Recent Easy Eats – Sheet Pan Edition

Hi guys! I’ve been all about the sheet pan lately – so easy! I have a whole post about mix and match sheet pan dinners, in case you want some inspiration. A tip: if you’re already roasting something, roast more than just one or two servings so you can use it in leftovers for the week! Last week I roasted 4 chicken breasts, a bunch of sliced mushrooms, and a whole butternut squash (plus some random potato I needed to use up) to throw into a few different meals for the week. The butternut squash was left over from my cooking get together – check out that post if you missed it: Ideas for How to Use Butternut Squash (featuring biscotti, meatballs, and more)!

sheet pan meal prep

The butternut squash took longer than everything else, so the first meal didn’t include it. I kept it simple and had the roasted chicken with baked beans (canned) and the roasted mushrooms. Matt said this meal was not pretty at all and that I shouldn’t take a picture of it for the blog… but I did anyway. Just keepin’ it real over here. ;)

baked beans chicken mushrooms

The rest of the leftover chicken went to: 1) Riese (I gave it to her diced and dipped in hummus), and 2) chicken tacos for us for a weekend lunch! Matt chopped up the chicken and tossed it into a pan briefly to warm it up with some olive oil and Mexican-themed spices (cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, salt), and then also pan-cooked some onions and green pepper. Both then got tossed into tortillas with avocado and cheese. Delicious.

chicken tacos

As for the butternut squash, I’ve been eating it with fried eggs and some fruit for breakfast! I keep forgetting to take a photo, but it hit the spot.

What are your favorite sheet pan prep ahead type meals? In addition to chicken, I love roasting a whole slew of salmon fillets too – I like making two of the pieces of salmon as either my Baked Salmon with Lemon Mustard Dill Sauce, or Sheet Pan Asian Salmon with Veggies, and then leaving two plain with just a little olive oil and salt/pepper. That way the two leftover pieces can be reinvented into a new meal! I usually toss the leftover salmon on top of grain salad bowls (<- recipe ideas) for lunch, and Riese loves salmon, too, so I always save a little for her.


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    Chicken fajitas are such an easy sheet pan dinner, and the leftovers are great for salads or burrito bowls. It’s also become my go-to meal for new moms because it’s easy and something other than pasta! We also do chicken sausage and roasted root veggies often at this time of year.

    I also love that you are keeping it real with multiple pans – so many blogs show artfully arranged sheet pan dinners on just one pan, and mine never are like like! I always do as many veggies as possible, and it’s too much to fit on one pan.

    • 2

      Mmm yes good call on the sheet pan chicken fajitas! So good. We love roasted sausage and root veggies, too. And yeah I usually need more than one pan, especially if I’m making enough for leftovers or different/reinvented dinners!

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    This is my current favorite sheet pan dinner, which also uses butternut squash! :)

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