This Week’s Workouts

TGIF, friends! Hope you’re gearing up for a fun and active weekend. I’m actually staying in DC for once and pretty pumped about enjoying some local adventures and lots of outdoor time.

On the workout front this week, I kept things pretty low key after the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on Saturday. I’ve been itching to get back to CrossFit but I felt like I should dial it back a little first – I was feeling pretty run down earlier on in the week from all the travel and running lately! Sunday was a rest/travel day, Monday I kept things casual with a 1 hour ish walk with my friend Karen, and Tuesday morning I met up with friends Sokphal and Ashley for a social run.


It was a beautiful morning for a run! Love starting the day with some fresh air, sweat, and chatter with friends.


I was feeling pretty sluggish on pace since I just did the half, but we had fun out there. I ran down to meet them and didn’t turn on my watch for that bit so I’d say I covered just over 5 miles!



Wednesday and Thursday were all about yoga! On Wednesday evening, I met my college buddy Sarah at Edge Yoga for their 6 p.m. class taught by Rebecca. Loved it! And the bartending school across the hall is always entertaining. :)

edge yoga arlington

On Thursday, I checked out a new (to me, but I think it’s relatively new in general?) studio in Falls Church called Blue Nectar Yoga. They were offering free classes this June on Thursday nights (apparently in July their Tuesday night 6 p.m. class will be free) at 6 p.m., so my friend Ashley and I decided to check it out. Ashley ended up getting stuck at work but I was glad I went anyway! It was a “rock ‘n’ flow” class so it was active and with a nice, quick flow. Fun music, too! I loved the class and the studio – it was gorgeous and big. Great teacher (Jane), too. No pictures because my phone died, alas. :)

For those of you participating in the Summer Shape Up, please keep those comments and updates coming! Gina and I love reading them. I just posted the Week 3 Meal Plan and Grocery Lists for those of you shopping this weekend, and Gina put up the week 3 workout plan – the specifics of the week 3 workout will be up shortly.

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

What was the best/most fun workout you got in this week?


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    New follower, hi! That rock-n-flow yoga class sounds awesome! I have family from DC and have spent time in that area, I love hearing you talk about it :)

  2. 3

    The Rock n’ Roll yoga flow sounds awesome; good music in yoga is such an added bonus! I bought a groupon to a local boxing gym here in San Francisco and went to my first class last night; my arms are sore! I cannot wait for more boxing classes in my future – will be a nice addition to my regular yoga.

  3. 5

    Side comment – I love the Summer Shape Up logo!!!

  4. 6

    Good woman listening to your body! Hope you’re feeling tip top after a few days of rest and being at home!

  5. 7

    I’m in a similar spot as far as feeling a little run-down, so yoga was where-it’s-at for me this week!

  6. 8

    Your posts are always so full of energy! I run a lot of miles, but you make me feel lazy :P It is great reading your blog for motivation, your energy and enthusiasm is infectious….even when you are feeling tired :) Have a wonderful weekend

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    Roadrunner says:

    Glad to see you’re getting back in the flow as summer descends on us! Look forward to hearing of paddle boarding one of these weeks, too!

  8. 11

    Hope you are feeling better. Love the first picture from your run – amazing!!

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