Hiking, OutRun-ing, Brunching and Boating

I love summer weekends so much. Even though DC gets really grossly hot and humid (especially by August) I love that everyone is out and about and there’s so much to do. A June Saturday is so much better than a February Saturday, just sayin’.

The weather was warm but nice on Friday, so Matt and I decided to mix things up and treat ourselves to a post-work evening hike. Such a good idea!


We hit up one of our local faves, the Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls Park (on the MD side). It’s hard to believe that this is so close to the hustle and bustle of the city!


We got to the trail around 5:30 so we packed some snacks to have a little picnic dinner. About 45 minutes into our hike, we stopped for some noshing on a nice flat rock. Fruit, veggies, hummus, crackers, cheese, pita bread, pepperoni, etc. Hit the spot!



Our dinner view:


It was so nice to get out and away from it all for a little while. Hiking has always been something Matt and I love to do together – as you recall, our engagement even occurred on a hike! Nature and quiet time with this guy = my happy place. :)



We ended our hike and got back out onto the canal to stroll back to the car just as the sun was starting to go down. Beautiful!


Saturday continued with the outdoor adventures, starting with a morning workout. I hit up OutRun, the Roam Fitness run club + boot camp combo (free all summer – Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. – join the OutRun Facebook group for more info on location as it changes each week) with my friend Lauren. We dressed identically for the occasion (lol – not planned)!


The red shirts are sold at Roam Fitness – super cute! Glad I picked one up a couple months ago. :)

outrun roam fitness 3

I hadn’t been to OutRun in awhile since I’ve been traveling so much and it was so good to be back! We had a smaller group this week – 10 people – and met down on K Street to begin the adventure and run north (uphill, argh).



Pit stop on the steps of the Carnegie Institute for Science (thought of you, Kathleen)!


And up to beautiful Meridian Hill Park!


Turns out running steps with a little parachute attached to you is kind of fun, actually!


outrun roam fitness 2

Our final pit stop had gorgeous views of the city. This photo doesn’t do it justice!


outrun roam fitness 4

Such a great way to start the day! It was also wonderful to meet blog reader Aurora who just relocated to DC for the summer and was there for her first OutRun! Loved chatting with you, Aurora, and hope to see you out there again soon. :)


My friend Lauren and I headed straight to brunch after the workout to catch up and refuel. 90 minutes of exercise = ravenous! We walked up to Commissary on P Street, where I proceeded to pound a bacon, egg, tomato, avocado, and cheese English muffin sandwich and some fruit:


As well as their current drink special – a fresh cucumber, melon, and spinach juice (delicious)!


The rest of Saturday was spent on a friend’s boat! Best day ever. Also, really impressed with Kate’s selfie skills in this pic:


Matt and I took the opportunity to work on our mad tubing skills. Tubing is a serious workout – my hands and forearms were SO TIRED by the time we got back in the boat! In other news, if you never hear from me again you’ll know it’s because I got some weird infection/disease from swimming in the Potomac River. (Kidding, kind of?)


I’ll be back tomorrow to share Sunday’s adventure – I ran the Freedom Four Miler in Virginia! No new PR or anything but had a lot of fun, which is all that matters. :)

How was your weekend? Any great summer adventures or workouts/runs to report?


  1. 1

    That bacon + cheese sandwich looks soooo delicious (and cheesey!).

    I’ve only gone tubing once, but I agree, I was really, really sore after. But it was SO much fun!! This weekend was spent working but I did go on a good 7-mile run Saturday morning in SF!

  2. 2

    Brave woman to go in the Potomac water! Are you guys tubing without life jackets on? Crazy talk!

  3. 4

    I love that you make the most out of your weekends. Always full of adventures :)

  4. 5
    Rebecca says:

    Oh no! You went in the Potomac?! Ew! I hope you are ok :) Love seeing all of the active things you do in the area – inspires me to start picking up the activity on the weekends with the hubs and friends; however, marathon training is going to make that more difficult ;)

    • 6

      Haha I figure they have triathlons in the Potomac so it can’t be THAT bad… :) And we were pretty far south of the city – well past Fort Washington.

      Good luck with marathon training!

  5. 7

    I love that your weekends are always SUPER active! That hike looks lovely.

  6. 8

    I love summer weekends too! This weekend I didn’t do anything very outdoorsy (unless you consider roaming Nashville with a bachelorette party outdoorsy) but hope to make up for it this upcoming three-day weekend! :)

  7. 9

    That weather!!! We did have sunshine here and I got in some fun group classes (inside mind you!) Saturday morning. Work in the restaurant Sat n Sun but everyone is in such good form when the sun is shining! LOVE hiking…but it was me and my ex’s thing and haven’t really gotten back in to it, I must!

  8. 10

    Now I can tell Fabio that you swam in the Potomac River and lived to talk about it! Maybe that will be enough to convince him to do the Nation’s tri with me next year? Haha!

  9. 12

    You are just too cute, picnic dinner with those views….perfect! Love the rest of your weekend too! Living the life! I had a wedding which was nice, and my long run went better than expected on Sunday as I did my first 14 miler in a while….crazy to think in a few months this will be a short long run. Wishing the humidity here would go away too!

    • 13

      It’s insane how quickly one’s perception of what’s a long or short run changes, huh? :) Glad the 14-er went well!

  10. 14

    I will be in DC this weekend for the 4th of July! I’m hoping to hit up a Nationals game.

  11. 15

    Getting out on the weekends is one of my favorite things about summer! With the long days it just seems like you can pack so much in (and it looks like you certainly did!). We did a little camping/hiking this weekend and it was soooooo nice to get away.

  12. 16

    It was so nice to meet you! I will definitely be back :)

  13. 17

    Newbie here, love reading your posts! I would love to have more weekends like yours…mine seems to involve carting three kids to different activities and then too much beer at night, haha!

  14. 19
    Dietitian Jess says:

    I will be in DC this weekend, not sure if I’m coming Friday night or Saturday morning, but definitely checking out OutRun if I am there in time, looks like such a fun and thorough workout. Hike+ egg sandwich + boating/tubing= awesome weekend you had!

  15. 21

    I spent the weekend in Savannah for FitBloggin and it was amazing and exhausting all at the same time! You know, I live so close to Great Falls but still have never been there because any of the times that I can or want to go are also all the times everyone else wants to go. I can’t handle all the crowds and traffic and end up not going! I need to get there before I end up moving or something and miss the opportunity. Looks like you had a great time!!

  16. 23

    The dinner hike looks awesome! I’m totally jealous that you have mountains close by and can get away. Flat midwest terrain means very little hiking opportunities.

  17. 24

    I’m a new reader here. Your weekend looks awesome. I want to be outside all the time when the weather’s nice, don’t mind the heat and humidity. I met my group for a run on Saturday too. And, my boyfriend and I both love to hike which is nice. We hiked Southern Utah last Fall and will be hiking in Yellowstone this summer. We like to bike too! Look forward to reading more.

  18. 26
    Roadrunner says:

    Awesome adventures and fun, Anne! Well done!

  19. 27
    ilovefetacheese says:

    I’m too scared to even paddleboard in the Potomac for fear of some amoeba lol…you are brave! My coworker got really sick when his kayak capsized and he swam in the Potomac…hope you are fine though!

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