From the Farmer DC Review & Coupon Code

Hello, hello! In eating news, we’re been having some tasty meals lately – many of which have been inspired by the cool new From the Farmer DC service (read below for my full review)! On Sunday night after getting back from skiing, Matt and I were in the mood for something new and different and decided to browse through some of my cookbooks and magazines. We ended up deciding to try a recipe for Portobello Mushrooms with White Beans and Prosciutto that I spotted in Self Magazine last fall.


Ours didn’t come out quite as beautiful as theirs (any tips for how to keep the Portobello mushrooms in a circle/boat shape instead of getting flat when you pre-heat them?), but they were certainly delicious!


Now we want to experiment with more stuffed foods – next up we’re thinking peppers, maybe with a similar filling. Stay tuned. :)

Matt also whipped up some homemade banana bread for us in our bread machine (<—that thing rocks). We just followed the recipe the bread machine book suggested but used whole wheat pastry flour instead of white flour and about half the sugar it called for. YUM! Love having fresh bread on hand for snacks.



On the lunch front, on Monday when we had a snow day and Matt and I were both working from home, I whipped up some massive salads for us.


In the mix was baby kale, quinoa, some leftover lentils, avocado, feta cheese, chopped parsley and basil, shredded carrots, and mushrooms. Yeah, it was pretty epic. Topped with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette (olive oil + vinegar + dijon mustard + lemon juice). Oh, grain salads, how I love thee.


I made a triple batch of quinoa while I was at it so we’d have some on hand for later. Love doing this!


Speaking of prepping things once and then eating on them for awhile, my favorite thing to do this with is roasted veggies. Love roasted broccoli – and the other thing on the tray is not potatoes but parsnips! They look like a yellow carrot but are a bit starchier.

from the farmer dc

We had a ton of produce on hand thanks to a delivery from a fun new-ish local DC area company called From the Farmer – have you heard of them?

from the farmer DC

Basically, From the Farmer has the best of your local farmer’s market delivered right to your door. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a weekly basket of 6 to 10 seasonal fruits and veggies per week, delivered between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m., so it’s there when you wake up. I LOVE this because two things that have stopped me from signing up for other CSAs/fresh delivery services in the past are a) having to go pick it up somewhere inconvenient and lug it home, and b) having to wait around during a time block for it to arrive. When I woke up, it was right outside my door (another bonus – they brought it up the elevator to right outside our apartment – it wasn’t left down at the front desk!). Even better is it came in a small easily foldable bag, not a large awkward box or bin that I’d have to find space for in our apartment until they came again. That said, the bag has not had the opportunity to be folded because someone thinks it’s her bed… ;)


Too funny. My mom bought her a little cat bed for Christmas and she wouldn’t go anywhere near it, but a random basket? She’s in love. Cats are so weird.

Aaaaanyway… back to From the Farmer. Jason, one of their co-founders, reached out to me about trying out their service to share my thoughts here on the blog, and I was happy to help support a small local business – especially one so geared towards health and supporting small local farms! Jason and I also met up for coffee earlier this week just to network as fellow entrepreneurs. I had a lot of fun learning more about how the company began (he got his first taste of food-related start ups by working at Love Grown Foods! <— their granola rocks) and how they have grown since starting. I have SO much respect for anyone starting their own business, let alone in the food space – so many logistics to deal with!

From the Farmer has no weekly commitment and you can stop or pause your deliveries at any time. They have three options: a half bushel, a single bushel and a double bushel – and for an extra fee you can add some fresh baked local bread, too. The quality of the produce was excellent – most items are delivered within just 48 hours of being harvested – and another big plus is that you get an email each week detailing what will be in your basket, including some storage tips and recipes for each item so you can plan ahead. The prices are on par with what you would pay at a farmers market, but of course you’re getting it delivered right to you. Jason said that if you can shop at a farmer’s market, that’s best because then the farmers take home the most money. But if you’re doing most of your produce shopping at a grocery store, then give From the Farmer a shot instead to help support the farmers (they pay them a higher rate than grocery stores do).

For our complimentary basket, I selected the single bushel. In addition to broccoli, parsnips, mushrooms, lettuce, and turnips, it also included RunningByrd Tea Company local tea – what a fun surprise! It was their “Shenandoah Smoke” tea which was REALLY good – tasted almost like root beer or whiskey in a weird but good way.

from the farmer dc review

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I’ll likely try to hit my local farmers market more frequently because I love browsing around, trying samples, and just enjoying the atmosphere, but on weeks when I know I won’t be able to, I’ll hit these guys up. Thanks again, From the Farmer, and I hope some of you DC area readers will check them out! Great company and great, responsible business owners too. To help sweeten the deal, here is my affiliate coupon code – it’s good for 20% off the first four deliveries. It’s not time-restricted, applies to any plan, and doesn’t need to be used on four consecutive deliveries. The code is fAnnetastic-20. (This code is no longer good, but there’s a new 20% off affiliate code at the bottom of a recent post – click here to check it out!) Enjoy!

