Stay Hydrated While Running with Florida OJ (+ giveaway)

Thank you to the Florida Department of Citrus for sponsoring this post!

Hi guys! You know what I’m loving lately? The fact that this gorgeous warm and sunny weather in DC has arrived right when I’m able to start doing casual runs with friends again! Hooray – it’s amazing what some sunshine and sweat-filled miles will do for my mood.

running in dc

I had the best run on Saturday – I met two of my best friends from college for some miles around the monuments in DC and it was THE most beautiful morning for it. Gorgeous weather + endorphins + chatting with two best friends = fabulous way to start the day.

run with the girls

As you guys know, I’m still cautiously getting back into running now that Riese is 5 months old. I started running again about two months ago, but very sparingly. I started at about a half mile, and since then I have been doing about one run per week, steadily increasing distance (with walking breaks in the mix, though, too). My goal isn’t to do anything super long or to train for any big races right now, but running is amazing for me in terms of stress relief and helping me feel amazing inside – not only because of the endorphins, but also because I use it as social time – and so I’ve wanted to get to a place where I can comfortably meet friends for 4 to 6 mile runs again. Slowly but surely I’ve been getting there!


The farthest I’d run before Saturday was 3.5 miles, so I was thinking I’d do around that or maybe up to 4 miles depending how I felt. Well, what do you know – with the great company and the weather I felt good and didn’t want to stop, so I actually did my longest run in over a year – 5 miles!! Man, it had been a LONG time since I saw that distance on my watch. We took a ton of walking breaks for photos, stoplights, dodging tourists, etc., which definitely helped – I don’t think I could have run 5 miles straight through – but I was really excited about it. I forgot to stop my watch during a bunch of our breaks so the pace isn’t accurate, but I wanted to document my longest run in nearly a year. :)

postpartum run

Now that I’m starting to get back into running again, and with the summer heat on its way, one thing I’m going need to make sure to prioritize is staying hydrated! I’ve always made staying hydrated a priority (I never go anywhere without a water bottle in my purse), and I drink water all day at home, too, but now it’s even more top of mind because I’m extra thirsty due to breastfeeding! And breastfeeding thirst on top of getting back into running in summer thirst is going to require some serious fluid.

To stay adequately hydrated when exercising in the heat, you’ll want to take in about 16 to 20 oz. (~475 to 600 mL) of water/fluid per hour. This number will vary based on how much you sweat and how hot it is outside, but it’s a good starting place and you can adjust as needed.

I love water, but it’s nice to mix it up. Staying hydrated is crucial, but also remembering to re-hydrate after a workout helps re-fuel your body for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is National Orange Juice Day, so I decided it was perfect timing to throw together my old fave homemade sport drink! I’ve made variations of this for years and it always hits the spot. It is such a simple and delicious way to re-hydrate after a long run, and I know exactly what is going in my drink because it is homemade.

florida OJ sport drink3

To make this single serve quick and easy homemade sport drink that gives you a serving of fruit (rather than food coloring…), simply mix together 1/2 cup of Florida Orange Juice, 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of pure maple syrup, and a hefty pinch of salt! 100% orange juice provides fluid and simple carbohydrates that are easy to digest, resulting in a quick blood sugar boost for immediate energy, and the maple syrup adds some extra, slower burning energy. The Florida OJ also adds vitamin C, folate, and potassium to the mix, in addition to being delicious. :)

Florida OJ sport drink2

And now, just for fun, my friends at Florida OJ are offering one lucky fANNEtastic food reader an awesome surprise fitness-themed gift bag to help you celebrate National OJ Day and feeling #AmazingInside! I’m helping to pick out the gift bag goodies and you won’t be disappointed, I promise. :) To enter to win, use the Rafflecopter widget below. U.S. residents only, please! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

p.s. I’m taking over the @FloridaOrangeJuice Instagram account today – I’d love if you popped over to say hi! And in the meantime, learn more about National OJ Day and ways to celebrate by visiting the Florida Department of Citrus website, and by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. 1
    Beth R. says:

    I haven’t had orange juice in a long time…but my favorite way to enjoy it was just straight up. (Extra pulp because I’m one of those people….)

