Hello, Vitamix.

Friends, I have some exciting news:

I now own a Vitamix.


I’ve been coveting these blenders on other blogs for years; they have been hyped as “the Cadillac of blenders” and “the best blender ever" by pretty much everyone who owns them. My friend Gena swears by hers; she jokingly said at my bridal shower that there is life before a Vitamix, and life with a Vitamix. ;) In addition to amazing smoothies, the Vitamix can also grind you your own nut butters, purée (and HEAT?! not sure how… must investigate) soups, grind your own flour, etc, etc. From reading the box, it sounds like this blender can basically do everything but cook you a steak and clean your kitchen floors.

Anyway — Matt and I have now officially entered life with a Vitamix; our family friend Jill bought it for us for my bridal shower and I about died when she told me she’d gotten it.

Matt and I tested it out on Tuesday morning. In to the blender went frozen solid banana, spinach, milk, some Chobani cherry Greek yogurt, and lots of ice cubes. (If you want an actual recipe, check out my Banana Spinach Smoothie recipe — I basically used that plus the Greek yogurt. I promise you can’t taste the spinach!)


Normally, when I put this combination in our old blender, we ended up with a liquid-y smoothie plus some whole chunks of ice or banana that didn’t really get blended. Still delicious, but not exactly smoothie texture. Well — those days are apparently over. We turned the Vitamix on and a few seconds later… voila.



It was perfectly blended with no chunks of ice or banana floating around. Matt’s response? “Wow.” Vitamix, I think I love you. I can’t wait for a long life together.

Do you have a Vitamix? The only downside (which is a very large downside) to them is that they’re very expensive. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford one on my own. Jill — thank you again so much for the wonderful gift!


  1. 1

    What a wonderful gift. Congratulations. No, I don’t have one, I still use my Juiceman, Jr. about 20 years old.

  2. 2

    Lol!! Matt has a new love, Anne you need to step your game uppp ;)

  3. 4

    That would be the BEST wedding gift EVER! Jill can we be friends?? just kidding :)

    Enjoy your smoothies girl!

  4. 5

    So very jealous!!! I’ve been eyeing these for years too and have heard they are just fabulous!!! You have a future of great smoothies ahead of you ;)

  5. 6

    I would love one…one day!! :D They use them at Jamba Juice so I know they’re the best ;)

  6. 8

    Jealous. Just so, so jealous!! Life goal = own a Vitamix

  7. 9

    I want to be friend with Jill too :) and go back and actually have a bridal shower ;) I bet that Vitamix will be put to good use!!

  8. 10

    I have that same cup (for smoothies only)! And my fiance has a matching blue one! And I’m jealous of your vitamix!!

  9. 11

    I have “Vitamix” on my list of someday purchases…cannot wait. Enjoy!!

  10. 12

    Saved up for a year and bought one for my husband for his birthday.
    Those blenders ARE EPIC.
    Have fun with it!

  11. 13

    A Vitamix is a whole new stratosphere of blender — just wait how smooth you can blend sauces and soups!! CREAM soup!!! Whipped hummus!

  12. 14

    Now I am totally jealous!!!

  13. 15

    I too was coveting one for YEARS. I saw on the facebook page of my local whole foods that they were demo-ing them, and I managed to convince my husband to go. We saw ice cream AND soup get made in the same blender, back to back, and tasted BOTH! (so good, and YES it heats!) My husband bought me one for an early bday gift right then. It is SO AWESOME.

    I recommend the mac and cheese that is in the cookbook that comes with it. Serioiusly.

  14. 19

    I want one SOOOOOOO bad.

  15. 20

    my jealousy over your vitamix right now is greener than your smoothie.
    ive only heard good things about them, well, except the price tag.

  16. 21

    Had to comment on this one. We just got married, and also got the Vitamix as a wedding gift. Have also been coveting for a LONG time. For those who don’t want to spend the cash, check out the most recent edition of Cook’s Illustrated magazine (Sept/Oct) where they rate the “Breville – Hemisphere Control” the co-winner with the Vitamix at a price of $200 (half the price of the Vitamix 5200). Still love me my Vitamix, though!

  17. 23

    Congratulations! What an amazing gift! I’ve been wanting a vitamix for a while now. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

  18. 24

    ahh my blender just broke and I’d DIE to get a vitamix, but that’s gotta be a one-day wedding registry item for me!

  19. 25

    Ahhh I am sooo jealous! I want a vitamix so badly! We registered for one for our wedding kind of as a “reach” gift. Hopefully I have a friend as nice as yours!!

  20. 27

    What an awesome gift! My husband and I have a Vitamix on our list of “some day” purchases.

