7 Miles: A New Distance Record for Matt!

Morning, friends!

I hope you all had nice weekends! Matt and I had a low key Friday night with dinner and a movie, and on Saturday morning, we went out together for a run along the Potomac.


Matt is doing the Tough Mudder in mid September with a bunch of guy friends; it’s a ridiculous sounding 12 mile mud/obstacle course race that’s supposed to be the king of all mud/obstacle races. Basically a way longer and more intense version of ones we’ve done in the past! To get ready, Matt has been doing Crossfit and other strength training, and is also starting to increase his running mileage.

On Saturday, he wanted to run 7 miles — a new personal distance record for him! He asked if I would join him and of course I was on board. :) We fueled up with some toast with almond butter, a little honey, and sliced banana before heading out around 9 a.m.


We decided to do an out and back down on the Mount Vernon Trail along the Potomac River — one of my favorite running spots in the area. The pretty views distract from your tiredness!




It was hot out so we both wore CamelBaks to stay hydrated. We stopped briefly at the turn around point for some photos and stretching!



We also added in a loop around Roosevelt Island near the end of the run. I love running on there — so nice and shaded and pretty!


Blurry trail action shot:


The final bit of our run was some steep uphill — a rough way to end but good for training because then when you do a run with a flatter finish, it will feel much easier! We finished strong — 7 miles done and a new personal distance record for Matt. :)


I was proud of him!

It felt good to get out there for a longer run — I haven’t done anything more than 5 or 6 miles in months — I think since the Tarheel 10 Miler!


  • Mile 1: 8:56
  • Mile 2: 8:55
  • Mile 3: 8:57
  • Mile 4: 9:06
  • Mile 5: 9:29
  • Mile 6: 9:39
  • Mile 7: 9:54

Our overall pace was 9:17. Good times! Miles 5 and 6 we slowed down a bit as we were on the rocky trail on Roosevelt Island, and mile 7 was straight uphill, so we were pleased with our splits!


Just for fun — what’s your personal distance record for running? (e.g., the farthest you’ve ever run?) Mine is 13.1 miles! :)

I’m trying to get my email under control and get some wedding planning things done this morning and then later this afternoon I’m heading off to the beach with my friend Hilary! I was planning to spend this week getting caught up on life (it’s my week off between internships)… but then she asked if I wanted to go with her to her parent’s beach house for a few days and obviously I couldn’t say no. So much for being productive. ;) I’ll be back on Wednesday night, though, so I’ll have Thursday to get some things done before leaving for the Healthy Living Summit on Friday morning!

Stay tuned — tomorrow I’ll share some fun photos from my wedding hair and makeup trial on Saturday! What a blast. :)


Almond Breeze Almond Milk Giveaway

Thank you so much to all who entered my Almond Breeze coupon giveaway! I LOVED reading all your comments — they warmed my heart. If you need a pick me up, go read the comments on that post! :) I’ve chosen the 5 winners using a random selection program and have sent their email addresses to Almond Breeze, so the winners should be hearing from them soon.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. 1

    7.5 miles! so random he should come in similar as I did it for the first time last week! :) Did it in 56 minutes…though it was on the treadmill while watching the Olympics!

  2. 3

    26.2 :)

  3. 4

    Sounds like a great run! I wish my dude would invite me to run with him. He claims it’s for “work” not “fun” and would rather suffer through a solo treadmill workout! To each his own… :D

    Like your Matt, I also had a personal distance best yesterday. 10 miles! My first double digit run in my training cycle for a half marathon in October. It felt amazing!

    • 5

      Oh jeez… there’s no way I could do long runs on the treadmill! Or really any distance, for that matter… torture. Matt (and I) both find running easier when we have company. :)

      Congrats on 10 – that’s awesome!!

  4. 6
    Bobbie McKinney says:

    I have never run any distance, but I have walked 26.2. I am training for my 3rd Goofy’s challenge of 39.3 over 2 days in January

  5. 8

    How funny….my husband is doing the Tough Mudder this Fall and he too just started Crossfit. Farthest I’ve ran is 26.2 miles and I don’t see me beating that record anytime soon. ;)Have fun at the beach!

  6. 9

    Congratulations to Matt on a PDR! That’s always a great feeling!

    The farthest I’ve run is 13.1 miles, but I’ve got my eye on a full marathon next spring… Eek!

  7. 10

    Wohoo! Go Matt! :)

  8. 11

    Shoot… my personal best is only 3.5 miles (at a 10:00/mi pace, haha)… but I just started running in May, so I think that’s pretty decent for someone who swore she’d never be a runner! haha

    • 12

      That’s the cool thing about running – you always have something to work for! 3.5 is awesome – congratulations on starting to run! :)

  9. 13

    Way to go Matt!!!

  10. 14

    My longest is 14 miles that I did as a training run for my half marathon. But I remember during training every weekend I was getting a new “distance record” and it was so awesome! Matt should be proud of those 7 miles. :)

  11. 15

    Congrats to Matt! I’m jealous of those views you have while running, that would definitely help make it go by a lot more quickly!

  12. 16

    yay! Way to go Matt! That’s awesome! I used to run more regularly, but I’ve been taking it easy these last four months. I did sign up to do 4-6 miles on Sat in Boston, but I’m not sure if I should change to 1-3 miles instead..But then I just saw your name on the list and now I want to push myself harder just so I can run with you! I’m soo soo excited to meet you! you don’t understand! So please…understand if I scream in your face…I apologize in advance. Can’t wait to see your makeup and hair pictures!!

  13. 18

    Well done Matt! On the weekend my boyfriend and I ran the City2Surf which is a 14km run from Sydney city to the beach… it was the first race he had done and the longest he had ever run! my longest is a half marathon.. I hoping to make that a full one someday soon :)

  14. 20

    I usually run 10 miles a day…but never ran a marathon.

    Good work and great photos from your Saturday morning run.
    Stay on it…. I’m cheering for you Matt!

  15. 21

    Congrats to Matt – that’s exciting!!

    Have fun at the Healthy Living Summit!

  16. 22
    Adventurer says:

    Enjoy the beach — and well done on the giveaway! Wonderful comments. Thanks!

  17. 23

    Nothing better like the beach, enjoy. Wow great pics of your saturday morning run!

  18. 24

    I’m not a long distance runner, but I think I’ve done around 10 miles at a walk/run pace :)

  19. 26

    Nice job! Tough Mudder is no joke. I did one this past Spring. So fun but crazy hard

  20. 27

    8 miles is my record…I usually stick with 3-5 mile distances, but one day last year I was out for a run and I felt so good I just kept going..and going! I was super impressed with myself afterwards. :-)

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