Winter Shape Up 2014

Welcome to home base for the 2014 Winter Shape Up!


My friend Gina and I have partnered up to bring you this fun 4 week challenge to inspire you to kick off the year on the right foot in terms of fitness and nutrition. Gina is a personal trainer, so on her site, you’ll find the weekly workout plans for the challenge, including videos, and here on mine, I’ll be sharing the weekly meal plans. Gina has hosted Winter Shape Ups on her blog for a couple years now, so I’m excited to join in on the fun!


This year’s winter shape up will run from Monday, January 27 to Sunday, February 23. Here are links to all the content (this page will be updated as the new pages are published). {As always, check with your doctor before making any exercise or nutrition changes.} More details and the answers to some questions you might have are below!

#WinterShapeUp Glossary:


Before I get into all the details, I’d like to say a big thank you to our Winter Shape Up sponsors! They will be donating some awesome prizes that you can win simply for participating, the details of which will be in each of our weekly posts.

Winter Shape Up sponsors

Sponsors: White Plum | Sabra | Reebok | Cabot | Sizzlefish | Stonyfield | FitFluential

Here are some tips for getting the most out of this fun 4 week challenge:

  • Visualize a goal. What’s your intention behind joining in on the Winter Shape Up? Looking to shake up your routine? Feel more energized? Get stronger? Eat more veggies? Whatever it is, write down what you’d like to accomplish and remind yourself daily for the next 4 weeks. Keep in mind: this isn’t an extreme weight loss plan, but simply a challenge to inspire you to get (and stay!) healthier and happier this year. Don’t focus on weight, but rather the foods and habits that will encourage weight loss, if that is your overall goal. Let weight loss (or maintenance) be a side effect of behavior change. And above all, aim for feeling healthy and happy. A number on the scale will not make you any happier than you are right now. But strength, confidence, feeling great, and living healthier will.
  • Consistency. The greatest way to achieve a new fitness or health goal is consistency. Stick with it and remember that the little things definitely add up! Be gentle with yourself throughout the challenge, and endeavor to be consistent in your actions, but don’t beat yourself up if you have an off day. Also, be patient with the long term changes. They will come if you focus on making your healthy changes an everyday lifestyle.
  • Engage with your fellow participants! Please consider joining the private Facebook group for the Winter Shape Up! It will be a welcoming place where you can be a cheerleader for yourself and other Winter Shape Up participants. Just request to be added and we’ll approve you so you can share your successes and challenges and encourage everyone else along the way. We want to make this a fun and helpful community for everyone involved, so please make sure to check in each day with your workout, pictures of your healthy eats, and to cheer each other on!

  • Get social with #WinterShapeUp ! We’d love to hear how you guys are doing with this challenge! If you share updates or photos on social media, please include #WinterShapeUp and, if you have space, tag both myself (@fANNEtasticfood– follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!) and Gina (@fitnessista) so we can see! :) You are also welcome to snag this graphic to put in your posts or on your blog sidebar, if you want! Simply copy the code under the graphic and paste it into an html widget on your blog sidebar or into the source/html code section of your blog post and the graphic will appear!

Winter Shape Up

Do I need to sign up to participate?

Nope! That’s the beauty of this challenge – it’s flexible! Just join in anytime you want, and consider joining the private Winter Shape Up Facebook group to support and share with your fellow participants.

How do I enter for prizes?!

We’ll each have giveaways going on each week from our awesome sponsors, ranging from athletic apparel to food and coupons. Each weekly page on both of our sites will have a giveaway. You can comment once per day on the pages to enter (when you comment, please share updates on how you are doing with the challenge that day!), and at the end of that week’s challenge (on Monday), we’ll both randomly select a winner. So for example, the week 1 workout page on Gina’s blog and the week 1 meal plan page on my blog will both have giveaways going on. Simply comment up to once per day on each page with how things are going as your entry! That will give you up to 7 entries on each of our giveaways, and you’ll find out who won on Monday of the following week.

How do I keep track of all of the info?

This page that you’re currently reading will be your home base for all things Winter Shape Up-related. Each week’s meal ideas and workouts will all be linked here. If you’re joining in, keep this page in a safe place (bookmark it, Pin it) so that you can easily access all of the info. I’ll also add the Winter Shape Up graphic to my right upper sidebar and will link it to this page, so you can find it in case you lose it. The new meal plans will be posted on the Friday before, so you have time to grocery shop over the weekend!

