Swinging: My New Favorite Form of Exercise

It was 50 and sunny here today. HEAT WAVE!!!!!!!!


Heh ;)

This morning, I even busted out my awesome new lounge chair that I bought using the gift card CSN Stores sent me to use to try out some of their products!


It rocks. Those holes on the sides are so you can flip over and put your arms through to hold a book while lying on your stomach! The headrest even flips up and there’s a space to put your face, like on a massage table. Awesome.

I also celebrated by having lunch al fresco :)


I love lunches with all sorts of fun components like this one. Makes eating more interesting!



First up — a massaged kale salad. My favorite way to eat kale! Just drizzle on some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and rub it into the kale with your hands. It takes away the bitterness and makes it delish!


As you can see, I also topped it with a bit of avocado for some healthy fat action.

Next up — roasted red pepper hummus with a toasted whole wheat pita:


Plus grapes:


And a big glass of 1% organic milk for a little extra protein power.


This afternoon, a few of my grad school girls and I wanted to go on a hike, but didn’t want to drive anywhere. Solution: hike some of the cute trails near my place!



We had an absolute blast. Especially because we spent half of the hike playing in playgrounds! I’m a firm believer that just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you should always act like one :)


Enjoy the photo journey of our silliness :)

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What an awesome day. I love my friends :)

Time to relax and get a little reading done for school before heading over to a classmate’s place for wine and snacks! We have the day off tomorrow for MLK Day — wooo! So maybe the reading will wait til tomorrow. Heh.

Have a great Sunday!

p.s. I also made some Apple Walnut Crunch Spelt Muffins this morning! They are epic — delicious AND super healthy. Recipe coming this week ;)


I gave some to the girls and they LOVED them!


  1. 1

    Muffin looks so good! I’m sure it’s another great fannetastic one I must try. And fun that lawn chair is pretty clever!

  2. 2
    Marilyn Lisenbee says:

    Looks like you had an awesome day. What fun. Good to let the kid in you come out.

    The Muffins look good. Can’t wait to see the recipe.


  3. 3

    Such a fun life you are giving yourself. <33

  4. 4

    Looks like such a fun day! :D :D :D

    I’ll have to try that kale salad… I have some kale in my fridge!

  5. 5

    Looks like you had the perfect day. So fun!

    I just tried plain Kale before reading this and really didn’t like the bitter taste. I’ll be trying out your version next time! And can’t wait for that muffin recipe.

  6. 6

    That roasted red pepper hummus looks SO good! :)

    I am so jealous you don’t have snow – it is FREEZING here in Michigan!

  7. 7

    looks like such a fun day! i need to make a trip to the playground- once it gets a little warmer ;)

  8. 8

    I want that lounge chair! I need a good one when I will be catching some rays in the summer time!

  9. 9

    Great day, it’s clear. There’s nothing like the early arrival (for a day or two) of spring! Glad you could enjoy it. And those muffins look great!

  10. 10

    Haha, the title of this post had me curious but I totally get it now. I swear, sometimes kids know the best ways to be healthy and happy. We need to take more of their mannerisms.

  11. 11

    I loveee swinging! I nanny and when it’s nice out I love taking the kids to the park and doing “spider” on the swing. I hope you can visualize that. It really gives me a workout since they are on my lap!

  12. 12

    Will you please send some of that wonderful weather to Purdue? Oh and get that recipe up asap! My mouth is watering…

  13. 13

    I rocked a very similar salad today! Looks like I wasn’t the only one in the mood for avocado :P

  14. 14

    You should always make time for silly fun. Can’t wait for the recipe.

  15. 15

    Swinging is the BEST form of exercise, obv. I mean, that’s how little kids stay so energetic! ;)

  16. 16
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries says:

    I love your blog, Anne! We have a mutual friend, Chloe Wilson, and she introduced it to me. We’re both grad students at Mason! You’ve inspired me to start my own blog, so thank you! Take a look if you ever get the chance! :)

  17. 21
    Adventurer says:

    fANNEtastic looking muffins, Anne! Well done! And good to see you all having such fun! Go Tarheels –

  18. 22

    This post makes me so excited for SPRING! Although it seems SO far away. It is -10 degrees in Vermont this morning!

    Looking forward to your muffin recipe. It looks delicious!

  19. 23

    A kale salad sounds soooooo good.

    And you guys look like you had an awesome time at the playground. Rock on!

  20. 24

    This is seriously awesome!!!! Isn’t it fun to be a kid again? I recently took my stepchildren to the park in our neighborhood and had SO much fun on the swings. You just have to go, “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!” when you’re doing it. :)

  21. 26

    That lounge chair is BRILLIANT! i always struggle on my stomach in a normal one :)

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