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Interested in learning more about sports nutrition, fueling right without driving yourself crazy, and getting additional sport-specific recipes? Check out my Nutrition for Runners Program – you can get started for free! 

Also: check out my free Sport Nutrition Myth Busting Q&A. It would be perfect to listen to on your next long run, in fact! My Nutrition for Runners co-author Jason and I recorded it together, and we answer and discuss a lot of the typical hot topic running nutrition questions, like:

  • How can I eat enough to fuel my runs but still maintain my goal weight?
  • What’s the best way to refuel after a tough workout, especially if I have no appetite?
  • The top myths about calorie counting, scoring, and tracking percentages

And now — see below for more running tips and training plans!

Training Plans, Running Tips & Treadmill Workouts

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Happy running! :)


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    What is PiYo?

  2. 5

    Do you think you can email me the document with these so i can print them and use it to make my own training schedule? (for both cherry 10 miler and marathon) I really like it but the format prints as an image.

  3. 6

    What was your first race ever? what was your pace? How did you get faster?

  4. 8

    Anne, I’m running my first half marathon in two weeks and was wondering if you could point me to any posts you’ve written about pre-race eating (I’m really nervous about over-fueling leading up to the run and then having an unhappy tummy). Advice appreciated!

    • 9

      Hey Kendall, I’ve been meaning to do a full post about this – stay tuned! But for now, I usually stick with a piece of toast with a little almond butter and a sliced banana. Test it out on your next run and see how it goes!

  5. 10

    Hi Anne, I was wondering if you’ve done a post on what kind of gear you recommend when training? Not only clothing, but things like your Garmin etc. I notice you wear a pack sometimes on longer runs. Is it a specialised running one? Thanks :)