Food Highlights from the Week

Morning guys! We’ve had a busy one over here – I took Riese bright and early to her follow up appointment with the lip tie doctor. Looks like everything is healing really well which is great… hoping it starts to make a difference with breastfeeding soon! We’ll see. :) We are still doing all sorts of suck strengthening exercises on her, too… who knew breastfeeding was so complicated?!

Anyway… when we got home, I had a second breakfast (first breakfast was microwave banana oatmeal with cottage cheese and blueberries) – some more of my Smoked Salmon Vegetable Egg Casserole leftover from brunch on Sunday. I had this variation atop avocado toast with some arugula and hot sauce!


I’ve been eating on it all week – nice to have it in the fridge ready and waiting each morning! I’ll have to make it again soon. I was loving it with a muffin (a pumpkin muffin my mom made) and some fruit, too! Plus a little avocado on top, because avocado is the best. (See also: avocado toast recipes.)


Another food highlight from this week was lunch with my friend Gretchen on Monday! She lent me their baby scale so I could do some more weighted feeds with Riese to make sure she was taking in enough food, so I needed to return that to her and we decided to use it as an excuse to have a lunch date. We had lunch at a Mediterranean place called Yayla Bistro and shared their vegetarian sampler platter. Blogger in action:

blogger taking pictures of her food

We also got two salads – the beet salad and the arugula salad. Gretchen doesn’t like arugula so that one was all me. :)

yayla bistro lunch falls church

Yummy lunch! I always find meals like that where there are lots of different things being shared very satisfying – love all the tastes and textures. Loved the time to catch up with Gretchen, too, and to talk all about balancing being new moms and work! We are in very similar life phases right now. :)

gretchen fox blogger

One other fun meal out from the week was last night with Matt – we had another follow up appointment for Riese (with the baby chiro… basically baby facial massage) at 5:45 so he met me there after work and we went out to dinner when we were done. We didn’t make it to the restaurant until 7 (we hit up Virtue Feed and Grain in Old Town since it was about a 15 minute walk from the appointment and I love that place) so we were cutting it a little close with the baby bedtime situation, but we decided to go for it. I was really craving their salmon again… the cheesy quinoa it comes with is so good! And it was warm enough to eat outside, which was nice in case Riese was noisy.

virtue feed and grain alexandria dinner

Just like last time, Riese started crying a bit as we got our beers and said “cheers” – her timing is spot on. But this time with a little pacifier action she was content to stay in the stroller and fell asleep after a bit, too. Whew! Success!

I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for some Friday faves. Until then – have a good one!

What’s the most delicious thing you’ve eaten this week? For me it was definitely that salmon… the harissa sauce it comes with is amazing, as is that cheesy, creamy quinoa! Must find out how they make that and replicate it at home!


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    What I like to term – refried lasagna. Layer – corn tortillas, refried beans, sauteed peppers & onions in yummy spices, salsa, cheese and repeat. I top it with tortillas, little bit of salsa and cheese. The best part is that it is much better reheated rather than straight out of the oven. Dinners for the week are done and it freezes well.

  2. 3
    Roadrunner says

    Enjoyed the food, friend, and baby adventures!

  3. 4

    Such a delicious Mediterranean spread! Hmm, I shared my weekly food highlights on my blog, and it’s hard to decide! I really enjoyed making our variation of Erin’s (Wellplated) most recent broccoli quinoa dish as well as her roasted chickepea snack mix. I had a slice of homemade vegan chocolate banana bread with cheesy scrambled eggs over wilted greens with avoca-duh ;) this morning that really hit the spot.

  4. 6

    I always love our lunch + gab sessions! Let’s make a point to have another one soon!! xoxo

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    Jennifer says

    Most delicious thing I have eaten this week is — hubby smoked baby back ribs! MMmmmm!!!

    I seriously love Mediterranean cuisine — looks delish!

  6. 10

    You and Gretchen are not in the same place.
    1.She works for an employer and does not faff around town going to yoga, lunch,a meeting (or 2)
    2. Her husband presumably didn’t take 2 months off due to some loop hole of his wife “having” to go back to work, which you did. C’mon
    3. Did Gretchen start going out sans baby immediately and repeatedly? The majority of brand new mothers do not.

