Things I’m Loving Lately

Hello and happy Friday, my friends!

I haven’t done a “things I’m lovely lately” super random and all over the place post in awhile, so I figured it was time. ;) Here’s what I’ve been loving lately… what have you been lovely lately?


Now that the weather is heating up, I’m loving afternoon smoothies again. Recent favorite combos:


Summer Racing Season!

Normally I don’t do a ton of summer races since DC is so miserably hot come June, so I’m excited to have some out of town races on the docket this summer.



Here’s what I’ve got coming up next so far! I’m also thinking about doing some local trail races just for fun – shade always helps. :) Any local DC area trail race recommendations?

  • June 6-8: Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival! I’m going as part of a blogger group and I’d love to see some of you guys there – it sounds like a really cool weekend full of all the things that runner obsessed nerds like me love. :) If you sign up, use these coupon codes for 10% off the race of your choice: 5 and Dime: blogfannetasticfood5&10. Half marathon: blogfannetasticfoodHalf. Hat Trick: blogfannetasticfoodHat <— this is what I’m doing…! :)
  • June 21: Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon with Brooks – so pumped for this, too! I <3 Seattle. I hope the weather is nice!
    In terms of running this week, I got in a fun run with my friend Sokphal yesterday morning – it was gray and really humid out but we made the most of it. :)

4.5 miles – done!


Stitch Fix 

I’ve been obsessed with Stitch Fix for awhile now (if you haven’t signed up yet, do it – here’s my full Stitch Fix review from nearly a year ago), but they’ve really been nailing it lately. Last week was the first time I got a package that I kept everything out of – it was all perfect! I especially loved this dress (and the white jeans and tank I shared on Instagram) – so comfy and cute. Do you guys think it’s fancy enough to wear to a wedding over Memorial Day weekend? I feel like it’s more formal in person than the picture makes it – it’s a little shimmery with gold flecks throughout the fabric, and the back is a V shape like the front. Thoughts?



It’s been so fun getting back into CrossFit again now that I’m not full marathon training anymore. I went to the 6 a.m. class on Wednesday and it was a good one – 20 minutes of: 5 chest to bar pull ups (I used a band) + 10 hand release push ups + 15 wall balls (sooo hard). Whew!


Our skill work was double unders, which I’m terrible at – any tips for mastering them? I can hardly do one and usually just end up jumping weirdly or hitting my ankles really hard with the rope. Lol. Help! :)

My Job

I know I’ve included this in a previous things I’m loving lately post, but I’m including it again. My AnneTheRD practice has been really thriving since January and it makes me so happy to help clients work toward positive and meaningful changes in their lives. As my private practice has grown I’ve been working on refining my focus a bit, and I find that what I love the most and think I’m best at is helping people to change their relationships with food, exercise, and their bodies, turning them into something positive vs. a source of stress or guilt. I had a client the other day say to me: “Anne, you’re like a life coach or something – SO much more than just a dietitian!” Hearing things like that makes the 3.5 years of school and biochem and agonizing over what to do with my life so, so worth it. I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and it feels pretty damn good.


I’ve been making a big effort to get back into reading in the evenings lately before bed since it really helps me to unwind, especially since my days have been so full and busy lately. Right now I’m reading 10% Happier – have you guys heard of it? It’s fascinating and really confirms a lot of the things that I work with clients on – mindfulness both when eating and in life to reduce stress, overeating, anxiety, etc. In this age of never-ending work and 24/7 connectivity, I’ve been trying to manage stress by taking time to calm my mind and my body, and I actually think this book may convince me to attempt meditating for the first time, too. Are any of you meditation fans? Any tips? I have a hard time quieting the mind, as I think most people do nowadays, though I have been really working on trying to do one thing at a time vs. a million things at once (which usually just leads to me feeling more stressed and, somewhat counter-intuitively, being less productive). Yoga has really helped with being more mindful/calm, too, so I figure meditation might be the next step… we’ll see.


On a totally different subject, next up on my reading list is The Fault In Our Stars – I’ve been hearing amazing things about this book for ages now and keep meaning to read it. I finally bought a copy and am going to start it as soon as I finish 10% Happier! What great books have you been reading lately?

And now, to round out this extremely random post, some weekend reading/of interest items. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! :)


  1. 1
    Katherine says:

    Brittanie DeChino does an absolutely lovely meditation class at Flow on P St (30 mins). I think all their meditation classes are community by donation. Calm is a good iPhone app for guided meditation, is what I’ve heard!

    • 2

      Great tips – thank you! I can’t decide if it would be harder to do meditation at home on my own or in a class setting. Might be better to start in a class setting so I can’t quit and grab my phone? Although I feel like I’d get the church giggles…

  2. 3
    hilary says:

    I’m reading The Martian right now an it’s so so good. Here’s a link to it.

  3. 5

    Did you decide if you are going to teach again in the fall or not?

