Sand Volleyball Returns!

Good morning, friends!

Last night marked the return of intramural sand volleyball! So awesome. One of the few times that grad school feels just a little bit like undergrad again. Especially since we were playing what looked like freshman. :)


The good news is that we had a blast playing for about 45 minutes — the bad news is that our entire team showed up 5 minutes late… which is apparently grounds for forfeiting. Who knew intramural sports were so hardcore? Next time, we’ll be there early. ;) Either way — we had a great time. Our game was at 6 p.m. and the weather was absolutely perfect for being outside!

I got home around 7:15 starving for dinner, so I walked over to the Weaver Street co-op and treated myself to dinner at their hot bar.


I got some brown rice and this amazing chana masala (the chickpeas) dish they have a lot that I love — perfect amount of spiciness. I also got some random beef tomato thing that sounded good, some collard greens and lemony cauliflower, and a few cold veggies that looked good to munch on from the salad bar.



For dessert, I enjoyed some juicy strawberries.



On the agenda for today is a serious biochem studying throw down with my classmate Maria (remember her?) — we have our third exam tomorrow. We will probably try to get some more comprehensive exam studying in there, too. I can’t believe they are next Friday — gah!

In anticipation of sitting down and studying all day (I seriously find sitting still to be the hardest part of studying — which is why I love walking with flashcards/notes), I went for a nice 2.2 mile walk this morning around my neighborhood. It was stunning out this morning and a pleasure to be out enjoying the fresh air.

Time to get organized and head out to meet Maria! Happy Wednesday, friends. :)


  1. 1

    ah I LOVE volleyball. I used to coach on the high school/varsity level. I miss it so much!

  2. 2

    Your foods always look so good. Walking and studying is a great way to kill two stones with a bird! (lol – My family and I always say it backwards.)Good luck on your test tomorrow!

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  3. 3

    I LOVE sand volleyball. I used to play all summer long when I was lifeguarding :) Chris and I played it non-stop on our honeymoon too haha.

  4. 4

    good luck with the studying!!!

  5. 5

    I was always so awful at volleyball. Nightmare from high school gym class…

  6. 7

    Are these courts new on campus? They don’t look like the ones at Hinton James.

    I miss Weaver Street. I love their hot bar with all sorts of random goodies. So much cheaper than whole foods

    • 8

      I don’t think so – they were the same ones we were on last year, too! If you are on Manning, you pass the hospital on your left and then a few blocks later go right down a hill, and there they are. :)

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