Spicy Mussels Rule.

Hello and happy Saturday!! I hope you’re all enjoying your days :) It’s so nice to have a weekend where I’m not traveling, super busy, or snowed in. YAY!

Last night was so much fun! As I mentioned, my friend Beth had me and our friends Sarah and Megan over for dinner!


Sarah (far left), Beth (second from left), and I were roommates here in D.C. for 2 years back in 2005-7. It’s always fun to reminisce about all the ridiculous stories and good times ;) Especially over delicious wine:


I was totally impressed with dinner!! Beth made Spicy Mussels with Chorizo from this Martha Stewart recipe, and they came out just like a fancy restaurant! The recipe seemed pretty easy, too, and you could probably leave out the chorizo (sausage) if you want to make it even simpler!



YUM! I ate like a million of them. Mussels are fun to eat :)



She also had this delicious crusty and grainy bread to dip into the mussel’s garlicky tomato sauce. I LOVE dipping bread into sauce. I think I housed like half the loaf by myself, heh. I had to carbo load for today’s run, obviously ;)


We also had some goat cheese and beet salad on the side, courtesy of me!


I think I’m going to turn into a beet… so obsessed.

Dessert was Beth’s homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies:

024 Mmmm… I love cookies…

And also some chocolate cake! I just tried a few bites of this (I’m not a huge cake fan) but it was tasty!


Thanks again for a great night, Beth! :)

This morning I bundled up and headed out to meet my friend Ashley for our training run! Running in cold weather requires so much STUFF!


We had 8 miles on our training plan, and were hoping to be able to do it on a trail, but the trails are all still WAY too snow covered, so we ended up doing a neighborhood run instead. It was a bit treacherous since the sidewalks are still snowy so we had to run in the road. It was also a SUPER hilly route. We ended up doing 6.15 miles in about 57 minutes and calling it a day! We were proud of ourselves for making it that far with all the hills, and considering we haven’t been able to do any long runs as of late with the snow. So, I say, success! I was able to do my Tuesday and Thursday scheduled runs this week just fine on the treadmill (still boring… but gotta do it!), so that’s good. Feeling much more back on track! :) Hopefully we’ll be able to follow the rest of the training plan with no problems.

I’m off to the grocery store — I’m going to do some experimenting this afternoon because I want to try to create my own granola bars! Check back later to see what I come up with :)


  1. 1

    I most definitely am a cake person and that looks awesome. Anything with frosting really makes me happy.
    Good luck on granola bars! Last time I made them, they were OK but crumbled down into granola

  2. 2

    Not a cake person?!? Are you crazy?? :-)

    Looks like a delicious (and gourmet!) meal!

    Hahaha, I know, weird, right?! When I was younger I always got ice cream cake for my birthday since I liked that way better :) Mmmmm. I love anything that’s sweet and milky (ice cream, milkshakes), sweet and fruity (pie, tarts, etc.), or sweet and doughy (scones, doughnuts, danishes, sweet breads) – but cake and chocolate… I could take or leave! -Anne

  3. 3

    6.15 miles sounds good to me! Wow all that food looks amazing. Malbec is my new favorite red wine- I love it. I’m not a cake or chocolate person so much either!

  4. 4

    Looks like a wonderful girls night dinner party!

    Good for you for sticking with your training. Many illness have put me a bit behind, but I am determined to get back in the game next week! :)

    You can do it!! :) -Anne

  5. 5

    looks like a great night! i love mussels…dipping bread in the broth is the best!
    i’m not much of a cake person either… it has to be REALLY GOOD cake for me to really want to eat it! i don’t like frosting either, so i think that has something to so with it!
    I can’t wait to see what kind of granola bars you come up with!

    I’m the same way!! I like the cake part better than the frosting… but yeah it has to be REALLY good cake :) -Anne

  6. 6

    Check out my recipe for granola bars on my blog ( They are healthy, tasty, and super adaptable! Let me know if you try it!

    Yum those sound really good! The recipe I am going to try today is similar… based on some experimenting I did earlier in the fall. You’ll see! :) -Anne

  7. 7

    Yummy dinner – just what you needed to prep for a run! I can’t believe the weather down there…hopefully you can do more outdoor running soon. Look forward to hearing about these granola bars!

  8. 8

    Great job on the long run! I hate when snow gets in the way of my plan or route. Sometimes I try to run through or over it but it doesn’t always work.

    I used to love mussels and clams, but a few years ago I randomly developed an allergy to them. So sad!

    Oh no that is really sad :( -Anne

  9. 9

    Those mussels look amazing. I’m totally going to cook those!! Nom nom nom.
    I can’t wait to see how your granola bars turn out!!

  10. 10

    Wow, looks like a great weekend! I’m actually not a cake fan either but I cannot get enough icing!!!! My required icing:cake ratio is probably 100:1. I wish I was kidding… can’t wait to see the granola bars!

    Lol. I’d like to see you make a cake with that ratio. Messy, but hilarious? -Anne

  11. 11

    Not a huge cake fan? What’s wrong w/ you? ; ) It look scrumptious.

    I can’t wait to see how your granola bar experiment turns out…

  12. 12

    oooooh, i’m excited to (hopefully) see those granola bars soon! the muscles look really good, but i’m so scared to try them!

  13. 13

    Congrats on your run! I did 11 miles (2 hrs 22 mins…Slowest Runner Ever!) yesterday for my first time ever! I can’t wait to see your granola bar recipe…mmmm, granola bars…

    Hey, how many people can say they ran 11 miles?!!? Who cares how fast you did it… that’s awesome! :) -Anne

  14. 14

    you and the mussels! just like italy :)
    ps i heart chorizo, i feel like not a lot of people know about it but its delish!

  15. 15

    Can’t wait for the granola bars! I’m wanting to be home or at least have my own kitchen so I can too do some food experiments!

  16. 16

    Mmmmm!! I tried making Mussels once but didn’t have very good luck. This has inspired me to attempt Round 2, these look AHmazing!!!

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