We’ve used up everything but the turnips – any great turnip recipes to share?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. 1

    have you tried roasting the turnips? that’s my favorite way to eat them… like candy!

  2. 4

    Oh, I cannot wait to give this a try. I’ve done Relay in the past, but hate having to go meet up with them somewhere during the week. This seems like a great option.

  3. 5

    I’ve been interested in CSA’s but I’m afraid of getting stuck w/ food I don’t like and it going to waste. Or not knowing what to do with it! Would like to find one that lets you pick more options-like “all fruit” or list a veggie you absolutely don’t want.

  4. 8

    I LOVE stuffing food! Can’t wait to see some pepper recipes! I’m also obsessed with my bread machine. I normally do half bread flour and half whole wheat flour since I don’t have ww pastry. It turns out delicious every time!

  5. 9

    Have you tried putting Zara’s cat bed in a cardboard box? Cats love boxes. You should check out Pinterest for cat lady cat organizers, or cat traps. It is absolutely hilarious!
    CSA rocks. I need to find one in my area. I can’t wait for Farmer’s Market to start! Best way to blow a paycheck!

  6. 11

    Try grilling your mushrooms, and grilling once their filled, it should help them keep their shape. Alternatively, I’ve pre-cooked them in a large muffin tin before! Honey and mustard roast parsnips are my absolute favourite. We cook them all the time, and make leftovers into delicious spiced parsnip soup!

    • 12

      Interesting idea about the muffin tin! We don’t have a grill so maybe a grill pan? Honey mustard parsnips sound great, too!

  7. 13

    what an awesome service! I would totally do this too as a opposed to CSAs for the reasons you listed – and I like being able to choose it week to week instead of a long term commitment.

  8. 14

    My boyfriend and I are moving closer to the down town area of where we live in the spring. One thing I am really look forward too is being able to walk to the farmers markets on Saturdays… maybe even after a run? AH Spring just needs to be here!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  9. 16

    How convenient and fun!!! I can’t wait to see what the farmer market experience is like here is the east coast! You know, I have never had turnips!! Zara is just too funny!!

  10. 17

    Oh my gosh! Awesome!! I’ve been wanting to try a CSA, but don’t have the time to go pick it up in addition to my regular shopping! I’m going to check out their prices! It would be a godsend in my boyfriend’s eyes — he complains every week about how long I spend in the produce section of Safeway bagging my weekly vegetable and fruit haul!

  11. 18

    Wow, I love the idea of From the Farmer. I wish that we had something like that in the NYC/NJ area. I’ve also thought about doing a CSA, but it always just seems like a bit of a hassle to coordinate and lug home, and also like it would be much more produce than my husband and I can possibly eat before it goes bad. I love that From the Farmer lets you pick what size you want – such a great idea!

  12. 19

    From the Farmer sounds amazing! I hesitate from joining a CSA because of the picking it up issue too. I’d love for something like that to come to our area. Sounds like you guys will enjoy your fresh produce.

  13. 20

    For the past few years, I haven’t lived in the same place long enough to join a CSA. I hope to, someday!

  14. 21

    You are so blessed to have the option of CSA =) enjoy it!!

  15. 22

    We used to have a CSA back in Chicago – I miss it we should look into something similar here in Denver!

  16. 23

    What a cool startup!

  17. 24

    highly recommend these southwestern lentil and rice stuffed peppers-one of our faves!

  18. 25

    Ahhh I am SO jealous! That is pretty much what I have always wanted! I hope when I move to my next location I will be able to get this (and afford it….being a coach and athlete is not allowing many luxuries). This looks awesome! I love roasting parsnips the most!

    Im afraid I have never cooked with turnips, but will be following your post to see what to do with them. I know they have lots of nutrients to help with my training, anything to make me closer to my 1:13 HM goal will be worth trying for me :)

  19. 26

    To say that I like this post is an understatement! I love it! Your Monday lunch, the roasted vegetables, From the Farmer delivery, everything looks awesome!! Jealous ;)

  20. 27

    Maybe the ‘cat bed’ was really a dog bed. Cats know such things ;-) They liked ‘enclosed’ (not just flat) comfy spaces they can peek over (and feel they are invisible to others). Baskets and cardboard boxes are perfect, but other things work, too, like sinks or laundry baskets.

  21. 29
    Desiree says:

    I’ve had that Self Magazine recipe ripped out and sitting in my recipe book for ages. Now I need to actually make it!

  22. 30

    I’m not a big fan of turnips, but my dad loves them and grows a ton, so I end up eating them a fair amount. We’ve made turnip “fries” (just like you would with sweet potatoes), mashed turnips, baked turnips, etc. My dad whipped something up for thanksgiving that was mashed turnips, carrots and sweet potatoes topped with crumbled bacon… that’s always a good idea :)


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