Running D.C.’s Frozen Tundra + A Simple Lunch

Hello from the polar vortex, aka Washington DC!


It’s nice and sunny out today, but MAN is it cold out there and the sidewalks are still a mess of snow, too. I walked over to one of my favorite coffee shops this morning to do some work after being cooped up at home all day yesterday, and my face nearly froze off on the 1/2 mile walk here. Brrr…

Matt is back from his travels (he was out of town for work all last week and then gone over the weekend for a guy’s trip), so we were both working from home yesterday and watching the snow fall. I had a run planned for this morning but knew that the snow would likely derail that, so Matt and I decided to get in a run yesterday morning instead, before the worst of the snow set in!


It was really windy and snowy out there but we went early enough in the day that nothing was sticking on the sidewalks yet. It was actually fun – we ended up having a great run, especially given the conditions! There was hardly anyone outside so we felt pretty hardcore, too. ;)


We did one of my favorite 6 mile loops, chatting and enjoying the snowy views of downtown along the way. By the time we headed back up towards Rosslyn, the snow was definitely starting to stick!



I was surprised how great my legs felt yesterday, especially given that I’d just done a 15 mile run on Sunday! Last week for most of my runs my legs felt really tired, but yesterday I had a big spring in my step. I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason I felt great and I rolled with it. Matt inspired me to run more quickly up the hill of death that I usually do, too, so we ended on a high note.


6.14 miles and average pace of 8:48 min/miles, even with the hills. GREAT run!



  • Mile 1: 8:44
  • Mile 2: 8:41
  • Mile 3: 8:56
  • Mile 4: 8:29
  • Mile 5: 9:11
  • Mile 6: 8:56
  • 0.14 nubbin pace: 7:29 (!)

I was impressed we kept mile 6 (the big hill) under 9 minute miles!

When we got home, I threw together a simple lunch for us. We were both really hungry when we got back so we each had an unpictured Greek yogurt, too! Pineapple for me, blueberry for him. :) As for lunch:


I threw together tuna salad sandwiches on little Ezekiel English muffins. To make the tuna salad, I used canned tuna and mixed it with plain Greek yogurt and pesto (the leftover Roasted Almond and Kale Pesto – so yummy). I threw some chopped mushrooms in there too that needed to be eaten, and topped it with some fresh kale. The yogurt + pesto mix was a GREAT combination! We both loved it.


Plus some orange slices on the side.

I hope you all have a great day! Is it freezing where you are, too? Has anyone else ventured out into the frozen tundra for a run?


  1. 1

    I have that same silver jacket! I love the light on the right shoulder. I sadly lost the light on the zipper pull on a run (it just popped off), but it’s a super fun jacket!

    • 2

      It was so cozy on the run yesterday – I had a thicker long sleeved shirt under it and I felt nice and warm. Stayed dry, too! And yes, love the lights!

  2. 3

    More bone-chilling temps and wind in Wisconsin this week.
    Trying to stay positive…at least it’s lighter longer each day!

  3. 5

    I’m in Hoboken, NJ and wasn’t going to try venturing out this morning, but I’m hoping for a run tonight if it isn’t too slippery! I went on a 2 mile or so run yesterday before the snow began but boy was it cold!!

  4. 6

    -9 windchill in Boston. I have no desire to go outside!
    Glad you did, and that sandwich looks yummy.

  5. 7

    I’m in the Raleigh, NC area & it’s pretty cold for here – 25 degrees. However, I moved here recently from Ohio & this weather is nothing ;)

  6. 9

    Here in Alberta it is -11 and extremely icy. Ice picks are our best friends for outdoor running. I find I like running when its colder out. As long as there are enough layers, within 5 minutes if constant running I feel great!

  7. 11

    I am a HUGE wuss when it comes to running in the cold. Maybe it’s because I’m not really a “runner”. I like to get out and enjoy a 3-5 mile run (in nice weather!), but otherwise I’d rather be in the group ex studio teaching or taking a class! Boston has been SO COLD that I think it’s dangerous to run (5degrees with it feeling like -11 yikes!).

