Weekend Adventures + Maryland Eastern Shore Wedding

Hello my friends! It was a gorgeous weekend over here, which was lucky because we were attending an outdoor wedding on Saturday! More on that in a minute. :)

wye river conference center wedding

Let’s start with Friday night, though! We didn’t head out for the wedding festivities until after lunch on Saturday, so on Friday night Matt and I headed up to Bethesda, MD to have dinner with our friends Tom and Janice. They very kindly treated us to a delicious meal! We ate outside since it was so nice out, and enjoyed some cheese and crackers before the main meal, which was grilled chicken + a strawberry spinach salad + watermelon (Janice got this in case I couldn’t stomach anything else – so sweet!) + sweet potato tater tots (so good) + asparagus.


Plus some unpictured gelato and cookies for dessert! Such a fun night – we hadn’t caught up with them in awhile and ended up chatting away until nearly 11. By the time we got home I was falling asleep in the car – haven’t stayed up that late in ages! (#pregnancy)

On Saturday, Matt got up with our puppy Ashe and let me sleep in a bit, which was really sweet of him – I was so wiped! I seem to go through phases where I have more energy and then phases where I’m REALLY tired… guess that’s when the baby is going through a growth spurt? When I got up, I did a microwave version of my Flour Free Breakfast Pancake, plus some plain Greek yogurt and berries.

flour free breakfast pancake

Then we took Ashe on a walk! We stumbled across some yard sales, which was fun, especially since they had tons of baby stuff! I got all this adorable 0-6 month/6-12 month baby girl clothing for $2 total. Quite the deal!


I also bought 5 maternity items of clothing for $1. I’m telling you… yard sales are the way to go!

I threw together a simple lunch for us before we hit the road: scrambled eggs with wilted spinach and avocado, plus some crackers with cheese and smoked salmon for me as well. I also had some unpictured raw veggies while cooking, and a small yogurt cup with some blueberries after when I was still a little hungry.

easy lunch eggs crackers

Then it was time to hit the road for my friend Chelsea’s wedding on the eastern shore in Maryland! (We took Ashe to the doggy daycare place we use for overnight boarding while we were gone!)

It was about an hour and a half drive to the wedding venue – easy. It was hot but beautiful out with no humidity, so we explored a little when we first arrived at the venue, which was the Wye River Conference Center. They had the whole property rented for the weekend (the rehearsal festivities were there, too), which made it nice and easy – once you arrived, you stayed put and everything was on site!

wye river conference center


Then it was time to get all dolled up! As I mentioned in my 16 week pregnancy update post, I rented a dress from Rent the Runway (<- affiliate link for $30 off your first dress rental) for the occasion, which worked out really well – no point in keeping something I won’t fit for much longer, right?! And all my normal wedding appropriate dresses are too tight right now!

rent the runway maternity

Here we are with our friends Kathleen and Zach – so fun to get to hang out with them for the night!


Everything was gorgeous – I loved all the little Pinterest-esque details Chelsea had going on, especially the cool old doors with clothespins that had all the table cards on them!

rustic romantic outdoor wedding

Congratulations, Chelsea and Fabio!! :)

chelsea clark fabio echavarria wedding

chelsea clark fabio echavarria wedding

The reception was held in a big tent. We had a blast – a really fun group at our table, plus good food (and drinks for everyone but me)!

wye river conference center wedding

This salad was delicious!

wye river conference center food

As was the dinner! The salmon reminded me of my Salmon with Lemon Mustard Dill Sauce, and the chicken with mushrooms was also really good – it had spinach stuffed inside.

wye river conference center food

For dessert, they did a mini dessert buffet, which I loved – especially because they had mini pies!! I can totally take or leave cake, but I LOVE pie.

wye river conference center dessert

This pie was my favorite – blueberry, and so delicious!

wye river conference center dessert

Then it was dancing time!! They had an awesome DJ and pretty much the entire wedding was out on the dance floor, which was a lot of fun. We took a couple breaks to check out the sunset and the property, but for the most part danced all night!


