Thoughts on Running and Pregnancy

You guys. IT’S SO HOT HERE. Even at 6 a.m. Part of me misses running and marathon training a lot… and part of me is like, wow, I’m really glad I’m not trying to do long runs in this heat and humidity like I was last year for the Marine Corps Marathon

dc summer running

I met my friend Sokphal this morning for an early walk – yes, I’ve officially switched from the walk/jog approach to fully walking. I was thinking on my way to meet her about how the whole running (or lack thereof) thing while pregnant has been different than I anticipated. I didn’t think I’d run throughout my whole pregnancy, but I’m not sure I thought I’d be done with it quite so early, either. (I’m 22 weeks today, and while I’ve been walking and hiking a ton, I haven’t been doing much running at all besides maybe a short jog once a week for the past 2 months.)

As a runner, it’s weird to all of a sudden not be a runner. It’s something that has been a big part of my life for the past 10 years – I’ve pretty much been training on and off for some sort of a race since then, and I love it, as you guys know. I love the routine of my 3 weekly runs, I love my social runs with friends, I love frequently seeing the sunrise on weekdays from my running shoes, I love talking about running/races, and I love setting a goal and achieving it, even if it isn’t easy. I know that obviously this phase is very temporary (and completely worth it) and that I’ll be back to running soon – but it’s still weird, you know? To all of a sudden not be doing something that was so much a part of me (and so much of my social time – that’s one of the biggest bummers) for so long.

iwo jima sunrise

It’s also hard to not compare myself to pregnant runner friends, or people I follow online. Part of me wonders: “Am I just being a wimp? Does running not really feel that great for anyone who is pregnant, and they just push through unlike me? Or is my body just different and it legit feels worse for me?”

Part of it is certainly timing with the heat – I think maybe I’d be more into keeping the jogging going if it were cold out – but still. You guys know I’m a big fan of intuitive exercise, just like intuitive eating, meaning that if something doesn’t feel great or I’m not enjoying it, I won’t force it. (Not that doing 20 mile training runs always felt GREAT, but you know what I mean – I still enjoyed the challenge, even if not every run was awesome.) And running just doesn’t feel fun or good physically for me anymore. I feel heavy and slow, it’s way too hot out, and most importantly the pounding on my bladder and awkward bouncing on my pelvis just don’t feel good at all.

Anyway – I’m not sure why I went on this long winded tangent, but I just felt like sharing. :) Sometimes it’s nice to work through this sort of stuff in writing! It’s also a good reminder that even if it’s hard not to compare, I need to do what works/feels best for me, not for someone else. So – walking and hiking it is, for now at least! I’m fortunate that both of those activities are still enjoyable and feel good. :) It was great to catch up with Sokphal this morning via our walk date, and since we’re walking now instead of running, we might bring the doggies along next time!

I threw together breakfast when I got back from the walk – toast with nut butter plus a refreshing and cold yogurt and fruit bowl with some slivered almonds. Plus a shot of espresso with a splash of milk. Necessary after an early morning!

post-run pregnant breakfast

I was pretty tired this morning because I didn’t get to bed quite as early as I wanted to last night – but it was worth it because I had a really special treat: a dinner date with my grad school BFF Elle!

according to elle

Elle and her husband Rob are in Maryland for a few days visiting his family, and I’m so glad we were able to make time to catch up! It had been WAY too long – they live on the west coast and it makes me sad we are so far away… phone dates are just not the same.

We met up at Ris in Foggy Bottom in DC and basically talked nonstop for 2 hours. Elle is also pregnant right now (with their second!) and only a few weeks ahead of me so it was fun to talk all things pregnancy, as well as work and life. We started with salads and then I had the chicken milanese for my entrée. The salad was really good (and creative – a unique take on caesar but with a vinaigrette dressing), the chicken was meh – way too greasy and heavy and not as delicious as I’d hoped. Same with the potatoes it came with – greasy and not crispy. Lame!

ris dc dinner

Thankfully, dessert was delicious enough to make up for my entrée fail. ;) We shared two – a puff pastry with berries and cream and a mini coffee ice cream sandwich. Yum!

ris dc dessert

Thank you for the fun night Elle – missing you already!