So – who’s in?? :)

Have a healthy, happy #WinterShapeUp, friends!


  1. 1
    Bridget Beaver says

    Thank you for your hard Work on putting this together

  2. 2

    I’m not seeing the links for the meal plan..

  3. 4

    Hi Anne! So excited to start. Question? Where do I find the week 1 meal plan? Can’t seem to find it. Thanks

  4. 6
    BridgetBeaver says

    Thanks for putting this together. I am excited to get started!!

  5. 7

    I am in

  6. 8

    I’m in. Ready to get started. Thanks for your work in this!

  7. 9

    So excited for this Winter shape up!

  8. 10

    The link for week 1 meal plans isn’t working will it be up later? So excited!

  9. 13

    So excited to start!

  10. 14

    I’m in! Can’t wait!

  11. 15

    I’m so pumped that two of my favorite blogs are collaborating on this! Can’t wait to get out of my carbs/cheese January rut :)

  12. 16

    I think saying I am stoked is an understatement!
    This schedule actually works pretty good with my gymnastics schedule, and is good motivation for me wit my busy schedule :D thanks SO MUCH to you and gina for planning all of this!1

  13. 17

    So excited!! I love both your blog and Gina’s, have been following both for over a year now and so excited the two of you are teaming up for this!

  14. 19

    I’m in!

  15. 20

    Thank you for providing the meal plans! It is helpful to have a guide :)

  16. 21
    Kara Heckaman says

    Whoo! Can’t wait!

  17. 22

    This is going to be great!! :)

  18. 23

    I’m so looking forward to this!

  19. 24

    Doing it! I’ve known Gina for years and new to your blog; excited.

  20. 26

    Excited to start the meal prep! Thanks Anne :)

  21. 27

    I’m in. Excited about the meal plans. Thank you.

  22. 28

    Just found your blog through Gina and I’m excited to start following you! (Fun fact, we got married on the same day!) Can’t wait to see what meals you have planned!

  23. 30

    Found your website through Gina and I can’t wait to explore your site! So excited about the meal plans :)

  24. 31

    I am so excited you are working together on this. this is my first WSU and i can’t wait :)

  25. 32

    Thanks Anne for the Meal Plan and for all your efforts in putting together for the Winter Shape Up. Its my first time doing Shape Up and I am beyond excited for it.

  26. 33

    How fun! I’m going to ask my sister to join me!

  27. 34

    Me! Thanks for doing this!

  28. 35
    Amber Schumann says

    SO excited for this!!! BIG thanks to you and Gina for working so hard to put this program together to help get peeps on track to a better lifestyle!!

  29. 36

    yum, I’m already excited to make the tilapia for dinner Monday night!

  30. 37

    I’m in! Glad you’re doing the meal plans!

  31. 38

    thank you for providing a nutrition plan! this will help our eating habits!

  32. 39

    Meal plan looks awesome!!! Can’t wait to get started.

  33. 40

    So excited! Thanks for doing this :)

  34. 41

    So glad you’re joining in with Gina for the WSU this year!

  35. 42

    So excited!

  36. 43

    Awesome! You and Gina rock :)

  37. 44

    I am so excited for this! I have been waiting since December! I love Gina’s summer/winter shape ups and am so excited for the nutrition element! Thanks, Anne! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes :)

  38. 45

    Yay!! Can’t wait! Looks like this year will be the best WSU yet!!

  39. 46

    I’m so excited to incorporate your meal plan into Gina’s workouts!

  40. 47
    Jennifer M. says

    I’m in! I’m inspired to kick butt on this!

  41. 48

    I’m in

  42. 49

    This is great and super exciting that both of you are involved. Can’t wait!

  43. 50

    So pumped for this to start! I’m glad you are joining in this year!

  44. 51

    I am in!!! Thanks girls!!!!

  45. 52

    Sounds fabulous! Looking forward to it!

  46. 53

    Yayyyy so excited to get started!!!

  47. 54

    I’m so excited for this to start! :)

  48. 55
    Lindsay M in DC says

    Just what I need! I am all in!

