Weekend Adventures + FlyWheel Dupont Review

Hey friends!

How were your weekends? We had our friends Sarah and Matt and their little boy here visiting, so we got in a lot of fun social time. Their son is almost 3 and SO cute and energetic. It was cool seeing DC through his eyes. :)

holden exploring dc

washington monument flags

We were busy having lots of adventures – a big BBQ at a friend’s place on Friday night and dinner out with a big group on Saturday – so I neglected to get many photos, but I did get some pictures of Saturday morning’s adventure. All the girls decided a workout date was in order and left the men at home with the kids. ;)


Our friends Megan and Janice are really into spinning, so we all decided to check out FlyWheel in Dupont Circle, which is a recent addition to DC’s fitness scene. Your first ride there is free – sweet! This was especially good news since they aren’t on ClassPass.

It’s in a building that used to be a movie theater, which was neat.


The studio was beautiful – spacious and with tons of nice totally free amenities, like towels, clip-in bike shoes (waiting for you in a cubby numbered by your bike selection, already in your size – so well organized!), lockers (with locks), ear plugs (you’ll want them – that music gets LOUD), etc. Given that a lot of studios try to nickel and dime you for that sort of stuff, I appreciated it!


I also liked that the workout room had tiered levels, so it was easy to see the instructor no matter where your were.


As for the workout, it was fun! Spinning isn’t really my thing – if I’m doing cardio I’d always rather be outside – but it was nice to mix it up and do something different. I liked that they incorporated weights, too – they are attached to the bikes.

Post-workout, we all walked over to nearby Teaism for a little brunch. I got the cilantro eggs with smoked salmon, and stuffed them into the pita bread to make sandwiches. :) Delicious!


Plus a hemp seed chocolate chip cookie on the side for good measure. I had a few bites and then saved the rest for an afternoon treat since I was pretty full.


Our friends headed home yesterday afternoon, so Matt and I spent some time getting organized for the week and doing some things around the house before going to a friend’s place for a little BBQ and Game of Thrones watching. The asparagus, chicken and veggie kebobs, and beans (you know you love our fancy can on the grill method) were ours. Delish!

game of thrones grill night

Time to tackle Monday. Have a fabulous day!

Are you a spinning fan? I used to go occasionally in college and shortly after (at Gold’s Gym when I was a member), but have gotten out of the habit. I think I’d like it better in the winter when I wasn’t able to bike outside! :)

I’ll leave you with a couple interesting articles to enjoy:


  1. 1

    That hemp choco chip cookie looks right up my alley!

  2. 2

    I thought I hated spinning until I went to Soul Cycle. I still wouldn’t choose it as my preferred workout, but I have taken classes at Flywheel and other spinning places and never liked them. Soul Cycle was great and like I was dancing to the beat the whole time. Looks like you had a good weekend!

    • 3

      I’ve been debating trying Soul Cycle but I just don’t see myself doing it consistently given the price and the fact that I just don’t love spinning. I might give it a shot someday just to see what the fuss is all about though. :)

  3. 5

    Next year I’ll have to test out FlyWheel! Spin classes are the best! I loved SoulCycle, the energy it just so great!

  4. 6

    I love spinning! That’s really cool their slogan is never coast. Omaha just got a new slogan and it’s We Don’t Coast. I really like it. Glad you had a good weekend!

  5. 8

    I love spinning but haven’t been in several years (nothing seems affordable here in Paris, gyms are stupid expensive because no one works out here!). I had a really intimate class (sometimes only 10 or 15 of us) in a small room so it didn’t seem so mass-scale, and I loved my instructor! Great music choices and not too loud are key!
    Keep looking, maybe you will find the right class for you for the wintertime :)

  6. 10

    I’m not HUGELY into biking. Funny story – I tried out Soul Cycle in Foggy Bottom the other week and got STUCK in the bike after class. My shoes would not unclip for the life of me so I had to awkwardly slip my feet out of my shoes and walk out in my socks #awkwardaward

    I tried the OutRun this past weekend with Urban Athletic Club and am still in pain, SUCH an awesome workout!

    • 11

      Ahh, I’m so jealous! I was bummed to miss it! Glad you had fun. :) And that’s hilarious about getting stuck clipped in to the bike!!

  7. 12

    I’m not a huge fan of spinning either, but sometimes it’s fun to go to a class to mix it up. I think I’d like it more if the class was less than an hour. I’ve never tried spin at FlyWheel or SoulCycle and would be interested in doing so to see how they compare to gym spin classes.

  8. 13

    The great thing about a spin class is that I can do it after a flight. When I’m jet lagged I love squeezing in a good sweat and just losing myself in the music!

  9. 14

    I have yet to go to a spin class. It looks like a lot of fun though.

    Kabobs are one of my favorite things to make on the barbecue.

  10. 15

    That class is huge! There were about 20 people in my class at the gym today and I thought that was a lot! I like spinning once in awhile, like maybe once every three months. I’ve tried to like it more because it’s such good cross-training for running but just can’t get into it.

  11. 16

    I love Flywheel! Were you brave enough to put your name on the board?

  12. 18
    Roadrunner says

    Was the Flywheel not a kick butt workout? How did you do relative to the others there? (I’ve heard it is insanely competitive and very intense….) And the sausages weren’t yours? Figured out how to do them on your grill?

    • 19

      I didn’t find it that intense, but I also wasn’t going as quickly or as hard as some of the others since I was tired from workouts last week. They turned on a screen a couple times during class to show who was in the lead, but it only showed the top 10, of which I was not in – the class was huge!

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