A 6 mile run and a SPIbelt review & giveaway!

On Saturday morning (before the amazing Cork n Pork filled afternoon), I suited up and headed out to meet my grad school friend Stephanie for a run. I was excited because I wanted to try out the new SPIbelt I was sent to review!


A SPIbelt is basically a small, stretchy belt with a pocket for carrying stuff like phones, keys, and cameras while running (or doing any other sort of exercise). Since I usually bring my point and shoot camera with me on runs, I was excited to try out a new way to carry it. I got a water resistant belt (they have both water resistant and regular options) — perfect for sweaty NC summer running!

Matt told me it looked like a mini fanny pack; I told him he was just jealous. Duh.


Steph and I ran 6 miles — the longest I’ve run in awhile! With the exception of one 7 mile trail run, ever since my second half marathon in March I’ve been sticking mostly to 4 and 5 milers.



  • Mile 1: 8:54
  • Mile 2: 8:35
  • Mile 3: 8:20 (long downhill!)
  • Mile 4: 9:19
  • Mile 5: 9:50 (endless long hill of death)
  • Mile 6: 8:53

The route we did is one of our standard runs through town — it includes a nice long downhill around mile 3, but then a torturous super long uphill for pretty much all of mile 5. It was ROUGH but we pushed through! 6 miles in 53:53, for an average pace of 8:58. Not too shabby given the hills!

Then, after our run… Steph had the greatest idea that has ever existed: Rita’s Water Ice!


There’s a Rita’s right by where we parked so it was perfect and the most refreshing, amazing, post-longer ish run treat ever. Gotta replenish those glucose levels, right?! (Don’t worry, I came home and had some real food after — a scrambled egg & veggie pita, yum!) We enjoyed our water ice outside while stretching — I got a kid’s size root beer flavor (my fave! except for maybe mint chocolate chip) :)


Rita’s makes me think of college because there was one near campus and we used to go all the time :) I need a reunion with my college girlfriends asap! Miss you ladies.

Anyway! So what were my thoughts on the SPIbelt?


I LOVED it! I was worried because I’ve hated water belts when I tried them in the past (too bouncy!) but the SPIbelt literally didn’t budge once. I had it turned around so the pocket was in the back (and underneath my shirt) and I totally forgot it was there. Sweet!

The lovely people at SPIbelt have offered to do a giveaway so one lucky fANNEtastic reader can get a SPIbelt of their very own, too!

Here’s how to enter to win a SPIbelt — each option is an additional entry!

  1. Leave a comment telling me the weirdest/most random thing you’ve ever carried with you on a run. Or, just what you normally carry with you :)
  2. Tweet about this contest on Twitter (include a link to this post and @fannetasticfood),and then leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you blogged about it.
  4. Mention and link back to this contest on Facebook, then leave another comment telling me you Facebooked it.

Be sure to post a separate comment for each entry option you do!

U.S. and Canada residents only, please. You have until Wednesday morning (May 18th) at 8 a.m. EST to enter, when I will draw and announce the winner! Good luck!


  1. 1

    I normally carry my iPod, keys, and sometimes my Blackberry if I’m running in DC – so needless to say I could use something like this, haha!

  2. 2

    Hmm nothing weird–Metrocard, money, keys, Gu for long runs–that’s about it!

  3. 3

    One thing that I always carry with me on runs and bike rides is Tums. I sometimes get crazy cramps and something in Tums ALWAYS fixes them. So if I get the sipbelt you can be sure I will carry Tums in it!

  4. 4

    I normally don’t carry anything with me, though I have this really cool app on my phone that tracks my runs and I would like to carry it with me, but the only place I have to put it is between my tank top and sports bra! So needless to say, I don’t carry it often. However, on one occasion, I ended up carrying my dog because he flipped out when he saw a neighbor dog and jumped in the air, compelted a summersault and fell on his back, so there I was, running the slowest ever with my 30 pound dog! Haha!

  5. 6

    Usually the only thing I take is my Road ID tag with a house key on the chain.

  6. 7

    I usually take my phone and house key- but I recently lost my armband, so I have no place to put my phone now :( I also always bring along chapstick and extra hair ties.

  7. 8

    I don’t usually carry anything out of the ordinary on my runs, but I can think of a few times where the SPIbelt would’ve come in handy!

  8. 9

    Also, I tweeted about the giveaway!!

  9. 10

    Normally I carried my phone so I could keep track of my minutes running so I can track them on Sparkpeople, but since I bought my Garmin I keep forgetting it. Having a SPIbelt would make bringing a phone along less awkward.

  10. 11
    Melanie says:

    iPod and house keys are always a must!

  11. 12

    I usually just take my Garmin, iPod, and house key. On a long bike ride I wear my Camelbak and take my wallet and phone in addition to the rest!

