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Hi guys! Popping in with some recent food highlights. First up: grill night! On Saturday, we had some friends over for a last minute deck party. Luckily the rain held off for us!

grill night skewers

We grilled up some kabobs, steaks, and broccoli, and enjoyed it with some unpictured store bought pasta salad. Plus crackers, cheese, and hummus to start!

grill night skewers

It was weirdly cool out on Saturday – we all had to wear long sleeves! Those hooded sweaters… obsessed.

Riese also came out with us for pizza another night over the weekend – we went to Lost Dog Cafe nice and early for the baby-friendly timing and crowd. I’m really into sour beers right now – anyone else? The Brooklyn Bel Air Sour is really good – not sweet, more tart.

In other food news, Matt makes a mean sandwich. This one was ham, turkey, hummus, mustard, broccoli slaw, pickles, and tomato. Delish!

yummy healthy big sandwich

I’m excited because we are leaving for Pittsburgh first thing tomorrow morning to visit Matt’s parents! It will be fun to have a little adventure, and Riese needs to show off her new crawling skills. ;)

Have a great day, and I’ll see you back here on Thursday with a yummy new sheet pan recipe!

p.s. I thought you guys might find this post I came across from fellow RD Rachael Hartley useful: 5 Best Intuitive Eating Podcasts. Not sure what intuitive eating is? Check out this previous post from me: How to Eat Intuitively + A Guide to Mindful Eating.


  1. 1

    The food on the grill looks awesome! Matt is clearly a true grillmaster! And love the ears on Riese’s hood!

  2. 3

    That sandwich looks awesome! YUMMY! Safe travels to Pittsburgh!!! I will keep an eye of for you on the streets! Welcome to my hometown!

  3. 5

    Love sour beers, my husband just can’t get on board with then at all! :) we have a new sour beer brewery opened near my house (I live in scotland) but yet to visit, not sure if they are child friendly!

  4. 6

    Yes, I’ve been into sour beers lately. Several of the local breweries have been making them and it’s fun to try the different versions. It’s nice to have a change from hoppy IPAs but still have more flavor than a standard pilsner.

  5. 7

    I love sour beers too! Have you tried the Dogfish Head Sea Quench? It’s so yummy and refreshing.

  6. 9

    Ive just discovered podcasts!! Thanks for the link to IE ones, I’m following them all on Spotify. They’re so helpful to understanding and reinforcing the IE concepts!

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