We kicked off our Friday my favorite way: with happy hour!

The nachos + beer at Screwtop hit the spot as always.

And yes, Riese ate nachos for dinner, too. #parentsoftheyear

screwtop nachos clarendon

Saturday kicked off with some oatmeal – made on the stove since I made more than one serving, but we used the recipe for my Microwave Banana Oatmeal.

I added about 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed before cooking as well, and then added some almond butter once it was cooked. Riese loved it!

We spent the rest of the morning at the playground. Matt was doing a workout over lunch, so Riese and I noshed solo.

I had avocado toast topped with broccoli slaw, tomatoes, and chicken, and Riese had broccoli, bread, and a veggie burger, plus some guac and tzatziki for dipping. She’s really into dipping things into sauces right now! 

The rest of the day was spent packing up all our stuff at my parents’ house and moving back over to our place once Riese was up. It’s nice to have our own space again and Riese was excited to see all her toys, but I was sad to leave – as an extrovert, I get lonely at home with Matt gone all day and I had gotten used to having my mom around (and my dad when he wasn’t traveling for work). I’ll really miss coming back from adventures with Riese and having someone else at the house. Who wants to start a commune with us? Kidding/not kidding… ;)

I took Riese to sweetgreen for dinner while Matt did some organizing to try to make the house more homey again – it’s in a weird transition state right now because half our stuff is packed in storage, which I’m sure doesn’t help with me being blah about being home because everything feels very unsettled. We don’t move to our new place until late July… I wish we were moving sooner so we could just be done and get fully settled… I’m going to be SO GLAD to be done with this transition phase. 

Anyway – I tried to shake off the blahs and buck up on Sunday, which ended up being a really fun day – the weather was gorgeous and we spent most of the day outside. 

First up: a hike with my mom friend Olivia, her husband Chris, and their little one Charlotte!

We hadn’t gone hiking in ages and it was so nice to get out into the woods.

At first Riese really didn’t want to get into the hiking backpack, but once she was in and Matt started walking she loved it. Whew!

We hiked along the Potomac and then stopped at a beachy area and let the kids run around and have a snack before hiking back. 


We grabbed lunch on our way home at a BBQ place in the newly renovated Ballston Quarter – yum! Weird orange lighting because an orange umbrella was up above us. :)

After Riese’s nap, we headed over to our friend Heather and Mike’s place – they had a few of us over for dinner and playtime with the kids. 

The kids all loved the baby pool and it was perfect weather to relax outside! Such a fun night.

And that’s that! I hope you guys had a nice weekend. :) 


  1. 1
    TrackBuddy says

    What a fun weekend! And YES sign us all up for your commune (kidding/not kidding) LOL.

  2. 3

    Those nachos look epic! I’m glad Riese decided that the backpack was OK or your range would have been pretty limited. It’s always a challenge to persuade toddlers who are developing a sense of independence to do what you want.
    I’m an introvert so no commune for me!

  3. 5

    Where did you park along the Potomac to end up at the beach area? I live in Falls Church and would like to go hiking with my boys ages 6 and 8. I want to check out Roosevelt Island too. I know there’s parking right off the GW Pkwy. Thanks!

    • 6

      This was the Potomac Overlook Trail/Potomac Heritage trail — you can park at Potomac Overlook (in Arlington) and access it that way… takes a bit of stream crossings and some scrambling to get down to the water, though, just FYI!

  4. 7

    Do you do Macro calculation s that I could purchase? We r moving also and I’m on the struggle bus! I find my anxiety is high and I’m eating everything, which for me is unusual. I normally don’t eat much when I’m nervous but finding the weight creeping on 😖

    • 8

      I’m sorry to hear about your moving anxiety – I certainly understand that! I wish I could help re: the food, but I don’t offer macro plans or any sort of nutrition plans for purchase.

  5. 9
    Roadrunner says

    Good to hear you are semi-resettled and that you made the most of the gorgeous weekend weather.

  6. 10

    The hike looked beautiful! I would like to get a hiking backpack but need to get one second hand since we won’t use it a ton (there are very few hiking trails in the Minneapolis area – womp womp).

    I do not like dealing with transitions so I understand how this ‘in between’ time is tough! But time seems to fly by especially fast in the summer so late July will be here before you know it – hopefully!

    • 11

      Our hiking backpacks (we have 2 – a men’s and a women’s fit) – were a great deal – one was a yard sale find and the other was free from a friend who never used it!

  7. 12

    I would totally start a commune with you if we lived in the same state haha! Kind of my dream, especially now that I’m a stay at home mom

    • 13

      I seriously talk to so many people who say they want to do a commune… I think we are on to something! Modern society is not set up for extroverts!

  8. 14
    Elizabeth says

    I noticed Riese having a veggie burger, one of my favorites. Do you have an opinion on the healthiest options? Thank you and good luck settling into your new place! We did that a year ago and are still missing some major pieces of furniture.

  9. 16

    Transition times with moving are some of the hardest! Really looking forward to catching up in a few months and seeing your new house sometime in the future :)

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