  12. 13
    sarah s says:

    my dad and i used to run together in the mornings when i lived at home over the summers during college. a few times a month, he’d insist on killing two birds with one stone by dropping off his dry cleaning as part of our run. we’d run the 2 miles to the dry cleaners with his dress shirts in hand before dropping them off for cleaning!

  13. 15
    Tiffany says:

    Being new to running, I’m still figuring out what I need and don’t need to bring. It has been cool here in MN until recently, so I’ve stuffed my sweatshirt pockets with kleenex, chapstick, gloves, hat (when I get too hot for it), and some keys. I usually have my ipod on with my arm band. Now it is getting too hot for all these extra layers and with more races planned it would be awesome to have a Spibelt to carry my id and a little cash along with my other essentials. CarrotsNCake lists the Spibelt as one of her running must haves too!

  14. 16

    We just got a Rita’s 1.5 miles from my house! everytime I pass it I think of college because that was seriously the last time I had Rita’s until now. It’s like the only thing within walking distance for me and makes me super excited for this summer :)

  15. 18

    Keys and my ipod!

  16. 19

    Weirdest thing I every carried on a run was an Iclicker, used in classes at school to answer question…ran it to a friend who left it in my bag. But normally, I carry an ID (which is essential), my phone, and gu if long distances.

  17. 20
    Tiffany says:

    Hey Anne-I’ve been a fan on facebook for awhile. I linked to your page and commented on this giveway! Have a great day:)

  18. 21

    I usually carry my inhaler (I have asthma) because even though I never need it, I’d rather be safe! Other than that, I bring nothing!

  19. 22
    Melissa says:

    I don’t think I carry anything out of the ordinary — iPhone that doubles as a music device, keys, and often a little money holder because I usually am running TO a place. But I am always looking for new ways to carry my stuff and I’d love a spibelt!

  20. 23
    Jenn D. says:

    A baggie full of tissues! (I had a cold that week and had to stop to blow my nose after every mile).

  21. 24

    Sometimes I run the 3.5 miles home from work, and so on the way home I’m running with a backpack strapped with my entire work outfit and empty lunch containers. It’s a pain in the butt and I should come up with a better system!

  22. 25
    Marie D says:

    I once ran to the pharmacy and back to pick up a script, so I had to carry my birth control prescription in my hand. It was slightly awkward as I threw away all the packaging and just had the cardboard pill container in my hand.

  23. 27

    I can’t live without my SPIbelt, I put everything in there from my phone to tissues to gummy worms. My fiance always makes fun of my saying I am wearing a fanny pack when I put it on but I don’t care the thing is awesome!

  24. 28

    I carry everything and the kitchen sink in random pockets. A spibelt would help me consolidate.

  25. 29

    tweeted! @lizohal

  26. 30

    I just started running, but generally all that I carry is my iPhone and a house key. I’ve been looking into these recently and would be SO excited if I won! (Thanks for the great review also!)

  27. 31
    Bridget says:

    I just carry my keys, ipod, and money with me.

  28. 32

    I also Tweeted!

  29. 33

    I typically only bring my iPhone with me on runs. But sometimes I like to make a pit stop at the ATM on my route. I’ll tuck my ATM card + the cash I get into my iPhone cover. Works like a charm!

  30. 34

    I’m not sure I’ve ever carried anything that weird…but I always carry keys to my apartment! Got to be able to get back in :)

  31. 35
    nichole says:

    Poop!!! I take my dog running with me and I always end up running with a bag of poo in my hand till I can find a garbage can

  32. 36

    I’ve carried a plastic bag filled with dog poop on a run. Talk about motivation to run faster!

  33. 37
    Jean Maroney says:

    I tend to carry all my usuals(phone, keys, money) in my sports bra, which does a lot of poking, especially the keys. I need to look into this to help make it a little more comfortable.

  34. 38

    I don’t usually carry anything weird. I usually just carry normal runner stuff. and when I say that I carry it…I really mean my boyfriend. So he’d be very happy if I won, lol. Come to think of it, maybe this is why he doesn’t like running outside :P

  35. 39
    Bridget says:

    I’m a hasher, so it is quite common for me to run with a 5 pound bag of flour :)

    • 40

      Wait… what?! Flour?? I thought hashing was where you ran and drank beer?

      • 41
        Bridget says:

        Lol! Yup – that’s what it’s known for :) But the run portion has a couple of runners who plan the trail, they get a head start and then the rest of the group tries to catch them. Those laying the trail handfuls of flour on the ground as they go so that the group can follow the trail – and use different symbols to slow the pack down (temporarily diverting them in the wrong direction) so that they don’t get caught. Such a great way to get a ridiculously fun run in :)

  36. 43

    I don’t carry much – my house key, iPod and for runs over 12km I carry water. But that is it! I carry my cell phone rarely mainly because I have no where to put it so this belt would work great for that!

  37. 44

    I always feel like I should carry my phone with me in case of emergencies, but often don’t. The Spibelt would be perfect to carry it!