    • 6

      I haven’t decided 100% yet (they gave me til June to let them know), but I’m thinking I probably won’t, at least not this fall. I was just so stressed and overextended with everything this spring… my private practice is really thriving and I want to focus on making sure I’m giving my clients my best effort. I might consider teaching again in the future but for now, I think it makes the most sense to focus my efforts a little bit — do a few things really well vs. a thousand and one things just okay. Actually spending quality time with my husband instead of working til 11 p.m. every night would be nice, too. :) Is your teaching gig ongoing? Sounds like you enjoyed it?

      • 7

        I hear you- there is no way I could teach well and also do everything you do. I put way too much effort into prepping and there just isn’t much left for everything else (including the nutrition classes I’m taking- ugh!).
        I don’t love prepping and grading, but I really, really love being in class with the students. My problem is that I’m not teaching in the field I want to be teaching in- I teach biology but I want to teach nutrition classes! I recently picked up an extra job as a community health educator for kids to help remedy that- so a different kind of teaching. Hopefully that will help me get my fix until I finish my nutrition degree.

        • 8

          We sound similar – I felt like if I was going to teach again, I wanted to do it REALLY well – I mean I think I did well this past spring, but there’s always room for improvement and I just didn’t have the time to delve into prep for the class as much as I would have liked to. So I felt like I should either teach again and make it a big priority and the class completely amazing, or not do it at all, you know? I love being in the class with the students, too – I think I’ll miss it, and will definitely consider teaching again down the line, but for now, I love the one on one engagement with my clients even more. I hope teaching nutrition classes works out for you soon – that’s great about the health educator job! The world definitely needs more people educating kids about healthy food so I’m glad you’re getting involved. :)

  4. 9

    1. I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and it feels pretty damn good. < I LOVE THIS! And feel the same. And it's effing awesome.
    2. I've never taken a meditation class – the idea of meditating with other people kind of makes me more nervous! But I like apps/YouTube meditations I can do at home: I like ones that are nice and short. You can do anything for 5 minutes :)

    • 10

      I know I think it’s probably best to try meditation on my own first… I tend to laugh when I feel uncomfortable and a room is too quiet. ;) Definitely checking out your post – thanks!

  5. 11

    I’m currently reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I read Gone Girl and loved it and am enjoying this book too. It’s a little disturbing but such a good storyline! I read The Fault in Our Stars and finished it in a week-it’s so good.

    I start to tone down running and races in the summer since DC gets so hot. Good idea doing races in other areas!

    • 12

      I was OBSESSED with Gone Girl. I’ll have to read her new one – I’ve heard mixed reviews but definitely want to check it out.

  6. 13

    That dress looks cute on you! I love that kind of shape on a dress and I think it’s pretty flattering

  7. 14

    I’ll be volunteering at the Seattle Rock N Roll! I did the half last year. You’ll get to see lots of awesome parts of the city, and running on the viaduct is an experience not many people get to have. The weather is kind of a crap shoot though, we don’t get consistently nice weather until after July 4.

    • 15

      Fun, hopefully I’ll see you out there – thank you for supporting us runners! Excited for the course. :) Is it really hilly?

      • 16

        It’s not too bad. Getting onto the freeway at mile 8 comes to mind, and there is a nasty dip under one of the roads right near mile 13, which is a flaw in every race that starts near the Space Needle. Other than that, it’s pretty flat. It’s shocking that they managed to find a relatively flat route in Seattle!

  8. 18

    Just starting to get back in to smoothies myself…now that I don’t need to put the heating on to enjoy em! Have a great weekend!!! Love the dress btw!

  9. 19

    I just finished The Fault in Our Stars, and you need to be prepared that it will make you 100% Sadder….definitely not 100% Happier :) But, it was a great read, albeit a tearjerker!

  10. 21

    I was hoping you’d be running the Heartbreak Hill 1/2! I was thinking of signing up for the 5K on Saturday. Either way, would love to see you!! When are you coming to town?

  11. 24

    I love hearing little updates on your career and how things are going. It’s always fascinating to hear how people are making their careers work for them (and others). I think that dress would be great, especially for a Memorial Day weekend wedding. Plus, adding some fun earrings and shoes will add to the fancy/fun feeling.

  12. 25
    kaitlynn says:

    I just got double unders last week, so I know how frustrating they can be! My first tip is to get your own jump rope- it made a HUGE difference to practice with the same rope every day. Also, it’s important to keep your wrists close to your body and turn your wrists faster with the DU, not necessarily jump higher/faster. It’s all in the wrists, I swear. Good luck!

    • 26

      I think you’re right about the wrists – I need to focus on that vs. my awkward jumping. :) Thank you for the tips!

  13. 27

    Smoothie #1 sounds amazing!! I’m definitely going to give it a try. Hello superfoods… and I LOVE dates!

  14. 28

    My Stitch Fixes have been so good recently too! The last two I got in particular have been great. I wonder if they changed some things around internally or if they are just paying more attention to our feedback? Let me know if you sign up for any local trail races!!

  15. 31
    Nicole says:

    A few book selections/recommendations: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes- so good and I finished it in less than 48 hours. Could not put it down. Another good one is Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple and of course The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

  16. 32

    I liked reading the part about your job! It’s so fulfilling to do something so rewarding!

