army 10 miler and the Navy Air Force half…tough call! However, I’m definitely not torn over my favorite Cabot cheese….Colby jack for the win!!

  128. 142
    Kaitlyn Eck says

    You are very lucky to have so many runner friends! I hope I win the giveaway, it’s time to sign up for a fall marathon. I’m thinking of registering for the Steamtown marathon.

  129. 143

    Looks like a beautiful face! Cabot seriously sharp is soooo good!

  130. 144

    I ran the Cherry Blossom last year & would love to do it again! Pepper-jack FTW!!!

  131. 145
    ashley d says

    local fall 10k

  132. 146
    Samantha says

    I would love to sign up for the Baltimore Running Festival Half Relay this year with a group of friends! Cheese.. such a hard decision but I have to go with Colby Jack!

  133. 147
    Roxanna Hall says

    Nice recap! My husband and I ran the cherry blossom race in 2009, which marked the beginning of our relationship…many happy memories! I’d use the money for a fall half marathon…looking for one in California.

  134. 148

    I plan to do the ‘day of the dog’ 5k which is a dog friendly race at congressional cemetery in dc! I love all cheese, but pepperjack is a favorite!

  135. 149
    Lauren K says

    Wow! How fun! I would definitely shoot for the Carlsbad Half Marathon or maybe Cherry Blossom next year!

  136. 150
    Ellie Thomas says

    First time running CUCB was this year, and it could not have been more beautiful!!! So glad you had a fun race day! I would love to run a first full marathon at the Savannah Rock n Roll later this year, and of course would take along Cabot Pepper Jack cheese!

  137. 151
    Lauren Sullivan says

    I would run the St. Louis Half Marathon!

  138. 152

    I would use the entry towards the St Jude Half Marathon here in Memphis. And I agree with most others. You can’t go wrong with good ol’ cheddar!!

  139. 153

    Great giveaway! I’d use the entry on a half in September I’m already planning on running :) the cheese sounds great too!

  140. 154

    How cool! I’ve been thinking about the Whidbey Island Half Marathon. I’d pick the Cabot cheddar!

  141. 155

    I’m signed up for the Eugene and Chicago Marathons this year!

  142. 156

    This was just the enthusiastic running post I needed, I just signed up for my first half marathon …in Southern California wine country, Temecula. Now I’m really looking forward to it and the scenery, plus I would love to represent my old stomping grounds of Vermont and amazing cheese with that great giveaway!

  143. 158
    Courtney says

    GREAT JOB! I need to sign up for my first post baby race

  144. 159

    Great race recap-it was a gorgeous day for a race! I would definitely use the entry towards a fall triathlon or 10K…and eat the cheese as a post-training snack this spring/summer during half ironman training :)

  145. 160

    Would love to sign up for a 10 mile race! Someday would also love to do the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.

  146. 161

    I would give to my husband

  147. 162

    This looked awesome!! I’d love to run a ragnar!!!!

  148. 163

    Loved your recap of The Cherry Blossom, one of my favorite races! Spring is the time I miss living in DC the most. You all looked seriously great in those Cabot team shirts!

  149. 164

    I’d like to participate in a race benefiting health conditions and diseases that have affected my family. Also, my favorite Cabot Cheese is sharp cheddar!

  150. 165

    Cool race recap, it looked so beautiful and you had an amazing day to run :-) we’re moving to Illinois early this summer, so I’d use the $ to sign up for a local race to meet people and get to know the community. I am a true cheese lover, and would go with a sharp cheddar from Cabot. They are fantastic cheese makers and I love their environmental sustainability work!

  151. 166
    Meredith says

    I’d sign up for the half marathon in my town in Florida!

  152. 167

    I’m signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon, so I’m thinking I’d use the entry toward a tune-up half marathon before the full!

  153. 168

    I really want to try one of the half marathons at a National Park! That’s what I would use the race entry for.

    I also ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler! I had done the 5k before, but this was my first time doing the full race. What a gorgeous day!

  154. 170

    Awesome giveaway! I would definitely try for my second half marathon!

  155. 171
    meredith says

    awesome giveaway! i would love to try a trail run in the country around here–they look so scenic and fun. and please, sharp cheddar always.

  156. 172

    I’d sign up for the Richmond Half Marathon, and I love the extra sharp cheddar.


