Gearing up for the LA Marathon + ASICS Giveaway!

Guys, I can’t believe that my second full marathon – the ASICS LA Marathon – is in only a few short days! It seems like just yesterday I was prepping for my first full (the Richmond Marathon last fall). Crazy. I’m not sure it’s really hit me yet that I’m running another marathon this coming weekend – it still seems very abstract and far off. Gah!


I’ve started stalking the weather, of course, and YIKES – it’s looking like it will be WARM on Sunday…


Considering I’m currently trained for single digit temps, with anything above 40 or 50 feeling positively balmy, this has me a little bit worried. Luckily, hydration packs are allowed (I know some large races aren’t allowing them now for security reasons), so I’m bringing mine and that will help to make sure I’m staying hydrated. At least it won’t be humid, right?

I’ve also been reviewing the course map in more detail – it looks really cool! The race is a point-to-point which is fun, starting at Dodger Stadium and ending at the Santa Monica pier. I can’t wait to check out more of LA on foot, and I’m hoping all the awesome sights along the way will help distract me from the heat! Crossing fingers for some celeb sightings, too. ;)



In terms of the course elevation, it’s net downhill with some ups and downs but it doesn’t look like anything too extreme or long. If anything, what looks like the sharp downhill at the end might be tough (the Richmond Marathon also finished on a big downhill and MAN will that burn your quads after all that running). It also looks like there’s a gradual constant uphill from around miles 16 to 23, which is kind of rough, but given my hill of death training every week, I think I should be fine.


In terms of goals, I’m going to aim for a PR but play things by ear based on the heat. If it’s crushing me, I’m not going to feel terrible about myself if I need to slow down. But of course I’d love to beat my Richmond time, which was 3:56:48 (average pace of right around 9 minute miles). In general, my long training runs have felt easier and been faster than last time around, but I haven’t been as intense/diligent about training this time as I was in the fall, so we’ll see what I can do out there! I’ll be running alone, so I’m going to draw on the crowd and the sights to keep me positive. :)

I fly out for LA on Friday morning, and as you guys know, I’m lucky enough to be running the race as part of a blogger team with my expenses for the weekend covered. I’m so grateful for such an amazing opportunity! As part of the program, ASICS, the main title sponsor for the race, sent me and my fellow blogger teammates some fun LA Marathon branded gear this week to get us pumped.

Photo attempt of gear #1:


Photo attempt of gear #2:


Zara says: “Can you run as fast as I can, mom?” :)


The gear is so cute – I’m thinking about maybe wearing the tank top on race day. Is that bad luck? :)

ASICS was also kind enough to offer the chance for 2 of you guys to enjoy some of their gear, too! I have two promo codes redeemable for anything on to give away, each worth $150. To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post that’s related to running! You can share some advice for me out in LA if you’ve done the race before, or share news of a particularly awesome run or race you had recently, or tell me what you love most about running. It’s up to you! U.S. residents only, please, and I’ll randomly select and directly email the winners on Friday evening. Good luck! :)


  1. 1

    I am just starting to train for my 3rd half marathon and am hoping it will amp me up to run my first FULL marathon in the fall! Good luck this weekend :)

  2. 2

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’ve always worn Asics for my running shoes. Good luck in LA-!

  3. 3

    I am training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – my first ever 10 mile race, and a month later the Broad Street Run (another 10 miler). ASICS is my go-to running shoe! Good luck in your marathon.

    • 4

      How fun! I love the Cherry Blossom 10 miler – sad to miss it this year as we’ll be out of town. I’ve heard great things about Broad Street, too! Good luck!

  4. 5
    Jackie W says:

    If you wear a tank top, don’t forget the sunblock! lol
    Good luck on PR-ing!

  5. 6
    Emily Davis says:

    It sounds silly, but I love how alive running makes me feel.

    Good luck in LA!

  6. 8

    Good luck on the marathon! The heat is going to be a big change compared to what we’re experience in DC (so I’m a bit jealous!), but it’s hard to switch from cold to hot. My advice is to definitely feed off the crowd. I don’t know much about the LA marathon, but I imagine there’s some great cheering. Since it will be so hot, focusing on the crowd (and exploring LA) might be the best way to take your mind off of it!

  7. 9

    OMG THAT CAT! So cute!!!

    I hate running in the heat… GOOD LUCK!

  8. 10

    Not as warm as LA, but I’m pumped for the almost, maybe 60 degree weather this weekend. I’m hoping to get a good run in on Saturday.

  9. 11
    Kathleen says:

    I am just getting back to running after a major hip surgery… Some new running shoes would be much appreciated! :)

  10. 12

    I look forward to hearing what you think about point to point races. In Utah lots of races are P2P, which they’re mostly downhill, but it also means you have to get there an hour + before the start and shiver at the top of a canyon (at least here they bus you to the start instead of allowing people to drive). I haven’t quite figured out whether I like it or not. Either way good luck to you!

  11. 13

    I love the way running makes you feel so much better after a tough day! Ive also been dying to try those margarita blocks you eat for fuel during your long runs!

    • 14

      Yes, those are the best in summer when you’re really sweaty because they are so salty and delicious! I haven’t been loving them this winter because they get REALLY hard in the cold!

  12. 15

    i have run almost all of my races in asics! love them!

  13. 16

    I’m running my first half on the 15th – the DC Rock and Roll. Very excited!!

    (Also, just an FYI – I believe you spelled ASICS wrong in the paragraph above the first Zara picture!)

    • 17

      Yay, I’ll be out there with you at the DC RnR! Can’t wait – I LOVE that race. And yes, I’ll be running reeeeeally nice and easy. (And thanks for the spelling error heads up – fixed it! The former editor in me is horrified. ;) )

  14. 18

    Good luck in LA! I was in DC last weekend & was so jealous seeing all of the beautiful sights you get to run by on a regular basis. Enjoy the warm CA weather this weekend!

  15. 19
    Elizabeth says:

    I’m so excited for you and will be thinking about you on Sunday! I know you’ll do great! I’m still trying to decide whether to run MCM this fall for my marathon #2.

    • 20

      I’m bummed you won’t be out there to give me some energy at mile 23 like in Richmond! :) You should def do MCM! I want to do that in the future, but I think I need a break after LA for awhile from fulls!

  16. 21
    terri d. says:

    Good luck at the marathon! I was wondering, since the temps in LA will be warmer than here, do you plan to switch your nutrition to what you used in Richmond? I could see the peanut butter getting messy with the heat.

    I’m trying to get back into running after primarily doing CrossFit for the past two years. I ran two miles last week, but now I’ll have to wait until the snow clears before I can get back into a routine.

    • 22

      Great question about the nutrition – I hadn’t thought about that re: the heat. Yeah, I might want to just do my Richmond fueling strategy since it will be so warm. I haven’t been doing the margarita shot bloks much this winter since they get cold/hard in the freezing temps, and I don’t crave the salt since I’m not as sweaty, but they might be a good idea to bring back for the race…

  17. 23

    Running helps me to relax.

  18. 24
    Kristen says:

    Good luck in LA! I can’t say I could give you much advice being that I’ve never ran a marathon and any drastic change in temperature causes me to have asthma flare ups… BUT I do hope that you’re able to just enjoy the run and bask in the warm weather before you have to come back to the cold!

  19. 25
    Nicole W says:

    Good luck at the marathon!

  20. 26
    Kristen M says:

    What cute gear! I am starting to get antsy about my half-marathon coming up in May. It will be my sixth, but that first long race of the season gets me nervous every time!

  21. 27

    Have a great race!! Stay hydrated and think cool thoughts :D

  22. 28
    Elizabeth W. says:

    I’m afraid I don’t have any full marathon advice (I’m strictly a halfer, myself) but I did run a half that was SUPER hot at Virginia Beach this past Labor Day. My advice for that is sunscreen, hydrate (but don’t fill your belly too much that you’re sloshing around), wear a visor, and grab an extra water cup you can pour down your neck when you get hot. Good luck!!

  23. 29
    jillian says:

    Have a great race!!!! I love big marathons — lots of energy and crowd support! Have a blast!

  24. 30

    Good luck at the marathon! I love how I feel after I run. I am currently injured and cannot wait to get back to running. It is a great outlet for me!

  25. 31

    The comment has to be about running for me to win? Because all I see is Zara and ZOMG CUTE KITTY.

    Er…running. I ran this morning. Now the comment is about running.

  26. 33

    Loving the gear!! I am really looking forward to increase my miles here in the next few weeks for a 1/2 I’m trying to PR at!

  27. 34

    Wow-Zara is adorable! Just started a 10-k training program this week, so far so good but its early yet. Reading about your marathon training is motivation, if you can do all that work, surely I can train for a simple 10 k! Good luck!

  28. 35

    A comment about running? My only comment is that I wish I was doing more of it :-(. I’ve been sick with a sinus infection, but hoping by next week that I’ll be able to get back out there!

  29. 37

    Good luck! I hope you can PR but don’t be frustrated if you don’t – every marathon is different!

  30. 38

    My only experience with running marathons is a half I did here in Florida. My advice is to start slow and definitely hydrate. Hydration is always #1 in that type of weather! Good luck:)

  31. 39

    Good luck on the race this weekend! You have been training well so I know you will knock it out of the park!

    I’ve been training on the last 6 miles, and the downhill is very, very gradual. There is only one small hill that’s around mile 4 (Disney Concert Hall) of this race. I think you will be just fine. For funsies, check out this 8 min video of the entire course!

    • 40

      That is great to hear! Any thoughts about the uphills? Are they bad? I’m terrible at understanding what different elevation means on race elevation maps. :) And will watch the video now – how cool!!

      • 41

        I hope you like it!

