A Lazy Weekend & UNC Gymnastics

Hello, hello!

I hope you are all having fabulous weekends. Happy Super Bowl Sunday, for those of you in the U.S.! Matt just left to make the drive back up to D.C. a bit early so he can catch the game with all his guy friends — they are all from Pittsburgh and pretty pumped. Go Steelers!

We had a really relaxing weekend. Yesterday was super rainy and cold, so the girls and I postponed our long run until today. A rainy Saturday morning with nothing to do? That calls for pancakes :)


Mmmm. I made the pancakes using this whole grain buckwheat pancake mix — my fave! I followed the directions on the back except that I used applesauce instead of oil and added in a little ground flaxseed and LOTS of cinnamon :)


We made two blueberry and two banana:



And there was only ONE flipping fail! I rule.



Matt topped his with butter and maple syrup…


…and I topped mine with nonfat plain Greek yogurt and maple syrup :)


I love the combination of maple syrup and plain yogurt — it adds a nice tang!

In other news, I’m never eating another non-panini pressed sandwich again.


I made us sandwiches for lunch yesterday using 1 small can of chunk light tuna and 1 small can of salmon, mixed together with 2 laughing cow cheese wedges, and a hefty couple squirts of dijon mustard. Topped with avocado and spinach!


Into the panini press they went… and out came total deliciousness. The insides were all warm and flavorful and the outside was super toasty. Perfection!


We had some orange slices on the side and I also gave Matt a small cup of my Two Ingredient Lentil Soup — he loved it! Most simple and awesome recipe ever :)


Last night’s adventure was the UNC Women’s Gymnastics meet! It was their first home meet and Matt and I went with a few of my friends.


It was actually really fun — I was a gymnast when I was little (and so was Matt, actually!)and it made me miss it!

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Plus, I made a new friend:



I’m off to relax, get some work done (hopefully outside… it’s a beautiful day!), and eventually watch some of the Super Bowl. Have a wonderful day! I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of our 7 mile training run today. It was a hard but good one!


  1. 1

    Those pancakes look great! I haven’t had pancakes in forever..but I agree, perfect for a rainy day! I got my 7 miles in yesterday on the dreadmill so I can relax today! oh, I did 30 mins of yoga today! lol!
    have a great day! Its feels wonderful outside in Greenville!

  2. 2

    “In other news …” haha you crack me up Anne!! Totally making those pancakes this week and most likely for dinner – brinner (breakfast for dinner) is the best!

  3. 3

    Pancakes look great, Anne. Aw, my family is rooting for the Packers.

  4. 4

    Hi there, your blog is on my Google Reader and I can’t remember how I found it, but I wanted to say hi! Those pancakes look wonderful. I need to learn how to substitute with applesauce more often.

  5. 5

    Gymnastics could quite possibly be the most fun sport to watch. I have always enjoyed watching it!

    Those pancakes look fabulous! I just ran out of maple syrup this morning – no pancakes for a week for me! :(

  6. 6

    I LOVE watching gymnastics! During the olympics, it is always my favorite sport.

    Slash I had a lazy Saturday too girl, I whipped up some Chocolate Cookie Dough Protein Pancakes! Yours look so good, I love banana pancakes:)

  7. 7

    I would love to attend a gymnastics meet – I always think of the Olympics when I see gymnastics. So fun!!

  8. 8

    The sandwich looks so simple, yet so good too! Thanks for sharing!

  9. 9

    So fun! I love love love gymnastics. I could watch it for hours. I am already counting down to the next Olympic games!

  10. 10

    I was a gymnast for 6 years and I miss the tumbling a lot, too. I enjoy watching it during the summer Olympics, though sometimes it scares the crap outta me :)

  11. 12

    Go Heels (and Steelers)! And look fwd to the recap of the run…

  12. 13

    Way to go Packers, Way to go Packers. (chant).
    Anne, I am a complete duffuss. On your tweet I asked you what the logo said on your pretty pink hat Matt’s mother sent to you. I truly didn’t know it was the Steeler’s. I am football ignorant. The only logo I am familiar with is the Falcons. Sorry.
    Some of the folks at our house tonight were Steeler’s fans and that is the only reason I now know the logo.

    • 14

      Haha it’s okay! I had a feeling you’d figure it out :) I don’t know any logos besides the Steelers (because of Matt) and the Redskins (because of being in DC). :)

  13. 15

    Oh my gosh! I’m OBSESSED with gymnastics! I loooove when they olympics come along and I always DVR when national championships are on, haha. I was on team back in grade school but quit because I got a concussion from doing a back handspring on the balance beam and hitting my head :( I was so young that I got scared and just quit but I secretly wish I was still a gymnast!

  14. 16

    What a great fun thing to do on the weekend. It’s great to support university athletics – or any althletics for that matter. Oh, and the food looks great too. :-)

  15. 17

    So jealous that you’re able to do stuff OUTSIDE! It is way too frigid in St. Louis! Thankfully we’re headed to Asheville, Charleston, and Nashville in March…praying the temps are better there :)

    Happy Monday!

  16. 18

    Ah, I haven’t used a sandwich thin in my panini maker before- good idea!

  17. 19

    The Vermonter in me is VERY proud to see you using real vermont maple syrup! And I’m sure it was extra delicious!

  18. 21

    Oh, our guest last night loved the pumpkin bean dip and the stuffed baby bella mushrooms.

  19. 22

    LOVE the picture of you with Ramses! GO HEELS! :)

  20. 23

    Like the picture of you and the mascot! Also, cute shirt ;)

  21. 24

    I was so excited to run across your blog (no pun intended, heh!). I haven’t seen any other North Carolinians around!

    I would LOVE if you did a post on how to use a foam roller. Seriously, I had never even heard of one before last week (where have I been?).

    Those pancakes looked AMAZING! Definitely on my “better eat soon” list!

  22. 25

    Love your post on our gymnastics meet Anne! We are hosting both a health fair and another home meet tomorrow at 2 p.m. v. PITT.

    It’s going to be a perfect Sunday afternoon in Chappy! Come out and enjoy all the amazing activities that the Get Real & Heel folks have planned for the health fair.

    Fleet Feet, Pink Pacers, face-painting, cancer awareness info, Rameses the Ram, UNC Cheerleaders, bake sale and more!

    “Stick” around for ours gymnastics meet at 2pm. The newly renovated Carmichael Arena is an amazing venue and admission is free! The team will be signing autographs after the competition in the lobby.

    Come out cheer on the gymnasts and support this outstanding effort!

    Penny Jernigan
    Associate Coach, Women’s Gymnastics
    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    For insider info:

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