Running Washington D.C.

Hi from Washington D.C.!


It’s nice to be back in my former home :)


Since the weather is beautiful, I decided to take advantage and head out for a leisurely run this morning along the water!


I covered about 4.5 miles, running along the water on the Virginia side and then crossing over to D.C. to say hello to Lincoln, too :)

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As always, running (or biking) is my favorite way to see a city :) I love running in D.C., not only because of all the beautiful trails along the water, but also because there’s so much to see!


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Oh, and one of the other really cool things about running in D.C.? Things like this fly overhead all the time. No big deal.



What’s your favorite city to run in?

I’m off to get my hair cut (FINALLY… I realized I haven’t gotten it cut since December before Christmas… oops!), have a fun photoshoot with my friend Ben, and then meet a bunch of high school girlfriends out for dinner! Fun day :)

Hope you’re having a good one, too!


  1. 1

    wooo! so excited for dinner! (i’ve been menu-stalking for days!)

  2. 3

    I love running around New Orleans. My favorite 10K is the Crescent City Classic which used to start in the French Quarter and ended in Audubon Park. Good times!

  3. 4

    Well my favorite city is Chicago, I haven’t done much running there but I am going back this summer and plan to run Lake Shore Drive as much as I can!

  4. 5

    DC looks beautiful to run in! I’ve never run in any big cities except around a waterfront neighborhood in Miami. It was gorgeous running there, but it is so hard running in June in Miami (humidity!). It was in the 80s/90s even at 6 am!

  5. 7

    Welcome to my city!

  6. 8

    DC is so beautiful! Looks like your having a nice time! In the states, my favorite place to run was Charleston, SC. Here (Im in Israel right now), I would have to say Haifa, along the beach!

  7. 9

    This has become a new favourite for me too… running to see the city.

    I’ve been living in Ottawa for a year now and am still in love with biking and running in this city because there is just so much to see and so much green space!!

    Plus you get that whole national pride thing – which is probably the same feeling you have in DC!

  8. 10

    I am totally biased because I’m from here, but I have to say Vancouver, BC, Canada. The 22km seawall around Downtown is fantastic any day, even in the rain. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous through late spring and summer, and you can’t beat it here for scenery.

    I would love to try running in some other cities, though!

  9. 12

    Beautiful photos, and welcome back to DC! Very nice day for an outdoor run. I like running in DC, especially since I live uptown and can do nice loops around AU/Cathedral/Rock Creek/Chevy Chase/Dupont/etc. But, Boston will always hold a special place in my heart with the wonderful bridge loop runs along the beautiful Charles River.

  10. 13

    I love running in DC.

  11. 14

    I don’t run, but I love to walk in my town of Fayetteville, Georgia. Sidewalks and parks all over the place.

  12. 15

    DC is such a great place to run! I love love love it!!!

  13. 16

    Such a beautiful day!

    My favorite is running at the beach and being able to jump into the ocean at the end!

  14. 18
    Jen Robinson says

    Nice run visor! heehee. Also I like running in Denver downtown along the canal.

  15. 20
    Jillian says

    I’m training for a half marathon and I need to do a long run in Bethesda/Potomac area when I’m there on Memorial Day weekend (I love in Atlanta). Can’t wait for a change of pace (pun intended) and different scenery!

    My favorite place to run is VT. Gorgeous lakes, lots of green, and not a lot of cars! :)

  16. 22

    Oh my word, I am so jealous! :D

    I visited DC once when I was very small, and I simply didn’t appreciate it like I would now. I definitely need to revisit. :D

  17. 23

    You always look so “at home” in DC. Enjoy the weekend!

  18. 24

    You know my answer to that question :) Wish I had been on that run with you! GORGEOUS pics, Spring is definitely the best season in DC!

    Random note – I was running on a trail this a.m. and thought about our early morning HOLY HUMID runs along the C&O last summer. Ha, good/sweaty/usually slightly hungover times! Can’t wait to see you next month!

  19. 26

    I love to run in Burlington, Vermont. That’s where I became a running, step by step along the lake front with stunning view of mountains, and at the best time of year, between foliage-splashed trees

  20. 27

    Wow! We were so close – I work in Georgetown. I love running on the path along the river closer to Mt. Vernon, where it’s shady. I love the skyline running in Chicago from Navy Pier to the Planetarium.

  21. 28

    My (newest) favorite city to run — Vancouver B.C.! Except for the getting wet part :) Love running in Vancouver!

  22. 29

    Washington, DC and Arlington, VA, just like you! Great paths along the water on both sides, down the mall, and among the monuments. Awesome place to run, until the humidity kicks in, that is! Then it’s time to head north to Cambridge, Mass, where there also are wonderful paths along the water. (Paris and London aren’t bad, either!)

  23. 30

    I love running along Bayshore Blvd (Tampa) since the same 4 dolphins follow me along my trail everyday…..

  24. 32

    Love a DC run on a gorgeous day! How do you take photos when you run? Do you stop and get your camera out, or use your phone?

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