  21. 28

    OMG OMG welcome to the world. Our life has changed. We were toying with buying one and voila – step into whole foods and they are promoting with $100 off, We looked at each other and said it’s meant to be. I’m so in love with it, it makes an amazing banana soft serve throw some nuts in there too.

  22. 29

    If you can’t afford the VitaMix, get the NINJA!!!
    It’s incredible! I had used (and became obsessed with) my old roommate’s VitaMix when we were living together. But when I got a new place and had to say goodbye, I couldn’t stomach spending that much for a VitaMix (along with the cost of moving). I saw the NINJA at BB&B and went for it… so glad I did! It’s just as good as the VitaMix and a FRACTION of the price. I made smoothies on the regular – tons of frozen fruit, spinach, and only a little bit of milk – and they come out silky smooth every time in just a few minutes. One tiny downfall is that it’s loud… but that only lasts a couple minutes and it’s worth it. I’ve had it for almost 2 years and haven’t had any issues. HIGHLY recommend!

  23. 30

    I’ve always wanted a VitaMix but the cost is absolutely prohibitive for me. I bought this Kitchen Aid blender….

    It has a 9 horsepower motor which is pretty good. It makes great smoothies, crushes ice and can make soup and nut butters. It does not heat up or cook the food though. I’ve been told it’s well below the VitaMix but still an excellent choice for a blender.

    Anne and Matt, enjoy Jill’s gift to the max. It was VERY generous of her.

    Best to you and your smoothies.

  24. 31

    Mine actually does clean my kitchen floors. You must have gotten the wrong one.

  25. 33
    Lauren T says:

    I am hoping to experience life with a Vitamix someday. My aunt got one recently, and said it will now be her go to wedding gift for family…I’m crossing my fingers that she was serious :) haha. Glad you’re enjoying yours!

  26. 34

    Congratulations on the Vitamix! We just got one in June – it was my birthday gift – and I have used it every single day since. Positively love it. Love your site and enjoy all those great smoothies and everything else that you can do with the Vitamix.

  27. 35

    I have an old blender, and a mini food processor that doesn’t do much of anything.

    To say I want a vitamix is putting it extremely lightly. :-)

    Great gift!

  28. 36

    Awesome gift!!!! Enjoy :)

  29. 37

    Glad the Vitamix lives up to the hype! Way to go Jill!

  30. 38

    Is the title of this post a take on the SaTC “Hello, lovah” ? That’s how I read it anyway haha
    Total jealousy… I gotta start saving up :)
    Happy blending! (and pureeing, and heating?)

  31. 40

    Lol! Your bloggers are funny! ;-)

    Glad you’re enjoying the Vitamix, Anne & Matt.
    Enjoy it!

  32. 41

    Wow….what an awesome gift!! I want one soooo bad!

  33. 42

    I want one but it is too expensive for me too. I can’t afford it. We use a $20 blender we bought at Target. It works…it just takes a while to get it to that perfect smoothie consistency. I used to have the Magic Bullet and that was good but it ended up breaking (on a frozen banana no less) and we have just been using the blender as a cheap replacement. One of these days we will get a vitamix. One day!

  34. 43

    You have VERY good friends! And your knew photo is awesome. :)

  35. 44

    Hehe. Told ya ;-)

  36. 45

    I also recently purchased a food processor with a blender unit from Kenwood. Might not be as great as the Vitamix, but definitely stoked to make all kinds of healthy smoothies now!!!

  37. 46

    I bought one last year after my husband got so sick of me talking about them he told me to just buy one already!! haha. It truly is life changing-I love mine! And it really does make great soups or ice cream. Enjoy!

  38. 47

    Ahhhh! Congrats! I love those things, and I want one so badly!!! Maybe Vitamix will start giving them to bloggers to “review.” I would be a happy girl if they did that. ;)

  39. 48

    OH yes! Welcome to the wonderful life with Vitamix! It IS expensive, but I needed a food processor. So I thought, why not get one that acts as a juicer and a food processor? Sounds good to me! I actually had to beg the hubby. I saw it on qvc, and the next thing I knew..I placed in my order. Happened so fast..I must’ve been possessed. Well, I didn’t get a birthday nor will I be getting a Christmas present this year. Although, Christmas is still several months away…perhaps the hubby will forget? haha

  40. 49

    I am dying for a good blender.. Mine at the moment just frustrates me with its slowness! I think you have convinced me to go vitamix!

  41. 50

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but this is the first time I’ve commented! We’ve just got a Vitamix to test/use at work and I can’t wait to make a ‘hot’ soup in it. looking forward to seeing some Vitamix recipes on here!

  42. 51

    I swear my blender makes things more chunky than smooth ;)

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