  2. 2
    Ashley says:

    Can’t drink much of it due to acid but my kids love it!

  3. 4

    I mix it with yellow cake mix for a tart cake and then mix a little oj in with cool whip or real buttercream to frost!

  4. 5

    this is great, thanks!

  5. 6
    Kaitlin K says:

    I like to add it to asian recipes for a little sweetness!

  6. 7

    We’ve had some amazing running weather this week here in DC – I’m loving it, too!

  7. 8

    My mom always made orange French toast. Use OJ instead of milk with the egg batter. Dust with powdered sugar. So yummy and so special!!!

  8. 11

    Matt drank an entire bottle of OJ in like two days when he was sick. All I could think of was heartburn.

  9. 13
    Megan W says:

    I’ve had some issues recently with severe dehydration after exercise – I will definitely try this!

  10. 14

    I like to use OJ in marinades. Easier than squeezing oranges and just as tasty.

  11. 15

    I like it straight up! But it’s delish in marinades too.

  12. 16

    In my morning smoothie. Every day.

  13. 17

    love using it in a homemade sports drink!

  14. 18

    What a fun giveaway! Thank you for offering this! Oj sounds so good right now with the temperatures increasing!

  15. 19
    Leah H. says:

    Mimosas are the best with freshly squeezed OJ!

  16. 20
    Elizabeth says:

    I love mixing it with Coconut La Croix! It’s an excellent, summer-y, mocktail!

  17. 22
    Bethany says:

    I love OJ and can’t wait to try this homemade drink, but my favorite part of this post is Freyja on her back in that last picture! My dog does the same thing in the summer with grass.

  18. 26
    Stephanie says:

    Fun giveaway!

  19. 27
    Charlotte says:

    I’ve never thought to make my own sports drink!

  20. 28

    Straight up!

  21. 29

    Typically I like to consume OJ just straight up but I love your recipe idea here! And I have used it to make some amazing slow cooker pulled pork before.

  22. 31
    Allison D says:

    I have been training with your sports and just introduced my training partner to it last weekend! Love the salty sweet combo with no fake taste!

  23. 33

    I mix juice with diet soda or seltzer water.

  24. 34

    My favorite way to enjoy OJ is straight up!

  25. 35
    Kimberly says:

    I love orange juice with pulp… although lately because pregnancy/ breastfeeding I’ve been getting the Vit D and calcium fortified OJ, which sadly is pulp-free.

  26. 36

    My favorite way to enjoy OJ straight up with breakfast, or mimosa’s :)

  27. 37
    Laura Swanson says:

    I like OJ in my smoothies!

  28. 38
    Charlsie N says:

    in a smoothie!!!

  29. 39

    Did someone say mimosa? It’s like a little bit of my home state her in SC.

  30. 40

    I love it plain and crisp cold or with fruit chunks in it.

  31. 41
    Michaela says:

    Yum! (:

  32. 42

    I don’t drink a ton of juice because I usually just want a cup and then the rest of the carton sits in the fridge, but I am a fan of straight up juice. I also started making your electrolyte drink last summer and love it!

  33. 43

    Straight up and smoothies!

  34. 44

    I keep orange juice in the house for just drinking and I also use it when I pack cut apples in my kids lunch boxes. Soaking the apples in a little orange juice keeps them from turning brown until lunchtime and gives them an extra yummy flavor!

  35. 46
    Emily A says:

    In mimosas…!

  36. 47

    I drank the heck out of some OJ when I pregnant. Also grapefruit? Weird!

  37. 48
    Grace Jemison says:

    Yum! I love OJ as a part of a big, slow weekend brunch (preferably with champagne!)

  38. 49

    I haven’t had OJ in years but maybe I should give it a try again!

