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Hello my friends! As I mentioned, Matt and I ended up being in town unexpectedly this weekend after the canoe camping trip we were planning with some friends was cancelled due to gross weather. Boo! We were both planning to take Friday off for the trip, but since we were home, figured we’d work instead. I ended up getting a lot of recipe development projects done, so that was awesome!


One of the recipe development projects involved alcohol, so we had my mom over on Friday night for a little cocktail tasting and grilling. She did not object. :) Stay tuned for the recipes!


As for dinner, my friend Karen had told me about these tasty turkey burgers she made recently involving feta, spinach, and olives, so I decided a variation of those was in order! I decided to go with ground lamb, and we mixed feta, chopped baby spinach, sundried tomatoes, and olives into the meat before grilling them. They were AMAZING. I wish I had taken more photos and had a real recipe to share – will have to make them again soon so I can measure things out!

Topped with some tomato, a mixture of chopped spinach and basil, and a side of kale chips. Delicious!


We have leftovers, too – even better.

On Saturday, we kept things low key – it was pouring rain all day, so I met my friend Karen for a little Urban Athletic Club action in the morning (awesome workout, as always), and then Matt and I both spent the rest of the day working. Lame, but I got my emails under control, wrote up a couple recipe posts that will be coming down the pipeline soon, etc. But before lame work, we had a delicious brunch. Hit the spot! A leftover pancake with berries + banana plus one of Matt’s famous egg scrambles, packed with mushrooms, baby spinach, and goat cheese. Yummm!


I wasn’t feeling the coffee on Saturday (I know, weird), so I made myself a homemade iced green tea by brewing some green tea (I used Celestial Seasoning’s organic/fair trade Pure Green Estate Tea, which I love), then removing the bag and pouring it over ice. Worked quite well!


On Saturday night, the rain had finally stopped, which was great because we had a big adventure planned: Escape Room!!!


A bunch of us that were supposed to go on the canoe trip decided this would be a fun thing to do, especially since Saturday’s weather was going to be so gross. The DC Escape Room is in Glover Park (although apparently they are opening an Alexandria, VA location soon), so we grabbed dinner at nearby Sprig & Sprout beforehand.

sprig and sprout glover park dc

And then it was time for the big adventure! Escape Room is exactly as it sounds: you are locked in a room and, by working together to figure out a series of hidden puzzles/clues/codes for locks/etc., you try to escape! We ended up needing to ask for a hint with 10 minutes left because we were totally stuck, but after that we were on a roll and figured out the remaining clues and made it out with 2 minutes to spare! Whew! They have a few room options – we did Room 3: Double Crossed – in which you are secret agents trying to figure out what happened to your fellow agent. It was hard but super fun! I won’t say more than that because I don’t want to ruin it for those who go. :)


On Sunday, I got ALL the exercise. My friend Karen is going out of town for a couple weeks so we decided to meet up for another fun workout adventure, this time CorePower Yoga in Georgetown via ClassPass. Our fave class is the Sunday morning 10 a.m. Sculpt class taught by Mandy, and we hadn’t been in AGES. It was as sweaty and amazing as I remembered – an a$$-kicking in the best way possible. Also, it’s time for a pedicure.

corepower yoga georgetown

It was supposed to be kind of overcast and not that nice on Sunday, hence the morning heated power yoga class, but it turned out to be lovely, so Matt and I decided to take advantage! Part 1: bike over to Cassatt’s Kiwi Café for brunch.


I had a latte, obviously.


Plus the mushroom, cheese, and egg quesadilla. It comes with a side tomato/avocado salad. So good!


From there, we headed off on a biking adventure! Matt and I haven’t gone biking together in over a year because we’ve been so busy, so it was fun to get back out there. :) We headed to the Custis Trail and then met up with the W&OD trail, biking towards/through Falls Church.


Halfway through, we stopped for ice cream, although this wasn’t as delicious as I’d hoped – I got the maple walnut flavor and it was so overly sweet/fake tasting. Boo! Next time, I’ll stick with my standard fave coffee ice cream. :)


Our final weekend adventure was meeting friends at Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont Circle last night for dinner/drinks. I LOVE this place, and the weather was so perfect for hanging outside! After a weekend of a fair amount of beer/cocktails and eating out, I was excited for some healthy food. I hit their prepared foods bar and put together this beautiful and colorful plate, and during happy hour I enjoyed a ginger kombucha instead of a beer. Perfect!

glens garden market

I’ll leave you all with some luck – on a walking break last week I found this four leaf clover! I used to always look for these when I was little, and once when I was in middle school my friend and I found an ENTIRE YARD full of only four leaf clovers. Epic, right? They always remind me of childhood. :)

four leaf clover

Have a nice day, friends! I enjoyed sleeping in a bit this morning and am going to go SUP (stand up paddleboard)-ing with Chelsea this evening. Perfect weather for it!

How was your weekend? Any fun fitness adventures to report?


  1. 1

    Coffee ice cream for the win!

  2. 3

    Escape the Room sounds so much fun!! Coffee ice cream is my favorite too. And yay for finding a little luck on a fun weekend!

  3. 4

    Wowsers that salad/chicken/kale box looks hella good!!!

  4. 5
    Elisabety says

    Kind of random, but your pic with the purple mat made me think of it – do you have any recs for a good yoga mat? I’m just getting started with yoga & need to find a good mat.

  5. 7

    This post made me hungry! All that food looks incredible!

  6. 8

    It sounds like the perfect weekend – lots of sweat, friends and fun! I may have to whip up those greek lamb burgers this week! YUM!

  7. 9

    Ooooh! Your foods got my mouth watering! The maple ice cream sounds incredible, as do your lamb burgers!! I mix those exact same things into my turkey burgers and they’re always a hit! :) YUMM.

  8. 10
    Roadrunner says

    Sounds like a great weekend! Maybe even better than if you’d done the trip, in fact! Well done –

  9. 11

    What a super fun weekend! We did not have a super fun weekend, I worked and my husband just kept on studying for the Bar! Once the Bar is done I have some major fun plans for us! haha. I did get in my long run on Sunday, which always makes for a great day!

  10. 14

    Some coworkers told me about the Escape Room recently and I’m dying to go! I also love CorePower’s sculpt class – I’m going tomorrow with some friends and can’t wait! See you in a couple hours! :)

  11. 15

    I LOVED glen’s garden market when I lived in DC! Especially their wine vending machines. It was where my boyfriend and I went on our first date!

  12. 16

    I have a question about your bike, don’t you worry to leave it outside places -even if you have it locked- or do you always keep an eye on it?

  13. 18

    You have no idea how jealous I am of your iced latte! Making my own iced coffee in the european heatwave these days!


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