Running with the Bride

Good morning from Titusville, Florida! Matt and I are in town this weekend for my friend Meghann’s wedding. I <3 weddings – can’t wait to celebrate with her later today!

Remember when I ran on the morning of my wedding? Meghann was one of the girls who came to join me for the run and it was such a great idea – not only did it burn off some nervous energy, but I also loved the chance to get to chat with some of my girlfriends who I knew I wouldn’t get to see much once the wedding craziness began. Meghann decided to organize her own day of the wedding morning run, so this morning I had the pleasure of joining Meghann and friends for a run!


We all met at Meghann’s parent’s house and ran from there, doing about 3.5ish miles. Perfect! It was funny because it was probably in the low 60’s, and all us northern girls were saying how warm it was, and the Florida girls were saying how cold it was! :)


Bright colored shoes FTW!


After our run, Meghann’s parents invited us all to stay for breakfast. Very kind of them!



Here’s my plate:


There was also champagne, obviously. :) Cheers to Meghann and Derek!


Now I’m back at the hotel and Matt and I are off to explore the area before the wedding festivities begin later today! Meghann gave everyone the go ahead to feel free to share photos on Facebook and Instagram, so follow me there and on Twitter for a sneak preview of the wedding if you want. :)

In totally unrelated news, I discovered that we’re REALLY close to Harry Potter World! I’ve been DYING to go and I think I might need to drag Matt there tomorrow… have any of you been? Is it worth the visit? Any tips?

Have a great Saturday, everyone!


  1. 1

    So fun! I’m so excited for Meghann! Seeing weddings and all these things makes we wish I had a blog when I got married!

  2. 2

    How fun! Go to Harry Potter and try the butter beer or pumpkin juice! They’re both awesome. And it’s just a great park!

  3. 3

    Have fun at the wedding! I would recommend Harry Potter world. I enjoyed it and I haven’t read the books. I would just get there really early, otherwise you might have to wait for a timed ticket to enter.

  4. 4

    Enjoy! I love Florida in the winter. As for Harry Potter world, my only advice is to get there early! The lines get long quick. Also get in the single rider line! You can get on a little quicker from there and sometimes you even get to sit with whoever you are riding with. Enjoy!

  5. 5

    HI! I highly recommend Harry Potter World. As an annual passholder to Universal/IOA (as well as a current Disney Cast Member) I do have a few tips, ha! Get up early to go. Get there at park opening. It is CRAZY at the parks right now (my friend posted that the attraction I work down there is at a 145 minute wait). The later in the day you wait, the busier it gets. The Harry Potter area is super fun, but it’s sort of small so it doesn’t hold a lot of people. Also, at Universal and Islands of Adventure you can’t take your bags on a lot of the rides, so I would suggest not taking one and just keep whatever cards you need in your hubby’s wallet. :)

  6. 6

    Ive been twice to Harry Potter World and it was super fun both times! :) Plus its in Islands of Adventure so once youre done there is still a ton to do. My advice it to eat elsewhere. The sweets and treats are good there but the food is lacking. :)

  7. 7

    Harry Potter World is a must! It is so much fun, but I would definity get there early. Try the butter beer! So not healthy, but so yummy… Plus you get a fun souvenir cup. I agree with Sara about the food, though. Not many options.

  8. 8

    def worth the visit if you are cool with spending the $. We had a blast.

  9. 9

    So excited to see somebody blogging about Meghan’s wedding. I cannot wait to hear all the details!

    We were in FL in November and enjoyed Harry Potter. I felt the sights alone were worth the trip but the whole Island of Adventure does lack stuff to do. Not many exciting rides but fun stuff to look at.

  10. 10

    Enjoy the wedding!
    Definitely go to Harry Potter, its pricey but so worth it! Get a butterbeer!

  11. 11

    Harry Potter World is super fun but a little small – it’s only 3 rides, plus a restaurant and a couple gift shops. But Islands of Adventure is AWESOME. My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary in Orlando and we had so much fun at Islands and Universal (two separate but connected parks). Have fun!

  12. 12

    Yes…go to Harry Potter …the Butter Beer is worth the trip in itself…the “wand picking experience” can be skipped but the ride inside the castle is fun and so is Buckbeets (spelling?) roller coaster. I agree that it was smaller than I expected but still fun.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the wedding…I read her blog and can’t believe its been a year already.

  13. 13


    Yes. I think you need to go. Now. Like, stop reading this comment. Go now.

  14. 15

    harry potter world is amazing. my sister and i (both in mid-20s) planned a trip last year after i took the mcat. we spent two whole days there so we could soak in all of the details and fun. totally worth it!!!

  15. 16

    How fun! Running on wedding day morning is a brilliant idea, in my opinion, almost as brilliant as champagne+breakfast. :) Enjoy FL!

  16. 17

    That is so much fun. A great way to relax and have some fun before the chaos begins! I will have to remember this for my wedding day (who knows when that will be!)

  17. 18

    What fun! Cute shoe pic, too.

  18. 19
    Karen @ Runner Girl Eats says:

    I love the idea of running on the wedding day! Such a great way to relax and prep for the day. Have fun! I haven’t been to HP world yet but hear its a blast.

  19. 20
    T.G.I.F!!! (the goal is fitness) says:

    Nothing beats a run in the sun!
    Enjoy the wedding……….have fun dancing tonight! ;-)

  20. 21

    I’m from Orlando, so I’ve been a few times. I would recommend getting up and going as early as you can. In the early morning it’s not very crowded and it makes it much more enjoyable to explore! I hope you get to go, and enjoy Florida :]

  21. 22

    I ran the morning before my wedding too (last June) and it was the perfect way to start the day…I went with some family members, we took 3 miles nice and steady-paced, talked, and it relaxed me (plus gave a good energy) for the day!

  22. 23

    The breakfast spread looks amazing; great way to start the day of the wedding, clearing the head with a morning run, love all the bright runners!

  23. 24

    Love that idea of running on your wedding day! I am getting married in June and want to do something similar…I was thinking a Zumba class or bootcamp (light bootcamp b/c we don’t want any injuries on wedding day). Thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

  24. 26

    Hi Anne! Started a new job and haven’t been getting on her much. Oh how I missed your post. Anway, I must know what kind of tennis shoes you have on..Brooks? I have been trying to find a great workout shoe and running shoe. I have looked for weeks. I normally wear a 9 but was told I needed a 10 in the Brooks…is this normal?? I have a very narrow foot. Any help would be great!! I am really trying to get back to running.
    Thanks so much!!

    • 27

      Running shoes are totally personal – what works for me might not work for you! I’d recommend going to a running store and trying on some shoes to see which ones feel best on your feet. In the photo, the neon shoes I have on are Newtons, but I also love Brooks and New Balance running shoes.

  25. 28
    Healthy Eater says:

    Report on Harry Potter World coming? :-)

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