  38. 45
    kristin says:

    once i carried a $100 bill because i was running to meet my friends for dinner and the only cash my husband and i had was $100! i put it inside my shoe UNDERNEATH my inserts so i knew i wouldnt lose it. haha!

  39. 47

    I don’t think I’ve carried anything weird… but one time when I was in Florida running on trails by my brothers house, I had to get 12 miles in. So I brought a credit card to buy water twice at WalGreens. See? Not too weird :P But I like carrying my camera during certain races.

  40. 48

    I facebooked about the giveaway!

  41. 49

    I just tweet tweeted!

  42. 50

    Looks cute, but I only wear my headphones when I run, so I can concentrate on my pace while I listen to my favorite tunes!
    (2 hours of running, is a lot of great songs!)

    My run is all about my euphoria….so that especially means, no iPhone!
    (since a number of my emails, make me want to throw my phone!)

  43. 51

    I waaaaaant! I’m always running with things in my hands, and keys loops on a finger, and it totally takes away from the experience. Maybe I’d even LIKE running if I didn’t have to figure out the pesky things like where-to-put-what on runs. Awesome giveaway!

  44. 52

    Just tweeted, too! :)

  45. 53

    I was visiting my parents hometown once and decided to go for a was too chilly to wear only the stuff I brought, so I went into my old closet and found a New Balance windbreaker to wear. Not until the conclusion of the run did I notice there was a thong in the pocket! What the heck was I thinking?

  46. 54
    Erin D. says:

    I’ve been wanting to try a Spibelt for a long time! I guess I carry pretty normal stuff with me when I run…keys, iPod, and sometimes my phone/fuel/tissues if I’ve got my Camelbak on. Once, on a really windy day, I ended up picking up several plastic bags that floated past me and had to carry them 4 miles home.

  47. 55

    I oddest (at least it seems odd to others) thing I have ever carried on a run would have to be pixie sticks. You know those flavored sugar filled straws they sell in the dollar stores. Oh those were the days when fuel for a double digit run was cheap sugar. I wish I were kidding.

  48. 57

    Rita’s (Italian Ice in Pittsburgh ;) ) makes me think of highschool – we would go there all the time!

    When I lost my iPod armband I carried a Coach wristlet to keep my tunes handy… this belt would be MUCH more practical!

  49. 58

    I like stopping between work and home to run in Rock Creek and have to carry keys and my iPhone… my husband tracks me to make sure I am safe from it… this belt would be heaven!

  50. 59

    I ran my very first 10k a year or so ago. Lululemon was handing out little reusable grocery bags at the beginning so I grabbed one and ran the entire race with a wadded up reusable grocery bag in my hand.

  51. 60

    I routinely stuff my big car key down the front of my sports bra. It doesn’t even bother me. Sad isn’t it. I would love to try a SPIbelt.

  52. 61
    Kristen says:

    One time I carried around an empty nalgene.. weird?

    Usually though, I just carry my keys and phone… which would fit PERFECTLY in that belt! :)

    • 62

      Why was it empty?! Haha

      • 63
        Kristen says:

        I’m currently overseas and had a meeting across town; had to take public transportation. Had planned on running afterward so brought my nalgene full of water to hydrate before running.

        When it was time to run, I actually had some water still left in there and knew it would get annoying after awhile with it sloshing around in the bottle, so I dumped the rest out, thus leaving me carrying an empty nalgene. It wasn’t so annoying to carry, just my hands got sweaty quickly so I had to toss it back and forth in my hands the entire run. :)

  53. 64

    And ID card in my shorts; not always perfectly comfortable. Suspect a SPIbelt would be much better!

  54. 65

    I usually carry my house key and my phone. Other than that I try to leave other things at home. It distracts me to have too much with me.

  55. 66

    I always, always carry pepper spray when running!

  56. 67
    Katherine says:

    Ohh, a Spibelt has been on my wishlist for a while now! I don’t usually carry anything out of the ordinary with me on runs (but maybe I will start to with my new Spibelt!). Usually, I just have my keys and iPod- bare necessities.

  57. 68

    Don’t normally carry anything weird on my runs, so my normal things would be my house key and phone for an emergency. I also would love to be able to carry my point and shoot camera on runs or walks, so a SPIbelt would be great for that!

  58. 69

    I tweeted about the giveaway.

  59. 70

    I love my Spibelt/mini fanny pack. I have the regular one and it rocks. I usually bring my huge Droid with me and my keys, so it works perfectly. It also has really classy rainbow peace signs on it, to add to the retro-ness…hahaha It’s a great product!!

  60. 71

    Went on a run with people who were not used to running with anything tied around thier waists after they shed extra layers. I had 5 shirts and jackets tied around me by the end of the run.

  61. 72

    Aww, Ritas! I’m so jealous, I can’t find them up in Boston :(

  62. 73
    Haley J says:

    Nothing weird – just the normal things – cell phone, key, gels for longer runs.

  63. 74
    Jackie Smith says:

    The Spibelt looks great for outdoor runs!