        The uphill around mile 4 is also supposed to be very mild. I’ve walked it before for Jury Duty and remember it being a short hill. The only somewhat steep downhill is at the first mile of the race coming down from Dodger Stadium, so be mentally prepared for that one.

        You may be interested in this: some of the runners on Team Nutribullet are using salt pills during the marathon due to the heat on race day. Also, our mornings are pretty cool right now. It was in the low 50s this morning around 7 a.m. and it’s in the 70s right now at 11 a.m. Hope this helps!

        • 42

          This does help – thank you! I think I’ll bring some of my trusty Margarita Shot Bloks – they have extra salt added.

  32. 43

    haha, I love those pictures with your cat! As a uh, step-mom (?) to four (!) cats, every single piece of running clothing I own has cat hair on it. Sigh. Luckily those furry bastards are cute…

  33. 45

    Good luck this weekend! I have two friends running on Sunday too! I’ll be sending lots of positive energy out y’all’s direction. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in a run this weekend – maybe even outside if I can make it out before it gets hot – since the weather’s gorgeous in these early mornings!
    Don’t forget about the time change! :)

  34. 46

    Good luck on the marathon! Love your blog!

  35. 47

    The thing I love about running is always feeling rewarded when your done no matter if its a long/short, hard/easy or good/terrible run.

  36. 48

    Running related, I am so looking forward to running in warmer temps that don’t require 5 layers!

  37. 49

    good luck this weekend! looking forward to getting back into as spring hits :)

  38. 50

    Good luck on your marathon in LA! I cannot wait for it to finally warm up in Chicago so I can run outside instead of the treadmill. I love being outside for my runs – the sightseeing makes you forget about everything else and is a natural motivator, in my opinion.

  39. 51

    I’ve been doing strength group fitness classes and have been amazed how my running has improved – both distance and speed. Good luck in the marathon!

  40. 52

    Can’t wait to hear how you kick this marathon’s butt! Enjoy California and an escape from the cold for a bit.

  41. 53
    Marissa says:

    My 20th birthday was on February 22, and jokingly I kept saying I was going to use my birthday wish for spring to come early. It worked! It was a beautiful sunny 50 degrees that day, so of course I had my first outside run of the year and did 5 miles!

  42. 54
    Alycia Wilson says:

    I finished my second full in November and I’m currently training for a half. Goodluck this weekend!

  43. 55
    Kathy R says:

    Good luck in the marathon – and enjoy the warm weather! I’m east coast also, and this has been a terrible winter for running! But we get out and do what we gotta do! Can’t wait to hear all about the race.

  44. 56

    Hi! I am a fairly new reader and I love following along! I hope you have a great race in Cali! I have never been there so I cant wait to hear how it was! I am a runner at heart but I am in the last portion of training for a Half-Ironman in April! I could use some new gear to keep me going until race day!

  45. 58

    I love the way I can get lost in thought while I run. Currently training for Boston. About 6 weeks to go!!!

  46. 59

    I love running because it gets me outside. And there’s nothing better than that feeling of hitting a good stride. Hoping the weather improves in D.C. soon. I’m training for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and the Frederick Running Festival. I need some warmer temps!

  47. 60

    ahh! so exciting that you’re doing another marathon! I’m finally starting to get in the right mindset to do one! Watching “Spirit of the Marathon” totally got me pumped! My favorite part of running is the accomplishment that you feel after you’re done! I can remember when I couldn’t even run a mile and now I’ve finished two halves! Good luck this weekend!

  48. 61

    Good luck this weekend! We are getting ready for the DC Rock and Roll half marathon and hoping for warm (…at least above freezing..) weather!

  49. 62
    Faith Plvan says:

    Winter running is the real challenge!

  50. 63

    I’m getting back into running after a 2-month hiatus in which I got married. honeymooned, and moved to a new city!

  51. 64
    Kristin says:

    Training for my second full this year too–good luck with yours!

  52. 65

    Running is my escape! I “fell” into running training for a triathlon and found that I really enjoyed it. I HATED it before! I liked the way it made me feel…I felt energized, relaxed, and ready for whatever was/is thrown at me. It was the one exercise that was just about me!!!
    Aiming for. 10k this year…hoping I get to do it!!
    Good luck on your marathon!!!

  53. 66
    Jennifer Thornburgh says:

    I just crushed my previous PR at Gasparilla—-1:59:37! When I started running seriously 4 1/2 years ago, i never thought I’d break 2 hours =)

  54. 68

    I used to only run based on distance, but ever since New Years I have been challenging myself to only run using time. It was super difficult at first, but a great change!

  55. 69
    Christine says:

    I just signed up for my first half marathon! I could use some new clothes to train in

  56. 70

    Good luck on your second marathon! I recently ran the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World (well, “ran” might be a strong word, but I finished, so there’s that). I’m working on training better for my next half. Not sure that I’m brave enough to attempt a full!

  57. 71
    melissa a says:

    Cant wait for the time change this weekend to have more day light hours to run outdoors! :) thanks for the give away!

  58. 72

    I’m from NH and the weather this year has been a drag! I’m done with treadmill runs! I want to get my Asics dirty!! I follow your blog every day…you make me want to move to the DC area! Good luck with your marathon!

  59. 74
    Ellen S says:

    I’m currently training for my first half marathon now!

  60. 75

    good luck!! =) i live in LA, so i’ll cheer you on when i watch the live coverage on tv.

  61. 76

    Good luck at the marathon Anne! I’m not much of a long distance runner but am running the St. Patty’s Day 8k in DC this weekend! Hopefully won’t forget to change the clock for daylight savings!

  62. 78

    I’m running LA this weekend (!), too! Miles 16-23 won’t seem that bad because the scenery is constantly changing throughout. Mile 16 starts in West Hollywood, and then you weave through Beverly Hills where there’s a lot to look at, and then through Century City. At Mile 20 you hit the Veterans Administration (which is like a tiny campus of buildings). That part is tough and not that scenic. Then you pop out and have a couple of miles of very gradual uphill in Brentwood to get you to Mile 23 – so the sights will distract you from the hills.

    And it was POURING rain here last weekend so I’m happy it’s going to be on the warmer side – but 81 is a little hot!

  63. 80

    I ran my first 2 marathons last year within 8 months of each other as well! The second was in Florida in December. And like you, all my long training runs were done in sub freezing weather. In Florida, the lows were supposed to be in the 50s and highs in the 70s WITH humidity!! Talk about stressing over how I would react to the weather. BUT all turned out fine. The temp was slow to increase and I did PR! So I guess I just want to say good luck! And you will do awesome. Can’t wait to read the recap.

  64. 82

    Good luck for your race. You are super inspiring :)
    I live in Seattle where it’s been raining non-stop. Hope to fit in a run in the rain today or tomm :)

  65. 83
    Steph Ricciardi says:

    Good luck with your run this weekend!!

    I am running in the DC Rock n Roll half next weekend! Training has been good but a lot has been indoors! I am not a fan of the cold weather. Starting to stress out how cold it is going to be next weekend!

    Soak up lot of sun shine!

  66. 84

    You’re going to do awesome!! Maybe the heat will be a nice change of pace – you never know! I’m training for a half in Delaware right now and am in the lottery for the MCM!! Fingers crossed! It would be my first marathon!

  67. 85

    I’m currently revving up for the Nike Women’s Half here in DC in April! Although, I’m a little worried that winter will never end. ;)

  68. 86
    Amber S. says:

    I just started training for my first ever half-marathon a couple weeks ago and I’m loving it! I’ve been running for years somewhat inconsistently but the last couple years I have really discovered my passion for it so I decided to do a half. I am just really enjoying every run right now!

  69. 87

    Asics have been my running shoes of choice since 2005 :)

  70. 88

    I just signed up for my first half-I started training before I paid the money-I don’t really see myself as a runner and needed to gain a little more confidence before actually committing. I have two months until race day-can’t wait!

  71. 90

    I just ran my first half, congrats on your 2nd full

  72. 91

    I’m doing two 5k runs so far – one in April and one in May. I’m so excited for them!

  73. 92

    I keep trying to get into running but I’m so terrible at it that I never get very far. :)
    Who knows though, maybe this is the year it finally sticks!

  74. 93
    Jessica says:

    I love how running is always able to put me in a happy place. Bursitis has kept me from doing any races lately, but I want to start training for another half soon!

    Good luck in LA!

  75. 94
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite part of running is that feeling you get when you finally reach a goal that at first seems so far off.

  76. 95

    Yay for running! I can’t wait until warmer temps so I can really pick back up on running. I haven’t been nearly as dedicated as you. Good luck!

  77. 96

    I am so excited for warmer weather. It has been super cold here on the east coast. But I know once the heat is back I will lament the humidity.

  78. 97

    Good luck in LA! I am currently training for the Portland half marathon in May. Speaking of running inspiration- have you seen this article- makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to run every day:

  79. 101
    Kirsten says:

    I love recently started running in the morning before work. I’m working my way up to a 5k distance.

  80. 102

    i swear by asics now! love them.. good luck running in the heat! as hard as the cold has been to deal with this winter, i don’t know if i’m ready to handle running in the summer heat again!

  81. 103
    Desiree says:

    I love how running can loosen my tight neck and stretch my sore butt after a long day of sitting behind a desk.

  82. 104

    Good luck on your race! I vote for wearing a tank top – you will need it with that heat. Thanks for being such a great inspiration :)

  83. 105
    Kathleen says:

    I love to go for a run because it is great to have that “me time” :)

  84. 106

    I bet the weather will be fantastic for running, especially with no humidity! Good luck!

  85. 107
    Melissa says:

    I completed my first half marathon last summer!

