A Foodie Lunch & A Healthy Dinner

Merry Christmas Eve! How did today creep up on me so quickly?!

I’ve been continuing to enjoy being home and catching up with old friends and family. Yesterday, my mom and I met up with one of our Tampa friends for a foodie lunch at the Westend Bistro in the Ritz Carlton downtown! I decided my cute cowboy-ish boots and a sweater dress were in order for the occasion :)


We had a great time — I ordered the Tuna Tartar (LOOOOOOVE tuna tartar), which came with cucumber, frisee, and ginger oil (!), plus some unpictured toast:


And a huge Foggy Bottom Market Salad:


It was delicious, filled with all sorts of interesting veggies, like daikon, jicama, and fennel. It also came with a Truffle Oil Vinaigrette! YUM. I’ve definitely gotten onboard the truffle bandwagon.



My mom ordered the Oyster Po’ Boy sandwich — pretty!


And our friend Natalie had a cheeseburger! Isn’t this beautiful??


Seriously looked like something out of a magazine!

We also shared some fries, topped with all sorts of fun seasonings:


I just had a few — I was kind of over fries since I’d just had a bunch the day before! What a fun outing with the ladies :)

After all this eating out, all my mom and I wanted was something simple and healthy for dinner. Enter my Veggie-tastic Minestrone Soup!


So simple and so delicious :)


After dinner, I headed out on the town for more socializing! I met a bunch of my best friends from high school for wine and dessert (so much for being healthy!) — we had an absolute blast catching up and reminiscing and I’m pretty sure everyone else in the restaurant was like, wtf? We were a bit loud, howling with laughter ;) Oh well, can’t hate on girls having a blast!

I transitioned my earlier outfit from day into night for the occasion — goodbye cowboy boots and white cardigan, hello soft black slouchy boots and black cardigan!


I’m off to relax — on the docket for today is:

  • A nice long run with my brother
  • Christmas Eve dinner at my grandmother’s with mom, brother, aunt, and uncle

My grandmother lives in a retirement apartment community and they have a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner in their fancy dining room, so we figured it would be more fun and easier to all go to that vs. try to cook on our own!

In case you’re wondering where my dad is, he sadly is overseas for work and can’t come home for Christmas. :( BUT — my mom, brother, and I are leaving DC on the 27th and heading to Germany to meet my dad for a little family vacation of skiing and sightseeing! It’s been AGES since we’ve taken a family vacation, so I can’t wait! Don’t worry — I’ll be bringing my laptop and you guys along for the ride! :)

I hope you’re all enjoying your family and friends today, too!


  1. 1

    Glad you had a fun lunch out. Love that soup too! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. 2

    Love the outfits! Super adorable! :)

    Have a Merry Christmas and a fun time in Germany!:)

  3. 3

    that really is the most gorgeous hamburger ever.

    that is great that you’ll get to go visit your dad! have an amazing time!

  4. 4

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful family vacation. The food looks divine but I must admit your mom’s and you friends food looks better that yours.”Sorrrrry”.
    I received my present from my husband yesterday. Traded in my Harley Sport for a bigger one. It is beautiful and just got back from a great ride with my husband and brother and sister. Their spouses are not Harley fans. Boohoo, they are missing out.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too Matt.

  5. 5

    Have an awesome trip!! Love the holidays; they give us time to catch up on family and Sports Illustrated.

  6. 7

    Those fries look AMAZING.

  7. 8

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! All of that food looks soooo good!! What does truffle oil taste like, anyway?

  8. 10

    I want that cheeseburger. Now!
    haha, rock those cow girl boots! I want a pair soo badly!
    Merry Christmas Eve!
    and yes! I feel like it snuck up on everyone this year! Pure madness! I’m tellin ya!;)

  9. 11

    Looks like great fun, and hope the Christmas eve dinner was nice, too! Enjoy the run with your brother! Merry Christmas –

  10. 12

    Aw, I bet your grandma is excited. I love grandparents. So happy for you and you and your vacation plans. Have fun!

  11. 13

    The food looks great!
    Also, where did you get those tights? I love them!

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