Skiing and Photography on Zugspitze in the German Alps!

Look who’s here in Germany on vacation with me and my family now!


Yay, it’s Matt! :) Super randomly and last minute, Matt’s office needed on-site support for the big project he’s been working on that they are launching here in Germany on January 3rd. Could that have been more perfect?! He volunteered immediately and was able to fly over early (on his company’s dime!) to meet us before starting work! Fate, clearly.

And guess what? Matt brought the sunshine with him, too :)


Today was the first gorgeous and clear day we’ve had, so after Matt arrived around 11 a.m. we headed here:


No big deal ;)

The Zugspitze, where we went today, is the highest mountain in Germany, clocking in at 2,962 meters or 9,717 feet above sea level!


Yeah, we were REALLY high.


The Zugspitze is located right near the Austrian border. We took a ridiculously long cable car ride to get to the top:





And then, we made it to the top. SO insanely beautiful.  059044 045




After gawking at the view, Matt and I took another mini cable car down to “the bowl,” which is a little bowl-shaped skiing area just below the top of the mountain. Cool!


Today’s skiing adventure was much preferable to the other day because the slopes were easier and almost empty! ;) We were there at the end of the day, so it was perfect.


Quite picturesque, too :)


After a successful couple hours of skiing, we headed back to the observatory for one last look before heading down the mountain again!

072 074

This bird says: “I’m fANNEtastic!”

078 083

Some low clouds had moved in over one of the valleys — very cool looking!



And then we descended into the clouds, with this as our goodbye:


Just breathtaking.

We just got back from dinner and are now off to celebrate the New Year — apparently there are fireworks here at midnight if Matt can stay awake, being jetlagged and all!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! Catch you guys in 2011 ;)


  1. 1

    Happy New Year, Anne and Matt! Great that he could join you. Awesome photos from a fANNEtastic day, it’s clear! Thanks!

  2. 2

    Awesome Anne. I am so happy that Matt could join you. You had to have someone to kiss at midnight.

  3. 3

    Last minute surprise trip???
    I totally sense a special question being asked at midnight…….

  4. 5

    You were so right, those are fANNEtastic photos! I especially love that bird, too cool! Have fun :)

  5. 6
    Amy Skretta says

    I have a foreign exchange student from Germany, and wow, was she ever bummed when she found out we DIDN’T have fireworks for the new year in America.

  6. 7

    Your photos are breathtaking! Looks like a wonderful adventure!

  7. 8

    So fun that Matt could come and spend the New Year with you! Have a lovely evening!

    Stay fANNEtastic in 2011!

  8. 9

    That. is. so. romantic.

  9. 10

    Breathtaking! I love it!!! Have a wonderful New Year!

  10. 11
    pat elsberry says

    Anne, these pics are totally awesome!! What a fabulous family vacation and how cool that Matt could join you! Love the photos of you and your mom. Please wish her a very Happy New Year!

  11. 12

    So pretty, love how you were over the clouds! Where do you put your camera when you take it skiing? Or do you use a point and shoot for those?

  12. 15

    So beautiful –and how crazy that Matt was able to meet you! Have so much fun!

  13. 16

    I love skiing above the clouds…such cool pictures!

  14. 17

    Stunning scenery!

  15. 18

    Have a great time! The pictures are gorgeous!

  16. 19

    AMAZING! Have the best time and keep taking amazing pictures! I want to see more!! Happy New Year!

  17. 20

    Great pictures! xoxo Happy 2011!

  18. 21

    Talk about an awesome view! That landscape is gorgeous!! Keep taking photos for us–I love seeing the country.

    Happy New Year!

  19. 22

    Incredible photos, Anne! What a perfect way to ring in the year 2011 :)

  20. 23

    Anne,What lovely pictures you all took..I think they are great…I know theres a lot to see in Germany,and thats why I am thanking you all the time..Have a great time too…HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO…


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