Triathlon Training Continues: Brick Workout #2!

Hello, hello!

Thanks for all the great feedback on my new blog header! I’m so glad you guys love it, too. It’s so weird to come to my blog and have it look so different, heh! A huge thank you to my awesome graphic designer Bailey, who designed the header for me. If you’re looking for graphic design services, give her a holler! She also made me a cute new favicon (the little icon that shows up next to fANNEtastic food in the browser tab) to match! Love it :)

And now — for details of triathlon training brick (bike + run) workout #2! If you’re new to the blog — my boyfriend Matt and I are doing our first triathlon (a sprint triathlon) in late July!


What’s that you see? Me in an official awesome tri outfit? Why, yes! Remember how in the post about me and Matt’s very first brick workout I mentioned that I tried on tri shorts but they were way out of my price range? Well, I arrived home from my internship on Tuesday night to the absolute sweetest surprise package ever!


My family’s good friend Jill from Tampa (remember when we had both Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner at her family’s house in 2009 when my family still lived in Tampa? They are major foodies — check out those posts for some EPIC feasting) reads the blog (hi Jill!), and when she read that post, she went out and bought me a tri outfit, plus a new pair of goggles (since I’m having issues with mine), AND a new CamelBak (which I gave to Matt since I have one and he needs one)!

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Is that not the sweetest thing ever? Thank you SO much Jill, you completely made my day! I may not win the triathlon, but I will certainly be the most stylish now ;)

Here is my awesome new tri outfit:


Cute, right? Clearly I tried it on immediately upon getting the package.


I love that the back of the shirt is white so it doesn’t attract as much heat! It’s all super comfy, too.


Don’t worry, I tried on the goggles immediately, too. Yes, I’m still wearing my work earrings. Disregard.


So hot right now. The bulging vein in my forehead is especially hardcore.

The outfit actually arrived at the PERFECT time — Matt and I were talking about how we needed to fit in another brick workout but we are going to be out of town for the next few weekends, practically until the triathlon. We wanted to do one on Tuesday night, but I was supposed to have an event for my internship until late. And then… the event was cancelled!! Instead, I made it home by 5:30, found the awesome new package with my tri suit, and was out the door with Matt by 6 p.m. for our brick workout, new clothing and all!


Our plan: bike 12 miles, run 3.1 miles.


My transition area was a whole lot simpler than our first brick workout thanks to my new outfit! During the actual tri, I won’t change shoes, and I’m so excited now to not have to worry about awkwardly changing clothes 400 times and somehow wearing some sort of bikini bottom/black sports bra combination for the swim, ha.

Our goal was to make it through the brick workout without the whole flat tire and 20 minute walk with our bikes part that was included last time ;)


(But we were prepared with tire repair stuff this time, if needed!)

Everything went smoothly this time! It was pretty hot during the bike ride, but the breeze kept it manageable. Our route was VERY hilly but it was fun to be out and about. I love biking in the evening, it’s so refreshing :)


Given all the hills, it took us 1:09 to finish just over 12 miles on the bike. I think I’m getting faster! (Matt could be way faster but he’s nice and stays back with me, hehe)


We raced inside, quickly transitioned (change of shoes for me, change of shorts for Matt), and were off again for the run! We didn’t end up eating the chewy snacks since we put honey in our water, hehe.

I wore my CamelBak for the entire bike ride and run and it REALLY helped with staying better hydrated this time. I still haven’t mastered drinking water from my water bottle while on the bike so it’s a good solution! The honey in the water really helped my energy levels, too, I think.

Run — success! We ran the 5k (3.1 miles) in 27:57, for an average pace of 9:01.



  • Mile 1: 9:15 (legs feel like jelly + uphill)
  • Mile 2: 9:00 (getting into the groove + flatter)
  • Mile 3: 8:52 (more hills but feeling good!)

It was interesting to see how a run felt IMMEDIATELY after a bike ride this time, since last time we had to walk our bikes for a bit since Matt’s tire was busted. My legs definitely felt weird for the first mile, but we got into the groove pretty quickly. It was nice that by the time we ended up running (about 7:30 p.m.) the sun was starting to set so it wasn’t nearly as hot or beating down on us. Makes such a difference! It also helped that Matt started to play pump up music for us on his phone the last mile ;) We’ve decided we’re crossing the finish line at the tri holding hands and blasting the Rocky theme song. I know. We’re that cool.

And my new tri outfit was super comfy. I can’t wait to rock it at the real thing!

I’m off to my internship for day 2 of teaching kids how to cook! It was fun yesterday and I think the kids enjoyed themselves — they even all ate the veggies we made! I think it makes such a difference to include kids in the cooking process — helps them to take ownership of the meal and get excited about it, even if it’s healthy. I’ll do a recap post about the cooking classes next week — we have three more to go, including today!

After work I’m racing off to the airport to fly out to Colorado! I’m attending the Fitness & Health Blogger’s Conference this weekend in Boulder.

Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference

It should be really fun — I’m excited to see blog friends and meet some new ones, as always! Plus, the conference includes a Friday morning hiking trip in the beautiful Colorado mountains! So pumped. I’m attending on behalf of Attune Foods and will be sporting one of their shirts and passing out coupons and probiotic chocolate bars, so come find me if you’ll be there! :)

Catch you guys later from out west!


  1. 1

    I didn’t even pay attention to the new header! It does look good though!

    I love how hard core you are with your swimming, yet still looking good! ;)

  2. 2

    That is seriously so sweet of your friend to send you a tri outfit! I’m loving the new blog header/color scheme. It’s really cute!

  3. 3

    I really need to get more into biking! You’re motivating me all of the time. :D

    Love the new header! :D

  4. 4

    Omg you ROCK!!! ;-)

    Hey Hey Hey -you’re looking totally HOT in the “Tri”
    Enjoy it! I love you guys….
    (by the way, that girl Jill, writes like chicken scratch!)

  5. 6

    Have fun this weekend!

  6. 7

    I need some friends like that to send me some running gear! Nice goggles ;)

  7. 8

    Hills make biking SO much harder and slower. Is your tri course hilly or flat? Either way, it will prepare you to fly on the bike portion.

  8. 9

    You are rockin that tri training! I hear looking good makes you faster too;)

  9. 11

    Looking fierce lady :) those flashy clothes should blind your competition ensuring your win!! haha I joke. But, good LUCK!!

  10. 13

    Have fun in Boulder! I always wear my Camelbak while riding my bike I love the convenience!

  11. 14

    I’ve never heard of putting honey in water. Can you tell me more about that? Like how much you put in, etc? Love the new header, too!

  12. 16

    You look absolultly smashing in that tri outfit…have lot of fun… all the best for you triathlon …


  13. 17

    Girl, you look fierce as hell. Definitely no way NOT to rock that Tri looking as dapper as you do in the pictures. Maybe you’ll wear the goggles the whole time, just as an accessory? (maybe not.)

    So glad you avoided the major bumps from last time, hope to see you running/racing around Chapel Thrill sometime!

  14. 19

    The new header is fannetastic :D he he he

  15. 21

    Honey in the water? Wow, I never thought of that … definitely going to try it as I’ve been looking for more natural energy sources for my long runs as I often get, uhm, belly issues with gels and electrolyte drinks. Thanks!

  16. 23

    Your Pearl Izumi outfit is AWESOME – Jill, nice work! :) What an awesome surprise package!

    Can’t wait to come pick you up at the airport tonight!

  17. 25

    1. You are adorable in your tri suit. I am jealous… I want one.
    2. Don’t be fooled by the adorable-ness, you better kick ass…but we all already know you will.
    3. I love your plan for the Rocky theme song. So epic.

  18. 27

    oh yes and…

    4. you have amazingly generous friends!

  19. 28

    Hi! I used to swim and always had trouble with my goggles. Like you, I have a smaller face. I would buy kids goggles and they never leaked. They are also less expensive. I would give kid’s goggles a try!

  20. 30

    Love your new outfit, you look great. Have fun in Boulder, Colorado. You are just a little globe trotter. Teehee I quit flying, I can’t stand to be felt up by those bozo’s. We have an Airstream camper so when we go as a family we drive.

  21. 31

    What a sweet tri suit! I love it! :) i couldn’t agree more with including kids in the kitchen! Such a valuable learning experience!

  22. 32

    Love it! How sweet of Jill :)

  23. 33

    I love the suit! You have an awesome friend in Jill!!!

    I’m jealous of your blogger conference in Boulder. I wish I could have swung it. You’re going to have a great time!

    PS, thank you SOOO much for telling us about Bailey’s giveaway for the blog header, etc. I won :) YAY!!!!!!!!

  24. 35

    Yay! The outfit is SOO cute, you look so legit ;)

  25. 36

    What an awesome gift! :) You are ready to tri now! :)

    Love the new header, such a great eye catching feature! Have an awesome time in CO, I am sorry to miss this one but I can’t wait to go to HLS! :)

  26. 37

    What a nice surprise! And it’s so great that you and Matt always work out together… such a great way to spend some QT :) My boyfriend is not as an avid of a runner so our attempts at running together fail, ha.

  27. 39

    When I bring up your website, the background is blue for a second or two and I love it.

  28. 40

    Anne, I did my first brick workout last night- 11 mile bike, 3 mile run. I agree with you, I think it’s called a “brick” because that’s exactly how my legs felt at the start of the run! I love that you are training for your first tri at the same time as me, great posts and tips!!
    And wow, the tri suit is great! I am jealous!
    And I love the new header!!

  29. 42

    I love the green!! easy to spot and so cute!!

  30. 43

    awesome BRICK!!! and that outfit is really cool you have a very awesome friend!


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