  157. 173
    Beth Gipson says

    What a fun race! I would sign up for the LBL trail run here in West KY!

    • 174
      Beth Gipson says

      And we don’t have Cabot cheese around here so I would like to try ALL of them! I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like!

  158. 175

    I’ve been considering the Big Sur half marathon later this year! It’d be my first half so I’m also looking at my local Berkeley Half Marathon- a flatter route, plus the start and finish is just a few blocks from my house.

  159. 177

    My husband has talked me into entering a fall marathon (will be my first!) – we haven’t picked a race yet but I have some fun destinations in mind ;) I’m pretty simple with my cheese choice…a nice extra sharp cheddar please!

  160. 178

    Love the recap and it makes me want to run it next year!

  161. 179

    I have been playing around with the idea of a race in Seattle this summer. It would be so much fun to run with my sister!

  162. 180

    Hooray for Cabot! I ran the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday with my sister. It was great (though elbow-to-elbow the whole time – ugh). We did about the same pace as you – too bad I didn’t see you!

    • 181

      BTW, I have several races I plan to run this year. I’d apply my race fee to the Army 10-miler (if I get in) or the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon. My favorite Cabot Cheese is the Seriously Sharp. I’d eat more of it *if* I could tear it away from my son’s hands (he’s 5!)

    • 182

      I think I’ve gotten so used to mostly running huge races that I don’t really notice the crowds anymore (unless I start too far back and am trying to race/be faster than those around me, that is). Sorry to miss you – glad you had fun out there!

  163. 183
    lorri lagmaid says

    Rock and Roll Marathon San Diego, Ca. My favorite is Cheddar!!!

  164. 184

    So fun!

  165. 185

    I’d sign up for the VA Beach Rock n’ Roll 1/2 marathon…love extra sharp cheddar!

  166. 186

    Already signed up for the Marine Corps Half in May! Hit my first 10 mile run last weekend!

  167. 187

    i would sign up for the philly marathon! and cabot extra sharp is my fave :)

  168. 188

    I’m contemplating the Madison Marathon this fall.
    Also-Vermont Sharp. Mostly because I loved visiting Vermont!!

  169. 189

    Awesome giveaway! I would sign up for the Metro 10. And I love the extra sharp!!

  170. 190

    It was such a gorgeous day! I was supposed to run with my mom but am battling my second fracture in a year, so I was on the sidelines, cheering for her. I’d love to use that $$ for my comeback race :)

  171. 192

    I like either the Vermont Sharp or Extra Sharp best!

    I’m considering the Richmond Marathon or a half marathon in the Northeast!

  172. 193

    I would sign up for a 10K in the fall that I could run pushing at least one of my kids if not both! I love seriously sharp cheddar!!

  173. 194

    I would love to sign up for a half marathon in the fall.

  174. 195

    Woo Hoo! Just finished my first Half Ironman on Sunday, and since I’m not sore anymore- of course the next race bug looms. Love Cabot cheddar!

  175. 196

    I would sign up for a half marathon. I’ve got my eye on the Navy Half or another fun local half, like the Diva Half.

    My favorite Cabot cheese is their Super Sharp.

    I actually spotted you and your team after the race on Sunday. Congratulations to you all! It was my first time running this race and I absolutely loved it. It was a gorgeous day and the blossoms were amazing.

  176. 198

    I love cabot extra sharp. This may be the motivation I need to sign up for a race. :)

  177. 199

    I would probably sign up for the Philly Half Marathon, a hometown race! And the Seriously Sharp Cabot is definitely my favorite.

  178. 200
    MaryBeth says

    I’d use it for a race back in my hometown… I havent run a race there in years!

  179. 201

    I’d probably sign up for the Red White & Boom Half Marathon in Minneapolis if I won!

  180. 202
    Roadrunner says

    Seriously sharp, of course. And I would give my bib to a deserving family member to run the MCM! Well done to Matt on a great race!

  181. 203

    I would sign up for rock n roll san diego! I love Cabot extra sharp cheddar!

  182. 204

    I would sign up for the Great Smoky Mountains Half. Love the Seriously Sharp Cabot.

  183. 205
    Sarah K. says

    I would sign up for a local NC race!

  184. 206

    Heh, I could use that $100 for a lot of races. I still haven’t registered for triathlon nationals. (But already forked over $1k for 2x worlds, ouch)

  185. 210

    Just here to say I <3 Oyamel!!!