  86. 108

    I’m training for my first half marathon. My runs this week haven’t been great, but I’m proud of myself for sticking to it! And I PR’d my 5k last Sunday! I’m still not fast but I’m faster, and that’s all I can ask.

  87. 109

    I have a race back home in MD this weekend and while it’ll be a muddy and sloppy trail, I am so excited to race with friends!

  88. 110

    I went from barely able to run .5 miles to my first 10K two weeks ago. Running is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I’m sure others will agree!

  89. 112

    You are going to do amazing!!! I love all the Zara photo bombs- she is too cute! I love running because it makes me feel relaxed and it really gets me out of my own head. I have a 10K coming up in a few weeks and I am excited!

  90. 113

    Ahhh how exciting! I’m looking forward to reading about how the race went; you’re going to do great!
    What I love most about running in road races is that I am only competing against myself. No matter what my time is, as long as I did the best I could it’s considered a win in my book. Good luck!!

  91. 115
    Alison W. says:

    Good luck with your marathon!! We will be cheering for you! I signed up for my first half… its in Nov. and I will probably need that much time to train :)

  92. 116

    i’ve been running on the treadmill this winter because of how cold it’s been, and i can’t wait to get back out there as soon as it warms up!

  93. 117

    I injured myself at a race last month so I’m in PT right now and could really use some cute gear to help motivate me for my return to running.
    Good luck this weekend. Take it easy since heat can be a beast!

  94. 118

    I’m running my 2nd marathon in a month from tomorrow!! Remember to enjoy it and have fun!!

  95. 119
    Jessica K says:

    I’m training for my first marathon in April!

  96. 120

    Good luck on the race! I’ve only run one marathon and luckily it was pretty chilly: started in the 30s and went up to mid 40s! Definitely take in some salt during the race to avoid cramping.

  97. 121

    Good Luck!! The gear is totally cute. I don’t wear any of my gear until I’ve completed a race…superstitious I guess. I just ran my first full in January

  98. 122

    This sounds like a terrible excuse (and maybe it is), but running has been completely on the back burner this terrible winter (I live in Michigan). I’m hoping to get back to it when the weather breaks!

  99. 123

    I am currently training for a half-marathon in Central Park in April and the Broad Street 10-Miler in Philly in May! Hoping to get out for my 7 mile long run tonight after work. I wish these temperatures would rise a little but if my sister ends up joining me for part of it, the run shouldn’t be TOO bad! :)

  100. 124

    Good luck! Don’t worry about the heat; you’ll be just fine as long as you hydrate properly.

  101. 125
    Monique says:

    Good luck at the LA marathon! I’m currently training for the Broad Street Run and hopefully running my first full in the fall!

  102. 126

    I get up really early in the morning to run before work. As much as I hate when my alarm goes off, I love the chill in the air and the quiet time to just run. It’s a great start to the day. I’m training for my 2nd 1/2 marathon. Good luck to you this weekend!

  103. 127
    Crystal says:

    I’m running the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler a month from tomorrow, and then the Nike Women’s Half – my first half marathon – at the end of April! Your blog has motivated and inspired me throughout the training process. Can’t wait to read your LA marathon recap. Good luck! BTW, I’ve started treating myself to a large glass of chocolate milk after every long training run, thanks to your Nutrition tip post last week! Thanks!

  104. 129

    I’m training for the RnR USA in DC next weekend. It looks like it’s going to be so cold! Maybe I shouldn’t have done so many of my runs on the treadmill, but I was really hoping it’d be above freezing at race time. Eek! I’m so ready for spring running clothes.

  105. 130

    I’m not much of a runner, but I do love jogging! I signed up to do the Susan G. Komen run for breast cancer with a friend in April

  106. 131

    I have been going back and forth on running a marathon for over a year now! I have a few half marathons under my belt, and I enjoy that distance. When I finish a half, I always think to myself “oh my gosh, I’d have to run that distance all over AGAIN!” hahahaha maybe this year will be the year I give it a shot

  107. 132
    Jessica C says:

    I’m thinking about signing up for a half marathon! I’ve been running for a little over a year now and have fallen in love with it. Did a 10K in November and I’m missing having something to challenge myself with…

  108. 133

    I love starting my mornings off with a great run! Makes my whole day seem much more productive :)

  109. 134

    LA is definitely on my bucket list for marathons. I’ve never been to LA (beyond a layover in LAX), so I’m excited to visit in June for my brother-in-law’s wedding! I did the Princess Half after training in frigid KC for the past few months and the only thing that really got to us was the humidity, so I think you will be fine! Just make sure to start hydrating even before the race !

  110. 135
    Valerie says:

    Good luck and have fun. Brian, the Lung Warrior, is also running the LA Marathon, along with Team Fit Sparrow. There are so many bloggers running this race. I can’t wait to see all your race reports.

    I’m just hoping my knees will stop hurting so that I can get geared up for my Spring races, most importantly the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and the GW Parkway Classic.

  111. 136

    Anne, I love your attitude! You’d love to PR, but won’t beat yourself up if the heat slows you down. I love running, and have recently been enjoying it even more than usual. I think that caused me to overtrain, because now I have shin splints, for the first time in 10 years :( I am trying not to beat myself up about it, though, and instead view it as an opportunity to explore other fun ways to exercise. But I’ll be honest – I can’t wait to get back to running!!

    Best wishes at the marathon this weekend! I can’t wait to read about it!

    • 137

      I’m sorry about the shin splints! Have you tried compression socks/sleeves? Those can help!

      • 138

        I will try that – thanks for the tip! I iced them yesterday and apparently was overzealous with that, too, since I ended up giving myself “frostnip!” sigh…:)

  112. 139

    Training in Gel Kayano 2o’s for my first full marathon (October) that you inspired me to sign up for after my first half last October!

    Love Asics and love running, just keeping my base mileage and some long runs up now before training really begins in earnest! :)

  113. 140

    Good luck to you! I always find running in different climates to be challenging but after the winter we have had, running in warmer temps would be welcome!

  114. 141

    Good luck! Be careful and listen to your body in terms of pace since it’ll be so warm! You’ll have a blast!

  115. 142
    Bethany says:

    I’m currently prepping for the R&R half next week in DC, so running is the only thing on my mind. Getting new gear is always exciting!

  116. 143
    Cellabella says:

    You’re going to enjoy running the LA marathon, it’s a great race and you’ve done great preparation!

  117. 144
    Madeline says:

    Your running has been inspiring to me. It’s been forever since I’ve run a race and I’m now thinking about getting back into the race running game!

  118. 145

    I’m currently training for my 5th half marathon and had one of the best runs of my last weekend at 7.5 miles. It was awesome!

  119. 146

    I just ran my first marathon this past weekend in TX. It was an amazing experience and now I’m ready to set my sights on a new one! Great giveaway, I’d use the store credit to get new shoes!

  120. 147
    Lauren Belisle says:

    I’m so in awe of you training despite this DC weather! I am doing my first ever half (NYC Half) next weekend and have been STRUGGLING – so kudos to you!

  121. 148

    Good luck this weekend! I am looking forward to warmer weather here in DC to run outside – I’m a wimp and can’t handle winter outdoor runs haha.

  122. 149

    Good luck this weekend! I’m looking forward to a nice 8 mile run this weekend as a part of my half marathon training. I’ll be jealous of your warmer climes when I am out in 30 degree weather!

  123. 150

    I’m just getting back into running and recently reached 4 miles. It’s no marathon, but I’ll take it for now!

  124. 151

    Eek! So excited for you! Best of luck in case I forget to say it before the weekend!!! The course sounds great…epic sight seeing!

  125. 152
    Theresa says:

    Good luck, 87 will be warm but run for all of us stuck in snow!

  126. 153
    lindsay says:

    ahhhh i need to set a running goal for this year already … or at least pick a race to run. maybe a 10K or half.

  127. 154

    I trained for my first marathon in Santa Monica, and specifically on San Vicente, where the last few miles take you. It is beautiful and I hope you have a great race.

  128. 155

    I have two races coming up in eight weeks: the Lincoln Half Marathon and the Iowa Market to Market relay race. Because of our Arctic temperatures, though, I have had some major difficulties training! I’m sure a pair of new Asics (MY SHOES!!) would help tremendously. :)

  129. 156

    I’m running the rock n roll half in dc in two weeks, and I’m hoping this cruddy winter weather lightens up a little bit for my favorite DC race!

  130. 158

    I love running on warm, spring days. Sadly winter insists on hanging around late this year in the south, but it’s coming! Enjoy the warm LA weather!

  131. 159
    Colleen says:

    I’m training for the Vermont City Marathon right now, would love some new gear for the spring!

  132. 160

    I just signed up for my first night race: Wine & Dine Half in WDW. So excited!

  133. 161
    Caitlin says:

    I just started training for my first half marathon, the Minneapolis Marathon June 1st! I ran a personal distance record a couple days ago for seven miles!

  134. 162

    I’m so excited – I’m training for my first run EVER in Walt Disney World Florida. Yipee…..

  135. 163

    Good luck this weekend! I’m looking forward to running my third half-marathon in April and hope to run my first full this November!

  136. 164

    Great giveaway!! I’m trying to get back into running and have always loved my Asics! I’ve suffered a knee injury and have been trying to heal it lately. Good luck in LA!

  137. 165

    my favorite thing about running — sharing jogs with friends! :) good luck in the marathon girlfriend!!!!

  138. 166
    Madeline says:

    I am going to run my first half marathon on April 6th and I am registered for my first full marathon in Honolulu on December 14! I love the endorphins and the sense of accomplishment that running gives me!

  139. 167

    I am just getting back into running after having a baby! Can’t wait to run outside when all of this snow melts in Minnesota!

