Bikram Yoga: The Rematch

On Tuesday night, I decided to give bikram yoga another try. Out once again came my colorful fish beach towel, my thick yellow yoga mat, my favorite enormous water bottle plastered with study abroad stickers.


I was ready to rock.

And guess what? I LOVED the class. Same instructor and everything, but completely unlike last week, when I felt restless, irritable, and ready to leave, this week I felt calm, centered, and powerful. The class flew by and I was able to stay focus and in the moment, enjoying the break from studying and the computer.

I’m honestly not sure what was so different about Tuesday night, but I think a lot of it had to do with a more open state of mind. I went into the class determined to use the time to relax, recharge, and destress, and that’s exactly what I did.


I also think some of it was due to all your amazing comments on my hot yoga vs. regular yoga post! It was a good reminder that yoga is often more about embracing stillness than motion. I really like the woman who leads the classes — she has a nice, calm voice and ends the class by placing cold peppermint scented towels over our eyes. Those towels alone are reason enough to attend! SO refreshing and amazing after all that sweating.


Speaking of towels, I was thinking last night that it’s weird that after one class of hot yoga that wasn’t so great I was ready to throw in the towel, yet with running, if I have a bad run, I just come home, move on, and get back out there a day or two later. Maybe it’s because I have a lot more experience with running and know that I will have bad runs and good runs, but it’s funny that it didn’t occur to me that it would be the same way with hot yoga.

And speaking of running, I had a great run this morning with my friend Lindsey!


It was pretty gross out (really humid and looming thunderstorms, but it held off!) and we were both feeling pretty tired, but the beauty of running with a friend is that you push each other :) We were able to keep each other motivated and ended up having a great, very hilly run!


  • Mile 1: 9:19
  • Mile 2: 8:53
  • Mile 3: 9:02
  • Mile 4: 9:20 (included a MASSIVE hill that we sprinted up at the very end)

Overall, we did 4 miles in 36:50 — average pace 9:08. Great pace considering it was such a hilly route!


Now I’m getting organized to head off to school! I have my Food Service final exam this morning at 11 and I’m going to spend the rest of the day in the library on campus studying biochem since I can’t be trusted to study at home because I get so distracted, haha ;) Have a great day!


What do you love now that you didn’t like when you first tried it? I’m sure I could think of lots of other things besides hot yoga, too. This is a good reminder to always try, try again!

Oh, and — what’s the best way to keep a yoga mat clean and non-stinky? :)


  1. 1

    Good for you for giving Bikram another shot! It’s funny how you can basically do the exact same class, but having a different mentality can make it a totally different (and better!) experience. I was the same way with yoga. Hated it at first, now I feel like I NEED it!

  2. 2

    Bikram sounds like it would be perfect for de-stressing during finals week.

    Good luck!

  3. 3

    Yoga was like that for me too! I walked away from the first class I attended and honestly had no idea how I felt. I wasn’t displeased with it or obsessed with it. I had to go again several times before I figured out whether I liked it or not. There are times now when I’m not a big fan but most of the time I find myself wanting yoga to stretch out my tight runner’s muscles. :D

  4. 4

    Glad that you loved hot yoga this time! I think it’s all about your attitude going into class and during class. My old teacher used to place lavender scented towels on our faces, it was so soothing & my favorite part of the class!

  5. 5

    Yoga, running, meditating … anything good for me :)

  6. 6

    So glad that you gave Bikram another try!!! I use a tea tree oil yoga mat cleaner spray that I got from bed bath and beyond. It works great.

  7. 7

    Running! No joke! I hated running, but once I started and did it more I fell in love then when I started training for a half marathon and now a full it’s my life most days!

  8. 8

    Good luck on your test!
    And Bikram is totally dependent on your mood. Somedays my mind is all over the place and I want it to end, and other days I’m totally focused and ready to give it my all. Just gotta keep going back:) Glad you loved it!
    I honestly don’t wash my mat…just my towels…

  9. 9

    Hills kill me. The one route I run regularly has one that is steep and over .5 mile long. I’m always thankful it occurs the first half of my run so I can have that downhill on my second half. I think that is the only thing that gets me through it!

    Glad you enjoyed the yoga. You’re right about sometimes having a bad class…but I would have never thought of it that way either.

  10. 10

    I’m glad you gave Bikram another go!

  11. 11

    Cleaning my house.

  12. 12

    I have never tried Bikram but I would love to sometime. I’ve never really seen it offered here but then again, I don’t think I have been looking very hard.

  13. 13

    Yeah I hated Bikrim the first time I tried it too! I *love* regular yoga but Bikrim was too militrant for me! But I have a friend who’s an instructor and she said I need to give it another shot. She says it takes about 3 classes to start enjoying it. I’m still waiting to go back….


    • 14

      Is it the bikram course or instructor that you found militant? Everyone keeps describing it as that but the class I’ve been going to is really low key and chill and the instructor has a really nice, gentle voice!

      • 15

        I did NOT like Bikram the first time I tried it, but that was mostly due to the instructor. Her voice was very militant: strong–not soothing or gentle–and she spoke really fast.

        I gave it another shot with a different instructor and now love it! His voice is so much calmer and more relaxing! I now crave a good, hot Bikram sweat detox once a week, but that could also be because I live in freezing cold Alaska! Ha!

  14. 16

    I totally studied abroad @ Griffith University too!! AWESOME :)

    And to answer your questions, for me it’s running. I hated it for years but always wanted to like it, and I finally figured out that I have to ease into it, and not just full out run as fast as I can like a crazy person on the first day because I’ll get discouraged. I’m still working on building up to a 5K (signed up for my first race in June!) and I’m loving it so far! Might have to try yoga next…

  15. 18

    I hated Bikram yoga the first time I tried it. In fact, I laid on the floor in “savasana” from Eagle pose on. Now I am a Bikram instructor, and it is my full time job. It’s funny how things change.

  16. 21

    You can put the mat in the washing machine or rinse it in the shower! I have an aurore mat too so it is fine! Enjoy library time! Davis library was always my fave.

  17. 22

    I’m so glad you liked Bikram the 2nd time around! Be careful, it’s addictive :-) I’ve been going for a year and still can’t get enough. I can totally tell when I haven’t been in awhile, because I am all tight and tense and my running definitely suffers!

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