    My friend and I did a beach 5-mile fun run last summer: I carried 2 Gu-gels & my phone (for music) stuck in my bra, and carried a 1-liter water bottle. It wasn’t pretty (but we did great!).

  64. 75

    I only ever carry my car key, which I put in my sports bra. So…yeah. I could use a SPIBelt.

  65. 76
    sarah b. says:

    i once delivered homemade rice pudding to a friend of my mother’s who was going through chemo. i incorporated the delivery into my daily run so i ran all the way there with a tupperware container full of rice pudding in a small backpack. definitely weird!

    normally it’s just house key, iphone and a couple of gels.

  66. 78

    Most not-so-random thing carried on a run: my keys. kind of annoying when they jingle-jangle the whole way!

  67. 79

    I’ve carried an ID and key in my bra (it was the only place I could find!). And for my first marathon I pinned GU to my tights. I think a SPIbelt would definitely be a better alternative.

  68. 80
    Carolyn says:

    I normally just carry my keys, but until I got an armband for my iPod, used to carry that too! I was so afraid of dropping it all the time! One time I stuck my debit card in my sports bra, to stop for some gatorade at the end of the run – awkward feeling!!

  69. 81

    Since I really just started running in January I was used to stuffing everything I wanted in my pockets. Phone, camera, fuel, kleenex, keys, etc. Now that the weather is warming up I’m panicked about what I’ll do for my half marathon in 2 weeks! Why don’t women shorts come with bigger pockets? : ) My coach thinks a belt might irritate me but I’m convinced something this small would be perfect! I’d love to win!

  70. 82

    I usually run with my keys, iPod, and sunglasses. :)

  71. 83

    I have just start walking and riding my bike- did my 1st 10k at the Cleveland Marathon this past weekend- I was a bit slower that you- but you are a great inspiration- and I had found a bike path that is near my home and mile goal is to hit 400 miles this summer- last summer I rode 210 so I I think I can do it-
    I carry my ipod- love that phone- and keys- sometime a snack of almonds!I am so glad I found your site

  72. 85

    I also shared this on my facebook —

  73. 86

    My first half marathon was a few years ago and I heard horror stories about porta-potties and I’m a huge sunscreen person so I ended up running with
    -hand sanitizer
    -my cell phone
    -key (because I wasn’t trained and the course looped my dad gave me a key to the car in case I had to bail out after 6 miles.)

    Plus, I stopped at every porta-potty stop. I wasn’t trained so I didn’t know if I would have any sort of issues. Nowadays, I usually just run with chapstick, and a cell phone.

  74. 87

    A key and ID in by bra. No way it will fall out hahaha. I also carry pepper spray with attached velcro around my right hand. I started out walking 1 mile everyday in January and I am now up to walking 5 miles per day. Yea me

  75. 88

    hmm weirdest thing I have carried… probably toilet paper. The port-a-pots tend to run out of the trail plus it doubles as tissue.

    I love Ritas! So glad it is summer again!

  76. 89

    Usually nothing– if kids are home alone, my phone. For long runs over an hour, water. But I like to have nothing to drag around.

  77. 90

    I have always wanted to try a spibelt because I can only bring as much as squeezes into the butt pocket of my capris:) Usually I have a GU, car keys, chap stick, and some tissues if it’s sniffly season.

  78. 91

    I carry a stun gun!!!

  79. 93

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  80. 94
    Courtney says:

    tanning lotion for my runs to the gyms tanning bed! lol

  81. 95
  82. 96

    So that alst comment was supposed to say that I shared it on facebook. Sorry for the duplicate!

  83. 97

    I do not like to carry anything but you never know what you will find along the way so a credit card,cell phone, and car keys.

  84. 98

    plastic bags to pick up dog poop are a staple :)

  85. 99
    Kristen says:

    I facebooked it :)

  86. 100

    the weirdest thing i’ve ever run with is a miniature bottle of water. :) oh and my debit card in my sports bra to buy a bottle of water on a long run!

  87. 101

    i tweeted!

  88. 102

    My electronic ID card so I can get back into my building (I leave for my runs from my office building before the doors are unlocked for the day) after a run. And I don’t have anywhere to put it, so I end up holding it for my entire run!

  89. 103
    Bethany says:

    I normally carry my blackberry (doubles as an ipod!), my ID, and house/car key. I haven’t had to carry anything weird…yet :)

  90. 104

    I normally just carry my phone which tracks my run (because I can’t afford one of those fancy Garmins) as well as my keys!

  91. 105

    I carry my keys, ID, and a pack of gum.

  92. 106

    I don’t think I have ever carried anything weird — just a house keep and music.

  93. 107

    I carry my phone on my arm, as it doubles as my ipod! I also carry my house/car key, depending on where I’m running…and typically a piece of gum to fend of long-run boredom. :)

  94. 108

    Just tweeted your giveaway! @NCfoxtwin

  95. 109

    I always carry my key for my car or apartment and extra gum. I cannot run or do any physical activity for that matter without gum in my mouth. If I don’t have it my mouth gets too dry!!!