And now, time to tackle the to do list. Have a great day guys, and stay tuned for my 22 week pregnancy update coming at you tomorrow!

Any thoughts on running and pregnancy to share? And if not, let me live vicariously – tell me about what you’re training for/what your running goals are right now! How is training going so far? :)

p.s. Completely unrelated, but did you see that those of us born between 1977 and 1983 now have our own “micro-generation”, called Xennials? Finally! I saw the article in theSkimm this morning, which is my fave way to get quick news updates every weekday. If you aren’t already subscribed, do it – theSkimm is free. :)


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    It’s nice to hear you being so honest about the fact that sometimes running during pregnancy just does not feel good! I was done with running very very early into my pregnancy (8 weeks). I did not know at that time I was pregnant with twins but I immediately felt heavy and uncomfortable while running. It’s hard not to feel like you are wimping out but listening to your body is key. Swimming felt great though, so as you get bigger and it stays hot, keep that in mind! Best of luck!

  2. 3

    You’re doing so great, so smart to stay active during pregnancy. Way back when in my pg days, I basically ate and rested and it was really hard to lose all the weight I gained. I finally lost it by running (10yrs ago) but the weight crept back up after injury. However, I’ve been working hard, lost almost 40lbs and am now training for the Tufts 10k for Women in October! So excited!

  3. 5

    This post is perfect timing for me! I am 15 weeks with my first and just started having some of these thoughts yesterday as I tried to force myself through a walk/jog session (more walking, for sure). I have been running less and less as the weeks progress and was really starting to wonder am I just a wimp or am I really just listening to my body. It is so hard not to compare, but we have to do what is right for our own bodies. I miss running too, but again I know it is a short lived season and well worth it! And there are so many other ways to move your body, why not find one that feels good! I love following along with your posts right now as I have generally been having similar experiences with pregnancy.

  4. 7

    I am a long time reader but very seldom comment. I wanted to say thank you SO much for this post. I was a distance runner before having my now one-year-old daughter. Pretty much as soon as I got pregnant running stopped being comfortable for me, and I beat myself up about it. As you say, I wondered a lot if I was just being a wimp. The reality is pregnancy is different for everyone and is a time to afford yourself (and other pregnant mamas) a lot of grace. So I just wanted to say that you are doing awesome taking care of yourself and your baby and definitely not alone in your feelings. Thanks for sharing!

  5. 9

    I love your transparency! I think you are a rock star whether you run or not, but I completely understand that it’s much more than running for you. I love that so many people, bloggers, and professionals are being more open. In a time where comparing ourselves is very easy thanks to Instagram and all manners of social media, I appreciate when those I admire share these types of things. We’re all human and unique. There are people who, of course at no fault of their own, have difficult pregnancies, then you hear of the stories of Olympic athletes running up to their due date. We all handle things much different than the next gal! :)

  6. 11

    I’m not pregnant and I’ve kind of stepped back from running this summer in DC – it’s just no fun at all in this weather, and I was dreading it. I’ve subbed in Orange Theory and am excited to work out again! Like you said – listening to your body is the most important; that way you’ll definitely be mentally ready once your body’s ready to run again. Hopefully you can find some nice substitutes for the social time :)

  7. 13

    I ran up until about 20 weeks pregnant and then it just wasn’t fun and did not feel good!! I’m sure part of that was due to the fact that it was cold and rainy, but regardless, staying active in other ways besides running was just as satisfying! Especially swimming, swimming was blissful during the my third trimester! Also pre-natal yoga was great. Plus, lots of walks with dogs!

    Starting running again after giving birth was a truly humbling experience…but after awhile it became much easier and I’d say that the same intuition about not pushing too hard applies just as much during pregnancy and afterwards.

    Side note about the dogs/babies, I have two dogs and our baby is 15 months now, they all get along great. The dogs are also a good motivator to get outside during the first few months post-partum.