  140. 168

    80 degrees will feel so nice… when you’re not running. Yikes, that’s a tough temperature difference. Hopefully it will be more towards 60 when you start- that’s the perfect temp! I just ordered a replacement pair of shoes. I have been running in the Asics 2100 series for the past 10 years. Finally ran out of my stockpile and am loving the Asics 2000 series.

  141. 169
    Kelsey M. says:

    I am running a 10k race this weekend! It’s my second 10k ever!

  142. 171
    meredith says:

    Definitely eat something with salt during a hot race!

  143. 172
    Erin M. says:

    I’m running my first official half marathon in May!

  144. 173

    I am running my second half in two weeks, and I’ve been battling an injury so I’m not nearly as excited as I’d hoped. Here’s hoping my love of running will return soon!

  145. 174

    What I love most about running is its versatility – whether you need to zone out and de-stress or totally kill it and drain yourself physically, there is a type of run that will get it done for you!

  146. 176
    Tiffany S says:

    I’ve been running consistently since last November, but I haven’t yet done a race. Thinking of doing either a 10k or a 10-miler this month; I should probably decide soon!

  147. 177

    So pumped to hear more about your marathon success next week! I recently ran 3 miles with a 10 minute pace that I am extremely proud of… maybe someday I can up that to 26.2 miles!

  148. 178

    Running in the heat and/or extreme cold are not my friends… guess I am fair weather runner! Good luck on the race. Looking forward to hearing how you did! :)

  149. 179
    Savannah says:

    i love that i can relate to all of your runs! i am a georgetown student, and run the same courses as you all the time– hope i run into you (pun intended) someday!

  150. 181
    Rachel M says:

    I love that it can run with my husband AND kids! Load them in the stroller and go! Makes for a great family activity!

  151. 182
    jessica g says:

    good luck this weekend! i’m so jealous about the warm weather. i’ve been running on the treadmill to stay warm this winter, i’d kill for a nice warm weekend to run outside!

  152. 183

    So excited for your race! I can’t run in heat either – I prefer the foggy 50 degrees San Francisco mornings to any other type of weather. (The sun can feel free to come out and shine as soon as I’m done my run!)

  153. 184

    I’m set to run my first half in April (Nike Women’s Half in DC!) and couldn’t be more excited/nervous.. I ran my first long run this weekend (8 mi!), which is the longest I’ve actually ever run at one time. Feeling great!!

  154. 185

    Good luck! I’m superstitious so I wouldn’t wear that tank top on race day. Plus never wear anything new on race day.

  155. 186

    Love your blog. It’s great to read posts about your runs around the DMV. I ran my first half marathon last fall (Richmond!) and am training for the Nike Women’s half here in DC in April! Can’t wait until all the snow/slush/ice clears up here but at least it’s almost daylight savings!

  156. 187

    I love the freedom that comes from running. At any moment I can alter my route and end up someplace new and unexpected. I would love to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon, but it’s a women-only run which excludes my running partner, my husband. So, we’ll have to find another race…maybe the Nashville Country Music Half.

  157. 188

    I have been running completely injury free in the Asics Kayanos for the last 4 years….I’d use my coupon code to stock up on some new ones for my Baltimore Marathon training this summer!

  158. 189

    GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY!! It will be a dry heat so you won’t have to worry about humidity, which is good :-) I can’t wait to read all about it- Congrats on your 2nd marathon!

  159. 190
    Michelle H. says:

    Good luck with the weather! I’ve been training for a half in New York and the suddenly “warm” (upper 30’s) weather today felt positively hot!

  160. 191

    Awesome Annie… Good luck, you got this! I am guess that running in 81 is going to feel great compared to what you have been running in. My favorite part of running? Has to be the confidence it gives you in all aspects of life!

  161. 192
    Shannon H. says:

    I have just recently picked up running in the past year, so everything is very new to me! Being an undergraduate in college (with the hopes of becoming an RD whoop! :) ) makes finding time to really train and increase hard, but hopefully after this summer I want to run a half marathon! Any advice?
    Love your blog and I can’t wait to hear about your marathon experience!

  162. 193

    Go out slower than you think you need to! SO hard to follow this “rule” but it really is a lifesaver!

  163. 194

    I ran the LA course several years ago, it is a beautiful race! I have participated in the Richmond half too, and have no doubt that the LA course is easier, you will do great Anne : )

  164. 196
    Courtney C says:

    One of the biggest things I gained from participating in this year’s Winter Shape Up was proving to myself that I can run faster than I thought!

  165. 198

    You’re gonna be awesome! Wear breathable layers! Soake it all in!!!!! :-)

  166. 199

    Wow! I can’t even fathom 81 right now…I woke up to snow! Best of luck this weekend, I guess the warm weather will be a preview of what’s to come?!

  167. 200
    Rebecca says:

    I’m training for the Cherry Blossom ten-miler right now and then we will move on to train for our first marathon! Hoping to do either Chicago or MCM in the fall!! The lottery entry system leaves it all up to chance!!

  168. 201
    Jenny T. says:

    I have gotten out of the habit of running during this horrible winter! Maybe some new gear would be good motivation?

  169. 202

    Training for my first half marathon now and more laundry than ever so my favorite running clothes are clean when I want them!

  170. 203

    Best of luck! This motivates me to get my run in tonight. Hydrate!!

  171. 204

    I just ran my second half-marathon and PRed! I went into the race just to finish it (even if I had to walk most) and somehow pushed through to a PR! :D

  172. 206

    I just entered the lottery for the MCM this fall!

  173. 207

    Good luck! I can’t even imagine running a marathon at this point. I haven’t even run a 5k…yet!

  174. 209
    Lindsey says:

    I ran my first full marathon last fall. I’m still building up the courage to run another one!

  175. 210

    I have my first half coming up next month!

  176. 211

    Wow, that came up fast! The temps will definitely be hot, but I’m sure you will still kill it. I’m training for my first 50 mile ultramarathon coming up this June and I’ve got lots of shorter races (mostly trail races) on the calendar to help keep me motivated!

  177. 213

    I am currently in training to PR my half marathon time! Good luck in LA!

  178. 214

    Good luck this weekend! I’m sure you’ll rock the race :) I’m looking forward to some mildly warmer weather here in Mass. this weekend so that I can get out for a run. Hydrate well and hopefully you’ll be fine. Years ago, one of my running coaches would tell us to take in a bit of extra gatorade and/or salt starting a couple of days before our marathon (San Fran) to help us retain some water and prevent excess dehydration. Might be worth a try!
    Good luck again!

  179. 215

    Good luck at the race! I’m really looking forward to getting outside and running more once my cold clears up and the temps get above freezing again!

  180. 216

    Good luck with the race! I’m training right now for the Rock ‘n’ Roll half in San Diego.

  181. 217
    Elizabeth says:

    I’ll be running my first full marathon in 11 days and I’ll be in ASICS Gel Kayanos, as always. I’ll be due for a new pair after the marathon:) BTW, I found your blog from my neighbor MK who was in grad school at UNC with you. I had ACL surgery with multiple complications 2 years ago and thought my running days were over, but was inspired reading about your Richmond training, so here I go…just looking to finish before they close the course!

  182. 219

    Sooooo ready for a run without snow. So. Ready!

  183. 220

    I’ve been training for my first half but as you know, the weather has not been kind to us Northeasterners. And as a new runner I am hesitant to run on ice or snow where I could hurt myself. Good luck in LA! That weather looks heavenly.

  184. 221

    Good luck! I’m looking forward to running after work with the extra sunlight next week. And for all of this snow in DC to disappear, too!

  185. 222
    Michelle Shiver says:

    I’m training for my first 10k. Good luck in LA!

  186. 223

    Awesome shirts! Hope you have a great time running the LA Marathon :) I ran two marathons and thought before I ran it that the second would be my last. Nope! I have another one coming up next year – and possibly another this year. There’s just something about that amazing sense of accomplishment that I want to do more! :)

  187. 225

    Good luck in LA! This past weekend I got to visit my college and run with my best friends again! I love when you’re chatting and not even paying attention to the miles! We’re doing a half together in April and I can’t wait!!

    I’ve been to the Santa Monica pier and it’s ‘so pretty! I think it’ll be a great ending to the race!

  188. 226

    I feel like I get some of my best thinking done while running, and I absolutely love the post-run runner’s high!

  189. 227

    Good luck on the marathon! Exciting to visit LA as well! I am currently beginning to train for a 10k and I’m nervous…I’m not a big runner!

  190. 228

    You’ll do great on your race, I know it!!

  191. 229
    Kimberly says:

    I ran that race last year with a friend and we had so much fun! FYI – The last two miles are downhill!

  192. 231

    I have my first race coming up. Very excited!

  193. 232

    Thanks for keeping me motivated as I train for my half coming up! If you can run in such cold conditions, I know I can brave it here in Texas!

  194. 233
    melissa says:

    i only wear asics for running.. and could really use a new pair! that’s out of my budget right now!

  195. 234
    Kathleen says:

    Good luck with your marathon! I’m sure you’ll do great! (Hopefully you’ll be so speedy that you finish the race before it gets too warm!)

  196. 236
    Jamie N. says:

    A marathon and a baby is on my to-do list next year. ;0
    Let’s see what happens. Either way, I could use some new gear.

  197. 238
    Tazneen says:

    I love the feeling of high you get after running. It makes the rest of my day so much better!

  198. 239

    Good luck – you are going to do awesome! I am heading to Florida tomorrow for vacation and cannot wait to finally run outside again!!!

  199. 240

    Love Asics running shoes, almost time to replace mine, gift card would be great!!!

  200. 241
    Melissa says:

    I am running a half marathon in a month. I am in awe of marathon’ers. I hope to one day accomplish that distance. Good Luck! 2 marathons is an awesome accomplishment.