  49. 56

    I enjoyed the 2013 shape-ups! Looking forward to this one! Thanks for all your work on this!

  50. 57

    I’m in and excited to get started!

  51. 58

    Sounds like a good start, hoping this will help me change things up a bit in the kitchen!

  52. 59
    Caylee Johanson says

    I’ve done Gina’s Shape Ups in the past so I’m excited that you’re part of this now too, Anne! Thank you for this! I’m so in!

  53. 60

    I’m ready to rock this WSU! So glad I found a new blog to read also!!

  54. 61

    Looking forward to your nutrition ideas! I follow a lot of food blogs but none are written by registered dietitians, so I am excited to see what you put together!

  55. 62

    found your site through gina’s website– excited to check out a new blog and get involved with winter shape up!

  56. 63

    I’m in!!

  57. 64
    Lindsay Haney says

    Thanks for teaming up with Gina for this challenge! I just did my grocery shopping for the week, as per your list, and I’m ready to go!

  58. 65

    Just checking in for day 1! I did the Workout 1 this morning, and don’t let the workout fool you. By the end of all of those tabatas, I was super sweaty :) I followed the workout with a 20min StairMaster routine. Great way to start the morning. Now, for a day of great eats (that is the harder part of the challenge for me–so thank you, Anne for the meal plans and motivation!).

  59. 67

    I (for some crazy reason) have an aversion to hot bananas, so I had oatmeal with dried fruit, walnuts, and some chia seeds. Always my easy go-to breakfast.

  60. 68

    Hi there, checking in for day1. So far so good… Hot Banana O
    atmeal in the AM and tuna salad salad for lunch, Hard Boiled Egg and Clementine for my snack…. dinner TBD

  61. 69

    thanks so much for making this plan, and developing a supportive community for us to experience for the next 4 weeks! i’m super excited :)

  62. 70

    Loved the microwave banana oatmeal for breakfast :)

  63. 71

    So excited to be following your meal plan!!

  64. 72

    so stoked for this – and grateful you have vegan recipes! thank you!

  65. 73

    I love your meal plan! Had the oatmeal and Mexican Lasagna already! YUMMY

  66. 74

    Had the banana oatmeal today! Yum!!

  67. 75

    Checking in! The salad today was amazing, can’t wait to try the tilapia tonight

  68. 76

    I’m cooking the quinoa for your dark chocolate quinoa bars as we speak. Can’t wait to try them!

  69. 77

    Dinner last night: Black Eye Pea cakes and Roasted Broccoli
    Breakfast & Lunch: the same as yesterday
    Dinner tonight: Thai Turkey Salad

  70. 78
    Allison D. says

    Had the banana/egg pancake today. Was great.

  71. 79

    Going to the grocery store tonight. It’s been so cold but I must stock up so I can try this infamous flour free protein pancake for breakfast tomorrow!

  72. 80

    was craving savory so i made a quinoa bowl…. spent about half an hour not sure what i wanted and this was SO GOOD! not sharing the recipie because i want to post it to my blog later ;)

  73. 81

    I did the protein pancake this morning – couldn’t find flaxseed so I subbed in some protein powder. I topped it with yogurt, honey and raspberries. Not too shabby!

  74. 82

    Started the day off right with the egg & banana pancake.

  75. 83

    Checking in! Coconut sweet potato lentils for dinner tonight. I think this could be adapted for my crock pot someday.

  76. 84

    Enjoying reading your blog (new reader). I had baked oatmeal for breakfast and leftover Mexican lasagna for lunch.

  77. 86

    Checking in

  78. 87

    I had leftover tilapia for lunch and it was almost as good reheated as it was fresh. Can’t wait for curry tonight!

  79. 88

    Tried another new recipe today! Had Sweet potato, banana, cinnamon, chia seeds and peanut butter with a little almond milk for breakfast. It was pretty good! Looking forward to trying some of your recipes soon :)

  80. 89

    Yesterday went great! I’m usually a little less conscious of my eats at work so the winter shape up is helping me keep in check! I stuck to my snacks (clementines and a small greek yogurt) and felt good when I went home, not guilty for eating so much!

