Spring is here + DC Cherry Blossom Photos

Hello and happy Friday! Exciting news: the DC Cherry Blossoms are officially out and looking fabulous! I think it’s safe to say that spring is FINALLY here. :)

dc cherry blossoms 2014

The Washington Post blog reports that the blossoms hit peak bloom this morning. They have some great photos in that post, too!

washington dc cherry blossoms 2014

washington dc cherry blossoms 2014

Aren’t they gorgeous?

washington dc cherry blossoms 2014

I was lucky enough to pay two visits to the blossoms yesterday – I had a lot of really long workdays earlier in the week (well, more like since January 2nd…) so yesterday I gave myself some time off to play. After teaching at GW early in the morning, I met my friend Karen for coffee around 9 a.m. and since it was so nice out we decided to stroll down to the tidal basin to see the action. Such a BEAUTIFUL morning and so fun to catch up with Karen, too. :)


On our walk down, we discovered that the Washington Monument construction appears to be done! There are still fences around the perimeter but hopefully those will come down soon. :)


I returned to the cherry blossoms again after work with Matt – he was downtown for a conference yesterday and wanted to make sure to see them, too! I love this picture – it was WINDY yesterday evening!


I’m hoping that they will still be around next week for an early morning run adventure – would love to see them at sunrise!

On the eating front, Matt and I are still doing our cooking challenge! We moved it to Tuesday nights though since Matt now has soccer on Mondays. This week was my turn and I decided to surprise Matt with one of his favorites: pho!

homemade chicken pho

He was pumped. :) And I was pumped that it was nice enough to eat dinner on our porch!


To make the pho, I followed an EatingWell recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken Pho. It was easy and delicious – definitely recommend it! Basically, you cook two bone-in chicken breasts in some chicken broth and seasonings in the slow cooker for either 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low. Then remove the chicken and shred it, and add the noodles and some bok choy into the cooker, cook for another 30 minutes, then add the chicken back in and serve! Easy.



Don’t forget the bean sprouts, basil and cilantro, and lime garnish. :)



As for workouts this week, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Monday: Morning 40 minute swim
  • Tuesday: Evening CrossFit class – tough one! We worked on snatches for the strength move and then the WOD was the following: 1200m run + 63 kettlebell swings + 36 pull ups (I used a band), then 800m run + 42 KB swings + 24 pull ups, then 400m run + 21 KB swings + 12 pull ups. WHEW!!
  • Wednesday: Only had 30 minutes to spare so did a little morning run + boot camp outside on my own – 1 mile fast run + one more 1 mile run with stops for lunges, squats, and side shuffles. Did the job!
  • Thursday: rest (but lots of walking to and from cherry blossoms!)
  • Friday: planning to get in a lunch time workout – probably kickboxing!

Matt and I are off to NYC this weekend for another wedding! We’re planning to get in a run at least one of the days while there – I’ve missed it since I didn’t do much running this week! I hope the weather will be as lovely there as it’s supposed to be here in DC. Have a wonderful weekend and see you guys on Monday. :)

Of Interest:

  • DC area peeps: the NOVA Girls On the Run (GOTR) chapter is hosting two fun 5ks on May 17 and 18. GOTR is a nonprofit that seeks to inspire young girls to be strong, healthy, confident women through a fun and integrative curriculum-based running program. Great cause to support! More info here.
  • Also for DC area peeps: Roam Fitness is offering FREE weekend OutRuns (an outdoor run + boot camp combo) in April. I LOVE their OutRuns so this is awesome! The weekend ones are basically longer, harder versions of their weekday OutRun workouts – they are usually around 90 minutes or more. Check out their class schedule to sign up.
  • From blog reader Rachel: If you are interested in signing up for one of the national Diva Dash 5ks (there’s one in DC in August, but any location will work for the discount), use code AXNCRCSTRONG for $10 off your registration and her nonprofit (NCRC) will get $5.


  1. 1

    Cute pho bowls! I love pho, but rarely make it myself.

    I’m going into DC this weekend. Can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms :D

  2. 2

    The cherry blossoms look beautiful. Enjoy!

  3. 3

    This Pho looks awesome! Definitely will be making this weekend!

  4. 4

    Sounds like some awesome workouts! The food looks awesome by the way, totally something I will have to make at home :). Have a great weekend in NYC!

  5. 5

    Those pictures are gorgeous! Nothing is blooming in Massachusetts yet, but I’m looking forward to the crab apple tree in my backyard doing that at the end of the month! It reminds me of the cherry blossoms!

  6. 6

    I saw that OutRun workout this weekend and am really hoping I can go!! I have a friend in town from NYC and am trying to convince her to do it with me instead of sleeping in…we shall see! Have fun at the wedding!

  7. 9

    How sad is it that I’ve lived 30 minutes away from DC (Annapolis born and raised!) all my life and I’ve NEVER seen the cherry blossoms?

  8. 11

    I am loving this beautiful spring weather! I hope it stays like this for a while! I hope you and your husband have a fun weekend in NYC!

  9. 12

    Love the Girls on the Run shout out! I am an intern and coach for the New Orleans chapter and we have our 5K May 10th :)

    • 13

      Awesome! I’ve always wanted to coach for them – someday I hope it will work with my schedule! Such a great organization.

  10. 14

    Spring has definitely arrived…strawberries taste awesome, the evenings are bright and I can outside wearing Toms again! :) Have a great weekend!!! Oh n well done on the Crossfit workout, sounds like a tough one! What were you using for the swings? Was it for time?

  11. 15
    Roadrunner says

    Finally, spring is here, indeed. Thx for chronicling it! Beautiful pics!

  12. 16

    Thank you for sharing pictures of the cherry blossoms! I’ve gotten to see them twice in person, and I look forward to people posting pictures every year :)

  13. 17

    Great photos!
    The pho recipe looks perfect – easy and healthy!!

  14. 18

    Gorgeous flowers. I feel like the Cherry Blossoms in DC are very much like the Blue Bonnets in Texas. Once we get to April, everyone’s looking out for the blue bonnets because it isn’t spring until we see them.

  15. 19

    Anne!! I have a semi-scary Pho obsession and you don’t know how excited this post made me to try a new recipe :) I love your Challenge…I think we need to institute it around these parts…or maybe I should just convince my Matt to cook every night…I kid, I kid ;)

  16. 20

    Love the cherry blossom photos – so beautiful!

  17. 21

    I would love to see the cherry blossoms! They are so pretty. This is honestly the best time of year…everything is blooming and soooo gorgeous!

  18. 22

    Nice photos…love the way you write about them

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