  39. 50
    Kacie L says:

    I usually drink it plain but I will also bake with it sometimes.

  40. 51

    I love OJ straight up! Or as part of a smoothie

  41. 52
    Bianca Munoz says:

    Straight up! And I love the pic of you wearing your baby. What kind of carrier is that?

  42. 54
    Jessica C says:

    Straight up!!

  43. 55

    I like be OJ mixed into a salad dressing!

  44. 56
    Erin m. says:

    I enjoy it straight up.

  45. 57
    Linda F says:

    I like it straight up but also use it in fruit dips!

  46. 58

    I’m almost 14 weeks pregnant and still in that place where staying hydrated is difficult because water tastes disgusting. OJ has been one of my favorite treats! And, lucky me, I live in FL and have access to lots of excellent fresh stuff!

  47. 62

    Love the idea of a homemade sports drink! Going to have to try that!

  48. 63

    My morning hasn’t started until I have my OJ!

  49. 64
    Michel says:

    I really love it plain

  50. 65

    i Love having orange juice with my peanut butter toast in the morning!

  51. 66
    Roadrunner says:

    Sounds terrific, and will try it! (But how did you get your dog to pose like that for the final photo?) Thanks!

  52. 68
    Amber P. says:

    Straight up, in a mimosa, or in a homemade orange Julius!

  53. 69

    I enjoy OJ straight up.

  54. 70
    Samantha says:

    I love OJ! I am 7 months postpartum and also slowly trying to get back into running. I enjoy reading your back to fitness journey.

  55. 72

    Mostly love it in mimosas! Might need to try your sport drink though!

  56. 73
    Lauren B says:

    There’s nothing like straight up fresh squeeze florida OJ!

  57. 74
    goseigirl says:

    Love pulpy OJ straight up. Your sports drink recipe sounds great – will have to try before my gym workouts.

  58. 76
    paige o says:

    In a mimosa when not pregnant!

  59. 77

    I love a splash of OJ in french toast batter!

  60. 78
    Katie S says:

    Pulpy OJ, especially in a mimosa ;)

  61. 79

    Gotta try your sports drink!

  62. 80
    Elizabeth Beil says:

    I have not used OJ in some time, but I love it for a great dressing, adding a splash!

  63. 81
    Sarah L says:

    I love to use OJ in homemade salad dressings.

  64. 82
    Maggie C says:

    I love putting orange juice in smoothies!!

  65. 83
    Jackie says:

    Defintely straight up!

  66. 84
    Colleen says:

    Often use it when I forget to buy a lemon for a recipe- citrus family?

  67. 86
    Amanda says:

    I like to use it in a smoothie :)

  68. 87
    Amanda S. says:

    I love orange juice all by itself, or in a “cold buster” smoothie!

  69. 88
    Kristen says:

    I like a splash of OJ with club soda!

  70. 89
    tabitha says:

    I like to drink in plain. Somrtimes with vodka! lol

  71. 90

    I love OJ with pulp, but I also love OJ in carnitas!

  72. 91

    I LOVE the idea of a homemade sports drink!!! So excited to make this :)

  73. 92

    Pulp free for me!

  74. 93
    Teresa L. Eskew says:

    Congratulations on your run.
    My favorite way to drink Florida O.J. is to mix it with sparkling water.

  75. 94
    Kelley says:

    Congrats on the run!!

    I need some more OJ in my life. Yum!! I’m looking forward to freezing some into pops for the summer too!

  76. 97
    Hannah says:

    Orange creamsicle smoothies for me!

  77. 98
    Lauren says:

    there is something about a cold glass of OJ that is just so refreshing! I will have to try the sports drink recipe!

  78. 99
    Alissa says:

    Great recovery drink! I love to blend orange juice with ice for a nice frothy treat.

  79. 100

    Tropical fruit smoothie

  80. 101
    MaryBeth says:

    Love OJ! It was my biggest pregnancy craving with my first daughter.