  201. 242
    Allison says:

    I’m running my first marathon in one month and I’m so nervous. I’ve been following along with all your running posts as your schedule is just a few weeks ahead. Good luck on Sunday!!!

  202. 244
    Allison says:

    I’m pretty new to running, but I’ve signed up for a 5K for next month :)

  203. 245

    I’m training for a marathon in May, it’s been killer with the bad weather we’ve been having. Lots of treadmill running!

  204. 246

    Good luck this weekend! Try not to think about that loooong uphill while you’re running it–it probably won’t even be noticeable since it’s so gradual.

  205. 247

    Cute tops!! I’m starting to get back into running by doing drills every Sunday. It’s my CFE (crossfit endurance) day!

  206. 248
    Allison T. says:

    I am super excited to be doing my first marathon relay in May. I’m running a 10k on St. Patty’s day and am just hoping it’s above 20 degrees. It’s SOOO cold in Michigan!

  207. 249

    Good luck, Anne! Knock ’em dead! I do believe that it’s bad luck to wear the race shirt before you finish the race, but I know tons of people disagree…I need to start running again, maybe when there isn’t ice coating the roads!

  208. 250
    April Wang says:

    Good Luck! It’ll be my first marathon!!

  209. 252
    Caroline says:

    Whenever I am having one of “those” runs that seems particularly difficult, I always make a point to smile. It is incredible how a smile can make us “fake it until we make it.”

  210. 253

    Have a great time Anne! My favorite part of running is that your feet can take you any where in the coutry :) Enjoy the fans, scenery and the “runner’s high” as you cross that finish line!!

  211. 254
    Jillian Chance says:

    I’m so glad it seems to be warming up finally (though, I probably just jinxed it), so I can run outside!!!

  212. 255
    Shoshana says:

    I think that I will a new found running habit come spring thanks to cabin fever!

  213. 256

    I don’t run all that often but when I do, it is a great time to reflect and pound out my feelings.

  214. 257
    Lauren K says:

    So excited to hear how it goes! Looks like a cool course too. Love the downhill part and point-to-point course!

    I actually ran my PR and BQ in 84 degree temps! And you know how I feel about heat :) I just knew that the race was my shot and I had to push through. I took my shirt off, got it wet, and wrapped it around my neck. Also sponges are AMAZING! Sometimes they hand them out, but often i’ll bring my own and just hold it in my hand. So much cooling can happen so fast!

  215. 258

    I love Asics! They are my go to shoe for crosstraining and running. Good luck in LA!

  216. 259

    Good luck this weekend! I just recently started running again. I love how freeing it feels.

  217. 260

    I broke my left foot on January 1st and I’m STILL in a walking cast. As soon as I get this stupid thing off (I’m hoping next Thursday), I’m going to start training for another 5k!

  218. 261

    Asics are my favorite shoes! I think I went through like 6 pairs of their 2110s back in the day. Good luck this weekend!

  219. 262

    Best wishes for your marathon! I’m training for my first marathon right now and I love the stress relief that running brings. Everything seems better after a run.

  220. 263

    Good luck on the LA marathon! Running allows me to completely let go of all the stress, chaos, and emotions that life brings — and I love it for that peaceful state it brings. :)

  221. 264

    I have been running in Asics forever – the gel Kayanos are my fave!

  222. 265

    Good luck with the marathon! I think the weather will be good for you. I am still working on 5k training post baby. No marathons anytime soon for me!

  223. 266

    Good luck in my hometown, LA! I will be running the Rock N Roll Half in DC the following weekend and hoping to PR!

  224. 267
    Nicole in STL says:

    I just returned from a vacation in LA – that race route looks so fun! I’d love to do a race in SoCal for the weather alone! Good luck :-D

  225. 268
    Nicole Jenkins says:

    GOOD LUCK this weekend! Reading about your training is inspiring me to do another marathon. I love to run and have even run through the ice and snow this winter (I live in Michigan)… I am SO ready for spring!

  226. 269
    Jeffrey says:

    My family is participating in a Marathon Relay in April. I am running the first leg and also continuing on for the full, running alongside the wife, two sons (ages 7 and 10) and my 70 year old Dad. Should be a blast!

  227. 271

    Good luck in LA! Related to running and asics…I definitely need to buy some new running shoes!

  228. 272

    I like how running clears my mind. Meditation in motion!

  229. 273

    Good luck and enjoy it! I ran the 2007 Chicago marathon, which was HOT. If it’s too hot Sunday, shift your goal, enjoy the sites and drink water at every stop!

  230. 274

    Ahh! So exciting! This week started training for my 3rd half marathon – EEEP!!

  231. 275

    Great giveaway! I’m ramping up my long runs in preparation for spring races!

  232. 276

    those temps… what a joy after this winter’s chill….. you will crush your pr… i am sure! i have done many 1/2s and 2 full marathons and am pondering a 50k this fall…. IF i don’t get into NYCM via the crazy lottery :)

  233. 277
    Elisabeth says:

    I’ve been wanting to be a runner & have followed a lot of running blogs for years, but was always pretty overweight. I’ve lost over 200 pounds & am just now starting my running journey & it’s so exciting! I love both Asics & New Balance shoes for running – especially the Asics Nimbus & NB 1080.

    Good luck in LA!

  234. 279

    Running brings me clarity and a sense of calm after a day of teaching young children! :)
    Good luck at your race!

  235. 280

    I have no great advice but good luck this weekend! Enjoy warmer temps for those of us still stuck in arctic temps ;). I am training for my first post-kids half marathon right now . Whew… It’s a different ball game now!

  236. 281

    Good luck this weekend! I had a marathon two weeks ago, so I’ve been enjoying my time off from training and the opportunity to run whatever distance/pace I want without pressure!

  237. 282

    I’m running a half a little over a week from now! I’m on the fence about how I feel about the weather since I’ve had some super chilly training runs, too! Luckily it’s not quite in the 10 day forecast so I can’t obsess about it yet :) Good luck, Anne!

  238. 283

    My husband and I are currently training for a 25K and then plan to train for our 1st full marathon this fall. I am super excited to take on the challenge of a full but also scared of how my body will handle the jump in distance. Good luck this weekend!

  239. 284
    Krisina says:

    I am currently training for a PR for the National Half Marathon and then beginning my training for the MCM.

  240. 285
    Sarah Evans says:

    I love my Asics Gel Nimbus! They’re my fav and only running shoes, period! I’m training for my first Ultra right now, a 50k in June :) So think about the fact you’re running 26.2 on fairly flat ground as opposed to 30+ miles on trails with lots of climbing!

  241. 287
    Nelly B says:

    Hahahahaha! Cute cat!! Good luck on your marathon! New to running here but will one day get there – hopefully! :)

  242. 288

    I’m running in my 3rd half marathon at the end of April. Love reading your posts! They always motivate me to keep going!

  243. 289

    I have had only one pair of running shoes that were not Asics in 10+ years! I love that running lets me just zone out and clear my mind of any and everything. Best of luck with LA!

  244. 290

    Now that I’m back in LA, the LAM is my next major to-do. I’m thinking 2015. :) Good luck this weekend and enjoy! The sites are definintely awesome!

  245. 291
    Elizabeth FitzPatrick says:

    Good luck! I lived in Southern California for several years and I think you will be surprised that the lack of humidity and cloudiness will make the 80 degree weather not seem so extreme. You will rock!
    I’m happy to say that I have been putting the miles back on after a a couple of months with limited running and I have been doing them in Asics! First time ever buying Asics a few months ago and they are my favorite.

  246. 292
    Shari Lynn McCarty says:

    I love running but have never run long distance. Is there a specific program/schedule/book/website that you would recommend to help me to start training for longer distances?

  247. 293

    I have completely flat feet and Asics are the only shoes that work for me. They keep me running!

  248. 294

    Good luck this weekend!! I love running because I can do it anywhere!

  249. 295
    meredith says:

    I recently started really running and finally got over the 2 mile hump!

  250. 296
    Michelle says:

    I’m still dealing with a lot of snow and freezing temps here in Wisconsin, but I’m excited to start up again and preparing for my first 10k this spring! :)

  251. 297

    Good luck Anne! Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I have been loving it! I just ran my second marathon a few weeks ago – my training was definitely less intense/focused than my first but I still managed to shave off a few minutes – hope the same happens for you!!

  252. 298

    My first race this year isn’t until May 31st for the Zooma Annapolis 10k…can’t wait! Do it with my mom and sister every year!

  253. 299

    I ran a half marathon last weekend in my Asics shoes. Have fun racing!

  254. 300
    Emily C says:

    I’m gearing up for my first half marathon this spring, but training has been harder lately with balancing my tennis team too. Stressful but it should help keep me in shape! I can’t believe you’ve done two marathons within the space of 12 months. Just this one half has been tough for me. Good luck!

  255. 301

    I’m training for my first half marathon in April. Following your training has inspired me, Anne. Good luck in LA, have your camera ready when you approach the Santa Monica pier – the view is beautiful!

  256. 302
    shannon says:

    You will love L.A! Have fun and you will PR. I love running first thing in the morning before work. I am more productive and feel more energized all day. I try to remind myself of that feeling when I want to sleep in!

  257. 303
    Melissa says:

    I’ve fallen off the wagon lately with my running — but hoping to get back on again really soon!!

  258. 304
    lydia segui says:

    Good Luck to you!!! I recently switched to Asics (was wearing Mizunos) and LOVE them!! I won’t see you in LA but will be there for the half in DC on 3/15. I so enjoy your posts and admire your hard work. Keep on keeping’ on!!