  81. 90

    Protein pancake this morning and it was tasty! I’ve needed something to get me out of my breakfast rut, which had too often consisted of grabbing a Quest bar knowing that I really shouldn’t be eating them every day. Taking 5-10 minutes each evening to prep for the morning is working very well and motivates me to sit to eat in the morning since I did the work the night before.

  82. 91
    Michelle Rae says

    Loved the oatmeal so much I had to make it again this morning!

  83. 92

    Made a huge batch of quinoa today, and enjoying the tuna salad with a twist! Usually don’t even like tuna–but added a dash of hot sauce and loving it!

  84. 93

    I’m not much of a sandwich person either, so I really liked the lunch you had yesterday. Also, I’d love to know the ingredients for an all-natural homemade taco seasoning. Thanks for all of your gr8 ideas/recipes.

  85. 94

    Hello WSU Friends – I made a huge batch of the cornflake chicken fingers, homemade sweet potato fries and roasted some broccoli.

  86. 95

    Had a great salad for lunch.

  87. 96

    Chia pudding is my new favorite recipe! who would have thought?!

  88. 98
    Tanesia Hale-Jones says

    Loved the sweet potato lentil curry. Even my grumpy (about food) nine year old ate it all up!

  89. 99

    The oatmeal is wonderful!

  90. 100

    So far feel like I’m becoming more aware if what I actually need to eat – lets just say I struggle, a lot, with intuitive eating. Thanks for joining shape up!

  91. 101

    Thursday update: Dinner for last night was Spicy Thai Salad as planned. Breakfast was green smoothie, 1 egg, 1 banana muffin top. Lunch is going to be Spaghetti and green beans. Dinner the plan is vegetarian Hearty Italian soup. :)

  92. 102

    I’m not very exciting with my breakfasts, although it is my favourite meal!…. Yesterday was an egg sandwich (with almond butter and jam!) and this morning was microwaved banana oats. YUM.

  93. 103

    Made whole wheat pancakes with flax seeds and topped them with peanut butter, banana and coconut for breakfast! Great workout fuel :)

  94. 104

    Prepped a gorgeous bowl of brown rice, steamed mixed veggies, tofu and a delish spicy sauce. Can’t wait for lunchtime!

  95. 106

    Leftover corn-flake chicken, kale and sweet potatoes for lunch :)

  96. 107

    Had the banana-egg pancake for breakfast again this morning and I’m really enjoying it. I top it with a bit of stevia-sweetened greek yogurt and it makes for a wonderful breakfast.

  97. 108

    I am really wanting to try some of your snack ideas! I tend to get in a rut in that sense. I also really want to try the sweet potato lentil curry because, let’s be honest, sweet potatoes are the best.

  98. 109

    I agree that roasted broccoli rules over boiled! Also, just made my 1st smoothie in my new blender that has 1000 watts. Used carrot, celery, fresh ginger, yogurt and almond milk. Very refreshing!

  99. 111

    For breakfast today I had a protein shake, I use Intek Evolution and water…
    Anne – are you familiar with this brand? Just wondering if you had an opinion?
    For lunch leftover chicken fingers and sweet potato… so filling!

  100. 113

    Great yogurt and granola breakfast with blueberries but fancy lunch at work today….will have to balance it out with something super healthy for dinner!

  101. 114

    So far, so good!

  102. 115
    Bernadette says

    Great food!

  103. 116
    Michelle Rae says

    Made the pancake this morning…delish!! Love that you teamed up with Gina for this or I would have never found your site!!

  104. 118
    Christina C says

    Banana oats again today and lots of fruit and veggies!!

  105. 119

    Banana oatmeal for the win! Feeling great!

  106. 120
    Bernadette says

    Loving the protein pancake!

  107. 121

    TGIF!! My eating was all over the place yesterday! I got home and was starving so ate 3 banana muffin tops, pb and molasses and then took a nap. Dinner was Hearty Italian Soup, a salad, and a slice of bread. Today’s breakfast (after yesterday’s hunger debacle) 2 eggs, smoothie, & toast (homemade) with jam. Lunch: Soup. Dinner: Probably Moroccan Chicken with roasted sweet potato, carrots, and potatoes.

  108. 122
    Allison Galassie says


  109. 123

    Just made a vegan apple lentil loaf with a ginger bbq glaze for dinner last night! So tasty and filling! A great meal after a tough week of workouts :)

  110. 124

    That pancake recipe is excellent (even my little one ate it, yes!)! Thank you.