    Please start giving a realistic point of view of YOUR motherhood or go back to the RD stuff. If you don’t want to/can’t breastfeed, DON’T. You like lots of time away from the bay. Own it. Etc.

    • 11

      Hi Becky – thank you for reading my blog. I am meeting with clients again on a daily basis (“RD stuff”, although I don’t mention it in every single blog post), as well as working hard on the blog, which I have been doing since Riese was born because we really need my income to pay our mortgage. I would love to spend more time at home with her and it makes me extremely sad I can’t have her to myself the majority of the week – something I struggle with daily. I love breastfeeding and the bond I have with Riese, which is why I’m spending a lot of time and money on meetings with specialists rather than just giving it up (which would be way easier). Do I like having some time to myself, away from the baby? Yes, of course. And yes, I do like my work and wouldn’t want to be home 100% of the time with her – I absolutely own that. But I wish I could be with her more, and it’s hard that I can’t be. I absolutely love spending time with her, which is why I’m compressing my work schedule to spend Wednesdays and Friday afternoons with her by myself. I’m so grateful that I have the ability to do this given my flexible work schedule – I know that’s not an option for everyone.

    • 14

      What a cruel comment. Sounds like you are rubbing up against the way Anne is experiencing motherhood. What makes this blog so wonderful is that Anne shares all aspects of her life; and her vulnerability is what makes me connect and like her even more. As a new mom myself, I know how difficult it is to balance working and being a mom- and yes, I’m self employed too. Just because you have the flexiblilty to create your own schedule doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges. Anne, I love your kind response, but I don’t even think you need to defend or explain yourself. Keep doing you and sharing your story with us.

    • 15

      Wow, just wow. I’ve been sitting on your hateful comment a few days, and I just feel so impelled to respond. If being a new mom and dealing with mom guilt is not enough, we have cruel people in the world making our lives even harder. Kudos to Anne for creating flexibility in her work schedule to fit in time with Riese, and finding time to take care of herself too. Life is expensive, babies are expensive, and DC certainly is expensive. As a working mom, we make choices in life and the need to work is a hard choice to make. I’m so glad Anne has this flexibility with transitioning back to work.

      Enjoy those baby hugs and kisses Anne! Xoxo!

    • 17

      Anne, as a working and self-employed mom myself, I know all too well that the stress and pressure can be overwhelming. I think you’re doing an amazing job managing your time with your baby with work, personal life, etc. It’s so hard! I sincerely hope you ignore comments like this.

      And hey Becky, I truly feel sorry for you. It’s pathetic that you seem to derive enjoyment from coming to someone else’s blog to tear them down. I hope you own your own issues, as you so rudely advised Anne to do, and get some counseling to improve your own personal happiness. Own it. Etc.

  7. 19

    Hi Anne. I just had #2! Yikes, 5 weeks early (a 35 week-er) and the new small baby phase is freaking me out because his brother popped out at 42 weeks nice and plump and ready to nurse. Both of mine had tongue ties which created toe curling nipple pain. I had the tongue tip clipped on day 2, oy, because I knew what it was like from the first one. But, doing tongue and lip clipping alleviates nipple pain, late onset milk reduction, and so forth….. I hope it really helps you. It helped us the last time and I think it will this time. Since baby 2 was so early he is still getting over the “neurologically immature” phase and I think is getting stronger and better at nursing every day.

    Also, I find your meals inspiring – they looks simple, healthy, and satisfying. Not crazy or having supplements. (I’m SO over supplements and “superfoods”.) Thanks for the inspo! Many hugs from the Aloha State (otherwise known as the Rainbow State). :) xo

    • 20

      Thank you Dana :) And a big congratulations on your new addition! I know that toe-curling breastfeeding pain very well… had a lot of that especially the first week. Wish I’d known to do the lip tie procedure earlier! Oh well… I’ll know for next time. :)

  8. 21

    Will have to try Yayla Bistro sometime – that food looks amazing! Hope you guys are staying safe inside with this crazy wind and getting some family time :)

  9. 22

    These meals look so good! I would have to say the best thing I had this past week was probably the homemade chicken quesidillas we made. We usually have those at least once a month and they’re always a hit!

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