    • 14

      Swimming feels so good already – I can imagine it will be even more amazing as I get bigger and more physically uncomfortable! I’m excited to start pre-natal yoga soon, too – it will be nice to stop worrying about modifying stuff in normal classes. I love hearing that you have two dogs and a baby and that all is going well – gives me hope! :) Good for you for getting back out there and running again now, too – I’m sure it will be quite humbling as I get back into it, but hopefully fun too.

  8. 15

    Here’s a story to make you not miss running – because my big race for the year is in Omaha in August, I need to heat train. Meaning I run 50 min at noon 3-4 days a week.

    • 16

      OMG that is BRUTAL. I do not envy you… you’re right, lol. Please tell me you didn’t do this today in the 100+ degree “feels like” temps!?

      • 17

        Not today, but I did yesterday in “feels like 101F.” Once you do it enough, it doesn’t hurt so badly, provided you hydrate well and are willing to slow down (oh, and, uh, aren’t pregnant).

  9. 19
    Elizabeth says

    I feel your pain regarding pregnancy and running. Actually, my circumstance is a little different but still the same idea. During pregnancy, I was actually really lucky that running felt… ok (never great but not painful, etc.). I was due on Nov. 21 of last year so I also remember trying to run during the summer and feeling like I was going to die. It actually felt a little better in September when it got a little cooler despite the fact that I was 7 months pregnant by then. The humidity killed me too. So, there’s a chance you might suddenly feel a little more in the mood for short runs/walks in a couple months, but I DEFINITELY wouldn’t push it – not worth it. Just do what feels good for your body.
    Unfortunately, though I was lucky with pregnancy regarding running, I had some complications that stemmed from delivery and now I can’t run much anymore :( As you said, it’s so hard to have something be a part of your daily life for years and suddenly, not be able to do it anymore. And this may be a permanent thing for me. So… that’s depressing. The good news for you – yours is temporary! You’ll love running even more when you can get back to it because of the nice long break you’re taking.

    • 20

      Yeah, I was thinking a big part of it is likely the heat (although the pounding still feels icky either way), but I have a feeling by the time it cools down I’ll be pretty big and it won’t feel good anyway! But at least walks and hikes will be way more awesome when the weather cools down! :) I’m so sorry to hear you can’t run much anymore now. :(

  10. 21

    I love how absolutely transparent you are with this post and yes, sometimes writing it out really does help your thought process.

    As for this morning, it was awful in NYC but my dog did enjoy the walk. I think bringing the puppies along (plus a bottle of water and a packable bowl for them to drink from if there are no fountains) would be great. It will get them a lot more exercise earlier in the day which is always helpful for that and to tire them out.

    • 22

      The dogs seem to be extra tired with the heat, too – we did a walk this morning and they have been snoozing most of the day!

  11. 23

    Funny story…I was out on a run with my husband one evening and just felt super off…we ended up turning around halfway in! Took a pregnancy test the next morning ;) So yes, some pregnant bodies just aren’t as well equipped for running…I ran a charity 5k at probably about 20 weeks (which was way more walk than run), but fully tapped out after that. It just wasn’t EVER comfortable for me. Plenty of women run half marathons with basketball bellies and I admire them for that – don’t know how they do it! My daughter is 3 now and I have since run a half marathon and am training for my first marathon in October! Stroller running with a toddler is no joke :)

    • 24

      Oh wow!! I actually felt weird with running right away, too – kind of heavy and weird down there (this was when I was only like 3 weeks along – I totally suspected I was pregnant even though I didn’t know for sure), and after doing 8 miles at what should have been a comfortable pace with a friend I spent the rest of the day feeling like I had run 20 miles or something – I was sooooo exhausted. Guess I should have known my running days wouldn’t last long as the pregnancy progressed! That’s awesome you are training for your first marathon this October! Which one? Good luck and have fun out there!

  12. 27

    Although I run more regularly now than I did before being pregnant (I also own a treadmill now – that certainly helps), I was done with any sort of running other than a pre workout warm up jog/trot right at 19 weeks. I distinctly remember being on a treadmill at work about 10 minutes in and thinking “you know what? this doesn’t feel right.” It wasn’t that it was hard (I participated in bootcamp and worked out regularly up until 38 weeks), it was that it just didn’t feel good or comfortable. And that made me question it. Everyone is different and if it isn’t working for you – skip it! It will always be there to come back to.