  8. 12

    Polar vortex in Ottawa, Ontario too, -30C here! Good for you for going outside of your own free will! haha

  9. 13

    Awesome work getting outside in the “polar vortex” round 2~ I have been keeping most of my workouts inside, I don’t really mind the treadmill. But I have a race outside this weekend, so bring on the snow, cold, wind and hills!

  10. 14

    I’ve never thought to add pesto to tuna! I’ll definitely be trying that soon.

  11. 15

    I hope you waved as you passed by my apartment! :) You guys are hard core!!!

  12. 17

    This past weekend I ran while it was full on snowing (only for 2 miles) but it was actually a lot of fun. I saw another runner and I like the look you get “the yeah we are crazy but this is awesome”. I also ran 6.2 miles on Sunday when it was snowing a little… I am kind of embracing it! This Polar Vortex is not so nice….

    That is an awesome run! You are so good… you killed that hill!! And that sandwhich looks amazing! Did you freeze you leftover pesto or leave it in the fridge? Its awesome its lasting that long!

    • 18

      Yeah we had some other runners cheer at us along the way, ha! There’s a cool sense of hardcore solidarity between runners when you’re out in conditions like that. The pesto is still in the fridge sealed tightly with plastic wrap, but I’m planning to move it to the freezer soon!

  13. 19

    That jacket looks amazing. I am looking for something to wear while doing outside activities, (running & walking) here in my corner of the polar vortex of Pittsburgh. Would you be willing to share the details of where you bought it? Thanks so much ~

    • 20

      The jacket is from Asics! I love it – they sent it to me as part of the LA Marathon partnership I’m doing (they’re the title sponsor of that race). It’s lightweight but did a great job keeping the wind/wet snow out, and I was plenty warm with a long sleeved thick shirt underneath!

  14. 21

    You are so brave! I did not venture out for my run, instead I chose the treadmill. That sandwhich looks amazing…YUM!

  15. 22

    I have not gone into the tundra for running, I have been stuck on the tmill but I still love the run!
    Great job being out there! Your lunch looks yummy, I love tuna after running and citrus. Most of the times I am craving an orange right when I finish!

  16. 23

    It’s still cold by us (Chicago), but thankfully we haven’t really gotten any more snow! I haven’t really ventured out to run in the snow/cold. I’m not much of an outdoors runner in the winter. I do wish I lived somewhere where I could run outside (with more pleasant temps) year round.

  17. 24

    Yikes it looks cold out there!!! Awesome time for running in such snowy/icy weather as well! We’ve had no snow here in Ireland YET! :)

  18. 25

    omg, so cold! I went out for a bit today and I’m still un-thawing now. On the bright side, it really makes you appreciate bundling up with a cup of tea.

  19. 26

    I would love some snow! 38 degrees and 90% humidity in Brisbane.

  20. 27

    You guys are having a real winter on the East Coast aren’t you?! Sounds like it is colder there than here in north Idaho – it is low 30s but no snow here, send it back our way, will you? I’ve got some skiing to do. =) Great run!

  21. 29

    Those tuna sandwiches look delicious! Jealous of all the snow you’re getting – up in Seattle, where it’s supposed to be cold, it’s only snowed once since I moved here a year and a half ago. And it didn’t even stick! Ah, well :)

  22. 30

    I’m pretty over that polar vortex right now, and the roads are too bad for me to run on right now :( I ran in the stuffy gym for a bit, but it’s not the same as the fresh air!

  23. 31

    I love tuna salads. I am in the polar vortex as well and I have been sticking to the gym. I miss getting outside!

  24. 32

    We don’t experience those temperatures here in Puerto Rico, but some areas have been colder than usual (meaning 50’s and 40’s). It’s hard to get out and workout with the temperatures you are having but is great to find the courage and do it! great for you!

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