Thanksgiving 2016 Recap

Hey guys! I hope those of you that celebrated it had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday yesterday! I’m thankful for all of you – and for fried turkey. ;)

thanksgiving fried turkey

Sidenote – a bunch of you on Instagram asked where my lace top was from – I can’t find the exact one online but here is a similar top by the same brand (Ryu) on Amazon! It was from a boutique in Pittsburgh – Matt’s mom gave it to me. :) I added the black sash – that’s not included!

We stuck around the DC area for the holiday this year and Matt, my brother, and I kicked things off with our old fave: the Alexandria 5 Mile Turkey Trot!

alexandria turkey trot 2016

We love this race because it’s nice and flat and doesn’t start until 9 a.m. :) The 5 mile distance is perfect, too – not too long, not too short!


My legs are still regaining their speed post-Marine Corps Marathon, so I wasn’t expecting any blazing fast PRs, but I was looking forward to pushing it on pace a bit. I miss running fast! It was crowded so I had to do a lot of weaving, especially in the first mile, but it felt good to challenge myself a bit. :)

alexandria 5 mile turkey trot

Matt and I started together but got separated in the first half mile since it was so crowded, but then around mile 4 he pulled up next to me – yay! We ran the rest of the race together. :)

alexandria turkey trot finish

Official finish time: 40:40 for an average pace of 8:08. Not a new PR (my 5 mile PR is 38:13 from the Jingle All the Way 8k back in 2013 – I don’t do many 5 milers apparently) but I was pumped about that time – my speed is coming back! Always takes awhile post-marathon. :) Our last mile was actually a 7:37 pace – nice! Haven’t seen those times on my watch in quite awhile.

I had a banana and a peanut butter Perfect Bar post-race and then we tucked into brunch at home a little while later with Matt’s parents, who came into town for the holiday!

post-race brunch

We spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon prepping for the feast! I was in charge of the veggies and prepped some brussels sprouts and squash so it was ready to throw into the oven at my parent’s place just before eating. I also made my homemade cranberry sauce!

homemade cranberry sauce

prepped brussels sprouts and squash

We met up with my family around 4 for the main event. Matt put together a nice cheese and appetizer spread for us to enjoy while mingling pre-dinner. :)

appetizer cheese board

Soon it was time to feast! We had two turkeys: my mom roasted one (she brined it first, which is the key to a moist roasted turkey) and Matt was in charge of our fried turkey in our awesome oil-less fryer. That thing cooks turkey fast – it was ready in a little over 2 hours!

fried turkey in oil-less fryer

Matt injected the turkey with some cajun flavor (butter + chicken broth + hot sauce + smoked paprika + salt + grated garlic) and then rubbed the outside with some salt, pepper, paprika, and cumin before putting it into the fryer. So good!

fried cajun turkey

For our first course, Matt’s dad made a delicious apple and celery root soup topped with crispy pancetta and chives with a chive-parsley infused grapeseed oil and fresh nutmeg (so fancy!). Plus a salmon mousse (smoked salmon food processed with cream cheese, half and half, lemon juice, pepper, and dill) piped into mini ice cream cones (neutral flavor – not sweet) and topped with salmon roe and chives. So creative and delicious!

salmon mousse

thanksgiving dinner soup course

thanksgiving starters

Then it was time for the main course! Everything was amazing. :)

thanksgiving dinner

After relaxing for awhile after the meal we brought out dessert. I went for the pumpkin chiffon pie that Matt’s mom made – a recipe passed down from Matt’s grandmother!

thanksgiving desserts

Such a fun and delicious day. Matt’s parents are sticking around until tomorrow, so we’re gearing up to head into the city and wander around a bit. I’ll see you guys back here on Monday – have a great weekend!


p.s. If you have leftover turkey and cranberry sauce on hand today, try my old fave leftover turkey and wheat berry salad with cranberry vinaigrette. :)


  1. 1

    Yum! Your Thanksgiving meal looks delicious – especially the desserts!

  2. 2

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your famiy!

  3. 3

    Those appetizers look and sound amazing! You look beautiful, and I, too love your top. :) Happy belated Thanksgiving, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

  4. 4

    Anne, I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving day.

  5. 5

    Looks very nice, Anne. Best to you and yours!

  6. 6

    I love a turkey trot! Your Thanksgiving looked beautiful!

  7. 7

    oh my gosh that turkey looks amazing! Great job in your 5 miler! Looks like a great Thanksgiving thanks for sharing :)

  8. 8

    i always love seeing food Matt’s dad has made! :D happy thanksgiving!

  9. 9

    Looks like you had a great day.

    I made your cranberry sauce recipe (similar to one I’ve use in the past), and it was amazing! I even cut the maple syrup down to 2 TBS and it wasn’t too tart. I loved the leftovers on steel cut oats over the weekend and may have to make another batch just to mix with my oatmeal!

  10. 11

    Epic! Happy Thanksgiving! Also very nice charcuterie and cheese ‘planche’ there Matt- the French would approve ;)

  11. 12

    Your outfit is SO adorable! That Thanksgiving table looks beautiful! And I’m WAY impressed w/ Matt’s dad’s soup & app! Whoa!

  12. 13

    Love your top and that fried turkey! Oil less?! What?!

    • 14

      Thanks friend! And yes, the oil-less fryer is the BEST — we’ve done the oil version before and it’s just such a pain to get the oil and clean it up after (and kind of scary because of how hot the oil gets)!

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