  111. 125

    I’m visualizing my goal as per your recommendation. I have a goal outfit that I can picture myself in when I drop about 10# or so. Thank you Anne!

  112. 126
    Allison D. says

    Eggs and vegis for breakfast and big, yummy salad for lunch.

  113. 127
    Christina C says

    Had some delicious green juice today and am feeling pumped for an extra healthy weekend!

  114. 128

    Checking in for the day. I’m making stuffed peppers for dinner with lentils and chicken sausage. Yum yum. yum.

  115. 129

    Having a delicious spaghetti pizza pie for dinner tonight!

  116. 130

    I tried your almond crusted Tilapia last night with the green beans! Great Recipe! :)

  117. 131

    Also I had the sweet potato and lentil coconut curry earlier this week. It was so easy and so delicious. My husband also really enjoyed it! I can’t wait to check out the week 2 meal plan!

  118. 132

    Checking in for Saturday. Having a strawberry & chia protein shake for a snack & meal on the town tonight. Followed WSU plan all week so I might have to reward myself with some creme brule! ;)

  119. 133

    1/2 of an English Muffin with peanut butter before my run this morning – looking forward to a nice grilled chicken wrap for lunch with a TON of veggies!

  120. 134

    I didn’t follow the meal plan this past week, though I did eat well on MOST days. However, I’ve got the week 2 grocery list printed out and ready for our weekly trip to Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods! Here’s hoping for a great start to week 2!!!

  121. 135
    Christina C says

    I could have eaten better today but at least drank a ton of water!

  122. 136

    A delicious and healthy day of eats and treats! Had a breakfast of plain greek yogurt, sliced banana and a homemade strawberry vanilla muffin crumbled on top. Lunch was a salad and pita pocket with red quinoa and sweet potatoes, dinner was a plate of veggies and hummus and a whole wheat english muffin. Dessert was a Kahlua cupcake when out with my friends :)

  123. 137

    Can’t wait for week 2’s meals!

  124. 138

    Made a delish egg, mushroom, and zucchini scramble with whole grain toast. Trying to start the day healthy in preparation for unhealthy treats later!!!

  125. 139

    Curious what kind of protein powder you use and where you get it?

  126. 140

    Admittedly off track today – was surprised with a non fat latte and a cheese danish. I shouldn’t have eaten the danish, it wasn’t even very good! I REALLY need to not eat things that don’t actually taste good. Sigh.

  127. 141
    Christina C says

    So far so good today: banana oatmeal and then soup for lunch!

  128. 142
    Michelle Rae says

    Eating was a little off track this weekend, ready to get back in track for week 2′

  129. 143

    Next weeks groceries are bought and ready! Love the grocery lists!

  130. 144

    Oh rest day… thank you! My legs are tired from all the miles logged this weekend. Looking forward to some restorative yoga and meal prepping tonight.

  131. 145

    This meal plan is incredible. Thank you!

  132. 146

    Hooray for week 2!

  133. 147

    Hi Anne! Loving this fun little community we’ve got going on… Enjoyed a microwaved egg sandwich this morning – it hit the spot after workout 2!

  134. 148

    I am so excited that I just found this!! I have been struggling to do this on my own for a loooong time. After my pregnancy with twins, I just hit a plateau I couldn’t break. But, as of last night, I have finally lost 65 pounds, want to lose 35 more and an extraordinary 250 in HEAVY weight holding me back (“D” will be final on the 14th). I’m excited to start your plan tomorrow and keep rocking!!! Thanks!

  135. 150

    went to mom and dad’s tonight for some vegetarian chili. Yum Yum!

  136. 151

    So far, the recipes have been excellent. Looking forward to week 3, just ahead. The combo of tasty and healthy is a definite win-win!

  137. 152

    Thank you for putting together this Winter ShapeUp. It’s the perfect time of year to get back into serious works on me!

  138. 153

    Breakfast: Green smoothie… needs some work + banana muffin + coffee
    Lunch: Kielbasa Lentil Soup
    Dinner: Kielbasa Lentil Soup :) But lots more cuz I’m WO4 recovering!

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