  96. 111

    I just mentioned your giveaway in my blog!

  97. 112

    Just blogged about your giveaway!

  98. 113

    Library books! I run to the library to return books. I also pick up books on hold and then run home.

  99. 115

    I tweeted the giveaway

  100. 116

    I carried spare binkies in my bra when my little girl was a baby… This belt could have came in handy!

  101. 117

    I usually only carry my little ipod with me (which I stuff in my sports bra) because I HAAAATE carrying stuff while running. My friend actually messed up her stride and knee from carrying her normal sized ipod in the same hand all summer while running, so now I’m super nervous to do it! I also just started training for a marathon, so a SPIbelt would be awesome for carrying gu/fuel on long runs!

  102. 118

    I also tweeted this!

  103. 119
    Brianne says:

    Oooh…I want to try a SPIbelt. :) On my runs I usually carry my phone and keys. If it’s a long run I carry prunes and nuts, I don’t like gu. If my pup is with me, bags as well. Great post!

  104. 120

    I usually carry my Ipod and keys. I don’t like the water belts either… all I can hear is slosh slosh slosh. I would love to try a spibelt, the water proof being as I run in the hot Arkansas summer! thanks

  105. 121

    I blogged about this!

  106. 122

    I also mentioned this on facebook!

  107. 123

    I need one of these!! I try and carry my phone (that I use for music), id and credit card with me since I run through DC and want them just in case! Holding them in my sweaty hand when I don’t have a pocket is getting annoying in the warmer months.

  108. 124

    Well, the only unusual thing I had to carry was a bag full of poop after my dog had popped and I had cleaned it up there was no trash can for a while.

  109. 125
    Christa Barlow says:

    I turn into a nervous freak sometimes about what to leave and what to take with me. I will change my mind several times! If I am at a race without my family, I need a place to keep my key and my phone. This would be perfect!!!

  110. 126
    Christa Barlow says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  111. 128

    The weirdest thing lip gloss! Not lip balm but lip gloss…like a sweaty, stinky mess of a woman can get “prettified” with just lip gloss *lol*

    But I normally carry my phone, keys, lip balm and iPod.

  112. 130
    Christa Barlow says:

    I posted about the contest on Facebook.

  113. 131

    Usually I’ve just got my key(s) and iPod, but a previous comment made me laugh when she mentioned a bag of her dog’s poop! I have also definitely been there! You don’t want to leave the poop (not nice!) and you don’t want to stop running or divert your course to find a trash can….so running w/ a baggie of your dogs poop is def weird, not to mention Smelly!!

  114. 132

    I used to always carry my license, half a protein bar and my keys in a little pocket on my pants. I got new ones though and they don’t have any pockets so a spibelt would be awesome!

  115. 133

    I don’t carry anything weird on my runs, but I do carry a small baggie of energy chews in my sports bra on long runs, which gets weird looks from cars/runners when I pull them out.

  116. 134

    On long runs I carry a few gels and some water. ALways the ipod though~
    Short runs just the ipod.

  117. 135

    Nothing weird lately, just water and gu!

  118. 136


  119. 137

    and Facebooked!

  120. 138

    I always have a paper towel with me on runs because I have a lot of boogers. A lot. Maybe I could use the spibelt for a whole tissue box…

  121. 139

    My must-haves when heading out for 4+ miles are my garmin, iPod & money for water/Gatorade. I’ve never tried a belt for the same fear you have of it being incredibly uncomfortable and that is never a good feeling on a run!!

  122. 140

    I normally only carry keys and my Ipod.. Nothing too fancy or weird :-)

  123. 141
    Melissa says:

    I could use one of those for long runs! I usually have my phone or ipod for music purposes and sometimes my house key! I would take more if I didn’t have to carry it!

  124. 142
    Melissa says:

    I keep hearing rave reviews about the spi belts! I always carry my phone and house keys. Sometimes I carry my subway pass and or money in case I go too far and just want a ride home :) I would love to be able to carry my camera too!

  125. 143

    On long runs I usually carry my ID, cell phone, $10 cash, energy bar and my keys. Just the basics!

  126. 144
    Desiree says:

    I used to always carry wraps for under boxing gloves when I ran to the gym for a boxing class. And my husband and I always run errands while running- we run around with groceries, contact stuff, even wine, in our backpacks!

  127. 145

    Usually just a gel & maybe some water if it’s a long run or if it’s hot…but once I tried running to the grocery (~6 mi round trip) and carried a package of tortillas home with me. Oh, and now that I think about it I once carried a 2 lb. bag of dog biscuits for the first couple miles of a run! I was donating them to the feral dog family down the street and figured it was easiest to just stop & dump them while I was out on a run rather than making a special trip. In both cases, I remembered how much heavier everything seems when you’re holding it in your hand for several miles! The tortillas were a special challenge because they kept wanting to slide away from me.

