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Hey guys! It’s back to the daily hustle over here after our fun week at the beach on vacation last week! This morning Chelsea and I met up for a fun workout via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $40 off) – we went to Next Phase Studio in Arlington for their morning circuit workout. It was great to catch up with Chelsea and to get in some strength work after a week away!

next phase studio arlington

As for yesterday, I took the bump to a lunchtime yoga class (Edge Yoga, also via ClassPass) because I was working from home. I was tired so I dialed it down a lot and enjoyed the stretch and restorative poses!


Any recommendations for prenatal yoga classes in Arlington? I’m going to start looking into those soon!

As for food, Matt and I had puppy training class with Ashe last night at 7 so I threw together an easy meal for us to eat before leaving – shrimp stir fry!

shrimp stir fry

I threw peppers, zucchini, and frozen shrimp into a pan together with some soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and a little sriracha. When the shrimp was fully cooked, I served it over a microwave quinoa/brown rice mix. Yummy and easy!

shrimp stir fry

Matt and I are getting used to our new routine with 2 dogs – ah! As I mentioned recently, we adopted my brother’s dog Freyja because he’s off to grad school this fall. It will be an adjustment and at times definitely feels like we were probably insane to get two dogs before having a baby, but hopefully we can get into a good routine with them! Freyja is easier in some ways (she’s 5 years old so not as hyper as Ashe and doesn’t need as much exercise, fully house trained, friendly with new people and great with kids, walks confidently on a leash, doesn’t need to be crated), but harder in some ways, too (she doesn’t have great recall/doesn’t listen super well like Ashe does, she’s OBSESSED with our poor cat Zara and keeps trying to chase her, she barks whenever anything is happening outside, etc.). So – some of her good habits are rubbing off on Ashe, like not being super anxious while out walking, but some of the barking and Zara obsession is rubbing off on Ashe, too. We might do some training classes with Freyja like we did with Ashe to try to work on her listening/recall – Ashe is AWESOME off leash and won’t run from us and listens really well, but Freyja is not. We’ll see!

Anyway – I will leave you with this adorable photo of Freyja rocking her Halloween costume (my brother brought over all her stuff yesterday for us). We put it on her so she was wearing it when Matt got home from work – too funny! :) We will have to get Ashe a matching one!

dog in a hot dog costume

Have a great day guys – and feel free to share dog tips as well as Arlington prenatal workout class tips!

Do you have any pets?


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    I get so many gym ideas from you because I have ClassPass and live in Arlington! It’s always good to hear a review from someone you “know” :) Y’all are going to have so much fun with two dogs! My brother’s dog is much better off leash than my parent’s dog, but Colby has learned to respond/listen off leash after being stuck on a leash while his best dog friend was not! Like you said, they kind of pick up the good habits from each other. Hope training classes go well!

  2. 3

    This sounds so much like when we introduced our new puppy to our 6 year old Chester! Ha! It does take time and IS an adjustment. But it won’t be long until you feel like having 2 dogs is no different than 1. You MIGHT even think about getting a third like we do now! ;) Chester has no idea what to do off leash. We’ve tried it and it’s almost like it scares him having so much freedom and he doesn’t know what to do and panics, lol!

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      It’s funny because Ashe is so anxious/weird about walking on a leash (well, she was before Freyja – now she just follows Freyja) but we have had her off leash on hikes and she’s awesome! The problem with Freyja is she doesn’t listen/will legit run away if she’s off leash… no bueno!

  3. 5

    ahhhh puppy training classes, I remember those! We went through TWO sets with Nala but I would say she really got it the second time around. Having a puppy is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life so I feel your lack of sleep and adjustment period. As far as chasing the cat, oh man have I had to deal with that one! Make sure they know to LEAVE IT like it’s the ONLY command they know. You can also squirt them with water when they chase after her. Give them lots of praise when she comes in the room and they ignore her. Zara will also learn not to run because of running = chasing, but it will take a while. Make sure she has a high perch in the living space. We learned that our cat was extremely food motivated we gave her special treats in the morning and at night including wet food to motivate her to spend more time downstairs with us and less time under the bed. That’s all I can think of I hope it helps!

  4. 7

    Hope the dog training classes work great, going from one to two dogs is definitely an adjustment, but ours had so much fun together when we had two. I wish we had class pass in my area, it looks like so much fun to try out different classes all the time.

  5. 9

    that shrimp situation looks delicious!!

    good luck w/ the pup!

  6. 11

    We used to have a dog until 4 or 5 years ago when we had to put him down. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. I’d love to get another one – they become such a part of the family.

  7. 12

    Does Freyja have any hound in her? She’s got that short leg/long body thing going on like my pup and he’s half basset hound. Anyway, if she does you’ll have a hard time with her off leash no matter what. When we did training classes they basically said we can never have our dog off leash because when hounds catch a scent they’re interested in they hone in on it and cannot focus on anything else. Like they almost can’t even hear if you call them, it’s fantastic, lol. We’ve learned to just always have some sort of yummy snack on us for desperate times.

    • 13

      She’s half lab, half corgi – so the corgi is where the short legs are from! So cute. :) I don’t think she has any hound, but maybe?!

  8. 14

    My dog cannot be off leash, trained great with treats for everything but that. He becomes too distracted by so many other things he will not listen to come back. Some dogs are just like that and some feel more comfortable on a leash than off. Considering it has only been a week I would say things are going very well.

    Hopefully the Zara obsession will calm down once he’s been there for awhile.

    • 15

      Yeah, here’s hoping! My brother has never been able to have her off leash, but he also hasn’t tried training classes with her, so we’ll see.

  9. 16

    For prenatal classes I highly recommend Xtend Barre in Courthouse! They have a wide variety of classes and cater really well to pregnant ladies :)

  10. 18

    Oh I wish Penny was properly trained. We did the classes, she got the certificate, and then we promptly forgot to keep up with teaching her at home. Although she will sit on command. As long as there is food involved… Good luck with all the fur babies! I’m sure by the time the real baby comes along everything will be running smoothly :)

  11. 20

    Haha love the photo of Frejya!! :)
    On another note, some dogs are just not off leash dogs, that’s ok. Do what you need to do to keep them safe and if that means Ashe can be off leash and Frejya needs to be on, maybe that’s ok! Don’t feel like it’s a dog parenting fail ;)

    • 21

      Yeah… that may just be the case with her. We’ve been throwing the ball for Ashe off leash and then running to her with Freyja on leash so far – seems to be working pretty well! It’s easier since Freyja doesn’t need as much sprinting around to be tired, either!

  12. 22

    Hehe that Halloween costume is so cute. I don’t have any pets, but we had a LOT growing up. I like dogs, but am pretty allergic sadly, so would probably only get one if we move out to the country and he could live mostly outside.

  13. 24
    Roadrunner says

    Love the dog costume!

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