Summer Shape Up: Coming to a Computer Near You!

Hi friends! Just wanted to pop in quickly to share that my friend Gina and I will be partnering up again this month to bring you all a fun Summer Shape Up!


As you guys know, we first partnered together in January to bring you the Winter Shape Up. What are these shape ups? They’re totally free and fun month long challenges that aim to inspire you to stay active and amp up your nutrition. Gina is a personal trainer, so over on her blog she’ll be sharing some great weekly workouts. Over here, you can expect weekly healthy meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and snack ideas! Also, by popular demand, this year all the meal plans will be in PDF format so you can print them out and put them on the fridge! :)

The #SummerShapeUp will run from this coming Monday, June 16 to Sunday, July 13. I hope you guys are as excited as we are! Check the blog on Friday for a link to the first week’s meal plan and grocery list – I’ll be sharing them on Fridays so that you have time to go shopping over the weekend if you want to participate/follow the meal plan.

Even though I’m sharing meal plans, as you guys know, I’m a huge fan of intuitive eating, so I encourage you to change up the plan as it works for you. Meal plans are not one size fits all! You may need more or less than is noted in the plan, and that’s okay. Listen to your body! Also – this challenge isn’t meant to be any sort of extreme diet or weight loss challenge. Our goal is simply to inspire you to get (and stay!) healthier and happier. Don’t focus on weight, but rather the foods and habits that will encourage weight loss, if that is your overall goal. Let weight loss (or maintenance) be a side effect of behavior change. And above all, aim for feeling healthy and happy. A number on the scale will not make you any happier than you are right now. But strength, confidence, feeling great, and living healthier will.

Do I need to sign up to participate?

Nope! That’s the beauty of this challenge – it’s flexible! Just join in anytime you want, and consider joining the private Summer Shape Up Facebook group to support and share with your fellow participants. And if you want to get a head start, check out Gina’s post on setting yourself up for Summer Shape Up success!

How do I keep track of all of the info?

I’ll be sharing a link on Friday to the first week’s meal plan as well as to a landing page/home base for the Summer Shape Up, where you will easily be able to find links to each week’s meal plans and workouts. We’ll also be sharing some great giveaways from our sponsors each week.

So – who’s in? :)


  1. 1

    So exciting!! Can’t wait!

  2. 2

    sweet! i’ve been waiting & am looking forward to the recipes :)

  3. 3

    I’ve participating in Summer Shape Up for the past three years, but never the Winter Shape Up. I’m so excited for the meal plan!! Thanks!

  4. 4

    I recently read Gina’s post about this and I’m so excited! Can’t wait for the workouts and recipes!

  5. 5

    I’m in. Think this might be just what i need. i feel i am in a food rut and struggling to eat good fats incase i gain weight as i am struggling to lose. Also i have a bad habit of not eating enough and craving sugar so this should really help be refoucus. Thank you.

  6. 6

    I love how this plan is flexible! I didn’t realize that! I have a vacation smack dab in the middle of the shape up, so maybe I’ll give this a try for a week or two after my vacay :) Love both you and Gina!

  7. 7

    I loved the Winter Shape-Up, so I can’t wait to try out the Summer Shape-Up as well!

  8. 8

    So excited to participate in this, after I get back from vacay in a couple weeks! I love picking another RD’s mind so to speak for meal planning/recipes and I love trying new workout as well. What a great duo!

  9. 9

    I love the SUmmer ’14 SSU graphic — so cute! Thanks for the inspiration, Anne & Gina!

  10. 10

    I did the Summer Shape Up last year and loved it! I’m excited this year and interested in seeing the meal ideas. We are vegan and I know some of your recipes work for us or since they use real ingredients I can modify them.

  11. 13
    Rocío Arroyo says

    Totally in! Thanks so much you both for giving us this chance. I think it’s a wonderful idea :)

  12. 14

    Thanks for doing this! I’m in!

  13. 15

    Making my grocery list! Thanks!

  14. 16

    I can’t wait to see the nutrition plan! I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult to follow for a working mom! And hoping it will be fairly easy to make it dairy free!

  15. 18

    Hey! Just wondering where the link for the menu for Week 1 is. It says you posted in Friday, but I can’t find it! I would appreciate the guidance :)

  16. 20

    Yay! Thanks for including gf options. Loved winter shape up. Looking forward to this one!

  17. 21

    Yay I’m so excited! I have been following Gina’s blog for some time now and am so excited to be introduced to your blog and meal plans through Summer Shape up! I can’t wait to try it out!

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