Way Better Than Chem Lab

My Food Science and Preparation class is going to be so much fun! We had our first class yesterday and I’m especially excited about the lab — seriously a million times cooler than chem and bio lab! Our professor seems cool, too.

Last night’s lab was all about the sensory evaluation of food, which translates to: taste testing! Heck yes :)


We each had little cups of things to try — pudding, apples, lemon slices, muffins, sugar water of varying sweetness, etc. (Excuse the ghetto photos — my DSLR was at home and my point and shoot doesn’t like being indoors!)


There were also cubes of cheddar cheese of varying sharpness, and applesauce seasoned with 4 different spices — cinnamon (yum!), cloves (blech! too intense), coriander (surprisingly good?!), and ginger (yum!).


We even had AMAZING chicken salad sandwiches (healthified, of course, with celery, grapes, and lots of delish fresh herbs! trying to get this recipe to share!) that came from one of the cafes at the UNC hospitals where our professor works (he’s the head of food services for all the UNC hospitals!).


Yum. Our professor is an RD but also went to culinary school, so this course should be a cool mix of the two. Future labs include learning knife skills, braising meats, and much more :) The class is during dinnertime and we get to eat the spoils of our labor — yum!

My professor was interested to hear about the blog and encouraged me to bring my DSLR next time to get some good photos — so expect some fun posts about this lab in the future :)

We got out of class a bit early, so a few of us decided to head out for a glass of wine — I’m really enjoying getting to know my classmates! I can already tell I will be making a lot of really good friends in this program. :)


Pretty ladies :)

I’m off to campus for another busy day! Thank you for all the awesome cereal and breakfast ideas in the comments of my last post — I can’t wait to try them out :)

p.s. I finally made dedicated recipe pages for my:

Enjoy :)


  1. 1

    So jealous of this course! Looks like so much fun!

  2. 2

    Wow, that sounds awesome. It’s always nice when there’s a class you actually enjoy going to!

  3. 3

    Food lab! Yours looks WAY cooler than mine was.

    Is that the West End Wine Bar!?

  4. 5

    That class sounds like it is going to be awesome :)

  5. 6

    Ha, I love that you took a camera to class, anyway. Good thing the teacher is down with the blog/DSLR – we can’t be having ghetto photos of food lab samples. Sheesh.


  6. 7

    That looks like the best class EVER.

  7. 8

    haha i know that bar. such a great spot. im from Chapel Hill and am very jealous of your new life there :)

  8. 9

    Coriander is quite lovely in sweet things. I have a great sweet potato pie recipe that uses coriander…gives it a great warmth! Also, did you get your highlights at Aveda yet?

  9. 11

    can i come to class and taste test too?! holy yum! that chicken salad sandwich looks amazing!

  10. 12

    I wish we had a cool lab like that in nursing school!! there was a neat lab science though that my non nursing major friends took that was about fermentation. everyone got to make and taste their own beer and wine!

  11. 14

    SO fun that you have a great group of girls in your program! Fun class, too. It looks like you are in for an awesome 1st semester. :)

  12. 15

    What an awesome class. Any class that allows you to eat fantastic food has to be enjoyable. ;)

  13. 16

    What a great day! Sounds awesome, indeed. Wonderful. And pls send the chicken salad recipe. Looks great –

  14. 17

    Mmm chicken salad. That looks phenom… and now I’m drooling. What a fun class!

  15. 18

    I want to take THAT class!

  16. 19

    Sooo jealous! I have the first class of the second part of Organic Chemistry course tonight and lab tomorrow. I WISH my class was a fun as this one looks. I can’t wait to see more pictures.

  17. 20

    Yum…that was my favorite part of my college nutrition classes…..eating! :) Looks fabulous!

  18. 21

    That’s awesome that your prof is supportive of you taking pics for the blog in your lab. Looking forward to some future recaps of that class!

  19. 22

    Wow… I’m so jealous!!! That class sounds like so much fun!

  20. 23

    haha I am TOTALLY loving my food prep lecture + lab, too! So much fun. And I was just sitting in class today thinking how I really needed to share some of the fun we’re learning on the blog!

    Do you guys get to do cooking demos? Some of our assignments are critiquing a cooking show and another is doing a 30 minute demo in class – and it has to be on a veggie burger. I feel like this is my dream class lol!

    • 24

      Whoa that sounds awesome!! We’re not doing any cooking demos, more learning cooking skills and techniques from him – but we do have to do a project where we “healthify” a recipe – I was like… um, that’s basically all the recipes on my blog! Lol :)

  21. 25

    Wow so jealous of that class! So fun!! Ps. I made your banana muffins last night (although no spelt flour so I subbed in wheat flour) still yum!!

  22. 26

    What a FUN class!! And that chicken salad sandwich – wow I don’t even eat meat and I am drooooling!! :) I foresee great things with this course. Can’t wait to hear more about it and see all the pics!

  23. 27

    Ohh Anne, I loved my food science class — it was definitely so fun! Is yours 5 credits? Mine was!! Definitely sounds intimidating, but ends up being a big GPA booster if you get an A :)

  24. 28

    That class looks like so much fun! So happy for you, following your dreams and making new friends :) Question: have you ever considered going to culinary school?

  25. 30

    That seems so cool! I love making new friends, I bet you will have a lot in common with the people in your program. Enjoy!

  26. 31

    We’re learning about objective & sensory eval in my Science of Food class right now, too. So far, I’m not a fan.

    Do your classmates know about your blog? : )

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