Weekend Highlights: Lots of Good Eats + a Sweaty Run

Hi friends! 

First things first: for those who watch Game of Thrones, what did you think of the final episode?!

I’m still not sure how I feel about it… in some ways it felt kind of like the only option at this point that made sense, but… it also felt a little too tidy (and too rushed – why didn’t they stretch out the season longer?). Either way, I’m sad we don’t have the show to look forward to on Sunday nights anymore!

Anyway – we had a lot of good eats this weekend! We were out and about a lot which was fun.

On Friday morning, I met my friend Chelsea for an early workout date at OrangeTheory, and then we grabbed a quick breakfast after. There are a bunch of new cool spots in Ballston Quarter, so we walked over to a cafe called Dirt and went for the breakfast hash of sorts, which was delicious and veggie-packed.

Their lattes were great too (I had the lavender latte, but asked for it less sweet and it was delicious), and their staff were super friendly!  Highly recommend.

dirt cafe ballston quarter

When I got back to my parent’s place (where we are staying right now while we try to sell our house… you can read more about that in some of last week’s blog posts) around 9, Riese and her sous chefs were busy cooking with the assistance of my mom. ;)

The rest of Friday was spent enjoying time with Riese as usual! 

Matt had a really busy week at work with lots of long nights, so he took off early on Friday and Riese and I met him for happy hour – yay! 

Nachos + beers at Screwtop in Clarendon hit the spot. Beautiful night to sit outside!

Also, we’ve started bringing crayons and a pad of paper with us when we go out to eat (vs. toys, which only entertain Riese for 30 seconds), and Riese is way happier and so are we – yay!

nachos beer screwtop

On Saturday morning, we had a low key morning at home and then I headed out for a mid-morning run date with my friend Grace. 

We’ve got our trail 10k coming up in 2 weeks, so we met at Roosevelt Island and did some running around on the trails!

roosevelt island running

Apparently there is a free 5k race every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Roosevelt Island right now (just for the summer I assume?), so parking was insane, but people were pretty much finished running and the trails were nice and clear when we got out there.

roosevelt island running

We did a few miles out on the Mt. Vernon trail, too, although it was really hot with the sun beating down and the return of humidity – oof! Might need to start meeting earlier again!

We made it 5 miles (I turned my watch off b/c we walked a bit of it).

We are planning to do 6 next weekend, and then the weekend after is the race! Should be fun. 

Post-run refuel back at the house was BLATs (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) – yum. 

After Riese was up from her post-lunch nap, Matt, my parents, and I took Riese and Freyja the dog out for a nice walk. 

Dinner was homemade tacos!

I like Matt’s fork trick to keep the tacos from fully falling over – smart! 

I went back for one more. 

On Sunday, we spent the morning at my running buddy Grace’s daughter’s 1 year old birthday party:

And then grabbed lunch at nearby Northside Social before heading home for nappage.

We were down in Del Ray in Alexandria post-nap to check out some furniture at the new house we are buying – the current owners are moving to the west coast and downsizing and wanted to see if we were interested in any of the furniture before they donate it – nice! 

After the furniture fun, we grabbed dinner at DRP (Del Ray Pizzeria) with some friends who live in Del Ray. 

Shared salads to start:

And then pizza! 

It’s looking to be a busy work week because I’m coordinating with my website developer for the new redesign – they have made some progress on development, and now we are starting to go through old recipes and try to figure out which ones to keep/feature in the new searchable recipe page. 

I have hundreds, but some of them are really old/not worth saving, or need photo updates, or blog post edits/updates to fit my current style, etc. It’s also confusing because for the first couple years of my blog (2009-2011 I think), I used to publish recipes within long random lifestyle posts like this one, but then create a separate dedicated recipe page for the recipe as well. So… it’s all very confused because the developers don’t know which post/page to feature, etc.

It’s going to be sooo much work to get everything sorted out… but hopefully it will be worth it when my recipes are actually organized and searchable! Once we figure out which recipes to keep, then I’m hiring a fellow RD to go through and tag/categorize each of them, and to double check that the recipes got converted into the new system correctly, too. Lots of moving parts! 

Have a great day my friends and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday! 


  1. 1
    Roadrunner says

    You get an amazing amount done on your weekends, Anne. Hat’s off to you and Matt. And good luck with the blog redesign. Sounds like a ton of work, but will be worth it, I’m sure!

  2. 3
    Christina says

    The Parkrun on Roosevelt Island happens every Saturday morning, regardless of weather or season. It’s a 5k loop and, though you’re timed, you’re racing only yourself. I’ve run it and volunteered before and each is a great experience since you meet people from all over the world who show up for an organized and free run (Parkrun is an international organization). You should try it some time since you’re local!

    • 4

      Oh wow I had no idea – very cool! Thanks for the additional info. I have met for so many run dates at Roosevelt Island over the years and have never seen the group before – I guess I’m usually there earlier and miss it? Or maybe it’s not usually as crowded as it was this Saturday? I’ll definitely have to check it out, sounds really fun and pretty awesome that it’s totally free.

  3. 7

    I hope that your house sold while you were away at your parents! Fingers and toes crossed!

    It’s so cute that Riese likes to use crayons and paper now. She’s such a big kid now! We went out for brunch this weekend with another couple and their 9 month old. It was fun to watch the 2 kids interact. Our son looked like a giant compared to their little girl, though! They both did so well and had fun communicating in their own little way (like pounding their hands on the table and smiling at each other).

    I”ll take some of your heat and humidity! We had a COLD weekend. The highs were in the 40s yesterday and it was pouring rain. Boo. We had a couple of nice days last week but now we have a week of rain ahead of us. Womp womp. I’m ready for warm, sunny weather so mother nature needs to get her act together!!

    • 8

      Oh man, I hope the rain stops for you soon! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for our house, please… we are asking for offers by tomorrow afternoon and have a lot of interest but it’s hard to tell what will turn into action! The waiting is really stressful!

  4. 9

    Riese may be a tiny bit young for them still, but you should check out Melissa & Doug Water Wow books! They were always GREAT out at restaurants when my little was younger (she was much more into coloring than toys too!)

    • 10

      We actually JUST bought Riese one of those cool water books – she was super intrigued :) I’ll check out that brand to have another on hand, though – thanks!

  5. 11

    Love that family photo! :D

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