  17. 33

    I LOVE smoothies! Lately my favorite combo has been strawberry + pineapple with greens, vanilla protein and maybe some banana if I have it.

  18. 34

    Regarding the double unders, someone else said it, but yes, your own rope sized to you is key. I got mine off Amazon for less than $10. Also, concentrate on keeping your jumps even. And, pick a spot to look at, I find that centers me. Start jumping slow and high until you get the wrist movement. And, of course, practice. One day it magically clicked for me, I hope it does for you!

  19. 35

    There are lots of great trail races over the summer. There’s actually one next weekend that’s a 15k or 5k (, also the North Face Endurance Challenge has everything from a 5k to a 50 miler on June 7th/8th that are really great (I’m doing the 50 miler as my first 50). EX2 Adventures also has lots of great options.

  20. 36

    Loving your whole list!! It sounds like life is wonderful right now! :) Loving the dress!

  21. 37

    There’s some great short meditations on youtube. I find that I can fit in a short 5-minute one in the morning without making any excuses to skip it. I’m totally with you on helping people with their relationship with food/body – it’s so rewarding, and it’s what I focus on with my practice as well!

  22. 38
    Whitney says:

    There’s an awesome trail race north of Baltimore – at River Valley Ranch. They have a 10k and I think a 15k this year. I did the 10k a few years ago and had SO much fun!

  23. 39

    I am with you on many of these! Smooooothies mostly, and I am looking forward to being able to read this week!!! And not a financial textbook! I have my brooklyn half a week today, very exciting :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

  24. 40
    Roadrunner says:

    Thanks for sharing, Anne. All good! Enjoyed!

  25. 41

    For double-unders, try keeping your hands just a tad in front of the plane of your body. That really helped me. Also, try jumping way higher than you think you need to. Oh, and buy a rope!

  26. 42

    I would definitely do this race: but will be in NY next weekend.
    BTW, EX2 Adventures has awesome events!
    Good luck in Boston.

  27. 43

    I think the dress is fancy enough for a wedding! It seems like the kind of dress that you could either dress up or down with shoes, jewelry, hair, etc. I vote yes, with nice gold heels.

  28. 46

    I used to have a jump rope club for kids. The girl who set the record for double-unders in a row did 106! There is no reason to tuck the knees up. Your form stays the same. As someone else said, it’s about the wrists, and of course the rhythm. Picture a string coming out of the top of your head, pulling you up higher. Also, it helps to start with doing a regular jump between double-unders, so you can keep going, and get the feel of the double-under rhythm. Having the correct rope length is imperative. Stand on the middle of the rope. The handles should come right up to the armpits. Thumbs up on that dress, too!

  29. 47

    I so wish I could hop on a plane and fly to Boston for the Runner’s World races! :(

  30. 49

    I’m currently reading Tell the Wolves I’m Home and highly recommend it!

  31. 50

    I loved the Fault in our Stars and I love what I’ve heard about 10% Happier! There are a few techniques I use while meditating if I have difficulty keeping outside thoughts at bay. Often times when I meditate there is a mantra we use. If I am having troubles, I go back to mentally repeating the mantra. I also imagine that the outside thoughts are like a ticker tape and I allow the thought to pass through my mind, but I also watch it go away. Most importantly, I’m kind to myself if I’m not having a good meditation. The temptation is there to get frustrated when you can’t keep your mind still but these things happen and it’s good to not beat yourself up. It’s great that you are adding your mental and emotional well-being to your list of priorities! Enjoy!

  32. 52

    Love that dress! SO great for a wedding!

  33. 53

    I love that dress! I so wish they had StitchFix here in Australia, maybe eventually they will bring it out here but probably not for a few years.

    I am also loving my smoothies at the moment. I just bought a Vitamix so even though the weather is cold I’ve been having lots of smoothies still.

  34. 54

    So happy that your work/career/passion is thriving! That kind of impact is exactly what I’m looking to do. I’m working on crafting it and can’t wait to see what comes from it. Hard work pays off!

  35. 55

    I read the Fault In Our Stars this weekend. Beautiful. John Green = awesome.

  36. 56

    I’ve been starting to make smoothies for breakfast for myself and Mia! But i’ve been just doing fresh fruit with milk and yogurt :) Also- The Fault In Our Stores is fabulous!! Sean gave me a box set of his books for Christmas and I also read Looking For Alaska by him. I like his books!!

  37. 57
    Kimberly Zisman says:

    I absolutely love your blog Anne, I read every post. As a fellow DC area gal I agree that running in the summer is quite the difficult task and for myself running at 5am before it gets warm just isn’t for me. I think that striped stitchfix dress would be perfect for a summer wedding. About your smoothies, where do you get your mint extract/oil? Have you also tried other essential oils in smoothies like lemon? I’m interested in trying some.

    • 58

      Thank you so much for reading, Kimberly! I haven’t used mint oil in smoothies – just fresh mint. The oil could be interesting, though – let me know if you try it!

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