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Hey guys! I’m so glad that my post yesterday on feeling like an imposter and doing things that scare us resonated with so many of you. I’m hoping to write more posts like that in the future when I feel inspired, rather than just saying “oh, so and so already wrote a post about that and probably did it better, anyway.” So stay tuned. :) I’m working on one related to pregnancy/body image/intuitive eating right now, too… most likely sharing that one on Friday!

And in the meantime, I’m coming at you today with a super random mix of things I found interesting from around the internet lately, plus things I’m enjoying.

1) Still crushing hard on quiches! This was a quick breakfast at Baked and Wired in Georgetown with Kathleen after a fun workout at Definitions via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $40 off). Hit the spot!

baked and wired quiche

2) I loved this article about triathlete Jesse Thomas entitled “I eat a lot and that’s ok.Wonderful to see a professional athlete promoting intuitive eating/the non-diet, flexible, B+ approach to eating. He says the only time he is aware of calorie intake is during endurance workouts, which is exactly the approach that running coach Jason and I take in our Nutrition for Runners program (<- get started for free at that link)! Pay attention to nutrition numbers during the workout (mostly for safety reasons so you aren’t underfueling and bonking), and otherwise listen to your body. Keep it simple.

3) This podcast from the NY Times about how Weight Watchers has tried to morph into less of a “diet” company and more of a holistic wellness type program is really interesting… what do you guys think about this?

I’m not a fan of Weight Watchers at all because their focus has historically been so much on weight (and on what you “can’t/shouldn’t” eat simply because points tell you you have already had enough for the day, even if you are still hungry… this leads to so much food guilt and can turn into a restrict/binge cycle) – but it’s interesting that even they are trying to move more towards an intuitive-ish approach to food. (The accompanying long form article is also interesting, and basically a more detailed version of the podcast episode.)

4) The sunrises in October are my absolute favorite – so colorful (and slightly later in the morning, so I’m more likely to see them)! This was my view on the way to a workout class earlier this week (don’t worry, Chelsea was driving, not me)!



5) Because the weather has been so lovely, I’ve been walking a lot this week and listening to a ton of podcasts, so here’s another one I enjoyed: this podcast episode from Nutrition Matters about how to have a healthy gut without letting that pursuit lead to you to yet another diet trap. The intersection of disordered eating and gut health/elimination diets (and how they can influence and compound each other) is a fascinating gray area that I want to learn more about.

6) And just because I want to end this post with something really fun… check out this article: This Traveling Cat Circus Has Helped Save More Than 200 Feline Lives. Okay, cat circus?! How cool is that?! The show is actually going to be here in northern VA from October 5 to 9… we might have to go!

What are you loving lately? And/or what have you found around the internet recently that was interesting and worth sharing?


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    I’m so glad you mentioned Weight Watchers. My personal experience with Weight Watchers was not a good one. My mother put me in Weight Watchers when I was only in the 6th grade, and to this day I still link the group and it’s teachings (at the time) to my disordered eating issues I eventually developed. To me, it’s still a diet. Any type of program that has you obsessively counting your carrots and almonds can’t be a healthy way of viewing food!

    • 2

      A lot of my clients had similar experiences with starting WW early in life and definitely having it (and the diet mentality in general) lead into disordering eating later. I hope you are at a much more positive place with food now! <3

  2. 3

    The sunrises have been so nice lately in Michigan too! And I am absolutely loving the cooler weather!!

  3. 4

    I’m very anti-WW. I remember a classmate using it in only freshman year of high school. Even before I was aware of hardly anything in nutrition, I remember thinking how odd that she would allow herself x number of hot dogs or “free” candy because of this obscure point system. On a different note, the autumn blue sky is my favorite, and I too love the sunrises and sunsets this time of year! That cat circus is purrfectly adorable!

  4. 5

    I am always looking for new podcasts, thanks for sharing this!

  5. 6

    Umm as soon as I read the words “cat circus” I knew I had to make this happen. My husband and I are crazy cat people so I’m going to surprise him with tickets (and on our one year wedding anniversary no less…hey, paper is the first year gift, so tickets are on theme, right??) Thank you for posting that! I hope it’s as hilarious and adorable as I’m imagining.

  6. 8
    Katherine Chiu says

    I have written an awesome article today about iron and how important it is for everyone.

  7. 9

    I love getting new podcast recommendations! I totally agree about Weight Watchers – I went to them when I was 16 and only a few pounds ‘overweight’. Unfortunately that lead to 20 years of disordered eating and very much the binge-guilt-shame-restrict cycle. Luckily I’m pretty much recovered but they were the starting point which I can’t forgive them for!

    • 10

      It’s the starting point for so many. I’m really sorry to hear you went through that – but happy that you have made your way to the other side!

  8. 11

    So much quiche-ness over here in Paris.. loving it!

  9. 13
    Roadrunner says

    Thx for sharing!

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