Running Sightseeing on the National Mall

I played hooky this morning because my friend Kris was in town! She was here all the way from Paris for a work conference and stayed at our place last night after the conference was over so we could catch up. Her request for this morning before she had to head out? Running sightseeing down on the national mall! Didn’t have to ask me twice. ;) Enjoy the photo recap of our morning adventures. It was cold but sunny – perfect for a scenic jog.


washington dc best sightseeing

washington dc monument boot camp



Time to catch up on work! I’ll be back tomorrow with an awesome new recipe for easy homemade cranberry sauce, plus some of my other tasty but healthy Thanksgiving favorites. Stay tuned. :)

What’s the best running sightseeing you’ve done? Besides DC, mine was probably my Paris Running Tour – or running around Prague when I lived there!


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    Your running tours are great! Such a fun idea.

  2. 2

    I’m so glad you got to spend time with your friend!

    I wish more of my friends from back home would find themselves travelling through Omaha! haha

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    This post and your previous post about working in running and fitness while traveling are great! I am a firm believer in finding a 5K or some other event in whatever town you’re traveling too. In fact, when I was visiting Washington D.C. back in September, I did just that by participating in the Beat the Deadline 5K, which ran down Pennsylvania Ave, along the Mall, etc. It was awesome! Great post!

  4. 5

    Great post! I think a running tour sounds like a great and active way to see the city.

  5. 6

    Yay! So much fun!! :D

  6. 8

    I’ve never done a true running tour of a city, but this sounds like a really neat way to see a city in its entirety.

  7. 9

    I really liked the running tour I went on last weekend and am planning on doing another one while the weather is warming up in Chicago!

  8. 10

    Anne! I am going to be visiting D.C. in Feb. I am staying in Arlington near the Rosslyn Metro. What running paths do you recommend? Is it crazy to run to D.C. and along the Mall?

    • 11

      Not crazy at all! You can easily run over key bridge into Georgetown, along the water and to the mall! Or on the Mt Vernon trail and then over memorial bridge. I bet mapmyrun has some good routes.

  9. 12

    Great suggestions! Thanks. :) I’ve only ever stayed way out in Reston (with 200 8th grade students on their school trip), so running in D.C. has always been an elusive dream. I am pumped to take advantage of being in D.C. with just my husband.

  10. 14

    Such a great post! I love multi-tasking when traveling :)
    I am actually launching a DC-based fitness/travel start-up soon focused on connecting travelers with locals for fun fitness experiences. Would love to talk to you more about it and get your thoughts!
    Here is a quick video about it –

  11. 15

    Paris, Rome, Hyde Park, and Central Park!


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