Snowy Fitness + Food Highlights

Hey friends! On the fitness front this week, it started alllllll about the shoveling.

how to get a workout when snowed in

Who else has been counting “shovel ALL the snow” as their main form of fitness lately?! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were filled with shoveling. It is a serious workout!

shoveling snow fitness

Yesterday I ditched the shoveling, made it back downtown to my coshared office, and treated myself to a lunchtime yoga class. The class was packed – everyone else had the same idea! Stretching out was necessary and felt great.

As for this morning, I gave the Winter Shape Up week 1 workout a try! I did 3 rounds of just the strength portion and then counted my snowy walk to the metro as my cardio. Whew – it was legit! Quick and sweaty. Have you tried it yet? Don’t forget to check in over on the week 1 workout and week 1 meal plan pages to be entered to win prizes from this week’s sponsors! Gina and I are loving your updates in the Winter Shape Up Facebook group, too – keep up the great work. :)

winter shape up workout

I refueled after the workout with some oatmeal – hit the spot. I made my Perfect Microwave Banana Oatmeal again, topped with pecans and blueberries. Nom!

how to microwave oatmeal

As for lunches, a new product I’m loving lately is elevAte salads! elevAte is a brand new ready-to-eat salad line that is more than your usual pre-made salad – they are gluten free, non-GMO, have vegan and all-organic options, and include a ton of superfoods, too. As they have just launched, they sent me a bunch of their salads to try out for a sponsored review. Zara was as intrigued as I was. :)

elevate salads

elevAte currently has 8 salad options, which range from the more “hippie” to the more standard: blu-rugula, go-go-goji, kale caesar, nutty cranberry, sunny caesar, power grains, southwest, and spinach-pow.

Each salad comes packed up nicely in a little bowl (with a fork!) that you can eat right out of, with the ingredients all organized into compartments.

elevate salads review

elevate salads review1

The salads arrived last week which was perfect timing before getting snowed in! I’ve had the opportunity to try all of them now and my two favorites are the kale caesar and the go-go-goji, pictured above. Not only do they taste awesome but they also have a great mix of fun textures and ingredients – very creative and wouldn’t be as quick/easy for me to make on my own.

elevate salads

All of the salads were really good, though – my only complaint was that I wish they were a bit bigger/more substantial. Most of the salads were between 250 and 300 calories, which is definitely not enough for me for a meal. That said, it was easy enough to throw some other things into the mix and I still enjoyed the salads as a quick and easy side option.

I had one over the weekend with leftover veggie-tastic minestrone soup:

soup and salad healthy lunch

And I’ve gotten three great packed lunches downtown out of the salads, too. Last week, I had the go-go-goji with a side of nut butter toast, some clementines, and half an avocado (which I threw on top of the salad before eating it).

elevate salads go go goji

And yesterday, I brought two of them downtown with me (one for yesterday’s lunch, one for today’s) along with some toppings to add to them to bulk them up – a leftover brown rice/couscous mix that I split in half, and a whole avocado, again which I split in half. Perfect! Plus some leftover string beans. :)

elevate salads

It ended up being a great, filling combo and was easy to throw together at the office just before eating!

elevate salads

elevAte is currently available at WalMart nationwide as well as some other retailers (see all the stores there are available in here), but I’m hoping they’ll be in Whole Foods or Mom’s Organic Market (the stores we shop at most often) soon because I’ll definitely buy them when I see them! Makes packing a healthy lunch a heck of a lot easier. :) Thank you to elevAte for the opportunity to check them out – and be sure to enter the healthy new year giveaway on their site right now for your chance to win fitness gear, gym memberships, gift cards, and an Apple watch!

I’ll end this post with some Zara love, because I know many of you are big fans. ;) She’s been fascinated by all the white stuff outside! Matt brought in a mini snowball the other day for her to bat around on the floor – she was so confused by it and how it was cold!

zara the cat

Have a great day, guys!


  1. 1

    Awwwwwwwwwwww Zara is the cutest! Our cats were also intrigued by all the white stuff on the ground, and one of them kept trying to paw at it through the glass. Cats…

  2. 3
    Catherine Cormier says

    Shoveling snow definitely counts as workout! I live on the East Coast of Canada and while we haven’t had much snow this year last year we had a major snow storm 2 – 3 times a week from January to April!! We have a snow blower for the driveway (my husband’s job) and shovel the front steps and back patio (my job). Such a major workout and it really builds up a sweat! The day after I always feel it in my legs and upper back muscles.

    I completed workout # 1 on Monday and it was a sneaky workout! The first round I was like “that wasn’t too bad” and by the third round my legs were shaky and I was a sweaty mess!!

    Those salads looks yummy! Hopefully they’ll come to a store near me sometime soon :)

    • 4

      Totally agree on the WSU workout! Good for you for rocking it. :) We were able to borrow a snow blower for our driveway on Monday – lifesaver!

  3. 5

    I love the posts with Zara! She’s adorable. Huge cat-lover here. And those elevate salads sound great! The go-go-goji is right up my alley.

  4. 7

    Holy moly I feel you on the shoveling! My forearms are STILL sore! Definitely counted it as my workout for three days :)

  5. 8

    The salads look great to have on a busy week! I saw that they’re available so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled!

  6. 9

    I’m defintiely going to have to try those salads, I eat a salad 90% of the time for lunch, so it would be great to have these!

    And Zara… goodness, she should be a cat model…lol.

  7. 11

    Zara is such a cutie!

    I shop at Walmart now and I have seen them before and I will definitely have to try them now!

  8. 13

    Those salads look delicious, but I think I’d feel the same in that they’d be more of a snack and I’d need to add something more substantial to them. Animals are so funny in the snow–our dog is a lab/basset mix (long body and short legs), and watching him run through the snow is amusing because he just disappears! And tries to eat it.

  9. 15

    wow , elevAte sounds awesome! they’d be a hit around college campuses :D

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