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Hey guys! I’m coming to you from a coffee shop this morning – mixing it up from home and the co-working space because I have an AnneTheRD client meeting here in a little bit! I had breakfast at home and brought a muffin with me to enjoy as a mid-morning snack with a latte. :)

gluten free banana muffins

I whipped the muffins up on Tuesday to enjoy the rest of the week – they are gluten free banana muffins (<- recipe details) made from a mix with but some fun add-ins and my signature rolled oats sprinkled on top to make them look pretty. :) i hadn’t baked in ages – it was get back it! (psst: if you want delicious banana muffin that’s not gluten free>banana spelt muffins!)

In other food news, I threw together an easy dinner for us last night. Since it’s a short workweek and we leave for the beach on Saturday, we didn’t get a meal delivery kit this week, so I picked up supplies for one of my favorite really easy throw together meals: rotisserie chicken + canned black beans + 90 second plain brown rice + microwave string beans. I topped mine with some chili garlic hot sauce after the photo. Delicious and so easy! We have leftovers for tonight, too. Matt and I were talking about how the black beans really make this dinner – chicken + rice? Boring. Chicken + rice + black beans? Awesome. Try it!

easy throw together chicken black beans dinner

Anyway! Today kicked off on a fun note because Chelsea and I got in a workout this morning! We hit up a new studio in Arlington, Next Phase Studio, that I saw pop up on ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $40 off) a few weeks ago. They have all sorts of circuit workout classes, and I went a few weeks ago by myself to try it while Chelsea was on her honeymoon and knew I wanted to bring her there – it was right up our alley! Good workout with enough variety to keep us from getting bored – perfect. Nice and new, clean studio too.

20 week pregnant workout

I’ve got a really busy day ahead today – more AnneTheRD meetings, and I’m starting to wrap things up and get ahead on work since we leave Saturday for our beach week in the Outer Banks with Matt’s family! AND, my brother arrives tomorrow with his dog that we are adopting (he is going to grad school in the fall and won’t be able to keep her). He’s going to stay at our place with the doggies and Zara while we’re gone, which is nice! Hopefully by the time we’re back everyone will be nice and settled in. :)

I’ll be back tomorrow with my 20 week pregnancy update – stay tuned, and have a great day!


  1. 1

    mmm I love banana muffins! I can only imagine how dense the spelt ones would be. Spelt flour makes things so dense! Hope your busy day flies by!

    • 2

      They are a good amount of dense, not TOO dense if you know what I mean! That’s why I like spelt vs. regular whole wheat flour!

  2. 3
    Jane Lennox says

    Love your workout outfit and you make the cutest pregnant lady! Have fun at the beach with Matt’s family!

  3. 5

    I took myself out for lunch by myself the other day and thought of you! It was such a nice treat and I didn’t mind not having company at all. I thought it was funny when I showed up though and they thought I was picking up my meal for carry-out because it was just me. So fun!

  4. 7

    That’s a great idea to have your brother stay and help with the transition. Also really nice not to have to board Ashe and Zara.

    I need to try black beans rice with a boring meal now. Must really liven it up

  5. 9
    Christina says

    I’m actually heading to the outer banks this weekend too! Any good restaurant recommendations?

    • 10

      We don’t usually go out a ton while there, but Kimball’s Kitchen is a good spot for a fancy treat! Have fun – maybe I’ll see you around OBX!

  6. 11

    Love the workout pants!

  7. 13

    Have a good rest on the Outer Banks! :)

  8. 14

    The banana muffins look great!

  9. 15
    Roadrunner says

    The banana muffins look terrific, thanks!

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