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Hi friends! I’m back to share some additional food and fitness highlights from the past few days! First up – these crepes that Matt whipped up for us on Saturday morning. His parents gifted us a breakfast club membership for Christmas that mails us fun breakfast provisions every month or so, and this month we were sent a crepe flour mix! They were so good – he filled one with plain Greek yogurt and blueberries, and the other with almond butter and strawberries. Nice way to mix it up from pancakes!


I’ve been enjoying the leftover crepes as afternoon snacks… it has been nice to have those on hand.

Another recent food highlight was these egg BLTs (well, BLs… no tomato, boo) that we had for lunch over the weekend. I could pretty much always eat a BLT… love them! Especially with the addition of a fried egg… and avocado would have been good, too.


I also had a really good lunch salad last week that I hadn’t made in ages – a variation on my Quinoa Taco Salad (<- recipe) but with brown rice instead of quinoa since it’s what I had on hand. I also added some chopped baby spinach to the mix. Why are messy Mexican bowls so delicious?! I’m going to make another one for lunch today!

homemade taco salad

As for recent fitness, I had a great run on Saturday morning with friends! It was such a gorgeous day for it and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to start running again more recently. I’ll talk more about the run in detail in Thursday’s blog post, but for now, I wanted to highlight the cute shorts I was wearing – yes, they are shorts, but they look like a skirt! So fun, right?! They are the Avenue 5” Running Short (affiliate link) and they were a gift from Brooks as part of my ongoing sponsored Run Happy Blogger Ambassadorship with the brand.

running shorts that looks like a skirt

I LOVE them – so comfortable and cute. The outer part is flowy shorts making it look like a skirt with pleats, and the underneath is spandex shorts that were also really comfy, and, as I’m highlighting in the photo on the right, have a nice big pocket that fits your iphone, or a credit card, fuel, etc. My only complaint is that I wish they had another smaller pocket in the waistband for a key. Overall, though, two big thumbs up.

The other gear Brooks sent me to test out this month was a cute black tank I wore to this morning’s workout date with the girls! (Sorry for the terrible orange lighting!) This is the Stealth Tank (affiliate link), and I love it so much I’m going to buy it in the two other available colors (white and teal). It just fits really well, and right now a lot of my tank tops do not! I love that it’s fitted but not tight – very flattering cut, and great lightweight wicking material, too. I love the mesh part at the very top, as well – nice detail that adds some extra air but without having your cleavage out on display. (The fun pants are also Brooks, but sadly old ones that are no longer available.)

definitions dc workout4

After having to cancel the past 2 weeks of workout dates with the girls due to being sick, I was so excited to be reunited with them this morning! We took a celebratory jumping photo after class using the 10 second timer on my phone that required multiple attempts. Lol!

boot camp class in georgetown dc

Have a nice day guys!

Tell me about a fun workout or run you did recently!


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    I’ve been loving taking classes at the Peloton studio once a week. It’s such a fun way to switch things up from my usual gym and gives me a completely different workout. Lots of friends in different states have the bike at home so we end up “riding” together.

    • 2

      How fun! I’ve been hearing a lot about Peloton bikes lately!

      • 3

        Next time you are in NYC I’d highly recommend taking a class (studio is on 23rd btwn 6th & 7th). Most are 45 minutes but some are free 30 minute walk-in ones – they give you shoes, water and towel. My friends with kids love having the bike at home so they can take a class live or do them on demand when they have time. Personally I like being at a studio for the energy but I can see why it works well for them.

        • 4

          How does it compare to places like Flywheel and Soul Cycle?

          • 5

            I have not taken classes at either but I always found other spin classes lacked energy, could be intimidating and I wasn’t comfortable on the bikes. These bikes are very smooth, easy to adjust and there is always energy in the class, especially the live dj ones. The instructors, even those who aren’t my favorites, are especially encouraging at just the right moment when you want to give up. I really like the cadence and resistance are by numbers you can see on the screen and adjust accordingly.

            Usually I hate classes but I find these to be uplifting even when I’m dying lol

  2. 7

    Wow, those crepes look and sound awesome! I, too love BLT’s or BLAT’s with avocado. Hope you have a great week!

  3. 8

    That tank looks great- I love the air flow at the top and the fit looks ideal for me right now. I’m ordering one via your affiliate link! :)

  4. 10
    Roadrunner says

    Great to follow your food and fitness endeavors! Well done!

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