  128. 148

    I usually only carry my ipod, a key, and a water! If I had a spibelt I would definitely carry my cell phone with me for emergencies!

  129. 149


  130. 150

    Weirdest thing I ever carried on a run was two cans of beans. Well, I should say my dog carried them. She was nutzo with energy so I used one of those doggie backpack things and weighed her down with beans. It worked pretty good and seemed to tire her out quickly. She is a 17 pound Jack Russel and yes, she is too much to handle on a run sometimes, just in case you were wondering. ;)

  131. 152

    I will say, one time I ran with my garmin, my phone in one hand, and my water bottl ein the other. It was a long 10mile run (so I needed the water) and I ran later in the evening, so I needed to take my phone (just in case)
    Hahaha it was interesting

  132. 153
    Vanessa says:

    I dont like carrying “extras” on my run, but one time I passed by some beautiful fallen leaves and swooped down to pick three of them up. So for about 5km I was carefully running with these leaves. :)

  133. 154

    I carry my camera with me, even when I’m not bringing my phone, or timing my run. I’ve seen WAY too many weird things out there when I didn’t have my camera to ever leave it at home again.

  134. 155

    For a while it seemed like I was finding a stray or runaway dog on every run or walk. I am a huge dog person, my husband makes fun of me – says it must be my life’s mission to reconnect every dog with their owner :) I look at it as good karma, if ours ever gets out, someone will return him to us – So I started carrying a leash and collar in the event that I saw a dog on the loose. It was like a magnet – I found 3 dogs in a week, not sure that was a good idea, ha! Since then I carry a lightweight slip not leash that the nearby vet gave me last time I brought a dog in to see if it had a chip. Knock on wood, I have not encountered a dog in months.

  135. 157

    I’d love to try a SPIbelt! I usually run with my ipod and keys. On the weekend, I bring my fuel belt and GU!

  136. 158
    Katherine Decker says:

    I usually run with my ipod, house key, extra hair ties, and a Hammer Gel (for longer runs)! :) Nothing too crazy. The SBIbelt would be awesome for holding my BlackBerry and car keys for outside, longer runs! I never have anywhere to put my BlackBerry and often wonder what would happen if I needed it in case of an emergency!!

  137. 159
    Katherine Decker says:

    I posted this blog to my twitter @KKDECK :) Love your blog, Anne! Hope to see you soon!

  138. 160
    Courtney White says:

    Usually just my road id and my ipod

  139. 161

    As a reader from Philly, Rita’s hometown, you can only enjoy it if you call it “wooder” ice :) LOL! Vanilla is a fantastic flavor! I also highly recommend the sugar free pink lemonade or pineapple. Yum!

    • 162

      Ha! Many of my college friends are from the Philly area (I went to Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA), and I got veeeery used to their pronunciation of water, haha.

  140. 163

    Probably a beanie baby — because I was running it over to my friend’s house :P

  141. 164

    I always bring water and my keys :)

  142. 165

    On long runs, I bring: house key, ipod, cell phone, jelly belly sport beans, tissues, chapstick, water … I guess I don’t travel light!

  143. 166
    Meredyth says:

    I’ve carried an orange in each hand before (needed them later on in the day for a snack)!

  144. 167
    Katie R says:

    On my runs I carry: an ID, credit card, cash, keys, gloves (since I usually start with them on, but take them off while running), candy, water, ipod, gum, and a cell phone.

  145. 168

    My paycheck! My bank is 3 miles from my house and if I leave as soon as I get home from work I can make it by close if I hustle. It’s a great 6 mile loop. I love getting the errand done without taking the car.

  146. 169
    Alexandra says:

    fANNEtastic giveaway :) I don’t run with anything particulary strange although I have stuffed tissues in my sports bra when I was running with a cold :P

  147. 170
    Katie R says:

    I tweeted! (@carrotrunr)

  148. 171

    Im super pale so I have carried sunscreen to reaply!

  149. 172
    Katie R says:

    I mentioned the contest on facebook.

  150. 173

    I normally just run with my phone, a few dollars and GU (on my long runs), nothing too interesting!!

  151. 174

    That’s so awesome! I usually just run with my iPod and a water bottle…I always want to bring my phone because leaving home without it just makes me antsy in case there’s an emergency, but I never have anywhere to put it!

  152. 175

    I carried a birthday card since I was running past a friends house and needed to drop it off!

  153. 176

    Nice run! Mmm. that rita’s ice water looks so refreshing!

  154. 177

    The weirdest thing i have brought is flowers i collected along the way! :)

  155. 178

    I usually stuff my apartment key, ID, Metrocard, and cash into the tiny pocket built into the back of my running pants. I carry my iPhone to listen to music, and I ALWAYS have to have kleenex on me, thanks to seasonal allergies which flare up unfailingly in the park this time of year!

