Solo Week

Hi friends! Checking in with some Friday randomness for you.

First up: soup! We’ve had a lot of soup this week – it has been good weather for it, and I’m still getting over this lingering cold!

This one had basically every veggie in our fridge plus some chickpeas and rice… it hit the spot. 

Riese had fun stirring it (with very close supervision, don’t worry). She’s so into helping in the kitchen, it’s fun!

Next up: I have to show you my new favorite sweater. It’s perfect because Prosecco is my go-to drink! I’ve basically been wearing it every day. 

Sadly I don’t see it online (I got it from a boutique in Sewickley, PA when we were there for Thanksgiving) – but I found a really cute t-shirt version on Amazon if you want something similar!

In other news, Zara is quite the escape artist – she always runs out when Riese opens the back door for Freyja to go in the yard. On Tuesday Riese and I were hanging out in her playhouse outside, and I looked over and saw this – quite the adventurous kitty!

She managed to fall off a few minutes later, but popped right back up on the fence like nothing happened. Ha!

That tree is beautiful, but it’s a holly tree and the leaves are SHARP! No barefoot backyard playtime for us, that’s for sure…

Matt was gone this week for work so Riese and I were cruising solo – we kept things chill and mostly close to home and ate a lot of leftovers and simple meals since I wasn’t feeling 100% still, but I did make it out last night (thank you to my mom for babysitting!) for a fun girls’ night with some mom friends. Del Ray was having a holiday shopping night with discounts so we went out to dinner at Del Ray Cafe and then hit up the stores after for a little shopping!

I had the bouillabaisse for dinner and it was delicious – I love sopping up the broth with crusty bread. 

bouillabaisse del ray cafe

As for workouts this week, there isn’t much to report! I made it out to an early yoga class the day Matt left, and I did a short stroller jog yesterday, but otherwise that’s it besides the daily stroller dog walks! I’ve been missing my endorphins and usual workout routine this week without Matt here to cover me in the early a.m… I definitely notice a difference in my mood! I was thinking of trying to squeeze a workout video or something in during naptime this week, but I ended up being too busy with work… and yes I could have done a home workout after getting Riese to bed at night but honestly by that time of day I’m done. :) Oh well – this makes me appreciate/feel grateful for my usual early a.m. workout routine even more!

So – yay for Friday, and yay for Matt getting home tonight – we missed him! Have a nice week and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday.


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    I love how involved Riese is in the kitchen! Both our girls love cooking – we found that making scrambled eggs was the easiest dish that they could do all themselves, and they both started doing that age 3.5 or so. Obviously with supervision to start, but they now (little one is age 5 and especially the bigger one, almost 9) have solid experience and know just how to do it, including how to be very careful with hot pans. It’s been a big confidence boost for them to know how to do something “grownup.” :-)

  2. 3

    Chef Riese! Kids love grown-up projects, don’t they?! And I LOL’d at Zara’s big adventure out in the wild. Glad she wasn’t hurt plopping out of the tree but cats seem to instinctively know how to land safely. I’m sure she’ll be trying to sneak out again soon for more adventures!

  3. 5

    Love how Riese wants to help so much. And that she is carefully supervised.

  4. 6

    When my oldest was around 2 (and was my only at that point) my husband was traveling a lot. I got so stir crazy that I started running in the morning with him in the stroller. I’d give him a flashlight and then I put a few flashers on the stroller itself and some reflective tape. I would tell my son we were going on a bear hunt and he had to shine the flashlight at the road to see if we could find one. I’m sure it wasn’t the safest activity but it saved me! Quick 2-3 miles around the ‘hood and home for an episode of Sesame Street while I showered before work! Now with 3 kids, I just run on our treadmill in the wee hours before they wake up and die of boredom when he is gone but it is better than nothing! I do miss my bear hunts though.

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