    • 28

      Exactly – I don’t think it’s that it feels too hard, although it does feel harder, it just doesn’t feel good/comfortable, like you said. I miss it but it’s more important to listen to my body and what it’s telling me right now! Thank you!

  13. 29

    I was a pregnant runner and ran throughout my entire pregnancy, including a 5k done at a walk/run at 38 weeks. But I never had to “push through it” like you were wondering about. Luckily, it always felt great to me and didn’t bother my pelvis or the bump. There were a handful of random days where I would start to run and it wouldn’t feel good, so I would stop and walk. No shame in walking!

  14. 31

    I had to stop running at 28 weeks because of sciatica. I found myself running a mile on the treadmill and then limping the rest of the day. It took me two weeks of that before realizing I had to be done. It’s hard to let go of something you consider as part of your identity and when your facebook feed is full of runner’s world articles about women who ran the day they gave labor, it makes it harder. I also teach turbo kick boxing and decided to quit at the end of July (34 weeks). I can do the workout, but the rest of the day I’m wiped with back pain. I’ve still kept up with body pump and barre, and cardio is either spinning or swimming, but I miss running and stare longingly at gazelle like women running effortlessly around the neighborhood. It felt like a badge of honor that I was still doing it. I had the same feelings – do I need to quit or am I just being too sensitive? We’re too hard on ourselves but you’re doing great! Running will always be there!

    • 32

      We are too hard on ourselves, you’re right! I’m glad to hear you listened to your body, too, even though it was tough. This is such an exciting but weird time – I’ve already learned a lot about giving myself compassion!

  15. 33

    Based on my friends’ experiences, 20 weeks seems to be a pretty common time for people to stop running (not that you have to, but that was when they chose to). For medical reasons I didn’t run at all during my entire pregnancy – it was a huge adjustment! Like a lot of the people above have mentioned, I kept my fitness up through other things – swimming, elliptical, weights, and lots of walks. I actually got really into listening to podcasts while walking. It wasn’t the same, but I also stayed pretty fit – my transition back to running once I was cleared went more smoothly than I ever could have imagined, despite the year-long hiatus and the physical and time constraints of having a newborn.

    • 34

      I love listening to podcasts while walking, too! Good for you for staying active – fingers crossed my reintroduction to running also goes well when I’m ready for it :)

  16. 35
    Stephanie says

    You are not alone! Running and even the elliptical felt awful on my (low?) pregnant belly. Plus the pressure on my bladder. I stopped running once nausea hit 6-7 weeks bc I was tired and sick, and never took it back up during any of my pregnancies because it just didn’t feel good. I also refused to let myself run until my babies (and I) were sleeping through the night. No big whoop. I swam, walked, did yoga and took lotsa naps. I’m a much better runner now after having three kids.

    • 36

      I’ve heard a lot of friends say their running has improved after becoming a mom for whatever reason – interesting and awesome! Good for you for staying active throughout your pregnancies in a way that felt good, and for continuing it as a mom, too!

  17. 37

    I ran a half marathon at 26 weeks with my 4th pregnancy. I had signed up for the race well before I knew about the (surprise!) pregnancy and was planning to do it with my mom and sister. The only reason I ran as long into the pregnancy as I did is that I really wanted to do the race. Running became very uncomfortable for me around the time of the race, and I got through it on adrenaline alone! After that I only walked or swam (I did masters swimming until 36 weeks, which was great!). You have to listen to what your body tells you.

  18. 39

    I can definitely relate too! I’ve been running over 10 years, ran a BQ marathon in October, and stopped running pretty early on in my pregnancy due to discomfort. I didn’t see the point in pushing through the pregnancy discomfort that accompanied running when I could stay active in other ways. I’ve loved hiking, walking, and strength training and can still do all three just a couple weeks out from my due date. I ‘m really looking forward to getting back into running when the time is right, and I know it will be hard work to get back into running shape, but I know it will all be worth it for my little one :)

    • 40

      I’m so grateful that other forms of exercise are still fun right now – very true! Wishing you the best with your delivery and new addition, and enjoy getting back to the running! :)

  19. 41

    Thank you for sharing! I’m glad someone else feels similarly. I’m 23 weeks, and I’m officially done running as well. I thought for sure I could be the “pregnant runner” up at least until the third trimester, but it’s just too uncomfortable and not worth it. I agree, it’s been a tough transition! I just remind myself that it’s obviously worth it and running will be back into my life eventually. I try to just focus on being thankful for what my body is doing for me now- growing a little guy :) Love your blog!