Proof that the 3 workout musketeers do occasionally change out of workout clothes! :) Love these ladies – they make my weekdays and getting out of bed at 6 a.m. wayyyyy more fun/doable. I always start days off happier when I’ve met them for a workout! Thank you for including us in your special day, Chelsea! We’re so happy for you! <3

chelsea clark wedding

On Sunday morning, we slept in and then hit up the breakfast buffet, which was back in the wedding tent. Matt and I both did a fruit + oatmeal combo. I’m still obsessed with fresh fruit lately, especially if it’s really juicy! Always so thirsty!

wye river conference center breakfast

Matt and I hung out with Kathleen and Zach for awhile after breakfast before heading out – we all swam around in the hotel pool, which was so fun – I love the pool. Excited to start incorporating swimming into my workout routine again this summer… I’m sure it will feel especially good as I get larger!

After saying goodbye to Kathleen and Zach, Matt and I hit up a fun restaurant on the water, Bridges on Kent Narrows, for lunch on our way out. We snagged a table right by the water/docks – it felt like we were on vacation!

bridges on kent narrows


I started with the watermelon, feta, slivered almond, and arugula salad, which was delicious and really refreshing (and don’t worry, the feta was pasteurized). I need to recreate this at home!

bridges on kent narrows lunch

For my entrée, I had a crab cake (x2 – I ended up getting another because I was still hungry and it actually tasted good, which doesn’t always happen with pregnancy so you have to act on it when it does!) with fries. Delish! When on the Maryland shore, eat crab cakes. These were especially amazing – basically no filler!

bridges on kent narrows lunch

After enjoying a long, leisurely lunch and pretending we were on vacation, we made the drive back to DC, picking up Ashe on our way. She did really well at the overnight boarding and apparently had a lot of fun playing with new friends who were there as well!

After unpacking, I was really craving some stretching, so I took myself to a yoga class. The bump is getting quite big from this view – whoa!

pregnant yoga belly

Yoga felt great – I wasn’t super energized so I took the easier modifications of pretty much everything and just enjoyed the time to relax and zen out. I’m actually going to yoga again today as a mid-day break – loving the stretching right now!

For dinner last night, Matt was heading to a friend’s place to watch hockey (yay Penguins!), so I threw together an easy grain salad bowl, which was basically the only thing that sounded good. Greens + brown rice + chickpeas + feta + avocado + green pepper + string beans + cabbage + balsamic vinaigrette. I had an unpictured cottage cheese, nut, and fruit bowl afterward too because I was still hungry!

grain salad bowl

By the way, in case you missed it, check out my easy Grain Salad Bowl Recipes!

It was lights out by 9p.m., which was glorious. Felt good after a weekend of late nights!

Are you a crab cake fan? Where was the best one you’ve ever had?


  1. 1

    Looks like an amazing weekend! And so happy to get a sneak peek of Chelsea’s wedding, I can’t wait to here her recaps of it and her honeymoon! And love a good zen yoga class, wish I could do it everyday :-)

  2. 3

    love what you wore to the wedding!!! it looked so beautiful – the last outdoor wedding i went to, it downpoured but we still stood outside with umbrellas so it wasn’t as gorgeous as it would’ve been in the sun!

    loooooove crabcakes (i’m from the northeast!) but haven’t had a good one in awhile!!

  3. 5
    Roadrunner says

    Looks like a very nice weekend! Please share of the reunion with Ashe after your day out?

  4. 7

    What a lovely weekend, and you looked so pretty, Anne!

  5. 9
    Gaye McGrath says

    Thanx for posting pics from Chelsea’s wedding. I know she won’t be posting til she gets back from her honeymoon. Sounds like it was a fun weekend.

    • 10

      Yeah, I double checked with her that she was cool with me posting photos, and she was happy that I’d be writing about it since she won’t be for awhile! I’m so jealous they are in Thailand now – I know they’ll have a blast!

  6. 11

    I need to get into grown up mode about yard sales right now I hate them because it was so boring going to them as a kid ha ha I hated it! I need to grow up a little and realize I’m not 10 anymore lol looks like you had a fun time at the wedding!

    • 12

      Haha they can be fun! I used to love yard sales as a kid – not going to them so much as having our own! I was quite the businesswoman. ;)

  7. 13

    That little baby girl swim suit is too cute!!!! Also, those crab cakes look killer!

  8. 15


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