Just Add Broth

Hello again, avocado toast, my old friend.

I’ve missed you. 

easy avocado toast recipe

If you don’t usually have arugula with your avocado toast, try it! Adds a little more volume and a nice extra peppery flavor. 

It has been nice getting back to cooking for ourselves after a lot of travel!

The meal winner of the week was this delicious pork, noodle, and kale dish we had on Tuesday night.

delicious noodle pork asian dish with kale

It was a Sun Basket (<- $40 off affiliate link) and sooo delicious.

The key was that instead of using water like the recipe called for, I used broth. That’s my go to tip for making rich sauces/broths – use chicken bone broth instead of water. The mouthfeel was so much more rich and delicious.

add broth instead of water for better flavor

Another yummy dinner this week was a simple rice and pan seared chicken with an onion, celery, and pineapple salsa. 

chicken rice with fruit salsa

I did have some good meals out this week though, too!

My father-in-law is in town (my mother-in-law also comes today!) and yesterday we took Riese to lunch at Stomping Ground in Del Ray. Their cobb salad is super good – loved the green goddess dressing! 

stomping ground del ray lunch

Last night, I went to a dinner meet up that my friend Heather hosted for fellow intuitive eating/weight-inclusive dietitians in the DC area. (For more on weight-inclusive nutrition, check out Heather’s website.)

We met at Lyon Hall, and I shared some fries with the group and then got the burger + salad for my meal, which hit the spot. Great to meet some more fellow local RDs, too!

lyon hall arlington dinner

I was back at Stomping Ground super early this morning with my friend Chelsea – quiche + salad + a latte, yum!

stomping ground breakfast del ray

We met up for an extra-early hot yoga class so we’d have time for breakfast after before continuing our days. It was really great to catch up with her – we meet up every week for early workouts but don’t usually have much time to chat afterwards!

I went to two other yoga classes this week… I was really craving it after all the travel and skiing last week! 

Have a great day, friends, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Share with me a fun workout or a great meal you had this week! Anyone else love getting back into a routine? Vacation is awesome, but it’s always nice to get back into the swing of normal life, too. :) 


  1. 1

    The best breakfast I’ve had recently was something you wrote about a while ago, sauerkraut with scrambled eggs. It’s oddly delicious.

  2. 5
    Roadrunner says

    Bravo for an impressive week and what looks to be great food during the winter chill and also on excellent workouts!

  3. 6
    Gaye McGrath says

    I always enjoy it when you mention Chelsea. Please tell her I miss her blogs (in hopes she’ll start back up?) And loved the recap and pics of your vacation. Riese is adorable in her snow suit.

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