    • 42

      I’m focusing on the same thing, and this is a good reminder to continue to do so. :) Thank you Ashley, and a big congratulations to you too!

  20. 43

    I love that you shared your thoughts on pregnancy and running so honestly. I admit, it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and think you SHOULD be doing those things, as well. But the body knows best and right now the most important job your body is doing is creating a life. That’s amazing! I think by listening to your body now, you will be doing it justice in the future when you’re ready to run again. :)

  21. 45

    Thanks for your honesty! I am very early in my pregnancy (only 6 weeks) and have already shifted to walks. I was a runner and then had surgery to repair a labrel tear last May and just started to get back into running this spring. I never really got to the point where running felt ‘effortless’ (I mean it’s never totally easy but as a marathon runner, by late spring/summer I would usually be at the point where the miles just ticked by on my long runs). I was going to try to keep running 3-5 miles at a time 2-3 times a week, but last weekend I went for a run and had some discomfort in my abdomen (which is probably totally normal as I know the uterus is expanding and other things are happening) but running while having some discomfort just made me extra paranoid. So I decided to just stop running and will go for long walks and do other workouts instead. Part of me thinks I am being a baby about it or worrying too much. But a bigger part of me says that this might be the only time I am pregnant so I decided it’s ok to stop doing some things I normally would have done if it gives me some peace of mind. Plus, it’s been really hot and humid where I live, too, and it’s not very ‘fun’ to run in those kind of conditions. I do wonder if I would continue running if I was in better running condition when I got pregnant but I guess I will never know.

    • 46

      It sounds like you are doing a great job at listening to your body, Lisa! Keep it up – and a huge congratulations to you! :)

  22. 47

    I was the exact same way! I thought I’d run well into my first pregnancy as well. I ran an 8k at 10 weeks just fine. And then by 13-14 weeks, I was done. It was hard to explain but it just didn’t feel right. Didn’t necessarily hurt but didn’t feel good either. Just have to listen to your body like you are. :)

  23. 49

    Intuitive movement for the win! I’m sorry you can’t keep running at the moment, but I’m glad you’ve found enjoyable ways to keep moving :)
    I am starting to get more regular with my running after having a forced four month rest after my abdominal surgery to remove the right lobe of my liver. That recovery is no joke! But it has made me realise that I missed running, and also that I missed other ways of moving my body when I was obsessed with making sure I ran a certain number of miles per week. It has definitely made me more mindful of how I move my body, and more in tune with what feels good in terms of movement.
    Enjoy your hikes and morning walks!
    PS. That coffee ice cream sandwich looks amazing!

  24. 51

    I’m just now training for my first post baby marathon – my oldest will be 3 by race day in October. I wogged through most of my first pregnancy, I gave it up a lot earlier (and exercised a lot less in general) during my second. Running pregnant was miserable for me and by my second time I realized it was pointless to do when there were so many other types of exercise that felt more comfortable. I always wonder that too – do some people just truly feel fine running pregnant? It boggles my mind. I didn’t really have much of a difference in recovery for my pregnancies and was able to get back to exercise both times when I was ready, so, I don’t think running made a difference. My fond pregnant memories are of eating ice cream on the couch, feeling baby kicks, not waddling along a hot street!

    • 52

      Lol to the last sentence – so true! I’m glad that other types of exercise are still comfortable… and running will be there waiting when I’m ready for it again. Have fun and good luck at the marathon!

  25. 53
    Stephanie says

    I’ve stopped pretty much right away with all three of mine. Nothing like morning sickness mid run to make you decide to rest instead. My third is 7 months old, and I’m just now starting to up my mileage. With my last one, I was running a 1/2 marathon trail run when he was 7 months! Each pregnancy is different, and that’s ok. Love yourself and that little baby and the love of running will come back!

