Fun with Macro Lenses

Happy day after Christmas!


The presents have been opened, wrapping paper and ribbon is strewn about the house, and we are busy getting organized to leave for Europe tomorrow!

We’re just hoping this doesn’t interfere:


I mean, the weathermen are always wrong about huge snowstorms, right? Right?? (Actually, the snow “storm” has already been downgraded from 3 to 10 inches to 1 to 3 inches, and the flurries have stopped already. Here’s hoping they ARE right about that!)

Amidst the laundry and thank-you note writing, I made time for a hilly 4.2 mile run with my brother and a delicious leftover-tastic lunch!


First up — a tasty salad packed with pretty much all the produce in our fridge I could find — must use as much of it up as possible before we leave!



Yum! Mixed greens topped with mushrooms, snap peas, red pepper, feta, and some balsamic vinaigrette.


Next up — the leftover special sandwich!


A whole wheat pita topped with leftover turkey, cranberry & apple relish, and spinach. Yummm! Toasted, of course ;)


What’s your favorite use for leftover turkey? I love it in soup, too.

In other news, I got a new macro lens for my camera for Christmas (this one) and I’ve been enjoying playing around with it! It’s kind of insane how close you can get to stuff.

New macro lens:


Old lens:


Quite the difference, huh?!

More macro lens fun — pancakes from Christmas morning!



The only problem with a macro — you have to be really good at holding your camera as still as possible! I need to work on this :) …Or get a tripod ;)


Mmmm… more macro lens fun with these AMAZINGLY delicious homemade Espresso Maple Salted Pecans that the sweet miss Lauren sent me for Christmas:


(Her recipe is in this post. So good and addictive. The sweet/salty combo is the key!)


I’m off to get organized — hope you’re all enjoying the rest of your holiday breaks!


  1. 1

    Looks like Santa was good to you. Have a safe flight. It has gone from snow in Atlanta to snow flurries and the wind is very strong.The weather people were right on target with us, but it is always bad when it comes up from the gulf. Those pancakes look really good.

  2. 2

    I’m asking for a macro for my bday in January- I’m always amazed at how gorgeous the pictures are!!

  3. 3

    How fun! I am saving up for all of the food photography essentials :) Love the pics!

  4. 4

    Love the lens! Super great photos!:)

  5. 5

    I love messing around with camera things. So much fun to see the new things you can do. Hope your plans aren’t thwarted by weather!

  6. 6

    Beautiful photos! Your new lens is amazing. I’m hoping the snow doesn’t affect your trip! Have fun :)

  7. 7

    You are such a great photographer–I got one a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to get nearly as good pics! I think *you* should give a photography lesson at one of the next blog confs…or just give me a lesson! :) Have fun in Germany!

    • 8

      Aw, thanks! The funny thing is – I still have no idea how to use the settings on my camera. Most of the time I’m just on auto no flash. Shameful! So for me, it’s all about the interesting angles :) I’m actually taking a local 2 hour photography class soon (thanks, Groupon!) though to hopefully figure out all those other crazy settings :)

  8. 9

    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and so glad you love the pecans.
    I wish you safe travels over seas. :)

  9. 10

    Super jealous of your macro lens–your pictures are absolutely beautiful :)

  10. 11

    I love, love, love my macro lens. Though I agree with you, a tripod helps a lot. That is the only downside of dslrs- I feel like one purchase leads to another. For me first came the macro, then another faster lens, a tripod, and now lights. So addictive!

    • 12

      Gah! I totally agree. I definitely want a tripod now, and my friend is telling me I really need an external flash now, too… haha. It never ends!

      • 13

        I hear you. I thought initially the cost of my camera body was expensive – well not compared to everything I’ve added on. No external flash yet, but I’m sure eventually. Between blogs, friends and taking camera classes I feel like I am constantly covering other people’s stuff and learning about new toys I want.

  11. 14

    Congrats on the macro! I have a 50mm f/1.8 but would like something a little different. Have a great time in Europe!

  12. 15

    Scrolling from the snow picture to the salad picture, for a moment I thought the sprinkles of feta were snow. Hahahaha.

  13. 17

    Have fun in Germany! Where abouts in Germany will you be? My sister lives in Germany {Dusseldorf} & we plan on making a visit out there next year!

  14. 19

    Ooooh, so jealous of your macro lens!! Can’t wait to see all your amazing pics.

    Have a fANNEtastic time in Europe lady!!!

  15. 20

    OOOO fun! I love macro pictures :)
    Hope you made it out and are on your way to Europe!!!


  16. 21

    I don’t have a macro lens (yet) but I’ve heard that if you use your self-timer you can really cut down on camera shake! You can try that until you get a tripod.

  17. 22

    Good luck getting out!! :) Enjoy the Europe trip!!!

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