2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners, Fitness Lovers, and Foodies

Need gift ideas for your favorite runner, fitness fan, or foodie – or looking for items to put on your own wish list? Here are some of my favorites from around the web! (Please note that affiliate links are included in this post.)

gift ideas for runners and fitness fans

 For the Runner

  • A race registration! Local or exotic. :)
  • Shameless self plug: a copy of my Nutrition for Runners program! Nutrition for Runners is a comprehensive nutrition and training program for runners. In addition to meal guides, expert interviews, and a full recipe cookbook, it also includes a library of training plans (from my co-author, a running coach) designed for either performance or weight loss.
  • Fun running-themed shirts! Check out my Will Run for Bacon tank :)
  • A race bib/medal holder. I have one in my office at home and love it! This combination bib/medal holder is especially cute for women, and I love this inspirational medal holder too. Here is a more manly option for guys.
  • A commemorative race print. A company called Run Ink Design creates a custom frame-able race map that includes your runner’s finish time, bib number, and race date. Cool!
  • Reflective gear. Keep your favorite runner safe while they run in the dark! Here’s a great headlamp for running and you might also consider getting them a reflective vest.
  • Winter running accessories. If your favorite runner lives in a climate that involves lots of running on ice or snow, runner-friendly YaxTrax (little grips that fit onto your running shoes) are a must. Also, warm gloves (I like the Drift mitten gloves) and running hats (check out this nice running beanie or this running ear warmer) are always welcomed.
  • A GPS watch. I have both the Garmin 225 and the Garmin 910xt – you can read my review/comparison of them in this post. For a cheaper but very well reviewed option, check out the Garmin Forerunner 10.
  • Performance socks. Having socks that wick away sweat and don’t slip down is so key for a runner. I love both bombas socks (for every pair purchased, one is donated – love that) and Brooks running socks (that’s the women’s version – here’s the men’s).
  • Compression wear. I like CEP compression and Champion CSX. I wear compression socks around the house after runs, and sleeves during long runs when the weather isn’t too hot. They’ve really helped me with shin splint/calf tightness issues. Another option specifically for ankle/plantar fasciitis issues is these compression foot/ankle sleeves.
  • Ice packs. So necessary for long distance runners! I love Pardice Packs (the cuffs) – they don’t sweat on you and the cuff design means they easily stay around your knees/ankles/legs.
  • A running belt or hydration pack. I’ve had a SPIbelt for yearsI wear it on shorter runs when I don’t have my water vest along for the ride and want to carry my phone. And speaking of water vests, the Nathan hydration vest is amazing for long distance runners (or hikers, or bikers).
  • A foam roller/stick. I recommend this foam roller – a foam roller is a must for any runner. Using this daily has made a huge difference in recovery/soreness for me! For travel, try The Stickthere are a variety of sizes and it’s more portable. It’s also easier to use while on the couch watching TV. ;)

For the Fitness Fan

For The Cook/Foodie

Other ideas:

What’s on your holiday wish list?


  1. 1

    Amazing list! Thank you for putting this together. My husband has been asking for gift ideas for me and now I can just point him to this post ;)

  2. 3

    Thank you for including us, Anne! We are thankful for you as a customer and a friend :)

  3. 5

    Such great gift ideas! I love the medal holder! All of mine are just sitting in a pretty little box at the moment but I would love to be able to display them. I’ll have to send through a very pointed hint to the fiance about something I’d like to find under the tree….
    As for my wishlist, I am a huge book nerd so I’ve got a few deliciously dense historical texts that I’ve asked for – I can’t wait!!!

  4. 7

    You might add bands, with handles, of different colors for various strength and flexibility exercises!

  5. 9

    We are totally on the same page today! I really want the new Garmin :)

  6. 10

    Great ideas!! :D Also for a foodie? I always love getting like fancy pastas, dry soup mixes, spices etc to add to my collections! Home Goods always has such random and great stuff like that for so cheap!

  7. 12

    I love that you combined your guide into 1, I broke mine up into sections and kind of wishing I didn’t. So many of us are into multiple things running, cooking, yoga etc !

    • 13

      Yeah I figure many people have multiple interests – nice to have them in one place! Although splitting them up can mean more suggestions, so both ways are cool :)

  8. 14

    Just in time for the Holidays! So thankful I was able to come across your post Anne! As a foodie myself, I was really looking for some gift ideas … for me and of course for my friends and colleagues! I am a fan of preparing easy and healthy meals I must say that this is the post I have been searching for. Keep on writing tips!


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