  81. 102

    With champagne:)

  82. 103
    colleenmarie says:

    We love to drink it straight!!

  83. 104
    Colleen says:

    Mimosa :)

  84. 105

    I like to make a creamsicle smoothie with coconut milk and frozen OJ! So good after a hot run

  85. 107
    Nicole Zerbini says:

    We love freezing OJ in ice cube trays for a refreshing treat to add to our water!

  86. 108
    meredith maguire says:

    Straight up, mixed with sprite when Im sick or anythime as a mimosa! :O)

  87. 109
    Sarah B. says:

    I cannot drink OJ straight because of issues with my bladder and acidity, but I do like mixing it into homemade dressings and marinades. It’s great on salmon!

  88. 110
    Samantha says:

    I love using Florida OJ straight up, so delicious.

  89. 111

    I have a cookie recipe that calls for OJ.
    It is so yummy!

  90. 112

    My friend makes a vanilla cake, substituting orange juice for the milk – it is sooo good! I also like using it in salad dressings.

  91. 113

    Straight up for this native Floridian!

  92. 114

    Love oj. Drink it straight/low sugar.

  93. 115

    I love it in salad dressings and sauces. It adds a tangy zip!

  94. 116
    Amanda Whitley says:

    i like to drink it straight

  95. 117
    Rachel Travis says:

    I love a big ol’ glass of cold OJ!

  96. 118
    Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    We love it frozen in popsicles!

  97. 119
    Deidra says:

    I love a glass or two of really cold oj!

  98. 120

    OJ is our juice of choice around here–especially the calcium fortified kind, since my kids are not fans of drinking milk! I also like to use it in baking to add citrus flavor.

  99. 121

    I usually just drink it straight up. It is good for marinades though. I’ve also used it to make a salad dressing.

  100. 122
    Anny Banouvong says:

    I usually drink it straight up or in my smoothies!

  101. 123

    I love it in smoothies

  102. 124

    Thanks for the recipe! Does the acid from the oj ever bother you while running? I’ve never tried it, but had some orange slices during a half once that felt horrible. Might have just been the day, but would love to try this out and have a more natural way to rehydrate.

    • 125

      I find that cutting it with water (vs. just having straight OJ) makes it fine for me – but that may not be the case for you! Try it again and see how it goes. :)

  103. 126

    I use it in smoothies and straight up too!

  104. 127
    Elizabeth Brooks says:

    Love in my smoothies

  105. 128
    Connie Biksacky says:

    Well chilled!

  106. 129
    Katie B says:

    I like OJ straight up…or mixed with vanilla ice cream!

  107. 130
    Danielle Petersen says:

    We don’t buy OJ often, but when we have it, I love it just straight up in a glass!!!
    I have poured it over salmon with some seasonings and it gives the fish an amazing citrus flavor!

  108. 131

    I enjoy oj mainly in marinades or in salad dressing! If I have it in a drink. & like it along w other fruit juices in a mimosa :)

  109. 132
    rana durham says:

    i love orange juice becsuse i can use it so many different with just droinking it, grilling anf etc.

  110. 133

    Smoothies or homemade orange ice pops!

  111. 134
    Lynne Torgersen says:

    I like it over ice so it’s nice and cold.

  112. 135

    Love the all natural sports drink idea!

  113. 136
    Vera K says:

    Sometimes I mix OJ with grapefruit juice – delightful!

  114. 137

    Normally straight up, but that sports drink sounds fantastic!

  115. 138

    Yummy! Can’t wait to try it!

  116. 139
    Ashley Selvey says:

    I love to use OJ in my post-long run smoothies, especially in the summer months when I am craving tangy smoothies vs. creamy ones.

  117. 140
    Danielle says:

    I like using it in salad dressing or marinades.

  118. 141

    I’ve tried your sports drink recipe and it’s sooo good! Now that it’s heating up here in DC it’s time to make more!

  119. 142

    I love it straight up :)

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