  26. 55

    We were blessed with 4 kids, all now around your age, more or less. Pregnancy and children can change your life in ways you don’t expect; it’s good to just go with it and enjoy where you are. Things come back if they’re meant to and if not, you’ll be able to accept that. It is a rich experience. BTW, I resumed running at …gasp! age 58, so you never know ;) Keep taking that excellent care of YOU and you won’t go wrong.

    • 56

      Going with it and enjoying where you are is such good advice. Thank you!

      • 57

        I can’t agree more!! I had 2 babies in 15 months due to fertility issues. My husband and I used to spend 2 hrs at the gym 6 days a week. I’m lucky now if I can do a 30 min exercise DVD, walk on the treadmill, or maybe walk with them in the double stroller. They’re 2 and 3 now and weigh about 70 pounds combined. It’s hard to look at moms in the blog world and social media who seem to get all this alone time and can work out and meet friends and live life like its their pre baby days. I’m kind of entirely the opposite. The 18 years or so that we get to have with them are going to be a blip in our lives. I’ve put myself on the back burner to an extent. Priorities shift once the baby is here. And that’s ok! But more power to everyone who can manage it all.

  27. 58

    I love your thoughts on running and pregnancy! I didn’t run during the first trimester b/c of a foot injury, but then ran about once a week after that. I just went out for walks, but would sometimes get the urge to run while I was out, so it would turn into a run. I only did it when it sounded fun though, and didn’t plan it. I actually think being pregnant is a great lesson in listening to your body, since you have to do it for the baby. Walking is great anyway!

    • 59

      It really is a good lesson in listening to your body – both in terms of movement and food! I love your approach to only run when you felt the urge. I ran a block this morning with the dogs and it felt awesome, but that was the perfect amount for me today! The rest was all walking. :)

  28. 60

    All three of my pregnancies were really different with running. The most comfortable was my first, and he turned out to be breech, so I wonder if the positioning oddly helped? (Less pressure down there) I gave up running much earlier with the second, and that partly had to do with time of year. I live in Seattle, where summers are perfect running weather, so it was much easier with my first and third (summer babies) to be motivated. With my second, a winter baby, I worried more about having to walk (and get really cold) in the dark and cold rain when I wasn’t close to my house or car, so it was far less enticing to keep going. I worried that it was going to be hard to start running again after, but it really wasn’t. I kept up fitness in other ways (like swimming and spin classes) and it was no trouble running again. Every pregnancy is so different! I think our bodies are so smart and it’s very easy to know what feels good and what doesn’t.

    • 61

      Yeah, very true. Just gotta listen to what our bodies are telling us! That gives me hope that you didn’t have trouble getting back into running later :)

  29. 62

    I had a foot injury early on in my pregnancy and after it healed I wasn’t up to running. I was so disappointed! I know exactly what you mean about comparing yourself to others, especially now that exercising during pregnancy is encouraged and “normal.” I did however keep up with my hip-hop dance classes (with modifications) until 6 weeks before I delivered. Then after you have the baby and get back to running it feels so good!!!!

  30. 64

    The best thing you can do is to continue intuitively exercising! I, too, was a runner for many, many years (since I was 13!) before getting pregnant at 29 years old. As soon as I became pregnant, running, HIIT and lifting heavy just did not feel right for my body. It was tough to let go and do more “gentle” forms of exercise (walking, yoga, barre…all seem more low key compared to the former) but it just felt right. Now I am 5 months postpartum and just got back into running a few weeks ago. I am happy to report that besides kinda feeling like I might pee on myself a little sometimes, my running mojo has come right back to me! I’m a bit slower, but not as much as I expected. The week we brought my daughter home, we got out and walked, and for my maternity leave, walking was still the only exercise that felt right for me. So all of that to say, do what feels best, your body knows what it needs (preaching to the choir, I know!) and running WILL come back to you once that sweet baby is here. :)

  31. 66

    while i’m certainly not pregnant and really never plan to be, i just wanted to virtual hug you for this post! love your honesty, and cannot imagine ALL the things that must be going on in your head and body. you are rockin’ it no matter what! and everyone is different; so nice to see you listening to your body and respecting it so much :) by no means can i actually parallel my running with yours, i’ve felt incredible sluggish and off in the past 2 months, too. slower time, dead legs, hard to breath, stomach issues…one thing after another. idk wtf is going on, but i can totally appreciate not feeling yourself and sort of losing that beaming runner’s life.
    also, saw that Xennial article and LOVE the skimm!!