  186. 212

    I’d sign up for the Nashville half, which is closely approaching! :) The smoky bacon cheddar cheese sounds awesome.

  187. 213

    I would use it for the Broad Street Run in Philly that I am doing next month! And I love me some sharp cheddar :)

  188. 214

    You should check out the Bolder Boulder 10k at mile high elevation!

  189. 216
    Charlotte says

    The Berlin Marathon!!

  190. 217
    Linda Fraser says

    I recently ran Hot Chocolate in Las Vegas. Would love to do another one in a different city, especially if they had it in Toronto. Favorite cheese, can’t go wrong with sharp cheddar

  191. 218

    I love cheese soooooo much.
    My first race of this season is a 10 mile on sunday. I’m a slow runner (1st started last year) & I’m kinda nervous.

  192. 220

    The cherry blossoms look so beautiful! Nothing is blossoming in MN yet.

  193. 221
    Caroline says

    I’m looking to run the Maine Marathon (or Baystate) this fall, and love the extra sharp cheddar!

  194. 222

    I don’t know which race I would sign up for! Maybe the Virginia Beach RnR – always a favorite!

  195. 223
    Shannon W. says

    I don’t know if this counts, but if possible I’d sign up for a Spartan Sprint! My husband and I are hoping to do our first obstacle race in September. :) As for the cheese, we’re big fans of Colby Jack!

  196. 224

    Ugh, one of these years I will get down there for Cherry Blossoms! It’s been on my list for a while!!

  197. 225

    Vermont Extra Sharp for me!
    I’d choose the Queen Bee Half Marathon in Cincinnati as my race. But I’d not-so-secretly like to run a Disney race one of these days.

  198. 226

    Great to hear that Cabot was sponsoring the race! I firmly believe in supporting small agriculture. :)

  199. 228

    I would sign up for our local 5K race to support our fire department! And Cabot Extra Sharp is my favorite. :)

  200. 229

    I would run the 10k that’s in 2 weeks; the route passes just a few blocks away from my house and it’s really nice to race in my neighborhood.

    My favorite Cabot cheese is their Lamberton cheddar.

  201. 230

    I’m not sure which race specifically, but I’d find a reason to go back to the bay area of CA (my old home) and find something that’s between 10 miles – 13.1 miles! I love their seriously sharp white cheddar :)

  202. 231

    Congrats on a great race! The course looked beautiful!

  203. 232
    Nicole Olson says

    I am starting my first ever real, adult job as an engineer in July, and moving across the country from the Midwest to Pennsylvania to do so. I’m looking forward to finding a half mile race to sign up for in my new home town! My favorite Cabot cheese would be the New York Vintage Cheddar – always a staple at our family gatherings.
    Love your blog Anne, you always make me smile with your posts!

  204. 234

    I’d use it for a long trail race!

  205. 235

    Congrats on a great race! I would sign up for a half marathon in the fall with my daughter. I’M a big fan of very sharp cheddar.

  206. 236

    Gorgeous race photos! Looks like you got an awesome day!! Congrats to Kathleen to rocking it post-baby! :D

  207. 237
    meredith maguire says

    For the Augusta Half-Ironman! Those things are $$$

  208. 238

    I’d probably use it for a race in the fall! I love Cabot’s extra sharp cheddar. I buy it at Costco every time I go.

  209. 239

    Could it be used for a triathlon? If so, I already registered for the Nation’s Tri this September (Olympic distance this year – I’m terrified). If not, I’m running the Disney Marathon in January, so I’ll definitely want a late season half – maybe the Potomac River Run Half!

  210. 241
    Robyn Hollas says

    Love running with beautiful scenery! I’m running NYC marathon this year!! Can’t wait to get out there and train.

  211. 242

    Such a pretty race! Great job and I love your site!

  212. 245
    Donna Davies says

    I’d definitely face the Rhinebeck Fall Foliage Half Marathon!! Face Cabot cheese is sharp cheddar! Yummmmy!

  213. 246

    I would find a tuneup half for the Detroit Marathon! And extra sharp cheddar for life :)

  214. 247
    Elisabeth says

    I love the Cabot extra sharp cheddar and I think I’d use the race reimbursement for the Nationwide Children’s Columbus half marathon.


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