Weekend: Good Eats

Hey friends! This weekend had one major theme: good food! We did a lot of eating out and I didn’t hate it. :)

On Friday night, I had a girl’s dinner with my college friends Kathleen and Sarah! We hit up Ethiopic, an Ethiopian place on H street in DC, and shared the vegetarian sampler platter. Delicious!

ethiopic dc

Love these ladies!


On Saturday, I was up before Matt so I made myself some stovetop oatmeal (our microwave is still broken) – this was my microwave banana oatmeal but just done on the stove instead… with berries, cottage cheese, and some almond butter added after it was cooked.

stovetop banana oatmeal 

I tidied up and did some stuff around the house (it was a chilly, gray morning – perfect for being indoors!), and then Matt and I had a brunch feast a little while later. Scrambled eggs + veggies + bacon!


scrambled eggs with veggies

Matt also made us some fresh juice – carrot + lemon + celery + ginger. Delicious!


Late afternoon, the drizzle stopped so we headed out for a short run around the neighborhood. It was short because we didn’t have a ton of time (we had dinner plans at 5), but felt nice to get some fresh air!

For dinner, my friend Jess and her husband David were visiting! Jess is one of my best friends; she was a bridesmaid in our wedding and used to be one of my roommates back in the day in DC. I hadn’t seen her in years though, which was sad – life has gotten in the way! They came up for the weekend to visit us and some other friends and family, and we met up at Virtue, Feed, and Grain in Old Town Alexandria. Matt and I shared a salad to start:

virtue feed and grain salad

And then I had the burger and fries. I’d been craving a burger all week – hit the spot!

virtue feed and grain burger fries

So good to see you, Jess and David, and to meet your little one! Wish we’d had more time – and remembered to get a photo. :) xo

As for yesterday morning, I went to yoga at Edge Yoga – Rebecca’s 9 a.m. class. It was a small class so she had us use the walls to do some fun inversions – my shoulders and arms are sore today – I hadn’t held shoulder stand that long in awhile! It was fun. :)

edge yoga arlington

Matt and I had family over for brunch yesterday – we made a similar variation to our Saturday feast, but plus sweet potatoes, and some fruit salad my mom brought! It was my fruit salad with yogurt honey lime dressing – super old recipe but delicious!

balanced brunch

The rest of yesterday was spent relaxing and doing some yard work! We were planning to stay home and cook dinner, but last minute our friend Shane asked if we wanted to meet him at Citizen Burger Bar for dinner – darn, twist our arm. ;)

I wasn’t really in the mood for another burger and fries since I just had one the night before, but when in Rome…! I went with a chicken burger topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, and pickles, plus sweet potato fries – delish as always.

citizen burger bar arlington

I have a bunch of AnnetheRD nutrition client meetings and calls today and am working from a coffee shop this morning – back to it! Have a great day guys. :)


  1. 1

    Looks like a fun weekend! I have not had Ethiopian food in ages, but am in the mood for some now, yum!

  2. 4

    Yum, so much good looking food, now I want a burger!

  3. 5

    Woah so much goodness in one weekend!! :D I had some good eats this weekend too–we had quite a spread for my moms birthday on Sunday and Saturday I ordered takeout from a Thai place near by!

  4. 6

    Hi Anne, looks like you like your bacon like me – nice and crispy!

    • 7

      I do indeed! You have excellent taste in bacon. :) Matt likes his a little more chewy, so I always gets the slightly overcooked pieces! Mmmm

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