  32. 68

    As another pregnant runner constantly wondering how some people keep going so easily, I feel ya! Thanks for putting your experience out there too along side all the people who are somehow running 10 miles at 35 weeks! It helps keep me sane on days where I was hoping to do so much more or feel so much better about it to see that everyone’s experience is unique! All that matters is that we are being active and keeping our bodies healthy for our growing babes and we will be back to running/training how we want before we know it!

  33. 70
    Roadrunner says

    Thanks for the open and forthright post! Here’s hoping that when the weather turns in another month or so that you can get in some more walk/jog outings! But, if not, no bigee!

  34. 71

    I ran through my 30th week but only because I had been registered for a Disney half marathon since before I wasn’t pregnant. Although most of my runs felt good until about 27-28 weeks it was really hard on my body. I would take epson salt baths after ever run and was still in pain the whole next day. My hips hurt the most and around week 28 my ankles began to hurt and I ended up needing to wear compression socks to make it through the half. I switched to walking for an hour every day after that and it was much better for me. I walked up through the night I went into labor with her (I was overdue!) and think staying active really helped with the delivery and recovery! If I could do it over again I would listen to my body and wouldn’t do so much running. Definitely more low impact cardio & yoga (every day during the third trimester) and more strength work over all the distance running. Do all the squats!

  35. 73

    Thank you for posting this – it would have been super helpful to me during pregnancy and so I know it will help others.
    First pregnancy I didn’t run at all, mostly because my training was so erratic beforehand. Second time round (3 years later) I did an easy-ish parkrun once a week until 25 weeks. Had planned to go a couple of weeks longer but that was the point that it stopped feeling right.
    Little one is now 3 months and I’ve just started back run/walking. It feels so so good to be back, and I’m sure you will get the same buzz too :)

  36. 75
    TrackBuddy says

    During my first pregnancy, I forced myself to run until 5 months (even though it was really uncomfortable on my pelvis in months 4 & 5). Not smart. In retrospect I really should’ve just chilled out and not worried about it!

    So with baby #2, I pretty much stopped running right away and did alternate exercise / didn’t worry about running for another moment. It was great – so liberating! I then started running again around 9-10 weeks afterwards. I had the all clear back at week 6, but decided not to rush it.

    Very smart to do what feels good and not worry!

    • 76

      Not rushing it – and listening to your body – is so key! I really miss seeing you guys every week, though, and I’m sure when the nice weather hits I’m going to be like “AHHHH I WANT TO BE OUT RUNNING!!” But for now with it so humid, ehhhhhh. :)

  37. 77

    You are doing great and you should not be disappointed for not being able to keep up the running. Growing a baby is a lot of work! 😉 I had to stop running around 15 weeks with my first pregnancy but was able to run longer with my second. As you know, keep doing what feels good!

  38. 79

    Like you said, you have to go based on how you feel and what feels right for you. Although I was able to maintain running until 32.5 weeks pregnant, it was a definite challenge and my runs were more a combination of running/walking, sometimes walking more than running. I got a lot of looks from people driving by when they saw me running on the sidewalk, but I think part of that is because of the old assumption that its bad for pregnant women to work out. Keep staying active by doing what you enjoy, and running will be there for you post baby.

  39. 81

    Thanks for th insight- I trawled the internet reading running blogs whilst pregnant and yours was one of her most fun to read!:):) I have just started my own WordPress blog about exercise and running in pregnancy and soon to be about the labour and how running affected it etc and my slow journey back to fitness post partum, check it out: runfitpregnancy if you’d like to read more :):)


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