  259. 306
    Caitlin F. says:

    I’m running the San Diego Half Marathon on Sunday! It’ll definitely be warm in So Cal this weekend but perfect in the early morning. :) Good luck!!

  260. 307

    Good Luck! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your training. I’m running my first marathon in May. It’s amazing how the time flies, I feel like race day will be here before I know it!

  261. 308

    Good luck Anne!! Im training for my second half marathon this April. I’m super excited to run in Central Park, but Im bummed its so darn cold here in NYC the last few weeks, its made running outside impossible some mornings!

  262. 309

    just catching up on your blog and didn’t realize you decided to run a spring marathon, good luck :)

  263. 310

    I recently ran my first half marathon! I bought myself new running capris for the occasion. I totally believe in cut workout apparel as a motivator.

  264. 311

    I love Asics! I’ve ran + trained for both of my halfs in them and am currently training for a third!

  265. 312

    my pdr is 10 miles….bucket list is a fully mary! one day one day….

  266. 313
    Shanna Sanders says:

    We just started a Girls on the Run chapter at my work and it has been so rewarding already!

  267. 314

    I’m dying for a new pair of sneakers (grad student = poor)! I’ve never run more than a 5K but love doing walk/run workouts.

  268. 315
    Ellen Casper says:

    I love running as a stress reliever and to clear my mind.

  269. 316
    Dominique says:

    Good luck! That will be a very scenic run! I love running because it gives me time to myself. I am able to completely de-stress and organize my thoughts :-)

  270. 317

    My fingers are crossed that it doesn’t get too warm until after you’re done! I just ran a 1/2 in San Diego on February 22 and finally PR’d… while injured! So excited and sending you that positive energy for your race!

  271. 318

    I just ran my first half and am ready to start training again!

  272. 319

    My advice: start slow and drink early and often! Good luck this weekend!

  273. 320
    Jeanette says:

    Love asics for running!

  274. 321

    Have a great race! My favorite thing about running is the chance to listen to my favorite music or an interesting podcast and de-stress through the process. It’s a great way to take a break from whatever problems I think are so important, get some distance from them (literally!), and then realize how minuscule my problems actually are in the grand scheme of things! ha so this is why i love running–it’s great for the mind and soul!

  275. 322

    I am running this race as well! It’s my first marathon! Don’t get too worried about the heat, I live in LA and it doesn’t really warm up until 11-noon. Also, the course heads towards the ocean and it’s always way cooler over that way. GOOD LUCK!!

  276. 324

    Running LA too which will be my first full. No need for camelbak as there are water stations every mile. Clif shot bloks, Gatorade, bagels and oranges along the way. Plus beer is served on mile 22…first 7 mi is hilly so I’m definitely starting slow….then might just taper and enjoy the LA scene! Good luck and do your best, forget the rest!!

    • 325

      I just like having my own water with me so I can sip on it whenever! And also use it to carry my camera and fuel. Good to know about the first 7! Good luck out there!

  277. 326

    I have a love-hate relationship with running. I hate it when I don’t have time but am rushing to get it done but I love the way I feel during and after the run!

  278. 327
    Kathy v says:

    I’m running the dc rock n roll half the next weekend after your marathon

  279. 328

    I hope you have a terrific race! Maybe you’ll run into Monica from RunEatRepeat! Which reminds me that Beach to Beacon sign up day is coming soon!

  280. 330
    Holly Miller says:

    I ran Boston in 2012 when it was 90 degrees!!!! I highly suggest run walking. This was hard for me to do because I am a faster runner but I realized I had to make my new goal to complete the marathon. Safety first! Have fun!

  281. 331

    I’m just getting into running the past 6 months or so. I have a 10K in May and hope to eventually run a half marathon. Good luck this weekend! This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  282. 332
    Corinne says:

    I love running because it allows me to have time for myself while getting a great workout.

  283. 333

    i’m running the disney tower of terror 10 miler in november and then the key bank half marathon in vermont in may!

  284. 334

    I love running in ASICS running shoes. I just ran a great half marathon in Hyannis MA and I am training for my first full marathon later this spring. Good luck in LA!

  285. 335

    I love how running gives me a break from studying for all my midterms :) Good luck this weekend!

  286. 336

    What I love most about running and is that no matter how I feel before I start, I always have a refreshed outlook after a run… Some days it is easier to run but when it is hard, I try to think about how I will feel after and it always ends up being worth it. I wish you the best of luck on your marathon this weekend, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  287. 338

    Best of luck this weekend! I’m currently training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half and then Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I can’t wait to run both of these races!

  288. 339

    Good luck on your marathon! So exciting! I just entered the lottery for the MCM. If I don’t get in I’m thinking about signing up for the Richmond marathon!

  289. 340

    Not quite the same, but I just did a half marathon in Florida with the temps in the high 70s after doing all my training Chicago where the temps didn’t even crack the 30s! It was a bit of a shock to the system but I stilled managed to pull a PR out of it.
    Good luck in your race and have a blast – that’s one of the main reasons I run. Just to have fun.

  290. 341
    Carolyn M says:

    after a long hiatus I am finally getting back into running and it feels so good. I can’t wait for the warmer weather and the time change so I can get in some good runs outside after work!

  291. 342
    Natalie M. says:

    Good luck! Sounds like a great opportunity. My runs have been washed out with all of the rain we’ve had. Can’t wait for some dry weather!

  292. 343
    Danielle says:

    ah the LA marathon is def on my bucket list, can’t wait to hear about it!!! have fun!!

  293. 344

    I always run in Asics! I wear orthodics and they work best in Asics. I’m running my second half marathon in NYC in April to celebrate my college graduation! I’d LOVE to also celebrate with some new Asics gear :)

  294. 345

    I have been training for a half marathon completely on the treadmill given the weather and new workout clothes are one of my motivators to just keep running :)

  295. 346
    Erica T says:

    I started running a few years ago and began reading your blog recently. Thank you for the amazing pictures, running advice, recipes, and for allowing complete strangers (like myself) into your life! I have never done a full marathon, but have run a ton in that kind of weather. I found it helpful to have a bandana on that has been in the freezer overnight. It will help keep you cool in that heat!

  296. 348

    I just ran Disney World Marathon in January and my favorite part (aside from the race) was the prerace night organizing of all my gear down to my headband belt and perfectly laying out my shoes and socks.

    Good luck!

  297. 349
    Heather says:

    I ran a half in Disneyland in January and one in Disney World in February and was really worried about the heat (being from VA, we have had a cold one this winter). I trained with an extra layer on so I was always warm while running. The heat in Disneyland didn’t bother me really at all. The humidity in Florida on the other had was hard. Good luck, I can’t wait to read all about it. I love LA and it will be fun to run the course you are doing.

  298. 350
    Steve S says:

    81*, I can only dream…currently -4 here in Syracuse, NY. On a positive note, its supposed to be 30 for our Shamrock run on Saturday.
    Good luck in the marathon!

  299. 351

    Good luck this weekend Anne! I’m a physician and I started following you when I was doing my year long fellowship in Chapel Hill in 2011 and actually ran into you in Dick’s Sporting Goods, asking you like a total goofball if you were Anne from Fannetastic Food! I told you how much I enjoyed your stories about running, but that I just couldn’t get into it….I’ve since ran 2 half marathons and because of you and your blog, my boyfriend and are traveling from Ohio to DC next weekend to run the Rock and Roll Half! You are such an inspiration and wealth of knowledge. Keep up the good work!

    • 352

      This is so amazing, Ellie! I remember you well – that was so fun to be recognized out and about! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve since become a running lover – and yay for the DC half! I’ll be there running the half, too (I’d already said yes to it before I got the LA opp, so I figured… go big or go home?) – I hope you’ll say hi again if you spot me! It’s such a fun race/course, but it’s MASSIVE so get to the starting line super duper early. Good luck!!

      • 353

        We are super excited to be coming – DC is such a fun city!! I’ll keep my eye open for you :)

  300. 354

    Running in the heat is so much harder for me! Hope it doesn’t bother you too much. Throw cups of water from the fluid stations on your head!

  301. 355
    Ashlee Keech says:

    I’m just getting back into running, but growing up in Texas, all I’ve ever known is running in the heat. Stay hydrated and good luck!

  302. 356

    Hooray, good luck this weekend! I’m also training for my second marathon, though it’s not until the first week in May. Training is really starting to ramp up for it the next few weeks! Enjoy the warm weather! I know it might not seem ideal for running, but there really is nothing better than running in a tank and shorts. Can’t wait to read about it next week!

  303. 357

    I am so very anxious to start training! The weather in NY has been less than accommodating, but since we might hit 30s (maybe even 40s!!) this weekend, I am hoping to get out there and stretch my legs :)

  304. 358

    Good Luck this weekend! Zara is too cute. Can’t wait to read your race recap.

  305. 359

    I have been training for a 10 miler completely on the treadmill given the freezing weather. I am soooo excited to run outside in the Spring!!

  306. 360

    I wish you the best in your upcoming marathon. To run a marathon is just amazing. I am working myself up to running a half marathon and that is mind boggling to me. Much success to you.

  307. 361

    Go get ’em Anne. The heat doesn’t have anything on you!

  308. 362
    Kelly E. says:

    I’m fairly new to running, and look to your blog for inspiration to just.keep.going! Thank you so much for the chance to win. Good luck in LA!

  309. 363

    Good luck!! I’m just starting triathlon training again, and I think I prefer running the 10k distance after the bike ride than running 26.2 on fresh legs.

  310. 364

    i can’t wait until it is warmer to run outside!

  311. 365

    I haven’t run in a while cause of some feet issues but I do miss it on beautiful days! Is your hill of the death the one on Rock Creek Park headed up to Connecticut? That was the final stretch of my runs when I was training for the Cherry Blossom last year and I was prepared for any and all hills after that!