  156. 179

    Hmm, weirdest thing I’ve ever carried would be…well, I know it was something weird, but I cannot remember for the life of me what it was. Normally I take my phone if I have a pocket and sometimes a GU (or 4) and my iPod.

  157. 180

    Tweeted (@runningonwords)!

  158. 181

    I love running around my parents neighborhood (gorgeous scenery), but there are dogs that roam freely and sometimes other “wildlife”, so I always carry a little pepper spray. One time my face started burning mid-run and I could not figure out why… Finally realized I had scratched my face and that there must’ve been some pepper spray residue on my fingers. Ah! Learning experience.

  159. 182

    i only ever carry a key and that is annoying to me! this belt looks great!

  160. 183

    I got a belt very similar to this one at a running expo and LOVE it! Mine has 2 pockets though. I love how secure it is and how it doesn’t bounce at all. I now run with my iPhone all the time which is great so I can use my Map My Run app!

  161. 184
    Adventurer says:

    Would it be impolite to offer that I carried TP on very long runs? :-) I’m certain the belt would be a better place to stash it!

  162. 185
    Jennifer L says:

    I carry the standard keys and iPod but also I always bring kleenex with me regardless of the season or weather…you just don’t ask! :) Cheers.

  163. 186

    I always carry my phone, but on a long run once, my son offered to carry my wallet, keys, water and phone in a back pack while he rode his bike :)

  164. 187

    Nothing crazy-keys, cell phone, ipod.

  165. 188

    Oooh, SPIbelt! I’ve been looking at those for awhile now…definitely look useful!

    My running shorts do not have pockets, and one day when I was doing a brick (4 mi run, 10 mi bike) I put money in my shoe. It was INSANELY uncomfortable, but the Powerade I bought from the gas station after 2 mi on the bike made the discomfort well worth it :)

  166. 189
    Danielle J says:

    A bottle of wine. I was going to dinner at a friend’s place and was in a hurry so I ran!

  167. 190
    Kathy C says:

    I am constantly obsessed with all the restroom locations on my run, so I always carry tissues since many are just porta-potties or less. And when I had a huge urge in the middle of a rural trail run and had to go in the woods, I was glad I had my tissues. But I really need a waterproof spibelt, since my tissues usually end up wet/soaked from sweat!

  168. 191

    I usually take the standard house key and ipod, but when I ran Bay2Breakers I carried a flask of tequila with me… my youth.

  169. 192

    I always carry my phone and bobby pins!

  170. 193
    Kristen @RDtobeKristenE says:

    I tweeted :)

  171. 194

    Thats such a great idea. I always carry my phone in my hand since I’m listening to music on it. And I put my ID, metrocard and key in my shoe underneath the insert. But thats pretty uncomfortable, particularly for long runs. In the winter, I kept it in my jacket, but I don’t need that any more. And shorts with pockets always make my shorts fall! hahaha.

  172. 195
    Ashley K says:

    I usually only carry my apartment key, which I tuck into a tiny pocket inside my Nike Tempo shorts. Since I’ve been increasing milage, I’d like to have a pocket to carry my phone and some spf chaptsick for the summer! Gels too!

  173. 196

    um, the other day I carried fiddleheads that I picked for afor the last mile of my run-can’t imagine what people thought of that!

    Now I usually don’t carry anything- when I lived in the city, I carried my keys since I had to lock my door, but now that I’m in the ‘burbs, it’s no longer necessary!

  174. 197

    well, i don’t take anything weird, just my keys and my ipod…..

  175. 198

    i tweeted!

  176. 199

    Normally just keys, an iPod and an ID, but on one memorable occasion I stuffed a few pencils, pencil lead and an eraser in a pocket so that I could run to school, take a Chinese test, and continue my run from there. Whatever works, right?

  177. 200

    I don’t run currently, but I’ve been known to pack my bag for whatever might happen. You name it, snacks, tissues, lenses, extra clothing, medicine, umbrellas, etc! I like feeling prepared, haha!

  178. 201

    Normally just my ipod and garmin because I have no where to put anything else, this would solve my problem ;-)

  179. 202

    I usually run with my ipod, keys and cell phone. I’ll stuff my cc, id, bus card and a few dollars behind my blackberry case for emergencies. Now that I’m saying it, it sounds like so much, but my ipod is attached to my shirt, the key is on my shoelace, so i’m only holding the phone-which holds all that other stuff.

  180. 203
    tiffany says:

    usually just carry the house key…and my doggy’s leash!

  181. 204

    fanny packs for the win!

  182. 205

    the silliest thing I’ve carried on a run? Probably a job application I jogged home with a few weeks ago– I picked it up randomly one afternoon and felt like running home to get there faster but I was trying really hard not to crumple/sweat on the papers (it was a little tricky, hah). Looking back, I have no idea why I didn’t walk home but whatevs!

