Spring Fake Out

Matt’s parents were in town this weekend! We kicked off the festivities on Friday with a home cooked meal at our place. (As you can see our Christmas cards were table decorations – it has been fun to look at them when we eat!)

salmon green beans sweet potato

Matt’s dad cooked us up some cedar plank salmon, roasted asparagus (with parmesan), and sweet potatoes. 

Plus salad!

It hit the spot.

On Saturday morning, our big adventure was taking Riese to the zoo! Unfortunately we didn’t make it there until 11, which didn’t give us a lot of time before lunch/nap, but it was still fun and a great day for it since it was so warm out. I definitely want to bring Riese back again soon when we have more time!

We grabbed lunch at Fresh Med in Cleveland Park before parting ways – Matt and I went to go visit/bring food to our friends Sarah and Jochem and their new baby, and my in-laws took Riese home for her nap. 

fresh med cleveland park

Saturday evening we all took Riese out to Kaizen, one of our local faves – it was warm enough to eat outside and we feasted on steak tacos…

kaizen del ray

And then Matt, Riese and I also shared some sushi and the salmon with rice and green beans and broccoli. 

kaizen del ray

On Sunday morning, I was up and out to meet my friend Karen for a run!

It felt very much like spring (hi, global warming, we see you) – it was toasty out there!

I was really craving a sweat, though, and it felt good to move and to catch up with my friend!

running dc tidal basin

By the time we finished 6 miles, the humidity had cleared a bit and the clouds had parted, leaving a beautifully sunny, warm day.

Here’s Karen’s watch because I forgot to restart mine at one of the stoplights on the National Mall:

I came home to an al fresco brunch feast – we haven’t eaten out in our backyard in a long time and it was a really nice treat!

We were sad to say goodbye to Matt’s parent’s after brunch – always fun to have them here!

Riese, Matt, and I spent the rest of the day getting stuff done around the house – Riese “helped” us to take down all our Christmas decorations both inside and outside (sad!), hang some pictures, tidy up around the house, and we also took advantage of the nice weather and raked/swept outside. It felt very productive and nice to get the house tidy and back in order!

Lunch was a random leftover feast:

And for dinner we were planning to cook at home after all the eating out… but it was 70 degrees and we decided we wanted to take advantage and walk into town instead. :)

We tried the BBQ place in Del Ray and it was pretty good, but not as good as my fave Rocklands up in Arlington! 

Matt went off to play soccer last night and I took a nice epsom salt bath (always feels so good after my runs!) and got in bed early to read. It felt so nice, I was wiped after the combination of the run and then getting chores done all day!

Are you a BBQ fan? What’s your go-to order? I always enjoy pulled pork or pulled chicken in some form, but what I judge a BBQ place on is its baked beans, which are always my fave item!

If you decorate for Christmas, what’s your stance on how early/late you take the decorations down? I like waiting until the second weekend of January… the first one feels too quick! 


  1. 1

    No firm opinions on when to take the decorations down – usually it’s when I can lasso someone to help me! But I like to keep them up till New Year’s Day, at least.

  2. 2

    I am so jealous of your weather!!!! Today is -20 in Whistler, BC. Burrrr!

  3. 4

    I took our indoor decorations down on 12/26. Ha. I was so ready for our house to get back to normal! I am considering our wreaths and outdoor planters/window boxes ‘winter decorations’ so I will probably leave them up for awhile. I should take the ornament balls out of the planters on our front steps as that is really Christmasy. But the rest feels winterish enough to leave it up!

    We did not get the warm spell you guys did! It was 10F here yesterday when I went for a walk/run and I thought it felt ‘pretty nice’ since it wasn’t windy. But it had been below zero the previous day so 10F actually didn’t feel bad. We will not see 70F in soooo long here in MN but hopefully it’s 70F or warmer when we go to Florida in late Feb!

    • 5

      Ah yes that Florida trip will be such a nice break from the cold! And I agree lack of wind makes a big difference with cold not feeling so bad.

  4. 6
    Roadrunner says

    Productive weekend! Well done…And love pulled pork w BBQ sauce, if done right!

  5. 7
    Cathy Wright says

    I love BBQ as well and always judge the place by their pulled pork! yummmm

  6. 8

    You use the phrase “it hit the spot”(referring to a meal or food) in nearly every single blog post …sometimes more than once in the same post 🤣

  7. 10

    The Christmas decor usually comes down the weekend after New Year’s, but it was also this weekend for us this year because the previous one was too busy. I leave up the more “wintery” decor – greenery and berries and pinecones – until whenever I get antsy for spring decor, which is usually late February.

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