    • 366

      No, it’s the hill from the the VA side of the Key Bridge in Rosslyn up to Courthouse on the Custis trail! SO brutal.

      • 367
        Danielle says:

        Ugh! I ran that hill last week in training with TNT (doing Nike Women’s and Pittsburgh half marathons). Definitely brutal but great training!!

  312. 368

    Good luck in the marathon! You’re going to do so well. I just signed up for a half marathon for the end of this month. My first official half marathon in over a year (did a marathon last fall). It’s going to be a good measurement stick of where I am with my fitness going into this Spring/Summer’s training for the Runner’s World Hat Trick and *hopefully* the Chicago Marathon!

  313. 370

    My friend Diane is the 4:00 pacer at the LA Marathon. She’s a great pacer and you will hit your goal if you hook up with her. Hope you have a great run!

  314. 371

    Have a great marathon!! I have always wanted to do this one.

  315. 372

    Enjoy Santa Monica! I was out there a few years ago for a wedding and loved it! So many cute restaurants, and ingredients always seem so fresh out in CA. Good luck!!!

  316. 373

    I just signed up for my first marathon, the Marine Corps! Do you have any desire to run that one next year? Love reading your blog and learning new running tips. Good luck in San Diego!!

    • 374

      Yes, I definitely want to do that one someday! After Richmond I was planning to do that one this year as my second full, but now with LA I’m thinking I need a break from fulls for awhile. :)

  317. 375
    Charlotte says:

    Good luck in LA! I am getting ready to start training for my 2nd half marathon

  318. 376

    Nothing makes me happier and more energized than getting outside on a pretty day and going for a job. Awe. Bliss.

  319. 377

    Good luck Anne! No real advice here since you are speedier than me and I haven’t run a marathon in 3 years, but I will share that I ran twice last week after a three month hiatus. Hopefully I’ll keep it going, even though I’m apparently terrible at juggling motherhood and running!

  320. 378

    After not racing since November I came back during my first indoor race and ran a 17:13 indoor 5k

  321. 379
    Georgina says:

    I just ran the Rock N Roll New Orleans half which was my first half marathon! I have already signed up for another half later in the year and am already thinking about a full marathon in the future…eeek! I used to think running a mile was the worst thing ever and now i’m hooked. I love how strong running makes me feel!

  322. 380

    Good luck, Anne!!! Your training is such an inspiration, and I know you’ll rock this race!

  323. 381
    Kelly D. says:

    If only we had a business trip scheduled this week, I’d fly out early to cheer all the runners on! Running is my escape; my quiet place to simply think and be.

  324. 382

    I’m sure you feel faster this time around because it is winter training, not crazy DC summer training! Regardless, you will do great. LA is so fun, and it is awesome that the marathon ends at the Pier! Reading that sort of makes me want to run it someday!

  325. 383

    Just signed up for my 5th half marathon! Excited to get back to track workouts and hill repeats!

  326. 384

    I am just starting to get back to running. I had a baby late December and can’t wait for warmer weather to go on a nice long run!

  327. 385
    Veronika says:

    That LA heat has nothing on you girl!!! Good Luck out there!! :)

  328. 386

    So excited that it’s approaching springtime, which means that my treadmill runs can move outside. As a runner in Boston, this means river runs are coming up!

  329. 387

    So excited for you to get run your second marathon! The second time around is always better! I shaved off 40 minutes between my 1st and 2nd marathon! You got it girl!

    My first marathon of the year is in 6 weeks! It’s been brutal doing this training in below freezing temps! I’ve been training in Baltimore… and it’s been rain or shine for me since I don’t have a gym membership :)

  330. 389
    Stefanie says:

    I have GOT to get back into running more regularly. Hopefully some spring temps will help!

  331. 390

    Good luck on the run! I am also a DC runner and am more than a little jealous of your 81 degree prediction!

  332. 391
    Natalie S says:

    Ah gosh, a marathon is on my bucket list this year. All this talk makes me want to run it now! Good luck!!

  333. 392

    I am training for my first full marathon! I have ran various half marathons, but want to cross a full off my bucket list. I live in Minnesota, so training has been tough. I haven’t been getting my long runs in and it’s 2 months away. Any advice?! I don’t want to set myself up for injury or failure.

  334. 393

    Good Luck on the marathon. I will be rooting for you all the way from NY! I know I can’t post pictures or links on here but there is this photo I have been seeing all over that has 11 reasons the world would be a better place if everybody ran. It is pretty great and I think you would love it.

  335. 395

    I attempted a 2 mile run this morning in 10 degree weather. I don’t know how you do your long runs in these temperatures. Good luck!

  336. 396

    I’m mostly a treadmill runner, mostly because the TV is a wonderful distraction. :) Hoping to change that in the Spring, though. I run slowly, and I don’t run terribly far (3-4 miles is usually it for me), but marathon runners like you are incredibly motivational. I’m trying to ramp up my mileage and your posts help a lot, so thank you!!

  337. 397

    Running my FIRST marathon next weekend – Rock n Roll USA! I’m excited but nervous. Will be running in my fourth pair of Asics Gel Lytes as well – love these shoes!

  338. 398

    Unfortunately, I had to give up running for a little while due to an injury but I am sooo ready to get back out there! This would help so much!!

  339. 399

    love it, i just completed my first 5k

  340. 400
    Rachael says:

    I’m very excited for the warmer temps to be able to do more of my runs outside this spring!

  341. 401

    I’d love some asics gear :) Running has been seriously the greatest thing I’ve brought into my life in the next two years, amazing the changes it has provided me!

  342. 402
    Marissa says:

    Just signed up for a 10k. Getting back into racing after some knee issues, so I’m excited to get back at it!

  343. 403

    I’m really excited about my half next weekend. I’ve put some great training in, so I hope everything goes well! Good luck in LA!!

  344. 404
    Cindy A. says:

    I love the feeling of accomplishment when I push myself just a little further. I will be running my very first 5K in April!

  345. 405
    tiffany says:

    i’ve been working out every day but slacking on the running lately. time to get back in the groove!!

  346. 406
    tiffany says:

    good luck!! i live in LA but much prefer the colder temps (and by “cold” i mean in the 50’s-60’s. haha!) for running.

  347. 407

    I had a great 10 mile race this past weekend! It took a ton of mental effort, but I eked out a PR and felt awesome the rest of the day :)

  348. 408
    Shannon says:

    I ran my first 1/2 marathon in 2009 and trained with Team In Training. Running that race was the best day of my life! Now, I’m hooked!

  349. 409

    I have ran several half marathons, and marathon relays. And I have to say the relays are my favorite. Good luck on your race and remeber to have fun!

  350. 410

    I am in my last full week of my training plan for my first half marathon and I am getting so excited! Good luck on your marathon this weekend, it will be so rewarding to finish these races after the brutal winter training!

  351. 411

    You are SO inspiring – good luck on your marathon! I would LOVE to get some new running shoes, I’m in desperate need!

  352. 412
    Monica D says:

    I love doing long runs with beautiful scenery!

  353. 413

    I have to admit seeing your pictures of snowy DC has inspired me to run more often. Here in southern Arizona we have had such nice weather and I am definitely taking advantage of it!

  354. 414

    Good luck on your race this weekend!! I just spent a couple hours researching for my next race, can’t wait :)

  355. 415

    Good luck running! I have finished two marathons but am taking a marathon break for 2014. I am hoping to run a few halfs!

  356. 416

    I love running! It is my go to exercise when I’ve had a long stressful day at work.

  357. 417
    Michele S. says:

    I am running in my first Marathon Relay on April 26!!! Very excited :-) Love how I feel after a nice run.

  358. 418

    Good luck in the half, Anne! I had an awesome run last Saturday with my running group for LLS/TNT. We did 8 miles (Ballston to Rosslyn and back on Custis) and I felt great after!

  359. 419

    Good luck in L.A.! I love Asics shoes, hope I win! :)

  360. 420

    Good luck running the marathon!

  361. 421

    I hope to run a half this year! I’ve been running pretty consistently but not really “training” I hoping to run one in june-I think i can do it!

  362. 422

    I have to take some time of distance running for soccer but I’m excited for you to run this marathon!

  363. 423
    Katie M says:

    It looks like you will have nice weather for the race. I’ll be traveling to LA for work on Sunday afternoon, and I can’t wait to run on the Strand (the path that runs along the coast from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica). If you need a good recovery activity, rent a bike and take a ride on the Strand. There are several opportunities to stop for a snack or drink along the route. Good luck on the run!

  364. 424
    Rachel K says:

    Good luck! I’m running my first half-marathon in June!

  365. 425

    I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can start jogging outside again, instead of using the treadmill. I live near D.C. and it was so cold! Hoping I can jog out by next week, since it’s supposed to get warmer~

  366. 426
    Michelle says:

    I have a run a couple marathons in pretty hot weather (80+). My best piece of advice is start out slow and make sure to stay hydrated. Even if you’re carrying a hydration pack, you can still use the water stations to have extra water to dump over your head to keep you cool!

  367. 427
    Jenny Paxton says:

    You’ll do great in LA and Rock n Roll will seem like a breeze! Just ordered my first pair of ASICS and did my first half a couple of weekends ago. Looking forward to doing Rock n Roll next weekend as well :)

  368. 428
    JessicaJ says:

    I love springtime running. Looking for my next 1/2 marathon. Anyone ever done the one in Apalachicola FL?

  369. 429
    Danielle says:

    I’m running my fourth half marathon in a couple of weeks and am considering a marathon! Best of luck this weekend – I’m sure you’ll do great!

  370. 430

    I’m trying to slowly work my way back into running, and would love to run around DC sometime. It always looks so beautiful in your photos. Good luck this weekend!

