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Hi guys!

Just when we thought spring might kind of be on the way… winter was back on Wednesday and we woke up to this:

#mulletlife ;)

Who else misses the days before the internet when snow days were legit snow days? 

Now snow days are basically just work from home days… but, it was really nice to have Matt home with us, even though he had to work most of the day! 

The weather was quite the difference from last week on Friday (and the random almost 60 degrees we got yesterday, too) – here I was dining al fresco in the warm sunshine while Riese napped on Friday:

I was eating one of my old faves that day – a grain salad bowl – with brown rice, canned tuna, string beans, avocado, and a balsamic vinaigrette.

Anyway, back to Wednesday/the frozen tundra.

I took Freyja for a snowy walk while Riese was napping, and then Matt took a work break in the afternoon so we could all get some fresh air. It was rainy by that point but it still felt nice!

As for food this week, we’ve been enjoying lots of leftover Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash and Lentil Bolognese.

I think I’m going to freeze the rest of the bolognese because we’re kind of over it now, though – it will be nice to have on hand in the freezer for some night we need a quick and easy meal to defrost! 

We ended up mixing the spaghetti squash with regular pasta to get a little more staying power and chew in the mix and it was a good combo. 

Another meal we enjoyed was a Blue Apron crusted fish that reminded me of my Sage & Pecan Crusted Tilapia… need to make that again soon! 

crusted fish with roasted veg

I also forgot how good roasted broccoli is – and so easy!

Just coat in a little bit of olive oil, shake on a little salt and pepper, and roast for about 15 minutes at 450.

My favorite way to eat broccoli!

As for snacks, we’ve also been enjoying some energy balls this week.

I made Lindsay’s Go-To Energy Balls after seeing the recipe pop up on her blog recently. Yummy!

go to energy balls lean green bean

Riese loves them, too.

I need to get a new food processor, though – for those who have one, any recs?

My old one broke so I had to make these in our blender and it definitely didn’t work as well! 

…And that’s all I have for you today! 

Before I go, though, a request!

I’m working on my editorial calendar for the next few months, and would love to know what kinds of recipes (either specific recipes, or types/themes of recipes) or “mix and match” formula-style recipe posts you’d love to see here on the blog in the coming months. 

Looking forward to hearing your recipe requests!

And now, I will leave you with a few posts from the archives to peruse:

Have a great weekend!


  1. 1

    Cuisinart food processors are the best. I got my 13 cup from Costco with all the attachments and love it

    • 2

      I agree with Alli 1,000%. We purchased our new Cuisinart within the last year and the features are awesome. The bowl and attachments are sturdy. I love the slicer blade has a dial so you can choose a multitude of thicknesses. I also love that feeder tube in the lid has a small pusher within the large pusher/sleeve assembly. We have model FP-13D. You won’t regret a Cuisinart.

    • 3

      Yup, Cuisinart fan here too! I was gifted one like 6 years ago and its still like new.

    • 4

      Agree – recently purchased one at the recommendation of America’s Test Kitchen and am loving it.

  2. 5

    We got 10″ of snow on Wednesday and set the record for the snowiest February on record in Minneapolis. It’s been a brutal winter. I’m envious of your recent al fresco meal. We haven’t eaten outdoors since October probably? Winter is so brutal in Minnesota. I thought we were supposed to have a mild winter but that has NOT been the case. I just hope the weather cooperates this week as we have family coming to town next weekend for our son’s first birthday party!

    I also have a cuisinart food processor. I love it. I got it for Christmas maybe 5-6 years ago and it has worked amazingly well! Before that I had an Oster brand one and I thought the quality was pretty terrible.

  3. 7

    Thanks for making your full article available through Feedly again!

  4. 9

    Hi Anne! I’d be interested in recipes for soups, stews, or one pot meals that see great for leftovers/freezing. Instant pot is great, too. Thanks!

  5. 10

    I’ve been so into energy balls lately (I have a new baby and they are so easy to grab), adding those to my list!

  6. 11

    One word: cuisinart

    If you have the room go with the 13 cup but 11
    Cup is equally well. If you belong to a warehouse club and aren’t fussy about color you might be able to snag a great price 😀

  7. 12

    I’d love to see instant pot recipes and easy and healthy dinner recipes for weeknights!

  8. 13

    Any recipe with bacon in it, please! And, perhaps a good old-fashioned meat loaf recipe.

  9. 15

    I killed my Cuisinart making coconut butter and replaced it with an inexpensive Black and Decker – 8 years (😱) and it’s still going strong!

  10. 16

    Thanks for bringing the blog back to feedly

  11. 18

    This may be outside the norm (and not exactly related to recipes), but I would love for you to do a piece on cookware and storage and what to look for when purchasing. Ever since the birth of my child, this has been a priority to me to find safe cookware and storage containers without worrying about chemical leaks, BPA, dangerous coatings, etc.

    • 19

      I’ve actually been working on switching over to glass containers for food storage because of the leaching issue, especially if the food we put in it is hot – we just turned a bunch of our old plastic tupperwares into toys for Riese (she loves putting things in and out of them). Another thing we got that we really love is a couple of these pans. I’ll definitely share if I find any other especially awesome products – and I hope you do the same! :)

  12. 20

    I have been using my Cuisinart for nearly 35 years!

  13. 21

    I just got the cuisinart 13 quart with a spiralizer attachment from and love it!

  14. 22

    We’ve had crazy weather in Chapel Hill too! It was beautiful one week and now we are back to wintry temps. I am SO ready for Spring! I love when you do mix & match recipe posts. They are super helpful for inspiration to switch things up. Grad school takes a lot of my brain power and I default to eating a lot of the same things on repeat.

  15. 27

    I have the cuisinart food processor and I love it!

  16. 28

    I complain to my husband about working from home during snow days every time it happens! But it also allows me to not miss work when my kids are sick/have appointments so it also is a great thing.

    I’m always looking for quick, easy, healthy meals that kids will also enjoy!

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