Holiday Gift Guide for Runners, Fitness Fans, Parents/Babies, and Foodies

Need gift ideas for your favorite runner, fitness fan, mama/parent/baby, or foodie? Or, looking for items to put on your own wish list? I’m combining all my recommendations into one massive gift guide – here are some of my favorites from around the web! (Please note that affiliate links are included in this post.)

holiday gift guide for runners fitness fans foodies

For the Expectant Parents, New Babies, or 1 Year Olds:

For the Runner

  • A race registration! Local or exotic. :)
  • A gift card for a local training group. Lots of running stores host these at the track a couple times a week, or host race-specific training groups!
  • A race bib/medal holder. I have one in my office at home and love it! I love this inspirational medal holder, and here is a cool combination bib + medal holder!
  • Reflective gear. Keep your favorite runner safe while they run in the dark! Here’s a great headlamp for running and you might also consider getting them a reflective vest. Brooks also has a ton of great “nightlife” gear on their website, if you’re looking for tights, jackets, shorts, shoes, and hats that are reflective (but still functional).
  • Winter running accessories. If your favorite runner lives in a climate that involves lots of running on ice or snow, runner-friendly YaxTrax (little grips that fit onto your running shoes) are a must. Also, a neck warmer, warm gloves, and a running headband (I prefer these to hats!)
  • Performance socks. Having socks that wick away sweat and don’t slip down is so key for a runner. I love both bombas socks (for every pair purchased, one is donated – love that) and Brooks running socks (that’s the women’s version – here’s the men’s).
  • Compression wear. I like CEP compression and Champion CSX. I wear compression socks around the house after runs, and sleeves during long runs when the weather isn’t too hot. They’ve really helped me with shin splint/calf tightness issues.
  • Ice packs. So necessary for long distance runners! I love Pardice Packs (the cuffs) – they don’t sweat on you and the cuff design means they easily stay around your knees/ankles/legs.
  • A running belt or hydration pack. I love the Nathan hipster running belt to hold my phone, keys, and credit card/ID while running or hiking. It stays put and doesn’t bounce! For a bigger option that holds water, the Nathan hydration vest is amazing for long distance runners (or hikers, or bikers) – I wore it for all my marathon training runs (and for long races).
  • A foam roller/stick. I recommend this foam roller – a foam roller is a must for any runner. Using this daily has made a huge difference in recovery/soreness for me! For travel, try The Stick – there are a variety of sizes and it’s more portable. It’s also easier to use while on the couch watching TV. ;)

For the Fitness Fan

  • A wireless speaker. Perfect for those that work out at home! We have a Sonos wireless speaker and it’s amazing – you play music via an app on your phone (we mostly play Pandora on it). For a cheaper option, this speaker is well reviewed!
  • No-slip headbands. I recommend Sweaty Bands Elastic Sports Headbands – among the very few headbands I’ve found that actually stay on my head.
  • A yoga mat. This Jade Yoga Mat is my absolute favorite. A bit pricey but so worth it because it’s not slippery at all and lasts forever! And while you’re at it, a yoga mat sling or yoga mat bag are also useful! If you want a good gift for someone who does a lot of hot/heated yoga, consider a yoga towel – I have and love this yoga towel.
  • A gym bag. I have this Lululemon backpack that I LOVE – use it almost every day to haul workout clothes and my computer around town. This gym bag is also super cute and affordable!

For The Cook/Foodie

Other random ideas:

What’s on your holiday wish list?


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    I love the list for runners…so helpful! I also didn’t even know they had reusable kcups…so much cheaper and less waste! I will definitely be getting that! :)

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