  371. 431
    Caitlin says:

    Can’t imagine running in that warm of weather right now…it finally hit 32 here and felt like a heat wave running today!

  372. 432

    My current running thoughts are about my half marathon on Saturday. Hoping to run a decent race, as I’ve been battling a cold all week. Have fun in LA!

  373. 433
    Emily B says:

    I love the feeling after a great run outdoors and am more than ready to take on the day ahead! Good luck this weekend! :)

  374. 434

    I’ve been training for my first race of the year, which is at the end of the month! I’m so excited to get back out there and start racing again! Good luck in LA!

  375. 435
    Melinda says:

    I did Tough Mudder with my brother this September. It was the most fun I had during a run ever. The camaraderie was amazing!

  376. 436

    I love how relaxing running can be. It’s great to simply be outside with your thoughts.

  377. 437
    Stephanie says:

    I’ve got the IT band blues but am trying to stay positive despite no race training and shorter runs. I miss having something measurable and motivating to focus on, the solitude of the early morning and the rush of endorphins to start the day.

  378. 438

    I’m currently training for my 3rd half and reading your post as you get ready for another full really pumps me up! I live in the Midwest and am just itching for some warmer temps and sunshine on my face! Enjoy LA!

  379. 439
    Allison M says:

    I ran Jacksonville Marathon in December after training through a Pennsylvania winter. The weather on race was 75 at 7 and it stormed. You’ve got this!

    Next up is the Yuengling Dolphin Challenge in Virginia Beach next weekend (my birthday!) It is an 8k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. Then it’s Boston Marathon in April!

  380. 440

    Good luck this weekend! I’m excited to start running after work next week thanks to the start of daylight savings. I haven’t been running very much for the last few months because I’m such a whimp about darkness.

  381. 441

    I’ve decided to try a 5k sometime this spring. I know it’s wimpy compared to your marathons, but you have to start somewhere, right? Best of luck – wish I were headed out to LA to the warm weather!

  382. 443

    I’m training for my first half next month. I’m super excited. I can’t believe you’re on marathon number 2 now!! Good luck!

  383. 444
    Elizabeth says:

    I am excited for spring weather since it always motivates me to run more!

  384. 445

    I love running and am looking forward to a PR this year. I am calling it the summer of the half marathon

  385. 446
    carol chin says:

    Good luck and enjoy your 2nd marathon. The race is the celebration for all the hard work!

  386. 447

    Thanks for offering the giveaway! I’m excited for summer weather (if it ever arrives) and loops around the Central Park reservoir.

  387. 448

    These look awesome, best of luck

  388. 449

    I love running and I love asics! I’ve been constantly jumping shoe to shoe for the past few years and now I found one I want to keep wearing. The Asics DS Trainer!

  389. 450

    I’ve been thinking about running a full for a while and you inspired me to just sign up!

  390. 452
    Heather C says:

    lately I have been working on my recovery after I run…started drinking OSMO recovery after I run and I have seen a huge difference in my body responding to all my workouts when I drink within 30min

  391. 453
    Chelsey says:

    I am running a half marathon in Alabama this weekend and can’t wait!! It’s my first big race since the Marine Corps marathon last fall.

  392. 454
    Shannon says:

    Congrats! Fly safe, hydrate, do what you know to do!

  393. 455
    Alison Alford says:

    Love my asics shoes, and hopefully ca start training for a my first marathon soon – just got to pick THE one! Good luck!

  394. 456
    Lauren E. says:

    Theres no better way to clear my head then a good run

  395. 457
    Katherine M. says:

    My favourite part about running is that sense of accomplishment after, like “Yeah! I just did that!” It’s been particularly tough to get out there in this crazy winter, but I’m always so glad I did!

  396. 458

    Thanks for the great ASICS giveaway opportunity! I have just finished week 7 of the C25K program. I’m doing in on a treadmill, but I’m using a pretty good incline so hopefully I’ll make a semi-easy transition when I venture outdoors in the nicer weather. I never thought I’d be able to jog for 25 straight minutes. It’s not fast or pretty, but I’m getting there :-)

  397. 459

    I can’t wait to start running again! Just had a baby and after some minor complications, I’m hoping to get cleared to go next week. Good luck on your race!

  398. 460

    good luck! I hope you enjoy the weather!

  399. 461

    Yay! Go enjoy #2. It’s going to be a fun weekend. I bet you will really enjoy new sights and warm temps. Smart about hydration. Run those mantras in your head often. “I’m strong” ” I’m speedy” “running makes me happy” “pain is just temporary”. Best of luck!!

  400. 463

    Good luck in LA! I love running for many reasons but mostly because it is so accessible and low maintenance when compared to swimming and biking.

  401. 464

    Hi Anne,

    Best wishes on the LA Marathon. I know the temperature will be big change of pace from these runs in DC that you’ve been doing, but it sounds like you have trained well. My advice would be to arrive a day early, don’t spend too much time at the expo so you can minimize time on your feet, and enjoy some final carb loading. I hope you have a great race.


    Austin Bonds

  402. 465
    Kimberly says:

    Though I have alway been a fitness fan, I have only recently started running on a regular basis. I love being able to get into the groove of it and just zone out a little. I also just recently purchase my first pair of real running shoes, and they are currently my most favorite piece of clothing. So far I have only run a few 5K’s but I hope to increase my distance as the year goes on!

  403. 466

    Good luck, hope you are able to run into the ocean to cool off afterwards! I can’t wait for the Spring-like weather so I can get outside more to exercise.

  404. 467

    Good luck! I have been training for my first 10k, and your blog is an inspiration. Thanks for the great posts!

  405. 468

    Good luck at the marathon! I’m training for my second ever half marathon and am struggling to keep up with training with this cold weather, I’m really looking forward to some more sun and warm runs! Also if you have time in LA check out the Griffith observatory! Cool if you’re into sciencey and space related things and if not you still get some absolutely stunning views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign (it’s in the same park as the sign).

  406. 469

    I am training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I certainly hope it is warmer than it has been lately! Try to bring some of that heat back for us DC people!

  407. 470
    Amanda N says:

    I haven’t run a marathon or visited LA so I’m no help there! However, I did just run my first 10 mile race (previously only a 5K). It helped me to just take it one mile at a time, only look at my watch every other mile for time, and to actually look at what I was running by – whether a person or a house. Made it go by quicker and not see so long!

  408. 471

    Asics are the best running shoe. Good luck this weekend. Wish I could run more then three miles…:(

  409. 472

    Good luck with the marathon. I’m contimplating my entry into a full marathon.

  410. 473
    Kristen says:

    Good luck! Don’t let your excitement and adrenaline get the best of you at the beginning. Bring some of that weather back to DC while you’re at it!

  411. 474
    Kristen says:

    I got back into running last year after a long layoff due to an ankle injury (not running-related), surgery, and recovery. I have my sights on a half-marathon later this spring, and I could desperately use some new running clothes – most of mine are several years old! Good luck this weekend, and have fun!

  412. 475

    Running is awesome!

  413. 476

    Good luck! Remember, one mile at a time!

  414. 477
    Marie M says:

    Training for my 2nd half marathon!!! Can’t Wait:)

  415. 478
    Lorna Clark says:

    Love my Asics sneakers, but they’ll never make me a fast runner, slow and steady for me. Even though it’s not fast, it’s a great feeling. I never regret it.

  416. 479

    Good luck! I’m seriously contemplated my first full, but am nervous to commit!

  417. 480
    Kaitlin G says:

    I did 12 miles through Rock Creek Park last weekend and it was awesome! I’m running the Rock’n’Roll half in DC on the 15th… fingers crossed for this March weather to get more spring like!!

  418. 481
    Jennifer l says:

    I ran my first and so far only marathon in asics! Now, I need a NEW pair of basics for running. My time was 4:15.

  419. 482
    Christina C says:

    I used to live in Arlington and run that same hill – I don’t miss it but it was definitely great hill training for races!

  420. 483

    Good luck on your marathon! I’ve just starts running and I’m currently training for my first 5k next month. I never thought in a million years I could run even 3 miles, but I’m already dreaming of those longer distances one day!

  421. 484

    well, the weather finally warmed up in ohio and i was able to run outside! i ran 3 miles at a 9:47 pace (my goal for firstt time out in 4-5 months was under 10!) :D and i definitely couldve gone faster! with the spring sports season approaching i would love some new workout tops!

  422. 485
    Annie Block says:

    Running is the BEST stress reliever – I competed in high school but have continued running for myself into college! I”m hoping to train for a full marathon (I’ve done three halfs) when I graduate, which might be tough during a dietetic internship but I hope I can do it!

  423. 486
    Jennifer Henshall says:

    I have been running for over 20 years and will start training for my first marathon, taking place this October in Newport RI, next month. I can’t wait to start working toward my next running goal. Good luck today, Anne! You’re such an inspiration to us all!

  424. 487
    Amy Michaels says:

    I’m trying to start running more (your blog is great inspiration!!) and need some new gear to accompany this new habit!

  425. 488
    Alexandra says:

    I just signed up for my first race in 2 years! I am so ecited to begin training again!

  426. 489

    I love the feeling after a run. Sweaty and strong.

  427. 490
    Angie Jerde says:

    Good luck at your marathon!
    Asics are one of my favorite brands of shoes for working out (Jazzercise)…what a great giveaway : )

  428. 491
    Candace M says:

    Running helps me to relieve stress. I’m just starting the training process.

  429. 492

    As a fitness instructor, I am always looking for cute, sporty clothes to wear to class. I love this brand! Their website has me drooling for hours. I started running races last year and I’ve run one half marathon and can’t wait to run more!


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