  183. 206

    The most random thing I’ve ever carried would be a handful of letters. I decided, one snowy afternoon, that it might be economical to run to the post office vs. dropping it off in my mailbox (which was about 15 ft. from my house, but thats besides the point.) It was fun to feel as if I was accomplishing some major task while going out for a run. :D

  184. 207

    I ran with a bottle of wine once! I was going to a girlfriend’s house for “girl’s night in”, and since she only lives about 1.5 miles away, it made sense to avoid driving so I could have a fun night. Nothing like running down the road with a brown paper bag of goodness!

  185. 208

    For the last 5k I ran, I wore pants that didn’t have any pockets – yikes! I ended up having to carry my cell phone (which I was using as my mp3 player) in my sports bra – gross!

  186. 209

    We don’t live far from the gym so, in nice weather, I jog there and jog there. Several times I’ve run while carrying my jingle skirt for Zumba class. It’s awkward, but I’m pretty sure I’d get odd looks if I *wore* it while I ran.

  187. 210

    I always carry my phone, and I’ve taken a liking to not taking my keys. There’s always someone home so I rather be comfortable. With the warmer weather coming, I hope to get myself a new water bottle since my last one hasn’t been replaced since last year!

  188. 211
    Danielle says:

    iPod, keys, and chapstick!

  189. 212
    Skydiver says:

    A key!

  190. 213

    For less than 6 miles I carry nothing! More than 6 I’ll carry some water and maybe a couple jelly beans!

  191. 214

    I guess my work badge is kind of random, but when I run on the roads outside my office I need to get back into my building! Other than that, I frequently carry and MP3 player and GU on long runs. If I had a SPIBelt I’d probably start carrying my phone (which I should be doing now…).

  192. 215
    Christina says:

    I usually carry water or money, bus pass, keys, and ipod.

  193. 216
    Katie D says:

    On short runs just a key and phone with the imapmyrun app running to track my run and pace! Pretty awesome. For my longer distance runs I usually take chapstick, shot blocks, key and phone!

  194. 217

    Nothing too crazy…but I do always take paper towels. They are good for wiping sweat, blowing your nose, or emergency pit stops!

  195. 218

    I usually carry keys, my phone, credit card, and water/gu if it’s a longer run. I would love a SPIbelt!

  196. 219
    Lindsay says:

    I would say it’s not what I carry with me, but where I carry it. My only place to keep things (’cause I’m not a big fan of stuff in my pockets) is a pocket sewn into my sports bras. I love it, but I defs get weird looks when I’m reaching down my shirt for my gels, chapstick, etc., haha :)

  197. 220
    Lindsay says:

    Posted the link on Facebook!

  198. 221

    I actually love wearing a fuel belt. I always carry: My keys, 1 for of ID, an emergency contact sheet, 5 bucks and some sport beans.

    I would LOVE to have a spi belt for my short runs.

    Good luck everyone!

  199. 222

    I carry black cherries in my pouch and munch as I go along. True!

  200. 224

    I’m new to running outside. I’ve been running mostly on the treadmill. I will be carrying Gu, Kleenex and paper with my emergency info (I need a road I’d, too :)
    p.s. Today is my b-day so this would be a great present!

  201. 226
    Katrina says:

    I would love an spibelt b/c I usually carry my key in my bra when I run. It’s so annoying!! =)

  202. 227

    i once ran with a calculator because i was running to my friends house to return it haha

  203. 229

    just tweeted :)

  204. 230

    The only thing I ever really carry with me on a run is my iPod and house key.

  205. 231

    I tweeted! (@abznoats)

  206. 232

    just my gym card, a dollar for water if I get thirsty and my phone nothing that outrageous

  207. 233

    I always carry a tissue with me. Just one. And I rarely use it. But I refuse to snot-rocket!

  208. 235

    I like to carry FRS energy chews, chapstick, and my iPhone. Now that it’s hot out though I just carry some chews and use my shuffle. I miss running with my chapstick!

  209. 236
  210. 237
  211. 238

    I’d have to say the weirdest thing would be a large carton of soymilk. Since the grocery store is only about a kilometre away, I usually do my grocery shopping on the tail end of my runs, and that day I hadnt intended to go shopping when I left so I didnt bring a small backpack like I usually do. It was the only item I bought so it was more comfortable to carry without a bag; needless to say I got some strange looks from the people driving by.

    I’ve also ran with a large box to the post office, and quickly discovered that the weight of a box magically multiplies the longer you run with it.

    My standard items are my iphone (and headphones), a debit card, a homemade card with ID/next of kin/medical info, my keys and a ton of tissues. These all get stuffed into the pockets of my jacket or vest. The water bottle only comes with if I’m wearing the aforementioned backpack.

  212. 240
    danielle says:

    For my first (and only) half marathon I bought this HUGE fanny pack – it was so embarrassing! When I saw the spi-belts at the expo I knew I needed an upgrade!

  213. 241
    Erin M. says:

    i normally just carry my ipod. totally not safe!

  214. 242
    Heather says:

    Normally I carry nothing more than a key to my apartment and my iPod!


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